For Sale In Palm Springs

Albert Simon - 2004
    Unsatisfied home buyers. A possible celebrity scam. A secret society! Join retired police chief Henry Wright in figuring out who killed Palm Springs real estate mogul Rex Thornbird in this page turning thriller that will keep you guessing. This first book in the Henry Wright Mystery Series takes our detective from Palm Springs to the Silicon Valley. Newly revised!

Drawing the Line

Judith Cutler - 2005
    If she can locate the rest of the book, maybe she can find her father. But in the ensuing weeks a series of burglaries and attacks occur. What has Lina uncovered?

Body Copy

Michael Craven - 2009
    Beautiful women don't ask for his autograph anymore. Now they ask for his help—like the stunning Nina Aldeen, who wants Tremaine to solve the murder of her uncle, advertising mogul Roger Gale, brutally slayed in his L.A. office a year earlier. The police investigation went nowhere. The suspects are many, and the victim had more secrets than anyone ever knew. But the closer Tremaine gets to the truth, the closer he comes to a killer who just might make his most complicated case his last.A novel that both honors and invigorates the classic private eye novel, Body Copy loudly heralds the arrival—with a bullet—of a major contender on the noir scene.

Criminal Conversation

Evan Hunter - 1994
    Neither of them knows that their illicit affair is about to have explosive consequences -- or that their hideaway has been wired to record their every word, by a New York City prosecutor with an agenda to indict Andrew, a reputed Mafia leader. And none of them can predict where the most basic desires of the human heart -- passion, ambition, vengeance -- will lead: a life-and-death struggle inside the worlds of organized crime and legal warfare.

Broken Angel

Diane M. Dickson - 2018
     When a woman disappears from a motorway service station, DI Charlie Lambert struggles to make any headway finding her. Missing person specialist DI Tanya Miller is called in to take over the investigation, but when it becomes a murder inquiry, she too is threatened with replacement. With a suspected serial killer on the loose, DI Miller must quickly muster her ad hoc team into action. But suspicions about the outsider are rife, and any delay might end in disaster. Is the young detective, woman in a man’s world, up to the task? After the missing woman’s body is found, mutilated and dressed in a wedding gown, the investigation closes in on the missing woman’s husband. He was certainly present at the time of her disappearance and had a possible motive. But following her instincts, Miller is not so sure. And when another woman goes missing, she takes the matter personally. Will Miller find the perpetrator before he strikes again? Based in Oxfordshire and the Midlands this detective murder mystery is set in the heart of England. If you enjoy crime fiction with plenty of twists and full of suspense, BROKEN ANGEL is for you.

The Hawkshead Hostage (The Lake District Mysteries)

Rebecca Tope - 2016
    But with the shop struggling for money, a contract to provide floral displays for a hotel in Hawkshead couldn’t be more welcome. However, Simmy’s association with the hotel soon turns sinister when she finds a body in the lake.To make matters worse, her friend, Ben - responsible for alerting her to the discovered body - is now missing and thought to be kidnapped. Caught up in both a murder and kidnapping investigation, Simmy begins chasing clues left by her missing friend.With many suspicious characters bustling in and out of the hotel, while simultaneously trying to cope with her father’s encroaching dementia, solving the puzzle seems a gruelling challenge, but Simmy is compelled to uncover the truth . . .

Sidekick to Deadline by John Sandford

Dave Eagle - 2014
    If you have not yet bought Virgil Flowers Deadline, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial Sidekick. Welcome to Trippton, Minnesota, where life moves at a leisurely pace ... until your dog gets stolen, someone decides to start cooking meth next door, or the school board votes on a motion to murder you. Sandford’s beloved sleuth takes on three intertwining mysteries in Deadline, a fun and intriguing addition to the Virgil Flowers series. With this Sidekick, you’ll: • Discover some fascinating hidden gems and trivia about the novel • Spend some more time with the characters you’ve come to know and love • Learn what you might have missed on your first read • Explore possible alternate endings and imagine ideas for sequels • Get a chance to discuss the book with other readers on our Facebook forum Sidekicks are entertaining and insightful reading companions, filled with delightful commentary and thought-provoking questions. Readers have raved that Dave Eagle’s Sidekicks "really put you in touch with the many layers of the novel," "keep you entertained," and are "perfect if you want a vivid understanding of the story." Designed to be read side by side with the novels they complement, they’ll give you even more reasons to love some of today’s best books.

Murder on the Orient Express / Death on the Nile / The Mirror Cracked / The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie Boxed Set)

Agatha Christie - 2003

Three Complete Novels: A is for Alibi / B is for Burglar / C is for Corpse

Sue Grafton - 1989
    The award-winning mysteries all feature former cop turned detective, Kinsey Milhone, one of the most loved heroines of modern mystery fiction.

New York

A.C. Fuller - 2019
    One unthinkable crime. The Crime Beat, Episode 1: New YorkPerched on the soft tar of a New York City rooftop, a mysterious sniper fires a single round from a fifty caliber rifle. Five stories below, his target collapses on the marble steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dead.Crime reporter Jane Cole needs this story badly. Suspended NYPD cop Robert Warren is desperate to clear his name. They don't trust each other, but they make the perfect team. And as Cole and Warren track the killer, they uncover a plot so ruthless it shocks the conscience, a crime so expansive it will rock the world.Perfect for readers of Michael Connelly and fans of True Detective or Jack Ryan, The Crime Beat is your next bingeable series from bestselling author A.C. Fuller.  -----The Crime Beat is a nine-episode novella series, designed to be read in order and in its entirety. Although each episode tells a complete portion of the story, the nine novellas--read together--weave one unforgettable tale.

Mildred in Disguise with Diamonds

Toni Kief - 2017
     Mildred Petrie expected a comfortable retirement. Except her husband died and his secrets changed everything. Desperate, she takes the only job available at the local gambling palace - undercover security. Drug deals, armed robbery and a mole catapult her into excitement, danger, and disguise. Only Mildred can find the truth! A breathless, page turner, in sensible shoes

The Simeon Chamber

Steve Martini - 1988
    Bored, he takes on elegant Jennifer Davies as a client. She has fallen heir to an ancient, valuable document belonging to her father, which surfaced 33 years after he mysteriously disappeared in a 1942 Navy blimp crash. When Bogardus discovers the literary legacy is probably an excerpt from lost diaries of 16th century explorer Sir Francis Drake, word of the find leaks out and the net closes on Davies and Bogardus. Willing to kidnap, maim and kill to possess the papers, his covetous adversaries unwittingly lead the counselor to San Simeon, William Randolph Hearst's castle, where he unearths a startling wartime black-market scandal.

Final Victim

Stephen J. Cannell - 1995
    Renegade U.S. Customs Service agent John Lockwood teams up with wise-ass Chicano master hacker Carlos Chacone and forensic criminologist and computer wiz Karen "Awesome" Dawson to track down a deranged genius who's systematically murdering and dismembering women in the Southeast.

Presumed Dead

Shirley Wells - 2010
    Dismissed in disgrace from the police force for assaulting a suspect, he has no job, his wife has thrown him out and-worse luck-his mother has moved in. So when Holly Champion begs him to investigate the disappearance of her mother thirteen years ago, he can't say no, even though it means taking up residence in the dreary Lancashire town of Dawson's Clough for the duration.Although the local police still believe Anita Champion took off for a better life, Dylan's inquiries turn up plenty of potential suspects: the drug-dealing, muscle-bound bouncer at the club where Anita was last seen; the missing woman's four girlfriends, out for revenge; the local landowner with rumored mob connections-the list goes on. But no one is telling Dylan all they know-and he soon finds that one sleepy Northern town can keep a lot of secrets.

Fallen Flowers

Michael Corwin - 2008
    It was included as part of a Women's Murder Club based computer game.A Women's Murder Club Novella. Lindsay solves a serial murder case involving young Chinese women who apparently commit suicide...