Just a Kiss

J.H. Croix - 2021
    Brainy brings bossy to his knees.Eve Slater is brilliant. She’s also my former intern, one I did my best to ignore because she was off limits and waaaay too tempting.She’s even more delectable now and the reigning queen of gaming tech in Seattle. Our chance encounter at Club Temptation ignites a fire between us.It was just a kiss. Nothing but a kiss, and it nearly brought me to my knees. She’s not off limits any more, and I’m not about to let her slip away.I’m accustomed to money, power and influence getting me what I want. Except Eva doesn’t care. Before I know it, I’m fighting for her, fighting to win the only woman who wants me for everything except my image.

Nurse For The Russian Mafia

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    The older man who comes stumbling into the hospital bleeding and in need of help. His accent sounds Russian. He reminds me of someone. My dad had a friend, Alexander, and I had a major crush on him. In fact, he is the only person I’ve ever really crushed on. I haven’t seen him in two years, but I can clearly picture my father’s tall, handsome buddy with those dark green eyes…Oh. My. God.AlexanderI can barely feel the tugging of the bullet wound. It’s a small thing. Compared to her. Samantha. She was always a quiet little thing, I always just considered her my friend’s daughter. Nothing else. But now. I’ve finally met the woman who can turn me feral. She’s a full-figured goddess, and I need to claim her. She’s one of a kind. And she will be mine. Forever.*Nurse For The Russian Mafia is a SHORT insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

His Baby's Breath: The May Flowers Series

Olivia Hawthorne - 2019
     That’s not the kind of headline I’d ever expect to read, especially about my own life. But a chance meeting at a hotel with Noah Forte, America’s favorite super hero, leads to a night of passion. One and done, was how I planned it. Just one crazy night outside of my boring routine and then back to my regular life. But life is more than a headline, after all. And sometimes life takes you in directions you never imagined in your wildest dreams. Twelve of your favourite Flirt Club authors bring you the May Flowers Series. Sexy stories filled with filthy talking heroes and beautiful women with steamy scenes to curl your toes, enjoy the entire bouquet!

Bought And Paid For (Part Three)

Paige North - 2019
     He has everything—cars, women, a billion-dollar company, and a rumored sex tape that was hurriedly scrubbed from the web faster than you can swipe right. Now Grayson’s PR people want an image makeover for their buttoned-up client, and I’ve been hired to act like the girl next door who’s tamed the wild beast. He’s a total bastard, but I’ll take his arrogant, belittling attitude if it gets me the money I desperately need to save my family. What I don’t count on is Grayson Royal turning me into the exact opposite of the nice girl I’ve been hired to play. He looks at me like he wants to devour me, kisses me until I’m dizzy, and uses his mouth on me until I scream his name. The worst part is, I like it. I like being who Grayson Royal has bought and paid for. I just don’t know how I’m going to pick up the pieces after he destroys the perfect life we’ve created. Because even though the romance might be fake, the heartbreak will be real…

Wicked Lies

M.V. Kasi
    Her new client is the darkly handsome stranger she had met before in a club under scandalous circumstances.Sparks fly and awareness buzzes, but she resists the strong attraction towards the brooding billionaire. And when she finally decides to give in, she shockingly discovers that the man she is falling for has spun a passionate web of wicked lies she is unable to escape...Bhargav Varma is known for his icy control and meticulous planning, especially when it comes to destroying his enemies. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman changes it all.Although his plans to avenge a past family betrayal weren't supposed to include the beautiful architect he deliberately hired, he is determined to claim the woman who vows to hate him and fight him with a burning passion...Wicked Lies is a standalone contemporary romance.

Wicked Hot Silver Fox

Tess Summers - 2022
    Parker Preston’s intentions when he gave Alexandra Collins his phone number at the animal rescue gala were more personal than professional. But he’d never expected the sassy beauty with the blue streak in her hair to send him a picture of her perfect, perky boobs as enticement to adopt the dogs she was desperately trying to find a home for.But, dang if they weren’t the ideal incentive for him to offer his home to more than just the dogs. In exchange for adopting the older, bonded pair, she’d need to move in with him for a month and get the dogs acclimated. Oh, and she wouldn’t be sleeping in the guest room during her stay.The deal is only for a month though. And she insisted they weren’t going to fall in love, something he readily agreed with. They had the rules in place, what could possibly go wrong in four short weeks?

Vicious Knight (Safaryan Bratva Brotherhood #3)

Amaya Black - 2021

Off Limits Single Dad: A Billionaire Best Friend's Brother Romance

Roxy Reid - 2021
    Off Limits Single Dad is a stand-alone novel with no cheating, no cliff hangers and a gorgeously romantic happily ever after.

Mechanic's Home Run: A Small Town Fake Marriage Sports Romance (Lover's Knot)

Nikki Bloom - 2020

Kiss & Tell

Brooke St. James - 2020
    My friend, Macy, knew that about me, so she tricked me into it. I knew I would find love and get married one day, but I wasn't in a hurry, and I certainly wasn't looking to do it on television.I refused to be on the show at first. Eventually I agreed, but it was only because they were in a pinch for contestants and it was for charity. I planned on sabotaging myself and getting eliminated after the first round.I didn't plan on Ezekiel Tanner being the bachelor.I didn't plan on him choosing me to go on a date.I most certainly didn't plan on falling for him.Thankfully, my plans didn’t work out.

Game Over

Cheryl Douglas - 2019
    Women came to him, he didn’t have to hunt down the action. And it was a good thing, with a nephew at home depending on him, a tattoo business that fed his soul, and a real estate business that made him filthy rich, he didn’t have much down time. He loved what he did and called his own shots. Life was good. Damn good. Until the girl of his dreams walked back into his life and reminded him... it could get so much better. Harper had been used, abused and tattooed. Literally. Her first love, Deke, dumped her. Her ex-fiancée cheated on her, and she’d been reduced to sharing a shoebox apartment with her bestie. Not that she was complaining. A shoebox beat a park bench any day. But she needed a job. Money. Hell, she needed a new life. What she didn’t need was her ex-boyfriend to ride in on his white horse, make that Harley, with the answers to her prayers. But it was hard to kick a gift horse in the teeth, especially when he was ripped, inked, and rich. Oh, and claiming to be in love with her…

Owned by the Scottish Mafia Boss: A Dark Mafia Romance

Rosalie Rose - 2021
    . .DaisyA girl like me,Born into a dark underworld,Doesn’t do normal.Yet, despite my messed-up upbringing,I never expected Daddy to do this:Ship me off to goddamn Scotland.He said it was for my “protection,”But that was bullshit.He sold me off.Cal might be smoking hotAnd ripped every which way to Sunday,And maybe I let my desire get the better of me once . . .Twice . . .Multiple times . . .But I refuse to become his mafia wife.And nothing,Not even this baby I’m carrying,Will change that...Note: Owned by the Scottish Mafia Boss is a steamy romance between a rugged Scottish Mafia boss and the beautiful woman he's arranged to be married to.

It's Only Temporary

Iona Rose - 2021
    wow!Asking her to come turns out to be the best thing you ever did in your life.Question: What happens when your ex turns up and wants to kiss and make-up?Answer: Baby, everything has a sell-by date.

Her Billionaire's Demands (The Institute: Shameful Arrangements Book 2)

Emily Tilton - 2021

Risk (With Me, # 1)

Sue Wilder - 2020
    With a deputy sheriff with him, who is convinced you're an intruder.Even worse?He had every right to do it. Even though the house is yours--oh, and he's your neighbor and catches you in every other embarrassing moment until you're convinced the Universe is against you and this new life you have to start.And did I mention that he's drop-dead gorgeous?And exactly what you do. Not. Need.But the heart makes its own rules and a girl has a choice.If he's worth the risk.CALEBTalk about a cluster.She invades a house she claims is hers, while I'm responsible, so, of course, I have to rush in.And she's standing.Naked.With that towel.Doesn't stop there. Just when I'm pulled in other directions, trying to keep my uncle from driving the company into another version of cluster, this girl disrupts. Everything.It's not enough that she's beautiful.That she belongs here more than any woman I've ever known.She has to disrupt the privacy in my cove.The routine of my life.When I need to focus and stop thinking about what she looks like.Naked...