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The Rot #1 by David C. Hayes



Pran Kumar Sharma - 2016
    Thus he created a boy with a long hair covering his eyes and named him BILLOO. This lanky was liked by the readers so much that the editor of the magazine asked the cartoonist to increase the episodes from one page to two. Billoo is seen roaming the streets with his pet pup - Moti. When he is at home, he is stuck to the TV.Billoo and his gang which includes Gabdu, Jozi, Mono, Bishamber etc; are at loggerheads with Bajarangi, the wrestler and his aide Dhakkan. They are always in search of some excuse to showdown each other. Jozi is friendly to Billoo, but her dad Colonel Three - not - Three doesnot like the boy and always points his gun at him. Billoo and his friends are often seen playing cricket in lanes of the block, and their score is few smashed windows.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics #1

Kevin Eastman - 1984
    Don't miss it!

Krishna and The False Vaasudeva

Kamala Chandrakant - 2012
    His sycophants led him to believe that he was as strong and powerful as Krishna. How he fell into disgrace and disaster is told in this story based on the Bhagawat Purana.

Creepypasta: The Comic

Vincent V. Cava - 2018
    This hardcover, double issue is a return to pulp horror comics of the 1950's, but stylized and written for a new generation of horror fans! The book is anchored by the mysterious Blueman, an intimidating phantom that lives in the deepest, darkest recesses of the net. Join him as he tells two spine-tingling tales full of twists and turns! He is The Rake:  Our first story features a creature that's inspired a massive fandom around the web. The Rake is a mysterious beast that appears to people in the night as a dark omen. When the strange entity's presence causes the death of one man's wife, he becomes obsessed with getting payback, but is his quest for vengeance misguided? He Is... is a classic tale of revenge with a sinister twist that will send chills through your body! I Waited Inside Her Closet: The account of a dangerous serial killer and his unhealthy obsession with fame. But there's more than meets the eye in this story. The homicidal maniac's grisly exploits soon lead him to a terrible truth when he comes face to face with something even more terrifying than himself. Pick up this CREATURE DOUBLE-FEATURE and you won't be disappointed!

Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 6 (SJ Edition): Battlefield Namek

Akira Toriyama - 2011
    Trapped between these two mighty enemies are the peaceful Namekians and Earth's heroes Kuririn, Gohan and Bulma! As Freeza's henchmen Dodoria and Zarbon trade blows with the ever-stronger Vegeta, the Earthlings put their own lives at risk to protect the Namekians until Son Goku's spaceship arrives. But can even Goku's new training regimen--under 20 times Earth's gravity--prepare him for what awaits on this alien world?

The Fearless Boy

Luis Fernandes - 1985
    Following Buddha's teachings not only freed him from desire and terror but also miraculously protected him from death! He was not the only one who had this precious knowledge. All those who opted for truth and hard work were blessed with joy, whereas the lazy, the proud and the dishonest were left bewailing their fate.

Battle of Wits: Tales of the Bodhisattva Aushadha Kumar

Yagya Sharma - 1985
    Unscrupulous courtiers were terrified that he would oust them from positions of power and comfort, and tried every trick to keep him away from their king. But Aushadha was needed at court for the greater happiness of the kingdom. Eventually, nothing and no one could subdue his destiny.

Marvel Free Previews Monsters Unleashed #1

Cullen Bunn
    Get ready for the epic battle Marvel fans have been waiting for with previews and an in-side look into the Monsters Unleashed event!


Nimmy Chacko - 2012
    He would travel the world in his magnificent flying chariot, the Pushpaka Vimana, which had been gifted to him by his great-grandfather Brahma. Lanka enjoyed an age of peace and prosperity under Kubera's reign. But all that changed when his fearsome half-brother Dasagriva, the leader of the rakshasas, decided to claim the city as his own. Amar Chitra Katha pieces together from various sources in Indian mythology, the story of the Lord of Wealth.

Gears of War Book Two

Joshua Ortega - 2010
    Don’t miss a moment in the brutal adventures of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad’s battle against the Locust.From the Hardcover edition.


Kamlesh Pandey
    Kalidasa, the greatest of Sanskrit poets, wove a tale that caters to every reader's taste. Warring cousins, wily courtiers, jealous wives, disguised princesses, all play their part in his play, which continues to thrill centuries after it was first written.

The Celestial Necklace

Toni Patel - 2013
    The deva also told him that if the necklace broke the person who repaired it would die. It happened as the king feared. The necklace broke and Queen Chellana, who was wear

The Archies Greatest Hits

Frank Doyle - 2008
    The Archies have transcended all boundaries in their fifty-plus years of music-making, and today, Archie Comics pay tribute to this super-band of immortal teens by compiling their best and most famous appearances in this brand-new, full-color graphic novel! The Archies' Greatest Hits brings back the band's most memorable moments, from catastrophe to triumph! With Archie on lead guitar, Reggie on bass, Jughead on drums, Veronica on keyboard, and Betty on the tambourine, this pop group phenomenon has made history by being one of the few comic book bands to jump out of the pages of the book and record actual songs, like the Top Ten 1960's hit, "Sugar Sugar"!

Stargate Universe #1

Mark L. Haynes - 2017
    With almost all of the crew of the ancient starship Destiny in suspended animation, only Eli Wallace is left awake to repair his own stasis pod before time runs out. While he races against time, a new and unexpected danger threatens the fragile plan designed to keep everyone alive and away from the aliens who had been pursuing them. What strange new menace confronts Eli, Colonel Young, Doctor Rush and the others? You’ll have to pick up this issue to find out!

Minecraft Comic Book: Journey to Minecraft

Minecraft Books - 2014