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Hellcat by Michael W. Huard


After It Happened: Full Series

Devon C. Ford - 2017
     Synopsis: Set in the UK in the immediate aftermath of a mysterious illness which swept the country and left millions dead, After it Happened follows the trials of a reluctant hero, Dan, and the group formed around him, including the fearless Leah. They must battle the elements, find sufficient supplies and equipment to survive, and protect themselves against the most destructive force on the planet: other people. Boxset includes: Survival (book 1) Humanity (book 2) Society (book 3) Hope (book 4) Sanctuary (book 5) Rebellion (book 6)

A New War: At Home and at Sea, 1803

John G. Cragg - 2016
    She seems to be more interested in estate management and improvement than in the more usual pursuits of young ladies. A French frigate of possibly new design has been using the period of peace to take British frigates and merchant ships illegally and spirit the captures to some unknown base. Giles is called from his bucolic pursuits to take command of a newly built frigate whose task is to find and destroy the enemy vessel and recapture her prizesWhile Captain Giles is doing this, life continues apace at Dipton so that when Giles can snatch some leave, he finds that things have not remained static. The novel tells of how events develop at sea and also on land in the early days following the abrogation of the treaty of Amiens.

Fracture Event

Kathleen O'Neal Gear - 2021
    Michael Gear bring us a gripping disaster thriller.The seas flood their banks. Storms devastate entire continents. Fires envelop the world in darkness. The collapse begins…Anthropologist Anika French makes an explosive discovery: due to climate change, our world is threatened with collapse in just a few years, and humanity will perish. Anika’s committee chair published her work under his own name, now powerful people will do anything to obtain Anika’s statistical program for their own use.With murder, kidnapping, extortion, and assassination on every side, Dr. Maureen Cole, a team of specialists, and bodyguard Skip Murphy will do everything in their power to keep Anika safe as they struggle with the implications of Anika’s work. For once the “fracture event” occurs, Anika’s model predicts the end of the world – and dark powers are already testing the model with devastating results.Ultimately, it will be up to Skip, Maureen, and Anika as a deadly showdown in the Alps will determine who will profit from the destruction of civilization.

Savannah Martin Mystery: Books 7-9

Jenna Bennett - 2015
    But when her perfect husband turns out to be a lying, cheating slimeball—and bad in bed to boot—Savannah kicks the jerk to the curb and embarks on life on her own terms. With a new apartment, a new career, and a brand new outlook on life, she’s all set to take the world by storm. If only the world would stop throwing her curveballs... KICKOUT CLAUSE - #7 When Shelby Ferguson, Savannah’s ex-husband’s new wife, begs Savannah’s help in figuring out what’s going on with Bradley, Savannah can’t in good conscience say no. Shelby has no one else to turn to, no one to whom she can admit that her marriage is on the rocks and that Bradley may be straying. But helping Shelby turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg. With two different sets of buyers vying to purchase Mrs. Jenkins’s house, and an escaped prisoner targeting Savannah, she has more than enough to deal with. And that’s before TBI rookie Manny Ortega is shot down in cold blood. With Savannah’s boyfriend Rafe Collier, and their friend, homicide detective Tamara Grimaldi, busy looking for Manny’s murderer, it’s up to Savannah to juggle buyers and adulterers and vandals and lawyers, and come out on top... without losing her Southern Belle poise or her life in the process. PAST DUE - #8 The sins of the past are coming due, and someone has to pay... Savannah Martin’s high school reunion is supposed to be a fun weekend of catching up with old friends and parading her boyfriend—Sweetwater bad boy Rafael Collier—in front of everyone who used to sneer at him back in the day. Not even the daily battle she’s waging with morning sickness can douse Savannah’s anticipation. But when Rafe won’t come to Sweetwater, Savannah has to face her old schoolmates without his support. And her best friend Charlotte isn’t as happy for Savannah’s new relationship as Savannah had hoped. And when a dead body turns up in the Colliers’ old mobile home in the Bog, Savannah is thankful to be on her own. The sheriff is always looking for a reason to shove Rafe back behind bars, and a fresh homicide is just the excuse he needs. But when another murder takes place at the reunion, even the threat of jail can’t keep Rafe away. Soon old classmates are dropping like bowling pins, and Rafe and Savannah are scrambling to catch up with a killer hell bent on making sure old enemies pay for old sins... all while trying to stay one step ahead of Sheriff Satterfield and the Columbia PD. DIRTY DEEDS - #9 With hotels in downtown filled to capacity months in advance, real estate agent Savannah Martin decides to pick up some extra money renting out her empty East Nashville apartment. She’s living with her boyfriend, and the place is just sitting there, begging to be put to use. But when her latest tenant ends up dead—strangled in Savannah’s bed by what might have been a paying customer—the promise of easy money quickly turns sour. As the hunt for the killer leads to their shared hometown of Sweetwater, Tennessee, Savannah’s boyfriend, TBI agent Rafe Collier, is tapped to help with the investigation.

Edgar R. Burroughs Collection: 24 Works

Edgar Rice Burroughs - 2012
    Unlike other e-book editions, the text and chapters are perfectly set up to match the layout and feel of a physical copy, rather than being haphazardly thrown together for a quick release. This edition also comes with a linked Table of Contents for both the list of included books and their respective chapters. Navigation couldn't be easier. Purchase this Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection and treat yourself to the following list of works by this classic author:A Princess of Mars (J.C. 1/5)Tarzan of the ApesThe Return of TarzanAt the Earth's CoreThe Beasts of TarzanThe Gods of Mars (J.C. 2/5)The MuckerThe Son of TarzanJungle Tales of TarzanThe Lost ContinentThe Oakdale AffairOut of Time's AbyssThe Land that Time ForgotThe People that Time ForgotThe Warlord of Mars (J.C. 3/5)Tarzan the UntamedThuvia, Maid of Mars (J.C. 4/5)Tarzan the TerribleThe Efficiency ExpertThe Chessmen of Mars (J.C. 5/5)PellucidarThe Mad KingThe Outlaw of TornThe Monster Men


Andreas Christensen - 2013
    When Ed Walker learns that others have been preparing for the disaster for years, he realize finding them may be his only shot at survival. But time is running out...In a dying world one man makes a choice to keep going, hoping against hope there might be a future after all.Alive is a 10.000 word story loosely based on events in Exodus by Andreas Christensen, but can also  just as easily be read as a stand alone.Notice: this novella is also available for FREE on the author's website.


Terra Wolf - 2018
    The wild child, the player. Ever since his parent's death, he's never even considered settling down. But now? He doesn't have a choice. After his latest indiscretion, his uncle has decided if he doesn't clean up his act, he's out. No millions, no job, nothing. Aiden can't afford to be outed from the clan, so he has to play by his uncle's rules. Time to find a bride. Molly is desperate to find a job. A hacker with her skills should have no problem. Except she's been blacklisted. When a handsome shifter offers her a night she can't forget, she jumps at the opportunity to have fun for one night. But then he offers so much more. Be his fake fiancee and he'll set her up financially for life. But things get tricky when their fake relationship turns into real heat. Aiden and Molly have to decide if they're meant to be mates, or stay strictly business. Bestselling PNR Author Terra Wolf is back at it again with three stories about three brothers, all facing the same problem. It's time to find a mate.

Variant The Complete Series Book 1-7

T.C. Edge - 2020


Dean Crawford - 2017
    It can't turn back. And the fuel's running out.Reaching the end of a four hour flight, the crew of Phoenix Flight 375 find themselves facing an impossible dilemma: terrible weather, a natural disaster and a silent killer force them to decide not how to live, but how they might have to die. Half of the passengers want to survive. The others want a quick and painless end. They have one hour of fuel remaining, and then their choices will be over.At thirty-seven thousand feet and five hundred miles per hour, you're not in control of anything. On this flight, neither are the pilots...

Reggie Kray's East End Stories: The lost memoir of a gangland legend

Reggie Kray - 2010
    Reggie wrote his EAST END STORIES in the early 1990s, but they haven't seen the light of day until now. In the book, he recalls the close-knit East End community in which he and his brother grew up, the characters in his family and neighbourhood, and of course, the many villains he worked with. Filled with anecdotes about the area’s most outlandish personalities and notorious criminals, and offering a fascinating journey around the Krays’ ‘manor’ including their favourite haunts and business enterprises, the book paints a vivid portrait of a London that has long since disappeared.

All Your Secrets

Jane Holland - 2017
    Her aunt Tamsin, once a film star, now suffering from dementia, invites her to stay at their chateau high above the rocky beach at Cap d'Antibes. Suddenly, the gorgeous, charming Robin is back in touch too. Tamsin warns her to stay away from him, but Caitlin can't resist her teenage crush. Soon the pair are falling madly, deeply in love ... all over again. But something doesn’t feel right. What was Robin’s relationship with her beautiful cousin? And what is Lucille, her aunt's housekeeper, trying to conceal? The chateau is a lovely old house, yet it seems to hide so many secrets. Was Emily's tragic death an accident – or murder?

Sceldrant's Comet (The Rostical Guild, #1)

Michael Rogers - 2013
    Our heroes, a seven year old Sacred Dancer, a swordsman that despises titles, a warrior with the ability to control the land, a blind archer and the classic white mage try to find a way back to Earth after being transported by a mysterious power. Yet, something doesn't want them to.They encounter foes that wield unimaginable power, battle elemental Guardians and even compete in a race where people die, this fun fantasy filled adventure isn't exactly what they thought it would be!Will our newly formed heroes find a way home? Will they be the best guild? Will they survive in the harsh lands of Rostical? Read to find out!

A Love that Endures 3

Bella Forrest - 2019
    The conclusion of David and Katy's journey.Buy now.*Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts*


Jared Southwick - 2011
    After escaping the tyranny of Marysvale, John quickly learns that old prejudices are alive in Alyth as well. When the villagers learn of his gifts, new enemies rage with old. However, a darker evil lurks in the shadows of the quiet village--one that threatens to consume John and all who live free. In order to save himself and those he loves, John must first defend the very people who seek his life.

The Oddest Little Mistletoe Shop

Beth Good - 2017
     Rose Mistletoe runs her family's flower shop on Christmas Parade, and loves every minute of her job. So when the Parade comes under acquisition by a redevelopment company, Rose forms a protest group against the bid. But business tycoon Nick Grimsby is determined to make her sell up. His company is planning to knock down the parade of traditional shops and build a block of exclusive apartments instead. And it seems the sexy billionaire will go to any lengths to get her shop. As Christmas approaches and Nick dangles the proverbial mistletoe, can Rose resist his powerful allure? Given how gorgeous he looks in a tuxedo, the answer is probably no. But she's not going to make it easy for him! Because Rose has secret plans of her own ... Warning! This romcom novella contains jokes, oodles of romance, festive wreaths, mistletoe, holly, and a sprinkling of paper hats. Another quirky romcom in the popular 'Oddest Little Shop' series from Beth Good. Titles can be read in any order.