Books of Horror Community Anthology Vol. 2

R.J. RolesBrian Scutt - 2020
    Volume one was issued with great success, and those voices were released into the wild for reader’s enjoyment. Now, here we are with volume two—some authors will be familiar, while others will be brand new. Collected within this book are stories that span the wide genre that is Horror. Crack open the book and delve in, if you dare.

The Curse of Rosie Stone

Amy Cross - 2022
    She wants to get out into the world, but she's held back by a lack of money, and by the fact that her parents constantly beg for her help. She needs a miracle.When Rosie discovers a strange set of bones on the moor, she realizes that her miracle might have arrived. The bones start talking to her, promising to help her achieve her dreams. Two archaeologists are searching for these bones, which belong to a long-dead warrior king whose ghostly presence prefers to stay hidden. If Rosie protects his body, this king will do anything she wants. But can Rosie stick to the terms of this deal, and what will happen if she doesn't?Rosie soon discovers that miracles come with strings attached. She thinks she's cursed to spend her entire life in the village, but the real curse might be something far worse, and far harder to escape.

Bedlam Boy: The Forger & The Traitor

Ian W. Sainsbury - 2020
    Sainsbury. Two short, punchy, action-packed episodes in each book.They murdered his parents, shot him in the head, and left him to die. They should have made sure.Twenty years after Tom Lewis watched his parents die, those responsible are being killed. One by one.Gentle, brain-damaged Tom, a giant of a man who can barely speak, can’t be responsible for their deaths. Can he?When Tom Lewis was shot, something new was created. Something unique. Something deadly. Something patient enough to plan revenge for twenty long years.Meet Bedlam Boy


Jeffrey B. Miley - 2018
    As the body count begins a reasonable explanation cannot be found. A local backwoodsman puts Jeremy onto a possibility that seems too farfetched to be plausible. The Warden quickly learns that considering the impossible is the only way to combat what has shown up on his doorstep. And the only way to prevent more loss of life, including the woman he loves.

Available Darkness: Season One

Sean Platt - 2012
    One of those victims — his wife. As he gets closer to finding the killer, he falls deeper into an elaborate conspiracy.A man wakes buried alive with no memory of who or what he is. In his pocket, a note: “Avoid the sunlight and don’t touch anybody.” Now he is being hunted by the FBI while trying to remember his monstrous past. He must control the darkness within before it consumes him and the child whose life he must protect.11-year-old Abigail was dying slowly each day as the prisoner of a sick man. Until she is saved by the most unlikely of heroes — a vampire with a deadly touch. He is her only hope, and she may hold the key to unlocking the memories of his hidden past.Past, present, fate, and future are on a collision course as the hours of AVAILABLE DARKNESS are ticking away and a force greater than anything the world has ever seen threatens humanity.Available Darkness is an epic serialized journey that reinvents vampire mythology with a fast paced, character-driven thriller that blends action, mystery, fantasy, and horror in an addictive, tragically romantic story.As usual, episode prices will be .99 during the season. After we release the full compilation on Oct. 31, episodes will go to $2.99, but the full season will be available for $5.99.SEASON TWO COMING SOON

Blackwater: Two Stories of Horror and Dark Science Fiction

Christian Galacar
    In "Mercury Rain" a soldier fighting a new enemy learns the importance of holding on to his memories. "Blackwater," the title story of the collection, is an homage to Stephen King's short story, "Graveyard Shift," and it tells the tale of Paul Hawkins, a mine worker who disturbs something terrifying in the Blackwater Hills of Durham, Pennsylvania, in the summer of 1976.

The Mansion: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2017
    But he discovers that there is more than a ghost causing mayhem. The Mansion is a fast-paced supernatural story about 10,000 words long.

The Haunting of The Lost Traveller Tavern

Cat Knight - 2019
    It was the perfect opportunity for a sea-change. True, it needed a bit of renovation but that was only expected. If only she had not stayed at that dirty B&B, because someone must have slipped acid into her sugar cube. Everything would be back normal once the effects subsided, wouldn’t it? The Lost Travellers Tavern had been vacant for a decade when Lauren bought it. It needed a lot of work, but she could cope with that. She could deal with odd noises, strange events, entirely black spots and even the deepest cold she had ever encountered. But then there was Loomis, the groundskeeper, who refused to enter the house on account of the ‘thems.’ In exasperation Lauren attempts to shake off the worst of it and wait for things to get better…until she sees the floating head. Will Lauren survive the perils of the tavern, or will she too, like those before her, succumb and fade into history. List of Books The Ghosts and Haunting Collection - 16 Book Boxed SetThe Haunting of Elleric LodgeThe Haunting of Grayson HouseThe Haunting of Weaver HouseThe Haunting of Fairview HouseThe Haunting of Keira O’ConnellThe Haunting of Ferncoombe HouseThe Haunting of Highcliff HallThe Haunting of Stone Street CemeteryThe Haunting of Knoll HouseThe Haunting of Harrow HouseThe Haunting of Rochford HouseThe Haunting of the Grey LadyThe Haunting of Blakely ManorThe Haunting on the Ridgeway (Ghost Sight Chronicles)Cursed to Haunt  (Ghost Sight Chronicles)The Revenge Haunting (Ghost Sight Chronicles)The Haunting of Fort RecluseThe Haunting TrapThe Haunting of Montgomery HouseThe Haunting of Mackenzie HouseThe Haunting of Gatesworld ManorIf you read stories in the occult, occultism, horror, supernatural and paranormal genres then add these to your reading list.

Call of the Cherokee

F. Gardner - 2020
    After receiving an invitation, three friends decide to check out the theater, curious as to what all the hype's been about.Part of a series of interconnected horror novels that can be read in any order. Each book serves as a stand alone story, yet builds a greater picture behind a sinister mystery in Chicago.

Nightmare Soup: Tales That Will Turn Your Stomach

Jake Tri - 2017
    Each story is accompanied by a ghastly illustration from the mind of Andy Sciazko... the kind of illustrations that will disturb you in the best way possible.

A House of Ghosts: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery Boxset

Mason Dean - 2021
    Struggling with writer’s block and a tight deadline for his new novel, David Pragmore suggests a retreat away from Hartford to his wife, Susan, in order to find fresh inspiration. The publishers want David’s new book to shine in the horror genre, so when David reads about the odd manor with a haunted past, it seems like the perfect place to recapture his muse. But David and Susan quickly discover that some stories aren’t meant to be told.The Haunting of Saxton MansionAuthor Rob Hooper and his wife, Janet, are looking for a quiet place to live. The grandiose, isolated Victorian-style relic is everything they could want. A mysterious, widowed owner offers them a deal that can’t be passed up. But they quickly discover that some things are too good to be true.

Terror in the Shadows: Volume 5

Ron Ripley - 2019
    Seamlessly weaving the suspenseful with the macabre on every page, each story takes pleasure in taking you beyond the limits of what the human mind can endure.If you're the type of horror fan who enjoys stories that make your hair stand on end, drop this book right now. This tome of terrific terrors will take you farther than you've ever been down the rabbit hole of your worst nightmares.

Braid: Three Twisted Stories

S.G. Redling - 2012
    In ‘Cora Lee is Stupid’ a young girl takes vengeance on an abusive older sister. In ‘Dead Weight’ three bank robbers get more than they bargained for during their getaway. In ‘Rosetta Stone’ a bitter young man comes face to face with the end of the world.

You saw something you shouldn't have

Brandon Faircloth - 2018
    To be entertained. Then you find yourself in a school where a group of friends have brought something terrible to life. You meet a family whose extraordinary luck comes at a horrific price. You write a letter to yourself and get a reply that leads to death and madness. As you journey through these shrouded lands, you look back and can't make out where you started. Because once you're traveling through the darkness, the only way out is through. Read the collection of novellas and short stories that is being called "genius", "amazing", and "scary AF". But be prepared. You won't be the same when you come out the other side.

Horrors Next Door 2: Short Scary Stories to play with your mind

Tom Coleman - 2019
    Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside this scary collection. "The Girl I Married" Jonathan noticed that after marrying Jeanette, she starts acting strange. As if she is not the same girl he dated. Why is she so different and what secrets is she hiding? "I`m Sorry Daddy" After an accident at work, Mr. Williams starts developing unusual symptoms. He is turning into a monster and there is nothing to stop this. "The House Next Door part 2" Jessica decides to find out what happened to her friend Sarah. What new discoveries will she make and will the same fate befall her?