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Sea of Pearls by Elaine Lowe


Angel Awakening

S.A. Ravel - 2017
    An heiress flees Earth to reclaim her life. She alone can temper his violent power… but can he find sanity in time to save her from her dark past?As he wakes from a years long Sleep under the sea, Ishaiq's wild power threatens to destroy the island he rules. One human woman soothes his rage and seduces him back to sanity.An insane Archan can level a city. Ishaiq can destroy the world. But his soft-spoken human isn't just another off-worlder from Earth, Abella is the heiress to a powerful family and large fortune her politician brother-in-law needs to fund his ambitions.He's willing to kidnap Abella to take what is rightfully hers- he's willing to kill. Abella needs Ishaiq as much as he needs her... and there isn't much time before they must choose whether to live together.... or die apart...A steamy science fiction fantasy romance for readers who enjoy alpha alien angel warriors, new planets, curvy heroines with an agenda and plenty of adventure. HEA, no cliffhanger.

Mer Tales Box Set

Brenda Pandos - 2013
    he wanted his to stay the same.Seventeen-year-old Ashlyn Lanski is tired of her boring, single life. Swimming and spending time with Tatiana, her best friend, are her only sanctuary. The girls plan to leave their drab lakeside town far behind for college, and Ash hopes to finally ditch her longtime crush for Finley, Tatiana's twin brother. But when Tatiana and her family fail to return home after a family emergency, Ashlyn chooses to do something drastic to cope with losing them.Finley Helton and his family are good at blending in as they run their sailing charter business in Lake Tahoe. But together, they guard an ancient secret. When a not so routine meeting forces Finley, Tatiana and their mother to return to Natatoria and Fin's father on a dangerous mission, Fin can't stay caged up for long.Book 2 - EVERGREENBook 3 - EVERLOST

Mating Mermen: An Unexpected Tail

Rebecca Elyon - 2016
    Looking to find some peace and balance as she attempts to put her life back together, she travels to her childhood home on the East Coast... Cato and Caldyr are brothers who couldn't be more different, who are searching for one special woman. Cato is lighthearted and looks on the brighter side of things. Caldyr is brooding and angry, bitter about the loss he's suffered in his life. Together, they rule the undersea world of Unducia, kingdom of the Myr. Unducia is slowly dying. The effects of man's pollution of the ocean, as well as the unrelenting attacks of the Pirogh – malevolent whale shifters – are taking a toll on the kingdom. Unducia is a kingdom without a Queen – and without her magic, the kingdom and its people are diminishing. When their two worlds collide, truths are revealed and an ancient enemy will stop at nothing to destroy Unducia and the Myr. Will Sammi finally find the meaning to her life? Will Cato and Caldyr find what is needed to save their world and their people? Or will they all be swept away on the ocean's tide? This book is a standalone short story. WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes and naughty words, intended for 18+ readers only. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Hakona: Dragon Warrior

Jamie Phoenix - 2016
     Allison Harper has long lived with the constant reminders that Earth has become overpopulated. So, when she’s chosen to join a research team sent into space in search of a new planet to occupy, she’s eager and excited to start the journey. When she’s taken by a hostile group of the planet’s native people, however, she gets a lot more adventure than she ever bargained for. The Samou are a group of dragon shifters and Allison’s captors. Hakona, the man responsible for kidnapping her, is harsh, rude, and intimidating. But, when Allison finds herself trapped in a world filled with secrets, lies, and hate, she turns to the one person she shouldn’t for comfort—the man who took her. As the Samou’s lead warrior, Hakona will have to choose between the woman who’s captured his heart and the people he’s sworn allegiance to. The deeper they dive into their forbidden relationship, the more complicated their situation becomes. Sworn enemies, Allison and Hakona can’t fight the feelings quickly forming between them. The tension between the two opposing groups is building quickly, as the heat between Allison and Hakona grows, as well. Will she choose him over the safety of her own people? Will he risk losing everything to protect the one person he shouldn’t? Bonus Book: Dragons Unchained Historically, dragon shifters have always been some of the most powerful people in society. They're business men, politicians, inventors, scientists. People with clout and intelligence and status, and the money to get whatever they want out of life. And then there's Artemis, a powerful shifter in his own right who has settled down in a small town and owns a diner. He likes his easy, quiet life. Likes his routines and his well worn habits. He has his regulars at the diner and newcomers who like to gawk at him (you can't hide shifter blood, you just can't), and it suits him better than a well tailored suit and a desk ever would. He's not expecting anything to change, but when a young woman who's bruised and terrified shows up outside of his diner without a dime to her name and clearly running from something, the protective instinct and need to keep that he never thought he had rears his head, and leads him to want to keep her safe from all the things she's running from. Even if it means turning his quiet life upside down completely.

Bewitching Birgit

Tianna Xander - 2017
    The first problem, she was born with; the second a good junkyard could take care of; but the last might be a little more difficult to deal with – especially when it comes with three matchmaking brothers. Reno Brewerigeron has his hands full dealing with his three young brothers who have decided it is his responsibility to continue the family since he is the oldest. Reno wants to get off the miserable planet his younger brother crashed on. They want him to mate, but that isn’t likely considering how small and fragile the women on Earth are. Thanks to the meddling of his brothers, he has a change of heart when a human woman awakens the beast inside him. His plans to court her take a turn when another alien species arrive searching for B​irgit. Will Reno be able to keep​ ​​Birgit​ safe long enough to convince her that she is the perfect mate for a stranded alien, or will he be destined to lose his one chance at happiness? Find out in Bewitching Birgit; where anything can happen in Magic, New Mexico!

Femme Metal

Nathalie Gray - 2005
    Soldier. Enemy. Bodyguard. Bitch. Her body's been through enough refits to trip every metal detector in the system. But nowadays, she's what is politely referred to as a ""privateer."" A new tag for an old job-slaver. On the Femme Metal, a tough, ugly-as-hell little ship, she prowls deep space procuring males. Human or alien. She doesn't much care. As long as they generate profit. And nothing will stop her from supplying her wealthy customers with top-grade male specimens for their brothel ships. Not even the seven-foot, blue-skinned, silver-haired wonder her customer very specifically requested. Unfortunately for Alex, she hadn't counted on the gorgeous Yithian being a Hunter or how her own attractiveness and desirability could get her and her crew into hot water. Sekmeth Meroh always gets his prey. For an exorbitant fee, he will catch anyone, of any race, on any world. He's the best of his kind-a Hunter-and sneaky to boot. Sekmeth's latest assignment-capture Alexandra Novona and her all female crew for a brothel ship near his own home world. One little problem... Neither Alex nor Sekmeth can keep their hands-or lips-to themselves.

Rescued by the Alien Cop

Liz Paffel - 2020
    Seems human captives have become a hot commodity now that Earth is a breath away from extinction. Suddenly, every black market skin trader and inmate with empty pockets is after me.My owners won’t let me out of their sight. The new bodyguard I’m assigned to keep me safe is huge, with golden skin and the biggest wings I’ve ever seen. He's an alien beast and he’s up to something. He’s got a killer smile and dangerous eyes. And a secret.If I’m not careful, my alien bodyguard may become much more. If I survive.I’m undercover with the mission to rescue the small human from the prison planet and bring her to safety at the Dome of Enlaan. As a lead enforcer for Cosmic SWAT, it’s my mission to protect human life at all costs. Protect, not desire. Or touch. Or more... I don’t believe in fated mates, but I do believe in this human female's ability to distract me from my mission. If I don’t rescue her soon, everything I’ve sacrificed for will be lost. Including the one thing no one knows I’m up to.Rescued by the Alien Cop is the sexy, fast-paced extended prequel entry into the Cosmic SWAT series. Hot alien cops to the rescue? Um, how about yes?


Lucy Snow - 2016
    As personal aide to Ambassador Fuller of Earth, she journeys into space to meet the elusive envoys of the Kreossian Empire as they prepare to invite Earth into their Commonwealth. When an explosion forces Melissa and Ark, a mysterious and powerful Kreossian warrior, to crash land on a nearby planet, Melisa realizes she may be in way over her head, and not just because the planet is trying to kill her… Ark is one of the most feared warriors of the Kreossian Empire, known throughout the galaxy for his ruthlessness. He has pillaged massive planets all in the name of two things: serving the empire and finding his mate. Now he finds himself stuck on a mysterious jungle world, alone with a human woman who turns him on like no other female ever has before. Together they must survive the deadly planet, repair their ship, and find the necessary fuel to escape, all while being hunted by the planet’s inhabitants - the deadly and fearsome ghost wolves. Along the way, Ark and Melissa must confront their growing feelings for each other - can Melissa be with a man who understands her so little? Can Ark be with a woman who challenges him so much? And even if they do escape the clutches of the mysterious jungle planet…will it be in time to save Earth from destruction? Ark is 63,000 words, and the first book in a series of scifi romance novels, following Kreossian warriors and the human women that love them. The book contains plenty of love, hardcore warrior lords, lust, and epic battles - so if that's what you love, you've found the right read! These books can and should be read standalone, there are no cliffhangers and each book contains a guaranteed HEA!

Tempting Traditions

Marie Harte - 2007
    Sierra Merritt, heir to Merritt Industrial, is married to her job. She doesn’t want another “husband” of any kind, and certainly not a Tergonian Shifter. Jonathan Bain Wright III, a Tergonian Shapeshifter and major shareholder in Wright Transport, completely agrees. Neither bride nor groom wishes to marry a partner sight unseen and think a merger should end at the business level. Unfortunately, their shareholders don’t agree. Trying to indulge in their last few days of freedom before they’re forced to meet and marry, they each visit a nightclub with pleasure in mind. But when her bridal shower and his bachelor party intersect, they find themselves naked, happy, and in each others’ arms. When the unthinkable happens, they have to wonder. Can a Shifter find a traditional happily-ever-after with a human who makes him feel what no human should? And can said human convince him her love is real?

Missing Linc

Ripley Proserpina - 2017
    Some were beautiful on the outside, but terrifying when the lights went out. Others appeared to be creatures of nightmares, but were loyal and honorable, ready to sacrifice their lives for those they loved.She learned the hard way which monster she preferred. Linc knew to stay away from humans. His kind, wary of being discovered, swam deep in the sea. Aegeans were legends, shifting shape from water to land. All his life, Linc followed the rules, laws set down to keep Aegeans alive. But then he saw Edythe. One glimpse and he knew she was his. He’d risk everything to protect her: madness, torture. Death. Fate may have brought Edythe and Linc together, but the world seems set on tearing them apart.

Sacrifice (War Brides of the Morja, #1)

Miranda Bridges - 2022
    As a prisoner in the arena, my greatest battle won’t be for my life.It’ll be for the heart of a woman.Once I scented the human, she was mine.Every part of me hungered for her.To touch.To taste.To take.But she belongs to my enemy.Claiming her will cost me.I may sacrifice everything.My revenge.My life.My very soul.

Sold To The Alien King

Zara Zenia - 2017
    But I’ll keep you protected from being sold.” Betty is a nerd, but trying to break out of her shell. She is studying astronomy, and is fascinated by possible life beyond the galaxy. Barsork is an alien alpha shifter king but is against the idea of abducting humans, put forth by his brother. But when Barsork takes Betty from Earth, Betty is repulsed by what his kind are doing. Selling humans off at an auction house is too much for her to take in, and she wants to get back home. Barsork tells her he will help her as he takes a liking to her and doesn’t want her sold off. Barsork will need to first gain Betty’s trust. It won’t be easy, especially considering he was the one who tricked her and took her away in the first place. Will Betty get back to Earth? Or will Barsork succumb to his brother’s demands and change his mind? Sold To The Alien King is book 1 of the Alien Auction House series. There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a happy ending!

ComeShift Box Set

Sky Winters - 2017
    Swipe right if you want dates with alpha dragons, wolves, and bears! The ComeShift Series box set is a collection of shifter romance short stories: Book 1: Ghost Wolf Book 2: Under Fire Book 3: Silver Wolf Book 4: Dating Two Dragons Bonus: Two more ComeShift stories, including one never before released! **This is a collection of short story (10-30,000 word each), standalone shifter romances. 18+ Only**


Canada Jackson - 2019
    Incapable of love and devoid of compassion, he was only saving a human colony to appease his younger brother who ruled their planet in a solar system far away.  When evacuation negotiations become difficult, he defies his brother’s blue print and changes the deal. After months of coveting the chief negotiators repressed and dominated fiancé - he offers her liberation she doesn’t even realize she needs and finds a devious way to make her his own. THE STORY BEGINS: Months later, when Amber wakes up after a crash landing to find herself on a hostile planet with a "man" beside her that "shifts" into a demon warrior whilst protecting her from the wild creatures they run into.She can't remember him, nor can she remember the end of Earth and how she came to be in a new solar system with an alien who claims they are lovers. Even though she is wildly attracted to him something feels amiss, especially his recount of how they came to be together after Earth's mysterious ending, or why they can't immediately return to his home planet where he is the Monarch's son.As their adventure continues, Amber is hurtled into worlds that both stun and defy her imagination. Her continued flashbacks of another lover, the mystery surrounding her departure from Earth and how she came to be the coveted spouse and princess on his planet are slowly revealed to her along with the terrifying choices she has made to survive. Who should read this book? This is a hybrid series: It has everything paranormal romance readers love: with a handsome alien monarchy who shift into demon warriors when attacked AND It has everything that fantasy readers love - New Kingdoms and New Worlds with magic and sorcery. It's packed with adventure and intrigue in every chapter and contains lots of romance & simmering sex too. It takes the reader on a wild ride from a hostile foreign planet with savage creatures to a new kingdom filled with intrigue and mystery.AUTHOR NOTE: This IS NOT a quick steamy read, it's both a Space Opera and Epic Fantasy all rolled into one action packed series. There is a HEA for the main characters but a cliff hanger lead up to the second book.

Megan's Alien

Pixie Moon - 2015
    I’ve just been given to a new alien. He’s the third one in two days. This purple skinned alien isn’t as dangerous and scary looking as the others and he smells delicious. My heart lurches as hope and passion flare within me. I have to fight my strange attraction to him because I know looks can be deceiving.Hilam Braknee ~ I’m not looking for a female. Not even a cute one. My work comes first. That’s why I’m surprised when I’m inexplicably drawn to the little human my brother brings me. Something in her pretty eyes intrigues me. She needs a bath, some healing, and a good meal. After all of her needs have been met, I’ll decide what to do with my distracting gift.5005 is a scary year to be alive. Change is brewing in the stars.Warning: Adult content. This story could be offensive to some. Buyer beware: Dagrinians are a group of VOYEURS and EXHIBITIONISTS! They don’t share but they do look!