Book picks similar to
Outgrowth of the Brain by James Field


The Billionaire's Secret Pregnant Lover 1: Seduced by the CEO

Danielle Jamesen - 2015
    Her boyfriend, Kyle, has proposed, she’s graduating from college with honors, and she’s got a plan for her future. It couldn’t be more perfect. Then things start to go wrong, one right after the other. Mel catches her roommate, Amy, naked in Kyle’s bed. After breaking things off with Kyle, the man she thought she was ready to start a life with, she moves back in with her parents. While suffering through the heartbreak, Mel makes a shocking discovery that changes her whole world. She’s pregnant.

The Phantom Fleet

Julien Boyer - 2015
    A massive invasion fleet suddenly appears off the corner of the solar system, headed towards Earth. The nearest patrol ship is sent to investigate, with little chance of survival.

Marrying to The Boss: Falling Love for a Billionaire #1

Elannah James - 2014
    She had the radio on as she danced around the kitchen waiting for Karl to get back from his business trip in New Orleans. They were married almost 2 months and she had missed him. That is when it happened. There was a knock at the door; she almost didn’t hear it as she sang along to the latest catchy tune that was sure to get annoying in the next few days. She ran from the kitchen thinking Karl was going to be his usual sweet self and try to surprise her with a grand entrance – or maybe he had left his keys. She opened the door with excitement only to see two police officers with solemn faces. Her world came crashing down around her as she invited them in and continued cooking. She couldn’t believe it, Karl was going to come through that door any minute and tell them it was all a mistake. He would want dinner when he got back. She needed to keep cooking so he wouldn’t go hungry. Jessica came around and talked her down, told her that she needed to go with the police officers to identify the body. She would be with her every step of the way. What followed was the realization that her husband was dead and their future was no more. All the things they were going to do; getting a chateaux in France, having a family, getting a cat when they moved to the suburbs and bought their own place. The future was full of life and in a split second it became a blank canvas; all because of a stupid accident.

A Questionable Hero

Stephen Gane - 2014
    A split-second decision starts a series of life-changing events that he could not have foreseen even in his wildest imagination.

Sensual Sweets #1

Mac Flynn - 2013
     Troubled relationships, abusive partners, and lonely hearts. They exist in the world, and sometimes not even the best psychiatrist can dig people out of these messes. That’s where Mr. Eres’ Sensual Sweets shop comes in. The shop is a plethora of delights to satiate any sweet tooth, but hidden beneath those sugar-flavored foods are concoctions of recipes to fix any love problem. Bob is one of these miserable souls in need of a fix. His relationship with his wife has deteriorated to the breaking point. He ponders whether divorce isn’t an option until he stumbles on a certain sweet shop. There he finds a chocolaty fix to his problem.

In the Shadow of El Paso

Frank Zafiro - 2012
    Isabella is a beautiful Mexican woman that everyone in town loves, including the hapless Pete and the wealthy, powerful Jack...but most of all, Carl.Part romance, part police procedural, IN THE SHADOW OF EL PASO contains two short stories by Frank Zafiro. Both stories explore love, race, class and the ambiguity that exists on the southern border.

In the Shadows

Susan Finlay - 2013
    Suspicious, they believe there's only one reason Maurelle Dupre would be lurking in their small village—she's a gypsy, a thief. But a former Chicago detective turned mystery author, Dave Martin, who happens to be visiting his French grandmother, isn't so sure about the beautiful stranger when happenstance causes them to meet. He wonders why she seems so frightened and distrustful. He knows he shouldn’t get involved. The last time he trusted a woman in distress, the consequences resulted in the loss of his detective’s shield and his wife. But, as always, the detective in him can't seem to leave well enough alone. However, what Dave couldn't know is how persuading Maurelle to reveal herself will ultimately unveil something far worse than mere theft. In the Shadows is a story of trust, belonging, and murder.

A Gangsta's Son

Rio - 2013
    “You know I just worked a twelve-hour shift. Gotta get me right before I go to sleep.” He smiled his ugly smile and opened the screen door. “I’ll take you shoppin’ when I wake up; spend a couple bands on you.”He put his key in the lock and turned it… But the door was snatched open before Mone’s hand could even reach the doorknob.Lacresha’s eyes opened wide with fear as she witnessed a tall masked man step from behind the door and raise a gun to Mone’s face.“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?” The masked man stated coldly.

Provence Starlight

Kate Fitzroy - 2015
    New work, new friends... new love found under the starlight in a silvery, olive grove. Can anything be more perfect? How does a St. Tropez bikini, two silky Wiemeraner dogs and a tattooed criminal enter the scene and change everything? Why does the starry path of love always meet a crossroad... can it never run sweetly smooth? FITZROY fans will be pleased to meet up with Amber and her wealthy grandfather, from the pages of PROVENCE FLAME, when Alice stays at the newly restored Art Deco Hotel de la Plage in La Ciotat. Join the Sunday lunch guests at the Villa La Vie en Rose and catch up with the dark and gorgeous Jean-Michel de Fleurenne from the parfumerie at his Château near Grasse. He was first to be found romancing Rosie and charming the pages of PERFUME OF PROVENCE. Enter again into Kate Fitzroy's magical world and escape from the commonplace... but be prepared not to put this book down until you have reached the last page. Other books by Kate Fitzroy: PERFUME OF PROVENCE PROVENCE LOVE LEGACY PROVENCE FLAME DREAMS OF TUSCANY

The Gilgamesh Conspiracy

Jeffrey Fleming - 2014
    One by one the people who know about it are eliminated, except for two: Ali Hamsin, an Iraqi government translator who is kept hidden in Guantanamo Bay and Gerry Tate, a British intelligence agent. She is in prison for murder. Years later Ali Hamsin says he will reveal his secrets, but only to Gerry Tate. Their captors decide to bring the two together and keep them both alive for a short while longer, but Gerry Tate is a dangerous woman to set free.

The Wrath of a Side Chick: A Chicago Hood Drama (Side Chick's Wrath Book 1)

Tamicka Higgins - 2016
    Having been together for a while, Trina finds out that Breon was seen coming out of a jewelry store. Trina and her two sisters run with this, especially considering the fact that Breon brings up the idea of taking a trip to Gatlinburg for their anniversary. However, all of this could be quickly changing. When Breon goes to Wayne’s house for a coming home party for a friend who has just gotten out of prison, he sees a chick he’d heard about in school and used to have a bit of a crush on: Nikki. And she is so much more tempting now than she was back then. Little does Breon know, Nikki will really have her eyes on him once she’s heard that he is getting married. Will Breon be able to resist the temptation that is Nikki? How will Nikki react when she finds out that Breon may be popping the question soon to his main chick, Trina? Find out the answer to these questions and more in The Wrath of a Side Chick (Part 1).

Murder on Gold Street

Rod Moore - 2015
    The investigation into his murder unearths a more than questionable lifestyle where it seems that everyone who knew him had a reason to see him dead. Detectives Steve Rickets and his partner Detective Sarah Branson follow a trail of dead ends that lead them scratching their heads. Is it the disgruntled business partner, the angry and upset daughter, the woman who secretly loves him, of the crime figure he owes thousands to? This classic who done it murder mystery will keep you guessing to the end. An unexpected twist will lead you right to the killer if you spot it. This short story of 12,000 words (appx) is ideal for lovers of hard boiled detective crime thrillers and murder mystery short stories.

A Scone Killer

Josephine Wiggle - 2015
    Emma, who has never left her hometown, is coping with a recent divorce, and Alex is reeling from the breakdown of his small business—and the smear campaign his former business partner is running. When he mentions his dreams for opening a small tea shop (dreams that have been shattered by his lost business), Emma and Laura pile one, keen to go in on the project. However, on the day of the opening, the body of Alex’s former business partner is discovered…and Alex is now the prime target. Out of loyalty to her friend, and a burgeoning romance, Laura resolves to find the killer—but can Alex be trusted?

Violence in the Blood (The Crime Syndicate #1)

Mark Newman - 2016
    He's got everything he ever wanted, except his health. The knives are out. His rivals sense blood. Their time is now. But Thompson's not going down without a fight. Violence in the Blood documents Thompson's rise to power from the backstreets of Glasgow to the industrial heartland of the Midlands. Join the rampage as Malkie and his crew blaze a trail of mayhem and destruction north and south of the border.

Inka Ninja N° 1 - Savage born

Miguel Angel Miyahira Moromisato - 2015
    Test him into many hilarious proof. Inka Ninja raffle these tests with ease, except one, the costume test, in which the coach should fool with a costume. A very hard thing to do, because the Jefecito is the master of disguise.