Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home

Melissa Michaels - 2017
    Spark your makeover momentum with 50 no-fuss tips and discover how toget unstuck by embracing a style that is your very owntransform your spaces with simple color, window treatments, and furniture choiceslayer in personality and warmth with texture and patternsturn hard-to-love areas into favorite destinations with creative concealmentshighlight your family's story and lifestyle with accessoriesWhether you start with one tip or take these on as a challenge for the month, it's never been more fun (or possible) to create a home you can't wait to come home to. The Inspired Ideas collection is a series of books with easy tips and fun photos to inspire the areas of your life that matter most to you.

Instastyle: Curate Your Life, Create Stunning Photos, and Elevate Your Instagram Influence

Tessa Barton - 2018
    Plus it's packed with insightful analytics and handy business tools to help you elevate your social media presence to the next level.Create, connect with others, and share the way you see the world! Whether your passion is fitness, fashion, food, or anything in between, you can turn that passion into a business, inspire others, and meet amazing people. Learn from Tezza (@tezzamb) and her friends how to tell compelling visual stories on the fastest growing social media platform, with topics including photography tips, brand engagement strategies, and advice for finding management.InstaStyle is a must-have guide for a booming industry, full of beautiful imagery and easily understood guides to help you achieve your Instagram goals. You'll learn how you can create an immediately recognizable grid aesthetic and showcase your life while remaining true to your personal brand.With contributions from successful influencers, you'll be inspired to curate category-specific content to share with the Insta-universe. Hear from: * @emily_luciano - fashion* @travel_inhershoes - travel* @thewoodenskillet - food* @xandervintage - beauty* @amberfillerup - family* @alexajeanfitness - fitness* @annemariebarton - interior design* @designbyaikonik - flat lays and products

Farrow & Ball: How to Decorate

Joa Studholme - 2016
    Published on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the iconic brand, the book brings together the expertise of Joa Studholme and Farrow & Ball's creative team to demystify the nitty-gritty of transforming a home - from deciding which colors work best in a north-facing room to creating accents with paint and making the most of a feature wall.

Design Thinking Workshop: The 12 Indispensable Elements for a Design Thinking Workshop

Pauline Tonhauser - 2016
    In this e-book you will learn what exactly is needed to run a successful Design Thinking Workshop which is fun and at the same time generates great results. In this e-book Pauline Tonhauser, founder of, shares her best practices.

Country Living Salvage Style: Decorate with Vintage Finds

Leslie Linsley - 2017
    By reclaiming honest materials and collectibles, large and small, all imbued with their own history, you can infuse your home with warmth, charm, and individuality. Let the experts at Country Living show you how to find and make the most of discarded treasures, such as old windows, barn doors, metal military desks, mailroom filing cabinets, factory lamps, and hand-forged iron hooks. Plus, the editors share best practices for bargain hunting and obtaining the most desirable cast-offs, such as antique beams and weathered barn wood. Stunning photos of every room, along with imaginative ideas from homeowners, will spark your creativity and give you an eye-opening perspective on the decorative potential of “trash.”

Styling for Instagram

Leela Cyd - 2018
    Styling for Instagram will help you achieve both. Author Leela Cyd has an eye for photography and keen sense of digital media—and she has the Instagram following to prove it. Full of gorgeous, full-color inspiration images, Instastyling is full of her expert advice on how to make the most of Instagram. From tips on arranging the perfect composition and styling your shots to using natural lighting and telling story with your work, the book will help you capture the attention of the Instagram community.

Your Creative Career: Turn Your Passion into a Fulfilling and Financially Rewarding Lifestyle

Anna Sabino - 2018
    She wasn't born into a wealthy family, didn't inherit money from a distant relative, and doesn't have a rich husband. But she made it as an entrepreneur, as a single woman, and most importantly, as an artist.In Your Creative Career, she shows her fellow artists and creatives how to build a business that reflects their talent and true calling while generating serious cash. Whether the goal is to build an empire and be financially free, create a lifestyle business, or just to have more time, Your Creative Career guides you through every aspect of creative entrepreneurship.If you want to start your creative career, transition into it, or give it a boost, this book is a must read that features:Proven systems and strategies to create ideally priced products that keep selling.The importance of going through all the steps of making it from idea inception and execution to branding and distribution.The importance of transitioning from artistic solitude to collaborative, creative entrepreneurship.The most effective marketing and PR methods adjusted to the new reality of short attention spans and information overload.

Handmade Weddings More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day by Faust, Shana ( Author ) ON Dec-07-2010, Paperback

Eunice Moyle - 2010
    Whether you favor a modern, classic look or a retro, homespun flavor, you'll find plenty of crafts and inspiration suited to your tastefrom vintage-key save-the-dates to delicate paper wreaths to silhouette bride and groom signs.At the front of the book you'll find guidance on choosing a look, sourcing materials, and working out timelines. Then, each of the 50 projects are fully explained with photos, how-to diagrams, and step-by-step directions. Clever, creative, and budget-friendly, Handmade Weddings is the perfect handbook for the bride looking to style her day her way.

How to Be Creative

Hugh MacLeod - 2010
    The book will be divided into 30+ Pearls of Wisdom (based on the original manifesto and wildly successful Web phenomenon, "How to Be Creative"), and will be laced throughout with the author's witty, smart single-frame cartoons.

Write To Sell

Andy Maslen - 2007
    Aimed at anyone from small and large companies who needs to write sales copy, this title is packed with simple techniques that will yield instant improvements for the reader.

The Clutter-Busting Handbook: Clean It Up, Clear It Out, and Keep Your Life Clutter-Free

Rita Emmett - 2005
    Clutter crowds our lives, is a chief source of stress, contributes to sidetracked dreams and opportunities, and can cause guilt and anxiety. If clutter is a problem in your life, then Rita Emmett-herself a reformed clutterer-can help you tame it.The Clutter-Busting Handbook is a concise, energizing guide giving readers insight and direction as well as proven tips, methods, and strategies that will change lives for the better. Emmett reveals: - the four primary causes of clutter - that cluttering is a habit that can be broken- the powerful connection between clutter and procrastination- how to help a pack rat part with unneeded objects- how to prevent clutter from returning, forever.As entertaining as she is helpful, Emmett offers practical advice on separating what you need or truly want from what you have been hanging onto for the wrong reasons. Her combination of experience and good humor-based on her hundreds of seminars and advice received from people all over the country-will win over the most reluctant convert.

The Lüscher Color Test

Max Lüscher - 1949
    A simplified version of the test may be taken & interpreted quickly. Laypersons can self-administer it, even before reading the book. In fact, it's advisable: reading the text beforehand may prejudice color selections. By following the instructions on pages I-III, which explain how to use the eight bound-in color cards & the Interpretation Tables, readers will find how psychologically revealing color choices can be.Preliminary InstructionsPreliminary InterpretationInstructions for Conducting the TestColor Psychology: The origin of color significanceThe physiology of color The development of color vision"Color blindness" makes no differenceThe Lüscher test Functional Psychology: The significance of the eight positions Interpreting the functionsThe basic & auxiliary colors: Color-coding of the eight colorsCategories of the four basic colorsCombined basic colorsBasic colors should be preferredThe auxiliary colorsGrouping & marking the 8-color sequenceAnxieties, compensations & conflicts: Stress-sourcesCompensationsExaggerated compensationsIntensity of the anxiety & compensationPrognosis Summary of rules for marking anxieties & compensationsThe "actual problem"AmbivalenceThe rejected or suppressed characteristic"Emotional" personalitiesConflict between objective & behaviorInstability of the autonomic nervous systemWork & exhaustibilityThe meaning of the eight colorsGreyBlue GreenRed YellowVioletBrown Black Structural meaning of the color pairsTest interpretation: A word of warningExamples of test analysesInterpretation TablesAppendicesLiterature about the Lüscher Color Test


Jessica Hagy - 2008
    She has an astonishing talent for visualizing relationships, capturing in pictures what is difficult for most of us to express in words. At, she posts charts, graphs, and Venn diagrams drawn on index cards that reveal in a simple and intuitive way the large and small truths of modern life. Praised throughout the blogosphere as “brilliant,” “incredibly creative,” and “comic genius,” Jessica turns her incisive, deadpan sense of humor on everything from office politics to relationships to religion. With new material along with some of Jessica’s greatest hits, this utterly unique book will thrill readers who demand humor that makes them both laugh and think.

Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Photos, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform

Aimee Song - 2016
    With over three million Instagram fans, Aimee Song knows a thing or two about taking the perfect Instagram photo. And Instagram is so much more than a platform for pretty pictures. It’s the fastest-growing social media network with an engaged community, a major marketing tool for brands, a place where Beyoncé drops her albums, and a hub where products can be bought with a simple double tap. Including everything from fashion, travel, food, décor, and more, Aimee includes insider tips on curating a gorgeous feed and growing an audience. In this ultimate how-to Instagram guide, you’ll learn: · How to brighten, sharpen, and filter your photos· The best apps and filters· How to prop and style food and fashion photos· Ways to craft your voice and story on Instagram· How to gain more Instagram followers· Secrets behind building a top Instagram brand· How to transform an Instagram hobby into a successful business· Tips for driving revenue based on your following Capture Your Style will empower you to become your own master mobile photographer, whether you’re looking to launch an e-commerce business or simply sharing a gorgeous meal with your friends, turning even the most mundane moment into Instagold. This is a must-have reference for anyone interested in the ins and outs of stylish personal branding.

Thrifty Chic: Interior Style on a Shoestring

Liz Bauwens - 2009
    When it comes to creating a home, 'Thrifty Chic' shows you how to reuse and restore, revive and revamp, and recycle and reclaim, in order to create a stylish yet individual home without spending a small fortune.