Reflections of Sunflowers (The Sunflowers Trilogy Series)

Ruth Silvestre - 2004
    In 1976 their dream of owning a peaceful summer retreat came true when they stumbled across this derelict farmhouse surrounded by fields and orchards, and saw what it could become. Over the years there has been the inevitable sadness, but also the joys of new grandchildren, anniversaries, village fetes, and splendid meals taken with their neighbours. And whilst the family has seen many changes in its time, the warm and welcoming atmosphere they first fell in love with has remained the same. Now they face their own personal tragedy, but through all their sorrows Bel-Air continues to be a place of hope and happiness, as well as extraordinary beauty.

Take Out The Judge (Jacob Chance US Marshal Book 3)

Johnny Gunn - 2017
    Marshal, into the fray. Vicious, selfish, and desperate men own Nevada’s capitol city sheriff, and pay handsomely members of the legislature to get their way. Death rides the sagebrush range, and Chance gets help from the Virginia City sheriff.

Hell, Hull and Epiphanies

Giles Curtis - 2017
    But by day Gerry is Gerrard, who is not only married, he’s a vicar. A vicar with doubts. Although Lucinda, his wife, has very few doubts when a trip to Birmingham goes startlingly right. And ageing gigolo Nelson never sees himself as a messiah until Albert convinces him he can walk on water – or is that just revenge for Nelson having put his head down the toilet at school? Does Gerrard really witness the Second Coming? Will Lucinda’s American prove himself in Hong Kong? And will the Late Contessa ever retrieve her Bentley?Find out in Giles Curtis’s twelfth rip-roaring, hilarious romp through the intricacies of fidelity, faith and epiphanies.

Up Sticks: Book One:France

Tim Thomas - 2014
    Having spontaneously sold their house along with everything they owned they embarked on the road trip of a lifetime around Western Europe. Living in a camper van on a shoestring budget and accompanied by their two dogs, we follow them on the first leg of their epic journey through the beautiful French countryside on a simple quest for some warm Mediterranean sunshine. This is a light hearted and easy to read account of their often hilarious adventures.

The Cobbler's Wife

Lynette Rees - 2019
    Married to a man who has little care for her, she longs for something to fill the emptiness within - and fears that she is almost out of time.When Seren meets a woman who says she can help, she thinks her dreams have come true. But the locals suspect Anwen of witchcraft, and any association with her may taint Seren too.And as Seren finds herself growing closer to Elwyn Davies, the local minister, who has made no secret of his attraction to her, she must ask herself what it will take to find happiness - and whether she is willing to pay the price . . .

Black Buffalo: The Story of Gabriel Ott

C. Wayne Winkle - 2018
    He’s given the job of watching over 4 year old William, the son of his owner. When his owner goes bankrupt, the family decides to go to Oregon on a wagon train. Gabriel is taken along. The wagon train is attacked by the Sioux, and Gabriel trades slavery in one world for slavery in the Indian world. Through a series of events, he works and fights his way into being accepted by his Sioux captors, eventually assuming a place of leadership in the tribe as Black Buffalo.

Ol' Son (Clay Brentwood Book 7)

Jared McVay - 2018
    Clay stays determined and navigates many obstacles as he follows their trail. Along the way, he picks up a mongrel dog he calls Ol' Son. It has been said that a dog is a man's best friend and Clay will need one before his encounter with the Marlowe Brothers and their friends is done!

Only the Good Mages Die Young: Casino Witch Mysteries 7

Nikki Haverstock - 2021

The Last Heiress (The Champagne Dynasty Family Saga Book 3)

Tessa Barclay - 1988
     Young Nora is the heiress to the great champagne dynasty of the House of Tramont. Under the care of her kindly guardians, Gabrielle and Marc Auduron-Tramont, little Nora blossoms into a beautiful and confident woman. But like those family members who came before her, Nora will face challenges and heartbreak. The Last Heiress follow's Nora's journey from girl to woman as she lives through the excitement of the jazz age, the glamour of Coco Chanel's Paris, and the dangers of New York during the Prohibition. Nora will need the courage and determination typical of the women of the House of Tramont as she fights for all that she holds dear. Praise for Tessa Barclay: ‘Tessa Barclay always spins a fine yarn. Her novels are gripping and entertaining.’ Wendy Craig ‘Filled with fascinating historical detail and teeming with human passions.’ Marie Joseph ‘A red hot contender for the Romantic Novelist of the Year Award.’ Daily Mirror From the publishers of Hardacre and Hardacre’s Luck.

West of the Dead Line: Tales of an Indian Territory Lawman

Phil Truman - 2017
    It ran straight south from Caldwell, Kansas to Fort Reno, I.T., then down through the Cheyenne and Comanche and Kiowa lands, crossing the Red River into Bowie, Texas. It was a line on the map, a demarcation. West of it no law existed, only outlaws. On trails out there, outlaws put notes on trees and posts to let lawmen know they'd be killed if they continued their pursuits west of the Dead Line.In the storied times of the American West, in what was called Indian Territory, no place came close to matching the dangers and mortality U.S.marshals faced doing their jobs. Those who survived became titans in the legends of the West, particularly one man called Bass Reeves. These stories are fiction; the encounters this lawman faced, and The Dead Line, were not.

Travels of an Ordinary Man Australia

Paul Elliott - 2013
    Heading to Australia after selling everything that he owns, apart from the contents of his rucksack, the story follows Paul Elliott’s four month journey around the continent.It chronicles his adventures and the myriad of people that he encounters in a humourous and entertaining way. Not only does he begin to find a direction for his life, he also begins to find his true self in an ultimately uplifting adventure.

Dream Cottage: Four Seasons in Devon by the Sea on the Southwest Coast of England: Part One – Christmas

Karen Wheeler - 2018
    But the author takes on more than she bargained for when she buys a dream cottage near Budleigh Salterton on East Devon's Jurassic Coast. The problems begin before she has even moved in. Wheeler is left reeling when Plum Tree Cottage reveals a very unwelcome surprise. She then receives the shocking news that her mother – from whom she has been estranged for most of her life – has been sectioned. Against her will she returns to her hometown in ‘The North’ and is drawn back into a malfunctioning mother-daughter relationship. Living the dream by the seaside rapidly descends into a living hell as each day brings a new onslaught of domestic and mother-related disasters, in this powerful, tragicomic tale of relocation – and a maternal relationship – gone wrong.

Half Past Noon In Cuba: a Novel

Maximiliano Febles - 2015
    Febles has written a gripping tale that presents the tragic impact that the Castro Regime had on all aspects of life, for so many families – both then and now. Highly recommended!" The Columbia Review.

On Wet Foundations

Mary Cassells - 2011
    The amusingly told story of how and why a British couple escaped from noise, traffic and junk mail and built their home and their dream on water. An embarrassingly mouthy parrot, a cat that wants to walk on water and an antique toilet that swallows buttocks are just a few of the ingredients in what becomes a far from normal life.