Sotto Voce

Erin Finnegan - 2014
    But when his publisher orders him to spend a year profiling rising stars of California’s wine country and organizing a competition between the big name wineries of Napa and the smaller artisan wineries of Sonoma, his world gets turned upside-down by an enigmatic young winemaker who puts art before business.Sotto Voce is the story of love and wine, and how both require patience, passion, an acceptance of change—and an understanding that sometimes, you have to let nature take its course.

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can't Lose

dolce_piccante - 2016
    Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

Designs on You

Carrie Pack - 2014
    So when tasked with retouching photos for a big fashion client, a stunning, lanky model mesmerizes Scott and occupies his thoughts and fantasies long after the assignment is finished. Scott soon discovers that the object of his desire is nothing like the backstory he imagined. Despite Jamie Donovan’s aloof and dismissive behavior, Scott struggles to forge a friendship with him, all the while trying to keep his attraction at bay. Will Jamie follow through on signals that he may be interested, or will he forever be the beautiful man in the photograph, an untouchable fantasy?

Juniper Lane

Dylan Morrison - 2016
    She certainly didn't expect to find herself striking up a strange, unexpected friendship with the intimidating Nadia Bahjat, the only other twenty-something on the street. But now that she's here, Mim thinks she might just do anything to stay – no matter the cost.Meanwhile, Nadia, a professional chef and a perennial disappointment to her parents, has been forced by her father's illness to return to Barn Ridge, Ohio. Though she loathes her wealthy, seemingly perfect neighbors as much as she always has, she's increasingly finding her growing friendship with Mim a balm to heal old wounds. But the longer she stays on Juniper Lane, the more she begins to suspect that when it comes to her family, not all is as it seems.An innovatively structured queer romance that encompasses both a cutting satire of suburban American life and a nuanced depiction of the psychological aftermath of abuse, Juniper Lane is a moving paean to the freedom of embracing the chaotic uncertainty of adulthood.

Happy Endings

Katherine Stone - 1994

The Lavender House

Hilary Boyd - 2016
    Caught between her ageing, ailing mother Frances, and her struggling daughter Louise, frequent user of Nancy's babysitting services, it seems Nancy's fate is to quietly go on shouldering the burden of responsibility for all four generations. Her divorce four years ago put paid to any thoughts of a partner to share her later years with. Now it looks like her family is all she has. Then she meets Jim. Smoker, drinker, unsuccessful country singer and wearer of cowboy boots, he should be completely unsuited to the very together Nancy. And yet, there is a real spark. But Nancy's family don't trust Jim one bit. They're convinced he'll break her heart, maybe run off with her money - he certainly distracts her from her family responsibilities. Can she be brave enough to follow her heart? Or will she remain glued to her family's side and walk away from one last chance for love?

On The Rocks

Aria Cole - 2020
    She never expected to find herself falling for the snarky bartender where she’s been singing karaoke every night instead. Finn Shaw grew up with a guitar in his hand and a love-hate relationship with the country life he was born into. Forever the outsider, it isn’t until sassy pop star Cassidy Leigh saunters into his bar that life throws him another in a long line of sucker punches.Their love song hits all the high notes and soon Finn and Cassidy are lost in the music...and each other. But are they ready for forever or is this love story destined to be permanently on the rocks?

Shelby's Gift

Mary Jane Morgan - 2011
    He’s all she has left of her sister, Debbie, who was killed in a car accident six months ago. She’s prepared to fight for joint custody even as she battles feelings she knows she shouldn’t have for the man who is Kyle’s father – and her sister’s husband.Ben Martin is outraged that Shelby wants joint custody of his baby. Yet after his initial anger and feelings of betrayal, Ben suggests a marriage of convenience so that together he and Shelby can provide the love and security he and Debbie wanted their baby to have. What first seems like a workable solution quickly turns into a nightmare of grief and guilt when Ben and Shelby find themselves fighting a fierce attraction – an attraction that seems the worst possible betrayal of Debbie. But Debbie has her own opinion and reaches out from the other side to Shelby and Ben, bringing them the love and healing they need to move forward with their lives.

A Yankee Girl's Guide to the South

Jillian Perry - 2014
    With a conked out ’72 Beetle, and a newly broken heart courtesy of her cheating ex-fiancée, Libby Green finds herself fleeing to tiny Spoonbend, Georgia to claim a cottage willed to her family years ago. Libby must learn the ins and outs of life in the small town south—where the iced tea is sweet, the drawl is slow, the men are sexy, and southern belles aren’t always charming. After embarrassing herself in hopes of assimilating (who knew people actually still called northerners Yankees?) and catching the eye of more than one gallant good ol’ boy, Libby inadvertently uncovers a dark secret that will challenge the very fabric of Spoonbend society.

The End of All Things Beautiful

Nikki Young - 2015
    When she and her friends left the scene, their lives quickly crumbled under the weight of the guilt they each carried. Friendships were broken, relationships were destroyed and nothing would ever be the same again. As Campbell struggles to move on, she builds a wall around herself in a desperate attempt to forget the past. Shutting out everyone around her, she soon realizes the one thing she’ll never be able to do is forgive herself. That is until her past resurfaces in the form of a letter she never expected to receive. Once again Campbell is forced to confront her past, and the one thing she can’t avoid any longer is the one person she’s never been able to forget. Benji.Life is a tragedy and what is beautiful can always be lost. But sometimes, if you’re really lucky, it can be found again.

Grape Seed Falls Romance Box Set

Liz Isaacson - 2018
     Seven cowboys, from billionaires to brothers, and the women who tame their hearts and make romance happen in Texas Hill Country... The complete Grape Seed Falls Romance collection in one boxed set! Book 1: Choosing the Cowboy: Maggie Duffin is all set to inherit her father's farm supply store in Amarillo, Texas. With only girls in her family, and Heidi now married and living at Three Rivers Ranch, she feels a sense of duty and family loyalty. Which is honorable—if it wasn't for her boyfriend, cowboy Chase Carver.So he sets out on a quest to find his own ranch. But with financial trouble and personal issues around every corner, both Maggie and Chase will have to rely on their faith to find their happily-ever-after. Book 2: Craving the Cowboy: A ranch owner in Texas Hill Country, a horse trainer, and a romance for the ages... Book 3: Charming the Cowboy: A cowboy billionaire bachelor, the woman who's been crushing on him, and a fateful accident at his boarding stable... Book 4: Courting the Cowboy: A restaurant heiress, a dating app, and the cowboy just down the street she's sworn off... Book 5: Claiming the Cowboy: A cowboy with a chip on his shoulder, a farrier who's got no roots, and their second chance at making a life together... Book 6: Catching the Cowboy: A cowboy who can't get off the ranch to meet anyone, a stylist who hasn't been on a second date in a year, and the relationship that starts when they're stranded in a cabin together... Book 7: Cheering the Cowboy: A cowboy with anger management issues, the woman whose ranch he "stole," and their chance to get everything they want for Christmas...including each other. Read all the novels by USA Today bestselling author, Liz Isaacson! Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series: 1. Second Chance Ranch 2. Third Time's the Charm 3. Fourth and Long 4. Fifth Generation Cowboy 5. Sixth Street Love Affair 6. The Seventh Sergeant 7. Eight Second Ride 8. The First Lady of Three Rivers 9. Christmas in Three Rivers 10. Lucky Number Thirteen 11. The Curse of February Fourteenth 12. Fifteen Minutes of Fame 13. Sixteen Steps to Fall in Love 14. The Sleigh on Seventeenth Street Gold Valley Romance Series: 1. Before the Leap 2. After the Fall 3. Through the Mist 4. Between the Reins 5. Over the Moon 6. Under the Bridge 7. Up on the Housetop 8. Around the Bend Brush Creek Brides Romance Series: 1. A Wedding for the Widower 2. A Companion for the Cowboy 3. A Bride for the Bronc Rider 4. A Family for the Farmer 5. A Home for the Horseman 6. A Refuge for the Rancher 7. A Marriage for the Marine 8. A Fiance for the Firefighter 9. A Treasure for the Trooper 10. A Date for the Detective 11. A Partner for the Paramedic 12. A Catch for the Chief Steeple Ridge Romance Series: 1. Starting Over at Steeple Ridge (Timeless Romance) 2. Finding Love at Steeple Ridge 3. Learning Faith at Steeple Ridge 4. Kissing Santa at Steeple Ridge 5. Coming Home to Steeple Ridge Grape Seed Falls Romance Series: 1. Choosing the Cowboy 2. Craving the Cowboy 3. Charming the Cowboy 4. Courting the Cowboy 5. Claiming the Cowboy 6.

Commander in Briefs Box Set

Kristy Marie - 2020
    Sure, they’re broody, stubborn, and stupid hot, but deep down, all they need is a little patience and a sassy woman to change their ways.  All books are standalone with crossover characters.  Set Includes: Pitcher- A friends to lovers prequel novellaI loved him, okay? I know I said we were just friends, but relationships change. So I asked him for a favor. It wasn’t a big deal—famous last words.Commander- A friends to lovers romanceTurns out, asking your friend to take your V-card is a huge deal—so is taking in six Marines. But mine and Theo’s relationship has seen worse. We’ll make it through this together. Hopefully. Maybe. Fingers crossed.Gorgeous- An enemies to lovers romanceI made a rash decision, but I promised my brother I would always look out for his mentor—even after his death. It’s just… his mentor isn’t very receptive to my arrival. And, if he asks me one more time if he can offer me a ride home, I might bury his keys right along with his awful attitude. Drifter- An enemies to lovers romanceI stole his bike. I had to. I needed it more than he did at the moment. But Connor Hayes doesn’t agree. Now I’m stuck paying back a debt to a man whose body belongs on a cover of a magazine and a smile that decimates my will power. Interpreter-  A teacher-teacher romance  I have my own problems like finding another job before my work visa expires. I don’t need another role in interpreting for my new co-teacher. His constant frown and lousy attitude are sure to make my last remaining months in the United States a horrible one. However, he does make one pretty paperweight.

For You (Coming Home To The Grove Book 5)

Hope Ford - 2020

The House We Called Home

Jenny Oliver - 2018
    Except this summer, things feel a little different…Stella’s father is nowhere to be seen, yet her mother – in suspiciously new Per Una jeans – seems curiously unfazed by his absence, and more eager to talk about her mysterious dog-walking buddy Mitch.Stella’s sister Amy has returned home with a new boyfriend she can barely stand and a secret to hide, and Stella’s husband Jack has something he wants to get off his chest too. Even Frank Sinatra, the dog, has a guilty air about him.This summer, change is in the air for the Whitethorns…Warm, funny and gloriously feel-good, this is the perfect summer read for fans of Veronica Henry and Milly Johnson.

Bad Ride

Dani Wyatt - 2021
    Like the call I got for a 1977 Mustang that needs a tow. I know that car well and I know more about the driver than I should because I’ve been following her and spying on her for almost two years.When she touches me for the first time, the cloak of armor I’ve worn for too long melts. I show her my heart but it’s not enough. She says we are oil and water. It’s impossible for us to mix but I’m going to prove her wrong.I may not be from her world but I’m going to bring our world’s together because I’ve had a taste of what could be and there’s no going back.OTT Alpha, safe, no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after. Have a nice ride.