The Road to Garrett

Suzie O'Connell - 2016
    Getting pregnant at eighteen by a man twice her age wasn't part of it. Shifting directions at the unexpected fork in the road, she moves across Wyoming to secure a future for her son from the wealthy rancher who fathered him. But a gift of five hundred acres unwillingly given isn't the boon it seems. Annemarie knows nothing about ranching, and this barren tract of land is just a stone's throw from a man and his family who hate her and everything she represents.   With six older brothers ahead of him in line for his family's ranch, Gabriel Collins knew from a young age that he'd have to find his own way in the world. Now he's a master electrician with a successful business. Something is missing, however, and when Ms. Garrett calls in desperate need of his expertise, he finds out exactly what. The indomitable young mother, her adorable little boy, and their struggle to turn Garrett Ranch from a money pit into a profitable operation might just be the family and the cause he didn't know he was searching for.

Good Cop

Liz Kelly - 2013
    Yum!At the same time, she’s coaching the town’s notorious ‘Great Seducer’ on how to appreciate women outside the bedroom. Hmmm.And the two of them are best friends.What could possibly go wrong?

On the Market

Rachael Herron - 2016
    Or at least it's as perfect as it can be with a foster son who seems to get off on making him crazy, but otherwise, his job--buying, fixing up, and flipping houses with his brothers--is nothing but fun. Until Felicia from a major TV network shows up in town. When she offers him a reality show, the pay is too good for any of the brothers to turn down, even though the way she looks in her tight city clothes makes him more than a little hot under the collar. But fine. The brothers will buy and fix up a house for a random woman while one of them dates her, all of it on camera, for major bucks. No problem. Except then Felicia, the network exec in high heels, falls in love with one of the houses. Suddenly, she's the buyer. And Liam's the one who has to date her. He needs to kiss her, too. And more. But it's all on camera. Jake's screwed. And he's starting to like it. "The Bachelor" meets "The Property Brothers": Love, property, and construction. What could possibly go wrong?

It Happened In Vegas

Kathy Ivan - 2015
    What could go wrong?That's what Charlie King thinks when her friends dare her to reach out to the one man she's never forgotten. There's just one catch—he's the older brother of her former fiancée.Rodeo star Jared Drake is in Vegas for the Grand National finals when he spots Charlie. Their chemistry is instantly off the charts. There’s just one problem—his role in her broken engagement.This time around, can they beat the odds to happily-ever-after or will secrets from the past keep them apart forever?

Spring Fling

Laurelin Paige - 2021
    And another.I’m on the wrong side of my quarter-life crisis. Dead-end job, lease ending, and single af. It’s made all the harder by knowing exactly who the perfect man for me is: my super hot, incredibly kind, and extremely taken friend Austin. What’s a girl to do but drown her troubles in pinot and let her bestie open her an account on a dating app?If there are other men for me out there, I’m determined to find them. Spring is for new beginnings, and Finn’s abs are a perfect introduction to dating.Unless, of course, perfection is as overrated as my new app.Episode one of six in Dating Season.

It Was (Only) A Kiss

Stefanie London - 2015
    But asking for help doesn’t come naturally and it’s doubly hard when she needs it from the boy who broke her heart. Now he’s all grown up and is more tempting than a double fudge sundae with a cherry on top.Nate Ritter loves being a teacher in the small town where he grew up. When the woman who stole his teenage heart returns, he’ll do anything to prove he’s no longer the insecure boy who betrayed her. As long as he makes sure he doesn’t fall for Shelby since she has a big, exciting life waiting for her back in the city.Can his shot at redemption be enough to convince her to stay?(this book was previously published as A Kiss in Kite Harbour and has been updated)


Terri E. Laine - 2017
    Laine, comes a sweet but sexy single dad story that's a part of The Vault anthology.When Honey Hunter goes on a job interview to be an in-house nurse for an elderly man with mild dementia, she’d hoped his son wouldn’t be the only one-night stand she can never forget. Only he is. If she accepts the job, she has to remember he’s her boss, not the man that tuned her fantasies into reality.Jake gets more than he’s bargained for when his father insists he hire Honey, the one woman he can’t get off his mind. As she works her way into the hearts of his family, he has more to consider than just his need for her. His heart—which has only completely belonged to one person—his daughter, is quickly getting tangled up in Honey. If he’s not careful, the line between employee and employer will completely blur.

The Broke Billionaire

Ann Omasta - 2020
    love, passion, friendship, loyalty, intimacy, and desire. Will Ellie Thorne change that or break him for good?Distracted and tired, Ellie did not expect anyone else to be on the road as she drove to her bakery, Snickerdoodle, at the crack of dawn.Trey was out for an early morning jog, attempting to escape some of the stress and pressure that surrounded him at his corporate empire.Ellie had no idea that the mysterious, handsome pedestrian she hit with her car was powerful business tycoon, Trey Donovan, and he intended to keep it that way.Will he be able to win her heart without using his money as a crutch? Is she the woman he's been waiting for, or will she leave him even more broken than before?Find out now in The Broke Billionaire.

Cliffside Bay Bundle: Traded / Deleted / Jaded

Tess Thompson - 2019
    Each book in the Cliffside Bay Series is intended to be read and enjoyed as a sweet standalone, but for maximum enjoyment read this binge-worthy series in order. Traded Meet Brody Mullen and Kara Eaton as they overcome their protective instincts and learn to wholly trust one another as they fall in love. Deleted Embrace freedom from the painful past with Jackson Waller and Maggie Keene, who unexpectedly receive a second chance to write their own story. Jaded And celebrate with Zane Shaw and Honor Sullivan when they realize that their imperfections are what makes each of them perfect for the other.

Beginnings of Love: A Contemporary Western Romance Boxset

Erin Wright - 2020
    Come on down to Long Valley, where the cowboys are damn fine…Accounting for Love (Book 1) – The bank’s threatening to foreclose on Stetson’s farm…and the auditor on the case is damn hot. Jennifer doesn’t mind a tough job, but handsome Stetson is trouble. And then came the night she had to spend on the farm. Can she find a way for him to save his farm? And if she can’t, will he ever forgive her?Blizzard of Love (Book 2) – Luke never expects to end up spending Christmas at the Miller farm. Everyone knows he hates Christmas. But Bonnie adores Christmas, so when her best friend invites her to the Miller farm, she jumps at the chance. When a blizzard hits, sparks fly. Can the magic of mistletoe tear down the barriers between them?Beginnings of Love is a bundle of the first two novels in the Long Valley world. These stories have some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!

A Holiday of Flowers

Kathia - 2021
    Bring in the season with hope, laughter, and love. Including special introductions by both authors on their friendships, life, and champagne. THE HOLIDAY SERENADE by Ava MilesA second chance at love... They had a fling straight-laced Abby's never forgotten, and now professional gambler Rhett Butler Blaylock has followed her to Dare Valley, Colorado, with the intention of winning back her heart. This time, Rhett's determined to show Abbie he can be the man of her dreams. This time, it's forever. MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE by KathiaAt almost thirty, Chloe’s back home living with her parents—jobless, aimless, and hopeless. (Insert a whimper here.) It was supposed to be HER year, topped off with the perfect wedding to the perfect guy. Instead, this year’s been total hell. And how does one end the year from hell? Sequestered with the entire Summerhill family in an estate in Ireland for the holidays, of course.


Jayne Blue - 2016
    That’s what everyone thinks of me. Only I know it’s a lie. They took my gun, my badge, my soul. I have one last shot to earn it back. My job? Go deep undercover to bring down a ruthless drug lord. It should have been easy. Until I met his niece, Devin. I crave her just like the drug her uncle’s trying to push. Pure and simple. She brings out every protective instinct I have. All the wicked ones too. Except acting on them could blow this investigation and ruin my chance to clear my name. And it might get us both killed. He’s the hero she never knew she needed. Devin - When Jase walked into my bar, he turned everything upside down. He made me feel things I can’t want. I have to walk away. Because, I know he’s a liar just like all the others. He’ll tell me he loves me then disappear. Plus, I know he’s hiding something. But, his smoldering touch and perfect kisses are almost enough to drive my doubts away. Almost. The truth will either save them both, or burn them to the ground. Author’s Note: Each book in the Tortured Heroes series is a full length, standalone novel. They can be read in any order and DO NOT contain cliffhangers. They DO contain dark themes and elements.

Forbidden Lover

Theresa Paolo - 2018
    why did it feel so right?After a long miserable day of travel, to stay with a grandfather he only met a few years ago, Lucas Prescott is instantly taken by the gorgeous brunette sitting next to him. It's not until the next day that he learns their grandfathers are embattled in a decades old rivalry that threatens to keep them apart.After a family tragedy, Ella Moretti returned home to the small town of Willow Cove to help her family. Seven years later with her dreams still on hold, living with her grandfather and working in the family restaurant, she is stuck. When a handsome stranger sits next to her on a bus ride home, she dares to dream. Unfortunately, his last name makes him completely off limits.Neither wanting to betray their family, they start a secret love affair, but when the past resurfaces and old feuds refuse to stay buried, Ella and Lucas have to decide if their forbidden love is worth the consequences.Her Forbidden Love Match is the first in a steamy and exciting series set in the beachy town of Willow Cove.

Bourbon Springs Box Set: Volume III

Jennifer Bramseth - 2017
    Included works: Bottled Bluegrass : Mack Blanton dreams of returning to Nashville to make music. Jorrie Jones is tired of practicing law in small town.  But after a chance meeting,  Mack can’t stop writing songs about Jorrie, and she realizes the attractions of small-town life in the form and voice of Mack. As they discover the simple gifts of love, will they spread their wings or choose to stay in Bourbon Springs? Toast and Char : She’s the love of his life. She’s also the woman he left at the altar. When Prent Oakes jilted Miranda Chaplin two years ago, he was sure it was over. Except Miranda has never been able to tell him to get out of her life. The heat still burns between them—but will their love be resurrected from the ashes or will they both be left burned? Water of Life : Widowed judge Cara Forrest guards her young son as fiercely as she does her heart. But when Drake Mercer makes a plea to be more than professional acquaintances, it is an argument she can’t resist. As Cara faces the prospect of getting a seat on a higher court, she and Drake are forced to face allegations of unethical conduct due to their relationship. The choice is theirs: to be sustained by love or pulled apart by the currents of doubt.

The It's Kind of Personal Series

Anna Brooks - 2017
    Their love runs deep and their loyalty everlasting. Each man must battle his past in order to secure a future with his one true love. Defeat is not an option when their hearts are on the line. Book One: Make Me Forget, Travis and Charlotte. Book Two: Show Me How, Brandon and Mary. Book Three: Prove Me Right, Liam and Meara. Book Four: Tell Me When, Pierce and Ruby. Book Five: Remember Me Now, Nik and Lisa. Book Six: Give Me This, Declan and Amie.