Doc: Platoon Medic

Daniel Evans Jr. - 2002
    TO SURVIVEDan Evans arrived in Vietnam on October 7, 1968, a 21- year-old Army medic who couldn't stand the sight of blood. Thrust into the cauldron of combat, he soon became a seasoned veteran of emergency medicine and the brutal realties of war. Before his time was up, he would master the skills of a surgeon, acquire the patience of a saint, and demonstrate the courage of a lion... Here, in his own words, is the gripping true story of Dan Evans, the highly decorated soldier whom the men of First Platoon, Bravo Company, called the "fighting medic." Experience the rage, the sorrow and the remarkable spirit of Dan Evans - the PLATOON MEDIC who became a true American hero.

Gunner Officer on the Western Front: The Story of a Prime Minister's Son at War

Herbert Asquith - 2018
    The author witnessed the mud-soaked agony of the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917, and the rapidly moving events of the following year. The book contains one of the most extraordinary accounts of the German spring offensive in 1918, from the point of view of a gunner officer with a grandstand view of the ruthless German advance.The author's father was Prime Minister at the outbreak of the first world war. The author's three brothers also served during the war; his eldest brother died during the Battle of the Somme.

The Murders of Christopher Watts

Cheryln Cadle - 2020
    Cheryln Cadle contacted him and started visiting him in prison. Christopher started writing her letters from his prison cell in Wisconsin. These letters had his confessions of things he had never told anyone else. Now she shares the letters and the truth about what happened that fateful night in Frederick Colorado to Shanann, Nico, Bella and Celeste Watts at the hands of their father. Was he just a monster or was it truly his girlfriend that he wanted to start a life with the reason he was willing to kill his family?

Mafia Murders: 100 Kills that Changed the Mob

M.A. Frasca - 2015
    For the Mob (as they are also known), crime was big business. Feuds between Mafia families and their associates led to Lucky Luciano, the preeminent Mob boss, creating the Commission, which to this day rules over Mob activity and disputes. Throughout the 20th century, the ruthlessness of the Mafia has been in evidence: the list of Mob victims seems endless. Mafia Hits recalls the most important executions - the rival bosses, the stool pigeons and snitches, the good cops and the dirty cops, the vicious feuds and the hit-men who lived by the gun and died by it. All are here in this fascinating tale of the American underworld.

Chess: Conquer your Friends with 8 Easy Principles: Chess Strategy for Casual Players and Post-Beginners (The Skill Artist's Guide - Chess Strategy, Chess Books)

Maxen Tarafa - 2015
    No complex terminology. ★FREE eBook Download inside★ Your dad taught you how to play Chess, but he didn’t teach you much. You already know how to checkmate and move the pieces, but let’s face it, your friends and family still beat you more than you’d like. You don't just want to play. You want to win and possibly CONQUER ALL YOUR FRIENDS! You sly dog! I know the feeling and I’m here to help. My name is Maxen R. Tarafa and I’m a Skill Artist. In a few short months, I went from a struggling post-beginner to an adept intermediate player and doubled my Chess ability by teaching myself. In this book, I show you how you can double, even triple, your Chess ability like I did, but faster. But I’m going to tell you right now. My method is rather controversial. You see, most chess “experts” bombard you with complex Chess notation (QxB6?) and expect you to read complex Chess terminology. I don’t do that. I’ll give you a cheat sheet of what you NEED to remember, and you’ll be off to the Chess boards and killing Queens like it’s nobody’s business. In this book, you learn: -How to play your first 10 moves so YOU control the game (Chess Openings) -How to use 3 techniques (or Chess tactics) like bringing light sabers to a knife fight -How to identify one weakness, if you simply recognize it, you can win in one move -How to cut your training time in ½. Know what to study and apply brainhacking techniques. -How to avoid common beginner mistakes with time-tested Chess strategy -Where to find FREE Chess websites, apps, videos, and technology to double your skills -How to use the one principle I taught to Eduardo that took him from losing miserably to unbeatable -How to “bend” the Chess rules with little-known special moves (it’s not cheating!) -And more I taught a 9-year-old these principles and a week later he was beating 17-year-olds. Anyone, even you, can learn how to double your Chess ability by learning a few easy principles. You’ll even learn how to speed your decision-making and play speed chess. If you’re looking for quick and easy Chess instruction to double your skills, but don’t want to learn complex terminology and notation, this book is for you! Don’t let your friend, brother, dad, or roommate beat you again! Join the Casual Chess revolution! Plain-English Chess Instruction for Casual Players, Post-Beginners, and People who Want to Learn Fast! ★Now Available in Paperback! To buy paperback, scroll up and click the Paperback link (by the cover image)★

The One Who Runs and Hides: A True Story

Chris Merola - 2018
     The American Indians, depending on their tribe, had many names for the Creature: Sasahevas, Sasquatch, Bukwas (wild man of the woods), See’atco (one who runs and hides). What would Native American Indians have to gain from falsifying the existence of a Beast? The last name seemed the most appropriate to me. The One who runs and hides.

Call It

Ellen Metz - 2018
    Their reactions inspired her to compile her experiences. The result was Call It, an entertaining and refreshingly honest memoir of her nursing career. Follow her in the adrenaline charged Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit and during her daily routine as an Infection Control Nurse. She also worked as a Quality Improvement nurse and Case Manager for the health insurance industry. The book details successes, failures and some great laughs in every area. Medical show afficionados will not be disappointed and student nurses might learn some valuable lessons and insight about potential career paths.

Six Months to Live . . .: Three Guys on the Ultimate Quest for a Miracle

Arthur P. Boyle - 2014
    Then terminal cancer happened. The best doctors despaired. And Artie dared to look for a miracle. Artie had never put much stock in mysticism or miracles. But when his best friends bought tickets to fly with him to Croatia to the controversial shrine at Medjugorje where healings were known to happen, he dared it all. They found themselves in powerful ways sharing spiritually, even praying together, something they would have found very odd before. And when they came home Artie was healed—completely. The cancer was gone. The doctors at Mass General Hospital were astounded yet could offer no explanation. Six Months to Live relates not only Artie’s miraculous healing but his spiritual transformation and the hope and inspiration he offers to thousands who hear his story.

Fat Funeral: The Scientific Approach to Long-Term Weight Loss

Daniel Dell'uomo - 2018
    But don’t blame yourself if you’ve struggled losing weight. There’s a lot of conflicting information and nonsense out there. Drawing on years of research, Fat Funeral answers critical questions, busts myths, and introduces The Five Golden Weight-Loss Habits—a system of simple, science-based habits that are proven, practical, and powerful enough to completely change your life.

Misconception: A True Story of Life, Love and Infertility

Jay-Jay Feeney - 2013
    I want a baby but not in that crazy, desperate way where I cringe whenever I see someone else with one, or I think nasty, evil thoughts about people who are pregnant, but a child of my own would complete my life and make my husband extremely happy.Jay-Jay Feeney has been married to Dom Harvey since 2004. She always imagined they'd get married, have children, grow old. But so far, things haven't worked out quite as she expected. A high-profile job, an unpredictable family life, and medical procedures and emergencies have kept her on her toes. Here is Jay-Jay's story, told with a mix of brutal honesty and humor, in which she charts the highs and lows of life lived both in the public gaze and in the shadow of infertility.

250 Random Facts Everyone Should Know

Tyler Buckhouse - 2015
    Haven’t we all? What better way to break that silence than to throw out some of the incredible facts from this book.Whatever your motivation may be, there’s a really good chance you’ll find these facts and tidbits useful.

Britain's Most Notorious Prisoners: Victorian to Present-Day Cases

Stephen Wade - 2011
    It is a place where time stops and lives are held in suspension, taken out of circulation. Amongst the jail population are the dangerous inmates: killers and rapists, gang 'hit-men' and serial offenders. They are the most notorious, their reputations sometimes enhanced by glamour, horrendous tales of their misdeeds and by their very incarceration.

All-New Fire 7 User Guide: Newbie to Expert in 2 Hours: The Essential Guide to Amazon's Incredible $49.99 Tablet

Tom Edwards - 2015
     From the Number 1 Best Selling authors in Computers and Technology, this clear and concise guide will show you how to get the very best from the incredible new $49.99 Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet. Step by step instructions will take you from newbie to expert in just two hours! About the Authors: Tom and Jenna Edwards are the Amazon Tech authors behind the Number 1 Best-selling e-books 250+ Best Kindle Fire HD Apps for the New Kindle Fire Owner and Kindle Fire TV User Guide: Newbie to Expert in 1 Hour!

Stoicism: Ultimate Handbook To Stoic Philosophy, Wisdom And Way Of Life (Stoicism 101, Stoicism Mastery, Modern Day Stoic)

Thomas Beckett - 2015
    Is stoicism right for you? What can you learn from these ancient masters? Stoicism: Ultimate Handbook to Stoic Philosophy, Wisdom and Way of Life describes the core philosophies of the stoics: • Control What You Can • Emotions and Outcomes Exist Within • Honesty is a Virtue • Hope Never Dies • Knowledge Will Save You • Mindfulness is Important • Seek Morals, Not Awards • Stop On Time • Every Day Is A New Day You'll also learn the 4 Cardinal Virtues Of Stoicism: • Wisdom • Courage • Justice • Temperance What can Stoicism do for you in your everyday life? Stoicism: Ultimate Handbook to Stoic Philosophy, Wisdom and Way of Life also describes how Stoicism can help you in today's world. This ancient tradition can help you through tough times by teaching you to build your mental and physical strength and be a great leader. Also, you'll find that most religions agree with the philosophies and practices of Stoicism. Practicing Stoicism can help you cope with many negative emotions: • Stress • Judgment • Anger • Worry • Incompetence • Disappointment Download Stoicism: Ultimate Handbook to Stoic Philosophy, Wisdom and Way of Life NOW to find out about this amazing tradition that has stood the test of time. You'll be so glad you did!

The Rootitoot Cookbook: A Grandma's Recipes For Your Instant Pot

Ruth McCusker - 2019
    See your family smile at your dependable, consistent results. Feel more confident and adventurous with your Instant Pot. Ruth “Rootitoot” McCusker has converted her treasured family recipes into Instant Pot masterpieces. This book is like having a loving grandmother at your side in the kitchen. Her step-by-step instructions, gentle humour and mouth-watering recipes will have you cooking with confidence in no time. Welcome Rootitoot into your kitchen and cook like a grandma in your Instant Pot.