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Beach Feet: Every Day is a Beach Day by Lynn Reiser


Short or tall doesn't matter at all: A story about being different and what's important in life (Mindful Mia #1)

Asaf Rozanes - 2018
     Every child goes through struggles to fit in or find their place in a world that is often confusing and sometimes cruel.  In this insightful and inspiring book, children will learn what is really important in life: Kindness Acceptance Learning to be themselves  This lesson is universal and applies to both children and parents alike.

The Submarine Full of Bees

Neil McFarlane - 2015
    Usually stories are about other people but this story is about you. And usually stories are made up but this story is all true. It’s about the amazing adventure you had today with those bees. I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking: I didn’t have an adventure with any bees today! Oh yes you did! But you can’t remember because that magic flower made you forget. Let me explain ... This story is one of the thirty-one stories that make up the critically acclaimed collection A Month of Bedtime Stories Available exclusively on Amazon for $2.99 (That's 9 cents per story!) Reviews of A Month of Bedtime Stories "A wonderful book well worth adding to any collection" - Book Reviews and Giveaways "I loved each one and never once was ready to put the book down" - Chodi Kid Books "These well-written and fast-paced stories are told with a touch of humor that both the child and the storyteller can enjoy" - Online Book Club Grab a copy today

Little Monster Chef

Sigal Adler - 2018
    " Little Monster Chef " ************************ Far off the map in a distant strange land Lived a sweet family whose life was so grand All of them happy, their life was just cool Except for their son who didn’t like school.

Stop Snoring Grandpa

Kally Mayer - 2014
    Perfect story to celebrate the special relationship between a family and their Grandpa. Find out how the family solves the issue. The ending will make you smile. If you have a Grandpa, who snores or not, you will enjoy this book!

The Bath Time Book

Michael Yu - 2012
    Alfie doesn't want a bath. He just wants to play.Read along as Alfie turns this nightly chore into a fun, imaginary adventure. From safari hunts to slaying dragons, bath time will never be the same.This is the perfect book to read before bed or bath!

Truthy Ruthy

Sari Barel - 2013
    Bravo, Daddy!How does Dad change the rules? Read our humorous, fun story to find out!*** Don't forget to take the Free gift ***  true-or-false games: This Children's book includes wonderful and delightful free gift with suggestions for entertaining true-or-false games for family activities, for developing imagination and improving communication. a template for a Certificate of Excellence: This Children's book also offers as a free gift - a template for a Certificate of Excellence with suggestions for small gestures of communication between family members, for example: a Certificate of Excellence for telling the truth, for being a good friend...a Certificate of Appreciation for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, siblings, the dog, the cat...a Certificate of Apology if I've offended you or hurt your feelings, and more...and more...It's a must for all children and parents, preschool teachers, therapists and coaches. This Children's book gives unique and creative tools for dealing with the issue of truth-telling among young children, a matter that comes up in almost every family. It raises the problem -- How to deal with telling the truth -- and offers a creative, unexpected solution that leaves both children and their parents surprised. Words from the author: As an expert in the development of creative thinking, a coach and a mediator, what I hope my readers will get from this book is the concept of creativity as a state of mind; when they face a problem, they'll put their inventor hats on and invent brilliant ideas and solutions; they'll be surprising and bring about real change. So here is to future successes!This children's book it's a great read for kids at bedtime or any time and going to sleep with a big smile...

Baby Animals from Africa: A rhyming picture book for children aged 0-5

Barb Asselin - 2014
    He prowls and growls and roars. He sleeps for twenty hours out of every twenty-four." Celebrating the unique qualities of baby animals from Africa, this rhyming book features a host of African animals and fun facts about each one. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, this book is filled with cute animal illustrations your children will love! Enjoy with your child today! Scroll up and you can download your copy now. Have fun!

The Cat Who Wanted To Be A Princess: A Children's Book About Manners, Empathy, and Kindness (Perfect For Princess And Cat Lovers)

Sonica Ellis - 2021
    But what does being a princess really mean? With wise advice from her Gramma ringing in her ears, Sophia learns to stay true to her values, treat others with fairness and to find ways to make the world a better place.Will standing tall and using good manners make Sophia a real princess? A perfect read for little ones to learn that they don’t need to be like others to be special!

Freddie Frog is Hungry

Kari Brimhall - 2011
    Your child will delight in reading this funny tale over and over again as you learn different colors and sizes. The bright illustrations and easy to read words will have your child reading along and chanting "I'm still hungry!"

Silly Fluffy Barking Jumping Wet-Nosed Dog Book

Agnes Green
    Cheerful Pug, proud Greyhound, calm Great Dane, friendly Dalmatian, and many others. Each spread is a story about an extraordinary dog’s personality, written with humor and drawn with love, giving details that children love so much!But the most important part is the end of this story. It will make your heart beat faster and moisten your eyes.This is a short story in verse that your little dog lover will ask to read again and again at bedtime. Or maybe you will take it to the park and find each breed described?

Amanda Gets Bullied! (Diary of an Awkward Kid #1)

Bolaji O. - 2014
     It's a new school year, and Amanda AMAZon (please say it right) finds herself thrust into middle school, where lifelong friendships are formed, lifelong bullies are the norm! Amanda's got her best friend Kanti along for the ride, it's all Amanda can do to keep from ripping the annoying neighbor BUG to shreds! But when the 3 mean girls on the soccer team zero in on Amanda, she finds some interesting allies on the way to surviving the school's most feared trio! Here's what to do next: 1. Scroll up, 2. Click the buy button, and 3. Watch as you and your kids giggle and cheer through this hilariously wacky adventure! --- Paul Coleman said: "In the world today I think we need all the positive stuff we can get. I love the "can-do" attitude of this book. We can make our lives and the lives of others better. We simply need to decide to do it, be brave, and take action." --- Here's what to do next, Moms: 1. Scroll up, 2. Click the buy button, and 3. Watch as you and your kids giggle and cheer through this hilariously wacky adventure! Thank you for the privilege of being a small part of your child's favorite memories with you. We cherish that role, here at Brave Little Heroes. And we won't let either of you down. Bolaji O. Chief Storyteller at Brave Little Heroes

When The Sky Roars

Katie Weaver - 2021
    A little boy has had enough of thunderstorms interfering with his life! He's done with being afraid and he's had enough of the "roars" in the sky ruining some of his favorite days!Determined to find out what's behind the roaring and get it to stop already, he sets off on a brave adventure.Who knew there were such interesting things in the clouds?!Pirates, firefighters and even dinosaurs quickly turn fear into one big-bellied-giggle after another!

The Five Mouse Brothers

Rachel Yu - 2011
    But then...One brother, falsely accused of thievery, must face the "Wheel of Doom." What will they do to rescue him from his fate? Fortunately, an ingenious plan with the help of their family secret may just save the day. Join the mouse brothers on this fun and entertaining adventure, adapted from a classic Chinese folktale.If you enjoyed The Five Mouse Brothers, then check out The Five Mouse Sisters, now available.AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:Best-selling author Rachel, 16 years old, is a young high school student from California who spends her free time using her vivid imagination to write stories. She has an unquenchable passion for science fiction and fantasy. In fact, A Dragon Named Dragon, is inspired by one of her favorite books, Dark Lord of Derkhom, by Diana Wynne Jones. A Dragon Named Dragon children's picture book is Rachel's first endeavor to the literary world.Rachel was recently featured on MTV KB

Magic Tree House Assorted

Mary Pope Osborne - 2002

Two Monsters and Me - Everybody gets Angry: A Fun Picture Children’s Book about Anger Management. (Emotions & Feelings)

George Nesty - 2021
    When they don't get what they want, they may express themselves by screaming at the top of their lungs, kicking anything they see or throwing things on the floor.As a parent, you want to help your child manage their anger. You want to teach them in a way that is subtle and easy to understand. The question is, how?Let Milo and his two monster friends help your child manage their anger!Milo is a cheerful young boy who loves to play. One day, he meets Zim and Ixy, two little monsters that also like to have fun. Together, they find themselves in different everyday situations that sometimes trigger feelings of anger. With the help of Milo’s parents, the trio learn how to cope with their negative emotions.Two Monsters and Me was written to help children better understand different emotions. All the characters are very relatable, making it easy for kids to put themselves in every single one’s shoes.This book will teach kids:5 simple and effective techniques for coping with angerThat it’s natural to get angryHow to avoid outburstsHealthy ways to channel their feelings of anger… “This book was perfect for my 4-year-old who has a pretty rough temper! It helped us find alternative options for him when he's feeling TOO angry.” – Amber…This anger management book will not only teach kids how to control their anger but also help parents understand how to deal with their little one’s feelings.More reasons to love this book:Beautiful and colorful illustrationsAdorable and relatable charactersEasy to understandHelp your little one manage their emotions. Add «Two Monsters and Me: Everybody Gets Angry» to your Cart TODAY!