The Saxon Wolf: A Viking epic of berserkers and battle (Fire Born Book 2)

Angus Donald - 2022

Only When the Sun Shines Brightly

Magnus Mills - 1999
    The wind tries first, but however hard it blows it fails to make any progress because the traveller simply buttons his coat even tighter than before. Only when the sun shines brightly does he finally remove it, and the wind roars away in a bad temper.

Amish Fate

Katie Lantz - 2019
    There is something very familiar about Simon that brings Eleanor great peace, and Simon feels the same way. But when Eleanor's boyfriend, Abe, sees her talking to Simon, his jealousy is unleashed, and he warns her to stay away from Simon. Eleanor refuses, planning to break up with Abe - until an emergency changes her plan. But Eleanor cannot stop thinking about Simon and is shocked when he reveals a secret about their childhood years. Torn between Abe and Simon, Eleanor prays to Gott for an answer. Should she leave the possessive Abe and run to Simon?

Stay Out of the Woods: Strange Encounters, Volume 3

Tom Lyons - 2021

Corsican Gold: An Archaeological Thriller (A Darwin Lacroix Adventure)

Dave Bartell - 2021


David Brian - 2015
    It has lain in the cold and dark of the bog, waiting patiently for a host to set it free. Now, for John Cluer and his family, nothing will ever be the same again.A novelette of approximately 10,000 words.

A Tiffany's Christmas : Heartwarming holiday romance for 2021

Holly Greene - 2021

Silky Milky

Miley Smiley - 2013
    Silky Milky likes to leave the refrigerator to hang out with his friends: Cookie Rookie and the three cereals, Funch, Hunch and Crunch. Read this fun and entertaining bedtime story now!

Give her Love. Give her Power. (Hussle & Heart Book 1)

Grey Huffington - 2019
     The Hussle and Heart series, dedicated to the late Nipsey Hussle, travels to the slums of Channing City and places a magnifying glass on the lives of the biggest hustlers with the biggest hearts.

Canvas of Life

Rabb Jyot - 2019
    In some way, the essence of the stories address the age-old question of what it means to be human.Therefore, you will easily correlate with the confusion of Lauren as she experiences changes within herself & continuously sees a man in her dream for no specific reason. You will feel excited to unravel the mystery faced by Rachit when he finds a strange draft research paper, which immediately attracts him. You will experience the shock of Nandita when she suddenly watches something in the pages of a book and blurts, 'this is impossible'. You will understand the suffering of Aaron caused by his repeated nightmares & his disappearance to some remote location.Book is available on Amazon. Order your copy.

The Best Part of Me

Staci Brush - 2010
    The pair have been through rough times, so they decide a vacation is in order. Expecting to find a comfortable getaway, they encounter a phenomenon neither has ever experienced; True Love. Watch them grow and bloom as you experience their love with them.

Tamar: Before He Was King

Shan - 2014
    He started from the bottom, but at a very early age, he always knew that he would one day run the streets--with his crew by his side. Take a look at how it all began for them all. From before he met Rozalyn, to when he was with Shalea, and before he was crowned king.

Sofia on the Balcony: flash reads by Himanshu Goel

Himanshu Goel - 2020

The Flower Girl

Eliza Lawley - 2019
    But when illness comes to claim him, she’s left orphaned and alone, with no-one to turn to for help. Saved only by one man’s kindness, Gracie is thrust into a new life as a housemaid for the Reeves family, where she becomes firm friends with the young and charming Charley. Just as Gracie finds happiness and safety with the Reeves, fate deals her another devasting blow. Outcast once more with nothing but her wits to protect her from the harsh London winter, Gracie must now find her own way in the world; or die trying.

The Sheriff

Charles Hirsch - 2017
    He can't figure out why the thought is there, why he's thinking that way, after all he's only sixty years old and in good shape. A series of weird crimes confront him, challenging him at a time he feels most vulnerable. Eventually, assisted by a reliable deputy and a young, heavily-tattooed, former drug-running woman, the mysteries deepen. The clues are few and far between, the violence vicious and seemingly unwarranted. Eventually things slip out of control, until a small, seemingly unimportant detail surfaces that brings into focus what might be happening. Filled with exciting action, great dialogue and a very real sense of place, this book offers much for the mystery and action lover. And, at only 213 pages, it's a fast, exciting read, a "two-nighter," or perfect for a vacation read.