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Billy Sunday by Rod Jones


The Princess and the Superstar

Preethi Venugopala - 2018
    When he arrives at Sravanapura Palace with his director friend Rajeev Ratnam, little does he know that his life is about to change forever! Princess Kritika is overjoyed that Saketh Rao will play the role of her ancestor. But when she comes face to face with the arrogant superstar she is determined to scuttle the project.Fate, however, has different plans for them. The feisty couple is soon head over heels in love with each other. As they uncover the secrets of Hari Varman's life, Saketh makes a discovery that can rip them apart and their new-found love. Will the secrets and lies of the past deny them a future together? Or will they overcome the obstacles to true love?

The Last Call for Vengeance

Ethan Westfield - 2020
    Fortunately, a group of fearless Comanche Indians saved his life and he soon found himself in their camp. As the years go by, Holt grows up learning the Comanche ways. He has only one vivid recollection of the fatal night that changed his childhood; the name and the face of Raid Sinclair, the man at fault. How will this crucial clue lead him to detect the merciless murderer?When Holt finally reaches adulthood, his thirst for vengeance grows with him. Even though it’s deeply traumatic for him, he decides to finally return to his hometown and seek evidence. Since many years have gone by, he will soon realize that his mission is not child’s play. However, with his Comanche fellows by his side, he will begin his grueling trek to find the evil killer and bring justice. Will he succeed in this challenging pursuit of the heinous Raid Sinclair?While Holt is on the track of Sinclair, Willa Tomlin, a beautiful young woman will steal his heart. But he will soon discover a bond between her and his old enemy… How will this unexpected turn of events affect his hazardous undertaking? Will he accomplish his goal and ultimately take the revenge he’s been seeking his whole life?

Jack Slater: The Snake's Ugly Head

Johnny Gunn - 2019
    He threatens Jack Slater’s family and friends, something Slater will not tolerate. The fight to rid the county of corrupted office holders is also a good lesson in civics for his adopted son, Rob, who fights right alongside Jack Slater. Despite his young age, Rob becomes a man. There were good men who allowed themselves to be corrupted and others who looked to be.

Her Outback Secret

Kristy Taylor - 2018
     Sick of being broke, vet nurse Kylie Douglas is intent on selling the outback homestead she inherited so she can get back to her normal life in Brisbane with some cash to burn. She has never really been attracted to the strong silent type, but when she meets Jack she senses there is something different about him.Still grieving for his wife and unborn child, Jack Lawson is intent on buying the outback homestead to keep their memories close. Jack knows he needs to move on with his life, but can he if he has to leave the homestead behind?When the homestead starts to unearth its many secrets, Kylie and Jack's worlds collide as the past comes back to haunt them. Will her grandmother's biggest secret tear both their worlds apart?

Beneath a Stormy Sky

AnneMarie Brear - 2019
     Louisa Reynolds loses her brother when their ship goes down in a storm off the west coast of Australia. Stranded and alone on a deserted beach she is rescued by a young aboriginal girl, who keeps her alive, and teaches her the ways of the native people. When eventually Louisa stumbles into the nearest town of Albany, she must gather her strength to start again. Befriended by two men, old gentleman George and the dashing Connor, she finds that life is worth living. The unexpected friendship with both Connor and George gives her new joy. She’s invited to stay at George’s sheep station. However, as a single woman in the company of men, she is soon the talk of gossips. Her feelings for Connor intensify, but when she learns more about him, she is shattered by a revelation and it is gentle George who she suddenly marries. Only, settling into station life comes with its own problems when Louisa realises that George has money problems and is close to losing everything. Confronted by a devastating fire and a gang of bushrangers, Louisa feels as though her world is spinning out of control. Can she save the sheep station, and how long can she deny the love she feels for Connor?

Sutherland Downs

Peter McKelvie - 2020
    She finds herself both loving and being terrified by all the Australian outback has to offer, the country, the wildlife, but mostly the people. She meets the love of her life, but she must fight against an undercurrent of evil just to survive, let alone live happily ever after.Tom's a young jackeroo and heir to a large station. His first love was mysteriously murdered, and he's spent two years rebuilding his life and relationships, after spiralling into depression, drinking, fighting and risking being locked up for good. Could Maysa be his saviour?Tom and Maysa's romance is haunted by their recent past. When old demons re-emerge for Tom after a violent assault at the shearers camp, can he keep it together long enough to stay out of jail, to protect the woman he loves, and be the man he knows he can be.This is a dramatic outback romance in a real setting with colourful characters.

Return To The Outback

Suzanne Brandyn - 2021
    They set up operations at River Glen, his mother’s property, not far from the Hardy property, Avonlea.Fourteen years earlier, an accident tore them apart, and she blames Grant for the tragedy. When she meets up with him, her mind is determined to replay the past as though it were a new release.As they work together, their love is rekindled until another incident tears them apart. With the case concluded, Ella hands in her resignation with intentions to help her parents’ out at Avonlea but wealthy grazier, Dylan Burns offers a new romance.As Ella faces danger and disaster, it’s up to her to save herself but can she still hope for a future with Grant or any future at all?

The Trail of Independence : The Saga Of Jedediah Beech - (Volume 3)

D.L. Bittick - 2018
    It chronicles the life of Jedediah Beech as he moved his band back to eastern Texas in 1830 and homesteaded the site where the old Hasinai Caddo village once stood. Their intentions to be peaceful citizens of the Mexican State of Coahuila y Tejas were soon in peril as tensions escalated between the Anglo settlers and the tumultuous government of Mexico. Jedediah's well-known reputation for not backing down from a fight soon involved him in several conflicts that eventually led to the independence of the Texas Republic.

One-Night Stand

Simon Taylor - 2021
    A one-night stand with Natasha Peters has got her pregnant. Now he has two options: give up on his dream as a comedian and get a day job or abandon his responsibility and be a total dick. Only when Tash tells the full truth does a third possibility emerge...This story recounts the all too relatable experience of a fleeting sexual encounter and the hilarious mess it can create. It details all the things you think you know about safe sex and is inspired by the true story of a comedian in crisis.'The honesty shines through this funny, poignant page-turner. Finished it in one sitting. I just had to know!' — Dave Hughes'Simon is one of the top comedy writers out there.' — Jay Leno'This book will enable you to enter the mind of a comedian, but then you may have to call someone to help you get out.' — Akmal Saleh

The Colonial's Son

Peter Watt - 2021
    Although his home in New South Wales is a world away, he dreams of one day travelling to England to study to be a commissioned officer in the Scottish Regiment.After cutting his teeth in business on the rough and ready goldfields of Far North Queensland's Palmer River, he finally realises his dream and travels to England, where he is accepted into the Sandhurst military academy. While in London he makes surprising new acquaintances - and runs into a few old ones he'd rather have left behind.From the Australian bush to the glittering palaces of London, from the arid lands of Afghanistan and the horrors of war to the newly established Germany dominated by Prussian ideas of militarism, Josiah Steele must now forge his own path.

Dirt Classroom: An inspiring true adventure through the Australian Outback

Matt Chadwick - 2016
    Over the next 2 years, I was attacked by a few wild animals, experienced unexplained phenomenon, had a massive learning curve and truly experienced the Australian outback. If you are after a story that was written to appeal to the masses and that mainstream publishers love, then this probably isn't for you. If you are after a lighthearted read that provides the raw truth about life out bush and my experience of it, then click away. I hope you enjoy. Note - mature themes.

West to Ranger Creek

Ash Lingam - 2017
    It is eighteen sixty-six during the Reconstruction Period and many soldiers mustered out of the Armies, both North and South only to return to burned-out homes and long gone families. Some turned to the trail West and Texan territory, bringing with them the hate and violence inherited from their four years of hell. Combined with the lack of military presence in Texas during these years of civil conflict the Comanche had gained a foothold and pushed the settlers back more than thirty miles as they continue their raiding parties unchecked across Texas and Mexico. With only the Texas Rangers to stand in their way. A historically factual novel with a peppering of famous Old West characters sprinkled in. Humor, tragedy, romance, bounty hunters, gunfighters and a strong dose of action make this third book of the Sundog Series a winner. Quite the Western Adventure.

Fury in the Storm: Where Christians Dare (The Leeward Set #1)

D.I. Telbat - 2013
    TELBAT, previously published as SEA SCRIBE, is a covert mission suspense that takes place in and around North Korea. Protagonist Troy Forge was stabbed in a work-related incident, and now every ounce of his faith is tested as he lives to hate the man, Juan Ambula, who scarred and damaged him for life. As a storm brews across the high seas, Troy, though still suffering from pain and loss, sets sail in his customized catamaran on a dangerous smuggling mission to the closed communist country of North Korea. Just days after leaving California's West Coast, the voyage proves to be anything but a smooth trip. Facing many risks and dangers, Troy makes discoveries—including an opportunity for revenge—that change his life forever. Ho Kichun—cut off from the outside world—is a networker for the Christian Underground Church inside North Korea. As he travels secretly serving the persecuted throughout the mountainous terrain, he prays to meet the covert contact—if Kichun isn't killed by an assassin first! Contraband smuggler Merrick Jolan is hot after Troy to kill the Christian sailor by way of his Russian bodyguard, Dmitri Volkov. But if Troy can't meet Elephant on time, the Christian underground network may crumble. Laura Zisk leaves a broken past in her wake that she refuses to face. As a professed atheist, she tries to run as far from her life as she can, only to be confronted with the hardest test of her being. Fury in the Storm—a 70,000-word novel of clean action/suspense, with cover design by Streetlight Graphics—reveals the boldness of Christians who risk everything to assist their foreign brothers and sisters in underground danger! This page-turning adventure will leave you gasping for air as the stormy deep threatens to drown God's people in the closed frontier of forbidden land and waters of North Korea. And we see that God uses anyone who is willing. Bonuses include: a glossary of terms, character sketch, FREE drawing downloads, and Bonus Chapter of Tears in the Wind, Book Two of The Leeward Set.

The Right Kind of Wrong

Shilpa Suraj - 2021
    And everything she might just need.Intelligence Officer Karan Bhatnagar has only vengeance on his mind. Nothing will stop him from seeking justice for his murdered parents.Not even almost losing his own life. And certainly not the doctor who healed but couldn’t save him. The woman he can’t afford to fall for. And the killer's next target.There's only one thing left to do...find the killer and end him before he ends them. Will Karan and Aria risk everything for a love that is all kinds of wrong? And yet, is the right kind of wrong.

The Missing Amish Girl

Hannah Schrock - 2016
     When Dana, the police detective brings tragic news the next morning, Sadie Zook, the mother of Rebecca’s best friend, becomes drawn into the investigation to find the murderer. Sadie finds that Rebecca lived in a secret world of Englisch friends and possibly Englisch boyfriends. She also knows that Eli, Rebecca’s father, is very controlling and would not understand why Rebecca would be interested in the world outside the Amish community. Then there is the matter of Mark, a young jealous Amish boy, who wanted nothing more than to court Rebecca. As Sadie investigates further she finds herself drawn deeper into a pool of potential suspects and personal danger.