How Many Bugs in a Box?: A Pop Up Counting Book

David A. Carter - 1987
    Young children will laugh and learn as they lift open the boxes and find colorful, comical bugs that pop out, run, eat-and even swim! "How Many Bugs in a Box?" will keep youngsters counting over and over again.


Amy Krouse Rosenthal - 2020
    But when his speedy streak gets the best of him, it takes a friend to show Straw how to drink in the amazing world around him.A companion to Spoon and Chopsticks, this delightful story celebrates the joys of taking it slow.

Who Said Red?

Mary Serfozo - 1988
    "You don't mean green? Look, here is green..." she teases. "A pickle green. A big frog green. A leaf, a tree, a green bean green."But the boy means RED. "A cherry, berry, very red."They romp through the pages, from "blue jean blue" to "yellow, bright and mellow..." and on to purples, brown, orange, pink and black...But through it all, the boy said RED! In this wonderfully unusual concept book, primary and secondary colors go first class!

Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner

Julie Gassman - 2017
    We know you shouldn't take your dragon to the library, but what about taking him out to dinner? After all, dragons need to eat too! But with fiery breath, flapping wings, and pointy spikes, that might not be a good idea! Rhyming text and diverse characters bring the importance of dinner manners to a new level in this colorful picture book by Julie Gassman.

Zoom, Zoom, Baby!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book

Karen Katz - 2014
    Enjoy the ride with this interactive Karen Katz lift-the-flap board book that features different animals on the go!Is Baby on the bus?Beep-beep!No! It’s a silly monkey! In this transportation-themed board book from Karen Katz, little ones can lift the flaps on each spread to reveal adorable animals inside a variety of vehicles, such as a train, a plane, a truck, and more! But where is Baby? With Katz’s signature bright, striking art, this board book with its sturdy, easy-to-lift flaps is sure to zoom onto bookshelves everywhere.

Little Sleepyhead

Elizabeth McPike - 2015
                                                                                                                                                           By the end of a busy day, little knees are tired from crawling, little arms are tired from stretching—even little lips are tired from blowing kisses. But with the help of gentle verse, and art as sweet as a bedtime lullaby, tired little eyes will quickly give way to sleep.Shhh . . .

The Cheerios Play Book

Lee Wade - 1998
    (No milk, please!) Teddies need Cheerios buttons, mice need Cheerios glasses, and fish need Cheerios bubbles. Pages are recessed to help children successfully place their own dry cereal pieces within the scenes. Tasty, interactive fun that toddlers will love!

Stanley's Diner

William Bee - 2014
    Then Stanley bakes and serves up a special cake--all for one very special "little" customer.Starring everyone's favorite hard-working hamster and his friends, Stanley's Diner will appeal to toddlers curious about restaurants and food, kitchens and cooking. Brightly colored illustrations framed in bold black outline and a cheery diner setting showcase recognizable menu items, kitchen tools, and appliances. The story ends in jubilant celebration but also with the responsibility of clean up. Then Stanley returns home for his familiar, comforting nighttime routine: "Time for supper! Time for a bath! And time for bed!"Perfect for fans of Maisy, William Bee's beloved Stanley series features adorable hardworking hamster Stanley and his community of rodent friends as they work different jobs and help each other along the way. The sturdy padded picture book format is ideal for readers at a transitional age between board books and picture books, and the books are trusted models of basic preschool concepts such as colors and shapes, kindness and teamwork, community helpers, jobs and careers, vehicles, and daily routines.Don't miss any of the titles in the Stanley series!

Yummy Yucky

Leslie Patricelli - 2003
    Sandwiches are yummy, sand is yucky.' With bold illustrations, Leslie Patricelli humorously introduces concepts to very young children. The book also has a double spread section featuring 'more yummy things' and 'more yucky things'.

Pizza Mouse

Michael Garland - 2017
    Life is a challenge for a city mouse. Dogs, cats, and people are daily dangers. But when the whiskered hero of this story uncovers one of the greatest treats New York City has to offer a forager--a discarded slice of pepperoni pizza--the danger is all worth it! Now it's up to the tiny Pizza Mouse to get the slice safely home to his family . . . via the A train, of course! Guided Reading Level D.A Junior Library Guild selection!

Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!

Amanda Driscoll - 2018
    And waiting is SO hard. The narrator tries everything to keep him from eating the treats, from distracting him with a magician to visualizing tubeworm tacos instead of cupcakes (unfortunately, seals like Klondike are big fans of tubeworm tacos).Alas, these tactics are no match for Klondike's love of cupcakes. It isn't long before he caves to his cravings, and it looks like the party will be cupcakeless! Will he be able to whip up a new batch in time?"A picture-book treat."--Kirkus Reviews

Wash-A-Bye Bear

Thomas Docherty - 2012
    . . so what will she do when he emerges all clean from the washing machine?Flora loves her Bear dearly, but her mom says it's time for him to go in the wash. Beautifully imagined scenes show Bear, in the wash, remembering how much fun they had getting grubby in the first place. When Bear is clean, he's just not the same, so Flora sets out to have some fun and get him back to his dirty but loveable self again. Then, at the end of a long day, it's Flora's turn to have a wash -- and good old Bear still loves clean Flora just the same.

Fruits in Suits

Jared Chapman - 2017
    follow up to Vegetables in Underwear,


Irene Dickson - 2016
    They both build with their blocks, until Benji takes one of Ruby’s red blocks and, in the tussle that follows, all the blocks CRASH to the floor. But now Benji has blue and red blocks, and Ruby has red and blue blocks, and together they build and build . . . until Guy comes with his green blocks!

Ten Red Apples

Pat Hutchins - 2000
    Yippee, fiddle-dee-fee! But they are not there for long. Horse, cow, donkey, pig, hen, and the other farm animals each eat one. "Save one for me," calls the farmer. But what about the farmer's wife?Count on Pat Hutchins to solve the problem happily. And count the red apples before they are all gone!