The Shattered World

Michael Reaves - 1984
    Centuries after the Necromancer had shattered the world and a group of wizards had bound the fragments together, there arises a new cult of magicians who want to resurrect the Necromancer to restore the world

The Lost Swords: The First Triad

Fred Saberhagen - 1989
    But now, Stonecutter has been stolen, and Kasimir must recover it before it causes irrevocable damage.

The Covenant Rising

Stan Nicholls - 2003
    and freedom from his strange malady. Now word has come from a sorcerer's apprentice of a mysterious Covenant in the capital city, a secretive society that may provide the escape Reeth desires. But forming an uneasy alliance with the youthful messenger could ultimately prove disastrous -- for the road they musttravel together leads into the sordid heart of a perilous conspiracy of treachery, tyranny, necromancy, and death.

The Wizard Lord

Lawrence Watt-Evans - 2006
    He must govern lightly to protect his domain from power-hungry interlopers, such as certain wizards who previously fought to rule the world…But if the Wizard Lord himself strays from the way of the just, then it is up to the Chosen to intercede.The Chosen ones are the Leader, the Seer, the Swordsman, the Beauty, the Thief, the Scholar, the Archer, and the Speaker. Each are magically-infused mortal individuals who, for the term of their service, have only one function--to be available to remove an errant Wizard Lord, whether by persuasion or by stronger means. Breaker, a young man of ambition, has taken the mantle of Swordsman from its former bearer who wished to retire. Never did he realize that he would be called to duty so quickly, or that the balance of power in his world would be so precarious.He had a duty to perform.  A world to save.So why does he still have doubts…not just about himself, but about the entire balance of power?

Tracing the Shadow

Sarah Ash - 2008
    Now this gifted storyteller returns with a tale of a siege between kingdoms, and a battle between heretics and believers—each with their own truths, their own lies, and their own soul-shattering discoveries waiting to be made.Book One of the Alchymist’s LegacyThe kingdom of Francia has purged its magi. But when a young Guerrier rescues an orphaned street waif, little does he know that she is the daughter of a magus who met his end on their pyres—or that she is guarded by an aethyric spirit and driven by the name of the traitor who condemned her father to flames. With the gift of song infused within her, the child’s voice will bring her before the most powerful heads of state. And she will craft herself into a weapon…aimed at the heart of the man she despises. From the alchymist’s apprentice whose discovery leads him into a dark partnership to a girl who will become the toast of three nations, a new magic will grant powers and ignite dangers beyond all reckoning.A timeless tale of adventure, battle, and beauty, this dazzling story spans the realms of the human and the immortal, the schemes of the power hungry, the dreams of lovers, and the resurrection of the fallen in one magnificent epic fantasy.From the Hardcover edition.

World Without End

Sean Russell - 1994
    There are even those who suspect that the last of the great Mages spent their final years scrupulously eradicating all traces of their craft from the pages of history—insuring that their art will never be practiced again. It is the dawn of a new era: an age of reason, science and exploration, and Tristram Flattery is one of its most promising young naturalists.But when Tristam is summoned to the royal court of Farrland to try to revitalize a failing species of plant which seems to have mysterious, almost magical, medicinal properties—a plant without which, he is told, the aging kind will surely die—he soon realizes that he has been drawn into the heart of a political struggle which spans generations, a conflict which threatens the very foundations of his civilization. And before long, Tristam is caught in the grip of a destiny which will lead him to the ends of the known world—on a voyage of discovery that has more to do with magic than with science…


Anselm Audley - 2001
    But when a valuable iron deposit is discovered, Cathan must travel to a clan congress to inform his father – and in doing so discovers just how far the Domain is willing to go to secure absolute control, and how much they have distorted what he thought of as the truth.Sent to a heretic citadel in the outer reaches of the rebellious Archipelago for training, Cathan learns a very different version of Aquasilva’s history, and makes contact with dissidents from across the world – but all of his skills and influence may not be enough when the Domain turns its eyes towards Lepidor . . .

The History of the Runestaff

Michael Moorcock - 1980
    The Borealis Legends line is a tribute to the creators of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres as we know them today.Contents: The jewel in the skull --The mad god's amulet --The sword of the dawn --The runestaff.


William R. Forstchen - 1994
    Magic: The Gathering trading card role-playing game system inaugurates a new world of magic and mystery. The book includes a coupon for two rare Magic trading cards that cannot be found anywhere else.

Rincewind the Wizzard

Terry Pratchett - 1999
    In the squalid, crime infested city of Ankh-Morpork - bifurcated seaport capital and oldest city of Discworld - one lives either by the sword or in the shadows...Includes The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery and Eric.


James Clemens - 2005
    Out of chaos they created the Nine Lands, blessed with their Graces and protected from the nightmarish Hinterlands, where rogue gods stalked across a barbarous wilderness. In all this time nothing has disturbed the peace of the Nine Lands.Until now. For the impossible...the unthinkable...has happened. Meeryn, goddess of the Summering Isles, has been murdered.The only witness was Tylar de Noche, a crippled and disgraced former Shadowknight who lives in agonizing shame of his past. He saw the dark entity that killed Meeryn. And as he held the dying goddess, her last breath bestowed a powerful blessing on him—a mark that healed his broken body. A mark that many see as proof that he killed a god. A mark that unleashed a powerful force of darkness within him.Chased across Myrillia by enemies both human and ethereal, aided only by outcasts like himself, Tylar must uncover and face down a being powerful enought to kill an immortal—the true godslayer. If he fails, all of Myrillia will fall into shadow....

The Thran

J. Robert King - 1999
    Before the five colors of magic. Before history itself, the plane of Dominaira was ruled by the Thran. They built machines and artifacts, the likes of which have never since been seen. But amid this civilization, a shadow took root, one that would stretch its arms across space and time. The hideous evil of Phyrexia was born.

The Serpents of Arakesh

V.M. Jones - 2003
    One day Adam enters the Quest Golden Opportunity Competition, with the ultimate prize of working with the reclusive software genius Quentin Quested, test-driving his latest top-secret breakthrough in computer game technology. Adam is unbelievably chosen to undergo the final selection process. At Quested Court, Adam enters a world he never dreamed existed. A world of kindly adults and potential friends, in which the boundaries between fantasy and reality start to become blurred. Only when Adam and his companions begin the gaming workshop does Quentin Quested reveal their real-life quest into the parallel world of Karazan, where the Serpents of Arakesh stand guard over the most precious prize of all.


Roger Zelazny - 1980
    When at last, the wizard Mor joined the fight, Det and his infamous Rondoval castle were destroyed. But the victory was not complete, for the conquerors found a baby amidst the rubble: Det's son, Pol. Unwilling to kill the child, Mor took him to a world where the ways of magic were considered mere legends--a world called Earth.

The Companions

R.A. Salvatore - 2013
    Salvatore's beloved fantasy saga, The Companions moves Salvatore's signature hero Drizzt into a new era of the Forgotten Realms. As Drizzt's fate hangs in the balance, he reflects on the lives of the trusted allies who stood by his side throughout his early life--the friends now known as the Companions of the Hall. Meanwhile, the first stirrings of the Sundering begin.