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All Falls Down by Honey


Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend 4

Lady Lissa - 2019
    This drama filled saga continues with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride. Just when you thought this circle of friends and foes were getting their happily ever after, chaos strikes once again. It threatens to break some of the strongest bonds, leaving some in deep confusion. Skeletons begin to fly from the closets, exposing some of the deepest secrets and dishing out some of the heaviest heartbreaks but there are consequences to every action. Tangi is the first one to find that out. Just when she begins to live that ‘perfect’ life, reality kicks in. The Karma that didn’t catch her before is surely on her tail now and she has only herself to blame. Will Smooth stand by her during her roughest moments? Or will the secrets that are exposed prove to be too much for him to bear? How far will she go to push a good man away? Thaddeus is next in line. Although he quickly wins over Tierra’s heart, he proves to have his own share of secrets. When someone from his past threatens to break up his happy home, how will he handle it? With all the trust issues that Tierra now has, she refuses to accept another betrayal by a person she loves, especially once she learns what he’s been hiding! Through it all, Tierra is fortunate enough to have a lifelong friend to lean on. Someone she never thought would accept her in his life this way. If you don’t know who it is, you can surely find out in this final installment of ‘Obsessed with my Wife’s Best Friend’!

This Thug Love Got Me Trippin: A Houston Christmas

Anna Black - 2018
    A native of Houston, Texas, Zuriah now lives in Chicago and is in her third year of internship to become an anesthesiologist, and things are going perfect. Great loft, awesome career, and a doctor boyfriend, Zuriah has all she needs and falling for another man is not on her Christmas wish list. Jesiah Bowman is single and content with his lifestyle. He tries to be a family man but, when he finds out that the child he'd claimed isn't his, he has no desire to be in a committed relationship with anyone. Busy with work and maintaining his businesses is satisfying enough for Jesiah, until he sees his best friend Zachory’s baby sister, Zuriah, again after several years. Instantly, he is attracted to her and he doesn’t hesitate to let her know, but not only does she have a man, she lives in an entirely different state. They say love conquers all, but will that be enough to bring these two together, or will the distance and commitment to Zuriah’s doctor boyfriend be the reasons why these two lovers toss in the towel?

Baby, I Need Something Different

Prenisha Aja' - 2018
    What started off as roses and butterflies soon became heartbreak, lies, and abuse. With her best friends, Malanie and June praying she finds somebody to love her right. They are left to sit back and be the shoulder she needs to cry on while she loses herself in a toxic relationship. Nevertheless, God has a funny way of placing the right people in your life even if it’s at the wrong time. With Piper steady running into Rex due to unfortunate situations, she finds herself feeling like she found her SuperMan. Even with the attraction and sparks flying between the two of them, fear has a way of holding you back and causing you to miss out on your blessing. Will Piper let the fear of moving on keep her in a dead end relationship or will she get to experience something other than heartbreak?

More Than Just His Mistress: An Urban Romance

M. Skye - 2017
    Skye is an urban love story elicits so many emotions as you dive into the lives of Elizabeth “Liz” and Cedric Harvey. ***** “What happens when you go from main chick to mistress status? Elizabeth Pearson found herself submerged in these reversed roles, and after fifteen years of marriage and one year of divorce, Cedric Harvey delivered the devastating news that he was now married to the woman he cheated on Liz with, Felicia. Feeling distraught, Liz unleashed all the rage she felt for Cedric and ended up in the one place they never had problems, the bedroom. After their sexual rendezvous, Cedric noticed the fire and desire that Liz emitted and wondered what had gotten into the woman he used to know. This new side of her had him intrigued, entranced, and full of jealousy. Even though he was married, Cedric couldn’t stay away from her, even though he tried. During their affair, Cedric realized that he had everything he wanted in Liz, but his cheating ways cost him the love of his life. He vowed to make Liz his main chick again, but one little thing was standing in their way, his marriage to Felicia. Will Felicia accept that Cedric wants to return to Liz, or will she fight for her young marriage? Liz started out with revenge on the agenda, but what happens when the games turn into more than just revenge? When Liz realizes that she still has strong feelings for Cedric their situation turns into a case of emotional warfare. Liz thinks Cedric is the love of her life, but is he? Can she fully trust Cedric after all the lies that he told her before, or is there someone lurking in the background that knows her true value? Liz is confident in her relationship with Cedric this time, but, is it forever the second time around? Lies revealed. Secrets uncovered. Relationships tested. Will a happy ending be in sight for anyone? Or will the second time around be just as catastrophic as the first?

I Deserve Your Love: Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Nikki Brown - 2017
    His main focus is getting back on his feet and taking care of his son that is until he lays eyes on Nicole, a person from his past. She immediately becomes a priority in his life but at what cost? Nicole is a month away from graduation and her escape from chaos also known as Jaekwon her sons father. Everything seems to be falling in to place until a blast from the past sweeps in and shakes things up. Will the connection between Bishop and Nicole be able to overcome the drama that it brings? Major is the biggest player that Charleston has ever seen but he's willing to give it all up for Tranae only thing is Nae has a boyfriend of two years and she not trying to choose. Can Major handle being a side dude or will things hit the fan? Tranae is stuck in a love triangle and she's not trying to give it up. She has the best of both worlds but when her hand is forced to choose, will she make the right choice? With egos, pride, and drama standing in the forefront will these couples find peace and happiness?

Something About You, Got Me Feenin’ For More

Dymond Taylor - 2019
    At an early age she was apparent to what it was like to not have and want and need things but couldn’t obtain it. When she was at the age where she could make a change, she stopped at nothing to turn around she and her sickly mother’s life. Exceeding her goals; she transitioned them both from a shelter to a home. She got her dream car and her bank account was no longer saying zero. One night out celebrating one of the best accomplishments of her life, takes an abrupt turn she wasn’t quite ready for. Lanka wanting to let her hair down and have a little fun, engages in a spontaneous moment with the very sexy and smooth Rio. It changes her life drastically, resulting in Lanka losing everything that she had worked hard for. But how? How can one night of passion with a stranger destroy everything someone has worked hard to gain, you might ask? We’ve all heard of the saying “When a good girl goes bad”. But what happens when a good guy is wronged? Donterio is a hardworking man who did all he could to provide for his wife and son. He would do any and everything just to see them smile. He soon finds out sometimes your best is just not enough, when he receives a text from his wife, calling it quits; not only leaving him but their son as well. He couldn’t have been more devastated. He was hurt. He couldn’t comprehend how someone he loved, and trust could do him that way. The saying “misery loves company” was indeed true in this twisted tale. Lanka receives a firsthand course when she encounters a man who has it made up in his mind that all women are conniving. Find out how a one-night stand flips Lanka’s life upside down; literally.

Something About His Love

Lex. C. - 2018
     Colton “Colt” Harris is the epitome of a real man. Not only does he pride himself on being a real man, but he’s got a heart that won’t allow anything less from the men who cross his path. While Colt may be a little rough around the edges, he loves hard, and with just cause. Colt’s world is full of women who need him, and when Giana finds herself on the cusp of a life changing decision, it just so happens to land her at the center of it. With Colt’s love in high demand and Giana’s love being something she’s not sure she wants to give, these two find themselves in a drama-filled whirlwind that not even a love like Colt’s may be able to weather until the end.

A Roughneck Turned Me Savage

A.L. Tate - 2020
    Growing up an only child with her mother and father prevalent in her life. In love with her first and only boyfriend and getting ready to leave for college, Cassidy feels like life is perfect. A chance encounter with the most respected and feared family in Columbia. She finds herself being thrown into a world wind romance with a man that is liable to turn her world upside down forever. Will she be able to navigate these foreign waters with ease or will she capsize in the dark depths of the unknown? Kentrell Banner is known for his screw ‘em and leave ‘em demeanor. Thinking he has it all, he never complains about missed opportunities because he has never experienced them. Until he meets the beautiful and feisty, Cassidy Warborough. Being the person that refuses to take no for an answer, he goes full throttle trying to get Cassidy on his roster. Unfortunately for him, Cassidy isn’t one of his usual feats, so she refuses his advances no matter how thick the attraction. Finally weighing her down, he gets her to give into his advances, but at what cost? Will Kentrell be willing to give up his playboy ways to court the unfamiliar or will his spoiled and entitled behavior cause him to lose possibly the best thing that has ever happened to him? Candace Harris is a female who knows what she wants and not so much what she needs. Experiencing the perils of relationships through the eyes of her best friend, she finds herself uninterested in what they have to offer. When a strong minded and handsome, Malachi Banner comes into her life. She finds herself experiencing the lure of being that girl that experiences a happy ever after. Will she chance her heart and sanity for a piece of the good thing or will she chose to stick to what she knows and spare herself from the possibility of being hurt? Malachi Banner is not the man behind the name. Strong, opinionated with a hint of crazy, he finds himself intrigued with the likes of Candace Harris. Used to the fast life like the rest of his cousins. He can’t escape the strong attraction that he has to prove to Candace that good men do still exist, but will his attempts be a bust. Using his personality and suaveness to bombard his way into her life, she immediately friend zones him. Will he be able to way her down and change her view on relationships or will he forever be the friend?

A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy

S. Yvonne - 2020

At Your Request

Mercy B. - 2017
    While similarities aren't considered weaknesses, it's the sole possessions of one human than attracts them to another... that one thing that someone their opposite can find inside of their core, but not within themselves. It's what attaches them, intrigues them as a flame does a moth. It's the bridge that gaps them together in a manner that other's may be ignorant to, while the details are in plain sight for the two basking in the afterglow. Ripleigh, a young single mother, has been beat down by the biggest villain of all. Life has gutted her of her most valuable vessel, the heart. After suffering through the death of her counterpart, and daughter's father, she's left with merely a shell to call home for the rest of the organs that are keeping her amongst the living. Ripleigh packed her things and moved down south for a more modest living and to place the pain of loss as many miles behind her as she could. While life seemed to be plentiful closer to the boarder, Ripleigh's funds were diminishing. Quick on her feet, she reduced her pride and laced up her highest heels to tread the stage of ILLUSION, the most sought out dwelling for upscale nightlife. Semaaj, prominent medical provider and face of Northcross Pediatric Care, stumbles into a dimly lit atmosphere full of hookah smoke, chest rocking base, and clad women with insane skills and enough strength to help him lay the final bricks to his newly purchased children's clinic. Though he feels as if he's worlds away from his comfort zone, he feels a familiar tugging of his heartstrings after setting his eyes on the talented Blyss. Semaaj, later, finds himself frequenting the underworld at an alarming rate, and the staff soon knows him by name. His request is simple, Blyss. Two strangers, two completely different worlds, two bizarre parties discover that there is likeness even in their oppositions. While Ripleigh decides to run, Semaaj exchanges his stethoscope and lab coat for joggers and tennis shoes. He accepts the challenge of digging up Ripleigh's, as known as Blyss, heart -the vessel that had been buried along with her previous lover. Bruised, cut, leaking, and dysfunctional as it may come packaged, he cares nothing for it's appearance. The purity of it's inside is what he's most desirable of.

The Allure Of A Thug

Natisha Raynor - 2019
    She’s young and the world is still turning, so eventually, she has to move on. If Satan had a son, it would be Quadim. Even though he saved her in a sense, he was far from a knight in shining armor. Being dependent on him and having love for his brother that she helped to care for, made her stay in a dead end situation for far too long. When she wants to leave, Quadim doesn’t get the memo, and he vows that if he can’t have her nobody will. 
 Kyreem aka Panama is home from a prison bid and trying to do the right thing, but he just can’t get with being broke. Reconnecting with two old friends puts him in the right situations to come up and rekindle love, but it also places him directly in the middle of some beef.

The Day I Met My Soul

Tisha Andrews - 2021
    From the outside looking in, Swoon appears to have it all—a beautiful, aspiring actress for a girlfriend, Ciara, for the past five years and a six-figure salary. When not working, he’s either freelancing or volunteering at his brother Rome’s community center as a guest speaker or art teacher. He and Rome couldn’t be any closer despite them being like night and day.While Rome doesn’t mind spreading himself around when it comes to dating, Swoon is quite comfortable being a one woman’s man, that is, until he learns that Ciara has checked out of the relationship, labeling him boring and predictable.Life as Swoon knew it soon changes when he meets a struggling single mother—Sanniyah Seacaster. Sanniyah and Ciara have something in common as Sanniyah is a struggling actress herself. Landing a few gigs, however, are never enough when raising a child alone. Used to moving around, she and her son take a leap and try a new city. What Sanniyah never imagined though besides landing a new job was her discovering that love just might be waiting in the wings for her.The only problem is two men are interested in her—Swoon and Rome. Will Sanniyah fall prey to Rome, the outgoing, charismatic ladies’ man or will she give Swoon a try, the one fresh out of a relationship trying to do something new, different, and unpredictable?

Your Husband, Our Man: The Wrong Kind of Love

Tracee Boyd - 2015
    When Ocean took her vows for better or worse, she never anticipated that the worse would come in a form of another woman who thought she deserved the #1 spot in her husband's life. Since when did you have to compete for you own husband?That may sound like a silly question but for Ocean, it's all too real.On the other hand, Ari feels as if she's met the man of her dreams but there's only one problem, he's married. From what he tell her, his marriage is on paper only but how long can that last and what happens when two women are in love with the same man and refuse to give in?This story is told through the eyes of the mistress who feels she's more than earned her position, the wife who has secrets of her own and the husband who thinks he has everything under control. Everyone in this triangle is carrying a secret but whose secret is dark enough to shatter their lives in a million pieces?The wrong kind of love will have you doing and accepting things you'd never thought you would. Welcome to the craziest love triangle you'll every encounter and remember, never form an opinion until you understand all sides...

Fallin' For a Detroit Rydah

Londyn Lenz - 2019
    A successful business, wealth, and a beautiful baby girl. The only area in her life that she seemed to be lacking in was romance. Although she and Mendesses—her drag racing baby father—does a great job co-parenting they didn’t work well as a couple. Instead of focusing on love, she hustles and put all of her energy into taking care of her daughter and building her business. That is, until the charming and extremely handsome Lamont Morehouse sweeps her off her feet. Lamont grew up on the mean streets of Detroit, but because his parents saw so much potential in him, they relocated to Atlanta Georgia before he could get himself into something he couldn’t get out of. Luckily, getting Lamont out of the hood took him down another path in life. Ultimately, though, Lamont ends up right back in Detroit, but this time, instead of breaking the law, he’s enforcing it as an undercover cop. Mendesses has been running the game in underground racing for years. As the undisputed champ, quitting is the furthest thing from his mind. He’s determined to keep his championship status despite a few things lurking, threatening to compromise his livelihood. Karisma is just as beautiful and ambitious as her best friend. Tahiry, Like Tahiry, Karisma is single, but she’s ready to mingle. She has her eye on the young, money getting street racer, James but unlike most, she’s a little soft spoken about it. Luckily for Karisma, fate pushes the two together eventually. But old habits die hard and Danielle is definitely James old habit. Collins, Karisma's out of town cousin, is fresh out of a relationship and isn’t interested in starting anything new, anytime soon. She relocated to Michigan, in search of a fresh start, definitely not a new love. But when she meets the intriguing, and slick talking Mendesses, everything changes. Despite her greatest efforts, Collins ends up falling hard for him. What started out as a good year for this group of friends drastically takes a turn for the worst when a snake infiltrates the crew. Brace yourself as Londyn Lenz takes you on yet another wild journey laced with drama, deceit, lies and bloodshed.

Cuffed by A Black Billionaire

Khadijah J. - 2019
    But what if your past has affected you so bad, that you no longer believe in love? From adolescence, Kentrell Rockwell, had learned first hand the power that love held. Kentrell decided at an early age, that he never wanted to experience that side of love after watching a loved one experience heartbreak. Growing up extremely handsome and intelligent, he had no problem getting any woman that he wanted. Add on the factor of him making money, they flocked Kentrell, but he held eyes for his woman and his child. There was love, but there was also heartbreak, which was all Aliyanna Ray knew since a teenager. Somehow, she pushed passed all the obstacles life threw her way, and went on to become a pharmacist. After thinking she found love, she soon realized that she was sleeping with the enemy. Picking up the pieces of her broken heart, she continues to move forward. Unfortunately, she runs right into what the doctor ordered. When they first met, they both were skeptical of one another. But after spending a weekend together, they were interested, but still guarded. Aliyanna was scared of falling, she had been hurt in the past, and been through a lot of stuff as a child, that she still carried into her adult life. Was Ken capable of being everything she needed and more? Or will this be another result of a hurt people hurting people?