Storm Front / Fool Moon / Grave Peril / Summer Knight

Jim Butcher - 2016
    He is also dead broke. His vast knowledge and magical skills are unfortunately matched by his talent for making powerful enemies and alienating friends.With rent past due and a decent meal becoming an issue of some importance, he accepts an offer of work from Lt. Karrin Murphy of the Chicago PD Special Investigation Unit – a force tasked to deal with the strange cases no one else wants to get involved with, let alone attempt to solve.Harry finds himself pitted against a multitude of supernatural bad guys in this exciting collection – demons, poltergeists, sorcerers, trolls, vampires, werewolves, and even an evil faerie godmother can’t keep a good wizard down!

The Wolf at the End of the World

Douglas Smith - 2013
    "I can’t remember the last time I read a book that spoke to me, so eloquently, and so deeply, on so many levels. ... I’ll be rereading it in the future because it’s that sort of book. Richly layered and deeply resonant. An old friend, from the first time you read it." —Charles de Lint, World Fantasy Award winner The Heroka walk among us. Unseen, unknown. Shapeshifters. Human in appearance but with power over their animal totems.Gwyn Blaidd is a Heroka of the wolf totem. Once he led his people in a deadly war against the Tainchel, the shadowy agency that hunts his kind. Now he lives alone in his wilderness home, wolves his only companions.But when an Ojibwe girl is brutally killed in Gwyn's old hometown, suspicion falls on his former lover. To save her, Gwyn must return, to battle not only the Tainchel, but even darker forces: ancient spirits fighting to enter our world…And rule it.~~~Cree and Ojibwe legends mix with current day environmental conflict in this fast-paced urban fantasy that keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to its explosive conclusion.


Steven Kelliher - 2019
    He dreamed of fighting alongside colorful heroes and taking down dastardly villains. In Titan Online, the most popular VR MMORPG going, he finally got the chance to live out his cape-donning fantasies.That is, right up until he was killed by the game's number one 'hero'. A man who serves only himself in a constant grind for money, fame and adoration. Forced to start from scratch due the harsh game mechanics, Karna finds a new mission; bringing balance back to Titan Online.With a strange new power and some unlikely allies, Karna hatches a plan to save the game, and get a bit of revenge in the process.When the heroes can't be trusted, it's up to the villains to save the (virtual) world.

Forgotten Gods Boxed Set: The Complete Series

S.T. Branton - 2019
    They were defeated by a great warrior—and banished to spend eternity beyond the reach of the humans who once served them. Their war is raging once again.  And once again, it will require a great hero to save humanity.  Unfortunately for humanity, I’m that hero.  My name is Vic Stratton. I’m no saint, but I’m the best chance we’ve got at surviving the chaos about to be unleashed. But hey, at least I have my good looks, a quick tongue, and the sword of the gods on my side. And I’m going to need it. Because when the gods return, all hell will break loose.  Read now and discover The Forgotten GodsThe Forgotten Gods Boxed Set includes the entire eight book series: Forgotten Gods, Goddess Scorned, Hounded By The Gods, God In The Darkness, Gods Of New York, God Country, Haunted By The Gods, and Gods Remembered.

The Cat, The Devil, and Lee Fontana

Shirley Rousseau Murphy - 2014
    The big, golden tomcat accompanies Lee when he’s paroled from federal prison: a cat sometimes seen, sometimes invisible. Lee is set on committing one last robbery to support him in his failing years--but the devil has darker plans. Satan means to crush Lee for the three-generation vendetta he holds against Lee’s family. Only the ghost cat understands fully. Fiercely he confronts the dark spirit, encouraging Lee’s moral side, shaming Lee when he is tempted by Lucifer’s hypnotic lust.Shirley Rousseau Murphy, author of the award-winning Joe Grey mystery series--a writer hailed for her “magical whimsy and deft writing” (Cats Magazine) who "has raised the stakes of the feline sleuth genre” (Kirkus Reviews)--teams up with her husband to conjure this gripping supernatural adventure, sprinkled with lighter moments of feline clowning."This compelling departure from the Joe Grey series will have you flying through the pages, anxious to find out what happens next.... The relationships are complex and true-to-life, and the post-World War II landscape is drawn beautifully.... This is one mystery not to miss!" --Amy Sikes,

Magical Arts Academy: Books 1-4

Lucia Ashta - 2019
     What would you do if you were invited to study at the Magical Arts Academy? Enroll, of course! Join Isadora and her crew of magical misfits. Embark on a wild adventure today! Omnibus 1 includes books 1-4 of the Magical Arts Academy: First Spell Winged Pursuit Unexpected Agents Improbable Ally

Magi Dawn

Andrew Dobell - 2013
    Attacked by a creature of nightmare. You discover Magic is real, lethal, and you can use it. What would you do? Amanda-Jane Page is just an ordinary girl struggling to make a living on the streets of Manhattan. When she discovers she has the potential to be a Magi, she’s drawn into a hidden magical civil war. Her mysterious link to an ancient Artifact discovered in the Egyptian Desert draws her into a race to control its power. Finding others like her, together they must stop the dangerous and powerful dark Magi, led from the shadows by the mysterious witch Yasmin. Amanda must learn the ways of Magic to stand a chance against the forces arrayed against her. If the Artifact fell into the wrong hands, it could change the war and mean victory for the forces of evil. Amanda must accept her Magical heritage and stand against the darkness in this gripping Urban Fantasy Thriller!

Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled

Frank J. Fleming - 2018
    Learn to use this sword or perish.” Terrance doesn’t have time to go on a magical quest: he’s late for his job as a computer programmer. But when he gets to work, he suddenly notices things he hadn’t seen before. Like the fact that his boss is a demon with scaly skin, horns, and bloodstained fangs. Or that an “unnamed thing below” feasts on human victims in an arena filled with people absorbed in their cell phones. Set up on a blind date with a perky blonde named Shannon, Terrance finds that she is wearing a full suit of armor complete with a helmet and sword. “I’m a Sister of Torment,” she explains. “We’re a group of women who serve the Darkness.” Terrance can't help wondering how such a nice, attractive girl ended up beheading people with an ax. But their budding romance is complicated when Terrance is recruited by The Infinite, a shadowy group that is at war with the Sisters of Torment and their demonic overlords. Will Terrance join them? Or will he try to return to his old life and forget the evidence of his now-awakened senses? Faeries, elves, warriors, mermaids, and his dark-souled girlfriend will help him decide.

The HighFire Crown

J.T. Lawrence - 2018
    It’s an offer she can’t refuse. Jacquelyn Denna Knight, the best wizard detective in the city, is about to be evicted from her haunted apartment, and she just choked on the job that was going to pay her rent.  She hates that she let the money get away from her, but the satin-skirted vampire that escaped out the bordello window worries her more. When a distraught—and obscenely wealthy—elf calls Jax at midnight to hire her for an intriguing job, she grabs the opportunity with both hands… But what Jax doesn’t know is that this case is going to unravel her life. She’ll get tangled up with a host of intriguing characters, most of whom are not who they appear to be. As Jax speeds down a path toward the most powerful vampire clan in the country, she’ll have to put everything on the line.  Will she be able to use her unique brand of magic to save the Realm? *** A breakneck-paced mix of urban fantasy, irreverent humor and detective noir. Fans of The Dresden Files and Jessica Jones will burn through this addictive urban fantasy series. Get it now. ***

The Blurred Lands

Ian W. Sainsbury - 2018
    A gripping read from the very start" RR Haywood, bestselling author of Extracted and The Undead Series. John Aviemore, still mourning the death of his wife, fears he’s heading for another breakdown. In an abandoned cottage, he faces a mystery that grows more terrifying every night. And he’s trapped there. Trapped in the place where worlds overlap. Trapped in the Blurred Lands. A disappearing city, a curse that unravels minds, and a caged, power-hungry god. John’s only chance of escape lies with an ancient family secret and a character straight out of a fairytale. From the Amazon and Audible bestselling author of The World Walker and Halfhero series comes a fantastical, terrifying journey into a realm we prefer to believe doesn’t exist.

Daughters of the Moon, Volume 2

Lynne Ewing - 2011
    But the truth is far from ordinary. Vanessa can become invisible. Catty travels back in time. Serena reads minds, and Jimena has premonitions. What separates them from other bands them together as Daughters of the 4: The Secret ScrollCatty goes into the past to discover her true identity. Not only does she meet her birth mother, but she also inherits a secret scroll that that is the key to destroying the evil Atrox once and for 5: The SacrificeStanton, a Follower of Atrox, is torn between his love for Serena and his desire to destroy her by turning her over to the dark forces.book6: The Lost OneA girl wakes up one day not knowing where—and more importantly, who—she is. Soon she realizes that she has the power to move things with her mind. What is her connection to the Daughters of the Moon?

Dying for a Living Boxset: The Complete Series Books 1-7

Kory M. Shrum - 2018
    Called "smart, imaginative, and insanely addictive" by New York Times bestseller Darynda Jones, this urban fantasy will thrill even the most die-hard urban fantasy fans. On the morning before her 67th death, it is business as usual for agent Jesse Sullivan: meet with the mortician, counsel soon-to-be-dead clients, and have coffee while reading the latest regeneration theory. Jesse dies for a living, literally. Because of a neurological disorder, she is one of the population's rare 2% who can serve as a death surrogate, dying so others don't have to. Although each death replacement is different, the result is the same: a life is saved, and Jesse resurrects days later with sore muscles, new scars, and another hole in her memory. But when Jesse is murdered and becomes the sole suspect in a federal investigation, more than her freedom and sanity are at stake. She must catch the killer herself--or die trying. And that was only the beginning... Read the complete series today.

The Charm Runner

Jamie Davis - 2019
    Enter a magical world with gangsters, crooked cops, and a dark secret threatening to end it all. Join Winnie and her crew and find out what life is like as a charm runner. Click and get The Charm Runner now.

The Complete Four Worlds Series #1-4

Angela J. Ford - 2018
    An ancient power stolen. The fate of the world at stake. The Complete Four Worlds Series includes: The Five Warriors The Blended Ones Eliesmore and the Green Stone Eliesmore and the Jeweled Sword When the Green People awaken an age old evil, they ignite the flame in the war between the mortals and immortals. The consequences are felt through the Four Worlds, from the rise of the Five Warriors in the Western World to the whirlwind quest of the Blended Ones in the Eastern World. But there is only one who can stop the turn of the tide and the rise of the Changers. Eliesmore. Eliesmore is a Blended One, growing up on the edge of the forest of the creatures of the wood. Young, headstrong, and inspired by magical rituals, he spends his time between his overprotective mother and sneaking out to dance with the wild things. His courage is tested when Eliesmore discovers that he is the One who is meant to save the Four Worlds from the Changers. Unwilling to accept his fate, he turns his back on the prophecy and the futile quest to dissolve the Green Stone. After accomplishing his first quest and winning a great victory, Eliesmore believes it will be easy to take back the world from the forces of darkness. As he travels east with a small group of companions, all kinds of people and animals are drawn to his unique power and the world rejoices. However, when he faces down the greatest enemy of the Four Worlds, he finds his woes have just begun. Dark secrets of the past are revealed and hidden motives from friends Eliesmore thought he could trust. Unsure how to distinguish between myth and truth, Eliesmore channels the power of creation to start a revolution against the forces of evil. As Eliesmore conquers the world, he discovers the truth behind the secrets and lies that have been spun across the Four Worlds. Will Eliesmore save the world from dark forces of evil? Or will he become the evil he’s fighting to save the world from? This unforgettable adventure combines bravery, epic battles, romance, magic, mayhem, mortals, immortals and the revelation of a deadly secret which will haunt the world for an eternity.

Motherless Child

Glen Hirshberg - 2012
    Things soon become horrifyingly clear: the Whistler is a vampire and Natalie and Sophie are his latest victims. The young women leave their babies with Natalie's mother and hit the road, determined not to give in to their unnatural desires.Hunger and desire make a powerful couple. So do the Whistler and his Mother, who are searching for Sophie and Natalie with the help of Twitter and the musician's many fans. The violent, emotionally moving showdown between two who should be victims and two who should be monsters will leave readers gasping in fear and delight.Originally published in a sold-out, limited edition, Motherless Child is an extraordinary Southern horror novel that Tor Books is proud to bring to a wider audience.