A Hood Boy’s Love is Forever 2

Taniece - 2019
    After Bambi finds out that she’s pregnant, she’s stuck weighing her options on what to do next. When Ari XL finally finds out that he has a seed on the way, he’s thrilled, but Bambi quickly crushes his dreams. Bambi crosses paths with someone from her past and rage consumes her. They say when you’re going through a hard time, never give up because there’s a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. Hershey is struck with a tragedy that leaves her questioning her purpose. She finds herself jumping over obstacles just to be happy. After falling into a depressive state, Nick and Bambi try their hardest to pull her out. Will they be able to save her or will she just fall deeper?

The Festive Cookie Girl

Hannah Schrock - 2021

Juelz & Justice: Capturing A Boss' Heart

Jammie Jaye - 2019
    She was all about taking care of her kids and making sure they have a good life like the one that her mother provided for her. She had finally gotten to the point where life was good. After going through major heartbreak with her kid's father, Justice made up in her mind that love wasn’t for her. In her eyes, men were a distraction. What Justice didn’t know was that Julez would come bombarding in her life and change all of that. Julez’s only focus was getting money and taking care of his beautiful daughter Jewelz. After dealing with his baby mama Morgan, he knew that being in a relationship was a thing of the past. That all changed when he met Justice. He knew the day that he met her that she was all that he ever needed, but never knew he wanted. Jalissa dealt with so much heartbreak; however, when she meets Gem, she never thought he would be the man that she needed. She had so much going on in her life that she was not ready for the surprise that life had in store for her.  It seemed that things were going good until a family secret comes out and ruins everything. Will they make it through, or will the secret destroy them all?

The Urchin of Walton Hall (The Victorian Village Sagas)

Emma Hardwick - 2020
    She was promptly sent away by her philandering father, the colliery owner Robert Harvey, to become an educated and accomplished young woman - and to escape the beatings at the cruel hand of her vengeful stepmother, Hannah. As Bess finishes boarding school, a tragic accident strikes Robert Harvey, almost killing him, and the decline of the family's fortunes means Bess and her siblings must find spouses to provide for them. After a series of doomed arranged encounters with potential suitors, Bess's stepmother is forced to take drastic action against her to protect herself and her family. Who is the mystery fiancé Hannah Harvey has in mind? And how will Bess feel knowing the decision means she will never be free to marry her childhood sweetheart?

That Bona Fide Hood Love 2: Dolcé & Kaizer

Shaye B. - 2019
    For the first time since they met, she was seeing him in a different light. Determined to set boundaries, Dolcé finally sticks up for herself. However, the love that she has for Kaizer may be too much for her to fight. With pressure from Kaizer and those close to her; Dolcé is forced to make make a stand. Will she forgive the man that she loves or start a new life— all alone. With his relationship with Dolcé on the line, Kaizer is determined to prove himself worthy of her love. As he does his all to get things back on track with Dolcé, his ex, Kyra proves to be more of a challenge than he anticipated. In pursuit of the truth, Kaizer places his relationship with Dolcé on the line; in a desperate attempt to settle the score. Will his desire for vengeance overpower his love for Dolcé, and ruin everything they’ve built? Or will he finally realize that nothing and no-one is more important than his family The second installment is all about boundaries. Dolcé and Kaizer must explore the boundaries of their love for one another to determine if being together is worth it. With their relationship in turmoil, Kaizer & Dolcé each have to dig deep to determine if their love is worth the fight. Or perhaps too much damage has been done, and it may be time for them to cut their losses and move on…

A Love So Blue

Mel Dau - 2021
    After a life altering event in her late teen years that resulting in the loss of her older brother, she sees the world in a different light. She could have taken the loss and let it control her but she Bossed up and allowed it to empower herself to be a force in her community fighting against Police Brutality. She stands for what she believes in and is unapologetic in that stand. Now, she’s ready to stand in love. When Vega steps into her life he turns it on its axis. She hesitant in her interactions with him but he wins her over, it’s a done deal. Will a very important life detail be the unraveling of their newly budding relationship or will it be a game changer for the better? Will Vega Samuels be the man that Onyx Manigault stands within Love or will the shade of Blue be too much to handle?

The Deal Breaker

Olivia Gaines - 2019
    His luck changes when Shelia Carmichael walks through his office door with a can of pepper spray and an offer he gladly accepted. The friendship is just the beginning of this romantic story as Shelia learns to trust and throw away her list of deal breakers in a relationship.

Cowboy Blessings: Clean & Wholesome Cowboy Romance (Triple J Ranch Book 5)

Jenna Hendricks - 2021

Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend 4

Lady Lissa - 2019
    This drama filled saga continues with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride. Just when you thought this circle of friends and foes were getting their happily ever after, chaos strikes once again. It threatens to break some of the strongest bonds, leaving some in deep confusion. Skeletons begin to fly from the closets, exposing some of the deepest secrets and dishing out some of the heaviest heartbreaks but there are consequences to every action. Tangi is the first one to find that out. Just when she begins to live that ‘perfect’ life, reality kicks in. The Karma that didn’t catch her before is surely on her tail now and she has only herself to blame. Will Smooth stand by her during her roughest moments? Or will the secrets that are exposed prove to be too much for him to bear? How far will she go to push a good man away? Thaddeus is next in line. Although he quickly wins over Tierra’s heart, he proves to have his own share of secrets. When someone from his past threatens to break up his happy home, how will he handle it? With all the trust issues that Tierra now has, she refuses to accept another betrayal by a person she loves, especially once she learns what he’s been hiding! Through it all, Tierra is fortunate enough to have a lifelong friend to lean on. Someone she never thought would accept her in his life this way. If you don’t know who it is, you can surely find out in this final installment of ‘Obsessed with my Wife’s Best Friend’!

I Deserve Your Love: Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Nikki Brown - 2017
    His main focus is getting back on his feet and taking care of his son that is until he lays eyes on Nicole, a person from his past. She immediately becomes a priority in his life but at what cost? Nicole is a month away from graduation and her escape from chaos also known as Jaekwon her sons father. Everything seems to be falling in to place until a blast from the past sweeps in and shakes things up. Will the connection between Bishop and Nicole be able to overcome the drama that it brings? Major is the biggest player that Charleston has ever seen but he's willing to give it all up for Tranae only thing is Nae has a boyfriend of two years and she not trying to choose. Can Major handle being a side dude or will things hit the fan? Tranae is stuck in a love triangle and she's not trying to give it up. She has the best of both worlds but when her hand is forced to choose, will she make the right choice? With egos, pride, and drama standing in the forefront will these couples find peace and happiness?

Everlasting Magic: A Thorne Witches Holiday Novella (The Thorne Witches)

T.M. Cromer - 2022
    He also happens to be the man she’s loved forever, so the stakes couldn’t be higher to clear his name.Simon Blane is royally screwed. Framed as an international kingpin to hide the activities of the actual criminal ring, he faces life imprisonment. Worse still, he’s fallen for the brilliant, determined Evelyn Thorne, a powerful witch with a not-so-law-abiding family, and he’s unwittingly dragged her into the center of a maelstrom. Now they both have a massive target on their backs. Simon and Evelyn will have to throw away the FBI rule book and tap into the Thorne Witches’ power if they have any chance of survival—because the real culprit is determined to keep the truth hidden by any means possible. And as Simon and Evelyn hunt for the evidence to save them, maybe, just maybe, they can find a little Valentine’s Day magic of their own.

Mail Order Bride: Two is Better Than One (Western Brides Sweet Romance Book 3)

Emily Woods - 2020

The One That Got Away 2: A Miami Love Affair (The One Who Got Away)

Tisha Andrews - 2016
    Keyz and Chico are now at war and this time more than their street credibility is on the line. Iyana and Myriah are in a new place trying to mend their fences as they charter into new territory. Little do they know that not only are they involved with the same man, but are up against a dark family secret that could change the course of their lives. Will sisterhood ban them together or will family secrets and lies pull them even further apart. Then there is Sky, a DEA agent working undercover and rolling under the covers with her love interest, Shyne. Shyne, the older brother of Rickey, no longer has love on his mind, but revenge once Sky’s cover is blown. Will Shyne see beyond Sky’s betrayal or will he love go against his own beliefs and take a chance on love? Let’s not forget Rickey, the beautiful, sassy and loyal best friend who is there for everyone else but feels abandoned by the one he wants there for him. Will Rickey’s secret lover choose him back or will he let Rickey be the one who gets away? If you thought you knew who were lovers, friends or enemies, then jump on this rollercoaster ride where lives are at stake and love may get you killed.

Our Love Is Thugged Out

Dymond Taylor - 2018
    They're what people consider "Couple Goals" in hood fashion. They have a bond that was unbreakable and a union no one could come between, no matter what. Stephon an entrepreneur who had Dayton on lock and O'Mara who only job was to ride for her man. Which was a role that Mara loved and embraced even after their relationship took a turn for the worse. Their life literally became a battlefield. Stephon carried her through deep despair almost on a daily. There's constant hurt, drama and lies. Yet, they still continue holding strong to one another. Then there's Mega, a headstrong, male exotic dancer and A'Yona, your everyday hard-working chick. She wants nothing more than to be with Mega. But there's one thing stopping it. Mega's desire for other women. Something he does not hide and has made very clear to her, that he's not looking for commitment. But Yona feels she has what it takes to change his mind. Sex, lies, drama, women, brawls, pain and deceit is being thrown every which way. Will Mara and Steph union remain unbreakable? Will Yona win over "her" man? Come into the lives of these couples and see just how thugged out things can get when love is on the line.

Forced To Marry Her Father's Billionaire Boss 2

Alicia Beckton - 2020
    After all, she only did this so her father could keep his job. But, as fate would have it, David turns out to be different to how she imagined him to be, and the two of them begin to have real feelings for one another. Now she’s pregnant, and she has to find a way to tell her father that she wants to stay married to a man he hates. But that’s not all Jade has to worry about. As it turns out, being pregnant with her father’s boss is the least of her worries… Find out what happens in this sizzling hot 2 part BWWM romance series by Alicia Beckton of BWWM Love.