Her Rancher Bear

Meg Ripley - 2021
    Mysterious. Has zero people skills.So why does he light every cell of my body on fire?The whole point in coming out west was to forget about my man, not to fall for a new one.Especially one that can secretly change into a bear.But when his truth comes out, Austin’s about to find out he’s not the only one hiding secrets.Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

Wolf Shield

C.D. Gorri - 2022
    His order is tasked with keeping magic free to ensure the flourishment of supernaturals through innovative thought and creativity without fear of persecution.But there are those who wish to put a cap on freedom. A group called the Loyalists have sworn themselves enemies of the Guardians and all they stand for. They want the power to control all magic.Fergie McAndrews is a typical normal with an atypical obsession for shoes. Her no nonsense attitude has gotten her in trouble with previous employers, but she is determined to make this new job work. She even goes so far as to put in overtime.But what was with the creepy green goons who wanted to take a bite out of the pleasantly plump female? Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, the human woman is about to get got until he steps in.Storm can’t help but be drawn to the curvy female. Her voice, her scent, her smile all call to his inner Wolf. Ready or not, this Guardian has found his fated mate, but can he save the fiery redhead from harm and convince her that she belongs to him?Storm will do anything to claim his mate, even promise to keep her in the ridiculously expensive shoes she favors.

Wild Lion: Lion Shifter Romance

Ruby Knoxx - 2020

Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan Complete series

Nancy Corrigan - 2021
    Oh...and to fall in love too. Beautiful Mistake - Feral shifters aren't worthy of love. Everyone knows that. Except Devin. He'll fight for his little slice of heaven using every wicked tactic he knows to keep his true mate coming back for more. Favorite Obsession - As a human living among shifters, Josh isn't considered worthy of the shifter female every male wants. But Mira is his mate. He'll prove it or die. Chance on Love - Maturing is a dangerous time for shifters. Their hormones drive them. Sean wants nothing to do with females or his primal side. Until a one-night stand changes his mind. Bridged by Love - Disagreeing with the wolf you've been born with is not a fate any man wants. Neither is losing the woman you love because of your wolf. Nic is in for the fight of his life. He won't lose the woman he loves or betray his primal side. Shared for Love - Choosing between his true mate and the mate of his heart isn't an option. Ethan will claim them both...if he can keep them alive until he's alpha. Last Chance - being a BBW woman in a man's world is hard. Being the human true mate to two dominant shifters is harder. But Gwen is up for the challenge...if she can stay alive long enough to enjoy both of her mates. Forbidden Mate - Nyx had one goal - Destroy the most feared member of the Shifter Council. Not fall in love with him. Or clear his name of murder. But a smart woman knows when to change her game plan. ———These books have a content rating = late night Cable TV (eg. Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Witcher, The Handmaid’s Tale). This series is the Mainstream Fiction version of the Royals and Alphas series by Dana Archer, the Paranormal Suspense (clean) pen name of Nancy Corrigan.If you prefer closed door romance and tame language, then Dana Archer’s versions are for you.Otherwise, download to read an intense story that will pull you into the thrilling, sensual, and emotionally satisfying saga of the Shifter World®.

Daddy Dragon

Kayla Wolf - 2021
    It’s something much sweeter.Something with a cute button of a nose remarkably like his.It’s his baby girl…You know that feeling of being dragged into a swamp? The complete powerlessness of being pulled into whatever fate has in store for you? Now imagine the swamp being full of blistering hot guys… And not just any guys. No, dragons, in every size, shape, and form, to take you in and make you theirs… Isn’t that a swamp you’d gladly be sucked into?Welcome to the thick, wet heat of the Everglades…18+ readers only.


Serena Meadows - 2018
    Determined to change all that, she rejects that life and strikes out on her own in a place so far from her old life she’s sure that everything will be different. And it is at first, but when she falls in love, she realizes that her old life still has a hold on her and always will, that she can’t change who she is only who she loves.Still wounded from the loss of his wife, Justin is determined not to relive the mistakes of his past, he has a wonderful family and an adorable little girl, more than enough to keep him happy. But then Annabelle walks into his life and he’s forced to question the path he’s chosen and confront the ghosts of his past. Annabelle helps him discover that those ghosts have been laid themselves to rest, leaving him ready for love again. But the secret he’s been keeping from her threatens their love when he must defend not only his territory but the shifters who depend on him. Will the universe allow them their love or will the forces of evil that have been unleashed upon them destroy that love? All books in this page-turning Sci-fi alien romance series can be read as standalones, and happily ever afters are guaranteed! Warning: Adults Only

Grizzly Flying High

Sloane Meyers - 2016
    But she's been pretending so long that she can't even remember who she is anymore. She decides to leave behind her life of rules and expectations and escape to the Alaskan wilderness to find herself. But when she unexpectedly finds romance on her journey, she has to decide whether she has room in her new life for a man—especially a man as unique as the gorgeous Alaskan hunk who’s been keeping an unusual secret from her. Grizzly shifter Sawyer Williams is a busy man. As the alpha to a group of Alaskan grizzlies, he is duty-bound to protect his clan and put their wellbeing above his own at all times. Between working as a pilot for his tour company and taking care of clan business, he's left with precious little time to find a mate. He's nearly given up on love when destiny brings the beautiful Amanda Parker across his path. He wants nothing more than to make her his own, but a crisis within his clan requires him to put duty ahead of romance. Will Sawyer get a chance to show Amanda how he feels before it's too late? And can Amanda find the courage to make love a part of her new journey? Find out in this steamy bear shifter romance. GRIZZLY FLYING HIGH is part of Sloane Meyers' Air Bear Shifters Series. While this 48K word novella can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading all of the Air Bear books!

To Love a Bear

Emilia Hartley - 2018
    He has a place to stay, work to do, guys to hang out with — or fight with — when he wants, and the wilds of Montana to roam when he needs to be alone or go full bear. He has everything he needs. At least he thinks he does. Then, while he’s out logging with the guys, he finds a woman on the side of the hill, hurt and unable to remember who she is. When he takes her home to help her recover, he knows it isn’t a permanent arrangement. He knows she’ll have to go back to her old life someday. But the more he’s around her, the more he realizes his life isn’t complete without her. He’s not so selfish as to doom her to a rough life with a bear-shifting mountain man, though. He wants what’s best for her, even if that means leaving him, destroying his contentment forever. So, he protects her and keeps quiet about his shifting, so she isn’t forced into something she doesn’t want. What Emmy White wants, once she remembers herself, is Boomer. And safety from her past. What she doesn’t want is another relationship with a secretive, overprotective man. She thinks Boomer might be different, but how can she trust him when he won’t do the one thing she’s asked of him — give her the power to defend herself from the monster lurking in her past? This book is book 1 of my brand new standalone series Lumberjack Bears. I hope you enjoy it!! - Emilia

Bluecollar Bear

Anya Nowlan - 2017
    The talented dancer has been sidelined by an injury and without a future and a past too painful to think about, she finds herself in a town smaller than her aspirations. But when she stepped into Black Oak, she could have never imagined she'd learn to dream bigger than ever before by loving a man larger than life.Pierce is a werebear long given up on love. With an ex that has put him off of love, the surly bluecollar mountain man has decided to focus on work and nothing else! A woman blowing into town like a fresh breath of air can change that all... and is it wrong that he can't help but enjoy every second of it?But sometimes, love can't be easy, even in a sweet little town like Black Oak. Especially if two wounded hearts are made wary by a woman scorned.Bluecollar Bear is a paranormal romance novella with a growly werebear, a sassy woman and a small town waiting for you to fall in love with it. There's no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

Koda: A Bear Shifter Romance (5-Books Bundle)

Kira Graham - 2019
    Good boys are overrated. Wild boys… they’re just another species entirely. Join the Koda Clan where the men are wild, the women are naughty and the hot romance is as sweet as it is spicy. WARNING: Sexy, steamy, and crazy funny. You've been warned ;) WANT ME Love is a fairy tale, and I don’t read. I fell in love once and I lost. I lost my love, my dreams, the hope that I needed to keep me going. When Dean died in a car accident, I wanted to rail at the world. Instead, I raised our daughter and promised to never want more. But when I lose my job and we're on the road to eviction, I get an offer I can’t say no to. Prince Koda is the last thing I need clouding up my airspace. He’s cocky, smug and too sweet for me to hate; but like I said, I don’t believe in fairy tales and Prince Charming can keep his lips to himself. Until, I need those lips to save my life. LOVE ME Trace Koda is a man I hate. I’m terrified of what I feel for Trace. I’m angry. I’m so hopelessly in lust with him my thoughts should be illegal. He hurt me and my family and yet all it takes is one touch and I forget all the hate I felt for him. He lures me in, enthrals me and makes me want like I never have before. I shouldn’t be with him but I think, maybe I just met my soul mate. KEEP ME I loved Jayson Koda...once. He was my everything. The sun. The stars. The air I breathed. We married in a rush ceremony not long after he knocked me up and I thought that love would last forever. How wrong I was. Now I am forced to see him to fulfil a deal I made to see my son. But when I found out that he’s been lying to me all along, I don’t know if I can forgive him. Maybe passion will heal the past? I hope so. Something needs to. TAKE ME Love isn’t real. I thought I was in love once but it turned out, monsters look like angels and they know just how to lure you in. I don’t have enough left to look at Jacob Koda and trust in his words, but I wish I did. He’s beautiful and dark and he would be perfect for me, if he wasn’t so all out intent on driving me away. I didn’t expect to fall in love with him. Hopefully this man I now see houses a deep dark animal inside, feels enough to keep me. SAVE ME I’m an alien. Human. Broken. When this whole destiny thing started I thought I was in for the ride of my life. Hot men, perfect love. It was a recipe for mischief the likes of which would take me to the stars. It ended with a bullet to the back, the loss of my sight and a pitying look in the eyes of the first man I have ever truly wanted. I know he’s not all human. West Koda is more animal than man and once upon a time, I wanted all that savage wildness directed at me.

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love Boxed Set (Books 1-5): BBW Bear, Tiger, Lion and Werewolf Paranormal Shifter Romances

Ariana Hawkes - 2017
    But her best friend Lauren has a secret she's bursting to share: there are men out there who absolutely love voluptuous girls like her. All Dina has to do is tap Shiftr, the cute little paw-print app that Lauren has just installed on her phone… Shiftr: Swipe Left For Love - Book 2 (Kristin) Will statuesque, auburn-haired Kristin find her mate on Shiftr - the secret dating app for curvy girls and smoking-hot shape-shifter guys? Find out what happens when her insecurities about her body and fertility come up against the fierce will of sexy shifter, Roman, who's not a tiger to take no for an answer! Shiftr: Swipe Left For Love - Book 3 (Melissa) When curvy Melissa Ericson finds out that sexy shifter Doctor Harley is not only on Shiftr - the secret dating app for curvy girls and gorgeous shape-shifting men - but is also a great match for her, she’s ecstatic! But there’s something about Doctor Harley that keeps tugging at her mind, and suddenly she’s drawn back into a place she never wanted to think about again… The past is so confusing and painful for Melissa, but will the smoking-hot werewolf prove to be her destroyer or her savior? Shiftr: Swipe Left For Love - Book 4 (Andrea) Ambitious Andrea returns home in suspicious circumstances. She is picked as a perfect match for wealthy, sexy lion shifter Magnus by Shiftr, the secret dating app for curvy girls and shape-shifting men. But will Andrea’s secret tear them apart or bring them together in a perfect union? Shiftr: Swipe Left For Love - Book 5 (Lori) Bruno Davis: fire-fighter and single dad, tortured by the tragic loss of his mate. Lori Bianco: curvy, vulnerable, single mother, dumped by her cheating husband. Thrown together in a horrific accident, his bear knows she’s his mate, but can he dare to believe that he deserves to be happy again? This is a 160,000 word boxed set consisting of five standalone books, packed with heart-stopping romance, danger, heroism, passion and suspense! HEA and no cliffhanger! Want more romance from Ariana Hawkes? Get your free book now! ---> arianahawkes.com/freebook

Heartsridge Shifters: Owen

Olivia Arran - 2018
    Yeah, he might have underestimated his fated mate. When it comes to Bree, self-control evades him. But he's determined to win her over and uncover her secrets, because if he doesn't, she'll run. Or fly. What the hell was fate thinking, pairing a wolf with a dragon?Dragon shifter Briana followed the leader of the rogues to the shifter town of Heartsridge because he needed her help. But that's all sorted now, so why is she still here? Any dragon with a spark of sense would have flapped wings and hauled glittery butt out of here, but... no. Not her. Yes, she's tired of running and hiding. And she's made new friends. So, obviously, it can't be a certain stubborn alpha wolf keeping her here. Right? Throw in:A patronizing alpha dragon sticking his snout in.A surprising career change.A new lead on an old enemy.Way too much pressure to become a registered shifter.Okay, having a big, strong alpha wolf on her side might be a good thing. Oh, and he's insanely hot. That helps, too. **This full length novel takes place after the South-One Bears series, but you do not have to read the previous series to enjoy this book. Each book features a different couple and their happy ever after. Also included: naughty language, fully realized love scenes, and big, burly shifters who only have eyes for their fated mates.**

Men of Moose Mountain: Series Boxed Set

Marley Michaels - 2020
    And of course, there are lots of cameos by the original Moose Mountain men too.Mountain Seeking DoctorDr Judd Cooper moves back to his hometown to replace the town's retiring family doctor. When he mistakes the small town's sweetheart for a thief, the fight is on to get her to not just accept his apology, but also give him her heart.Mountain Seeking PilotHelicopter Pilot, Rhys Cooper, has spent his life flying to new heights in dangerous and daring rescues. Now he wants to settle down and build on his own little piece of paradise next to Moose Mountain. Except his plans fall foul of his new conservationist neighbor, Amber. Can butting heads turn to falling in love?Mountain Seeking HeroSearch and Rescue Coordinator, Max Cooper, has heard the mountain’s call. Now he’s returned to his birthplace to see whether the Moose Mountain legend is true for him. He doesn’t expect it to literally hit him in the back of the head though, or for the town’s sweet, shy librarian to be the one for him.Mountain Seeking Fire ChiefThe town’s new Fire Chief can run into a burning building, but put him near a cat and he has flashbacks to a near career-ending accident that he’s never forgotten. Enter Bree, Woodward Valley’s resident cat lady, who makes it her mission to win Kane Cooper over, one feline friend at a time.Mountain Seeking VeterinarianVeterinarian Trace Cooper has traveled the world working with animals, yet its Moose Mountain that has called him home to settle down, and the mountain isn’t making him wait for it. Not when the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on steps out of her car with her two gorgeous kids in tow and he has an instant vision of the family he’s always wanted.Mountain Seeking PrincessMoose Mountain has been calling her protectors back to the mountain for a reason—she’s under threat and needs to be saved. It’s time to call in a champion and crown a new queen, and the only Cooper sister is ready to help lead her family in the fight of their lives to save the mountain for generations to come.BONUS - Also includes Mountain Seeking Santa, a Moose Mountain Christmas novella featuring all your favorite Cooper family members.***The Men of Moose Mountain series is just like the Moose Mountain Brothers series before it. It includes the same sweet, flirty, instalove stories you love, but this time you'll get more big, gruff and tough Cooper men--and the one Cooper princess--living their lives on and near the mountain. The mountain has always provided for its keepers, and now it's time for more feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.

Rookie Shift

Mia Taylor - 2018
     Unfortunately for me, a past I never knew about is about to slap me in the face, one wrought with supernatural forces. My training officer, August stares at me like he knows something about me but nothing throws a wrench into my destiny like the untimely arrival of a dark shadow from the past. And now August has to train me on much more than just policing. Author's Note: Due to the steamy nature this book is recommended for 18 and over. It is a stand a lone with an HEA.

Burning Bright

Milly Taiden - 2022
    He is also the alpha tiger. It’s a big responsibility, especially during the tourist season. With summer starting, he has one goal: make sure the mountain’s visitors have a good time to fund the town’s survival. All that is forgotten when he finds his mate lost in the forest. Having a trouble-free summer is soon the least of his problems. Finding out his mate is a sassy beauty just adds to the distraction.Bree Elsher is having one hell of a bad week. She learned — on live television while delivering the evening news—her ex-boyfriend is a murderer. Everyone thinks she might have been his accomplice. So she hides out on a secluded mountain away from everyone. But when she is rescued from a tiger attack by Sheriff Egon Thatcher, everything changes. He makes her emotions crazy and her hormones go up in flames.The threat of her past is dragged through the forested mountain. Bree is in danger while her entire life comes crumbling down. Egon wants to keep her safe, but there is so much more at stake than his streak of tigers and his mate.Bad things have come to Thatcherton, and the fated mates might not get a chance to explore their bond. Not if the killer has anything to say about it…