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Blaze by Krista Crowley


The Secret of Crybaby Hollow

Cara Swann - 2013
    Soon she meets a county sheriff's deputy, and together they begin to discover there's something all too real and sinister behind a local superstitious folk legend. [Mystery/Romance]NOTE: New edited/updated version July 28, 2013

Fortis Security Vol 2

Maddie Wade - 2019
     The men and women of Fortis Security must overcome a series of obstacles to find true love including a cult that wants to take over the world, bombs exploding, and the loss of close friends. Broken Butterfly: Can Zin save Celeste from the forces of evil that are determined to keep them apart? Arctic Fire: Kanan and Roz must overcome their pasts in order to forge a future together. That is, if they both survive long enough to have a future. Phoenix Rising: Daniel is like a phoenix rising from the ashes when he finds a new love with Megan that is destined to last a lifetime. Nate and Skye: A Fortis wedding novella: You are hereby invited to join Nate and Skye as they finally have their Christmas wedding. Unfortunately, the path to the alter doesn’t always run smooth.

Love’s Battle Won (The Rileys of Misty Creek Series) (A Western Romance Story)

Elliee Atkinson - 2017
     Will Love To Be The Price To Pay? An Angel’s smile…A Devil’s eyes…Are dreams made to be broken? Cheated out of her own ranch and left alone with a son to raise, Serena Snowdon can’t seem to keep ahead of the trouble that haunts her. With her only chance at a normal life hanging on the return of her husband, Serena knows she will just have to hold on until he comes back. But when she finds employment as a cook in the Riley household, she discovers that some things are worse than being out in the cold - like a dark-haired cowboy with the temptation of the devil himself. Known to be a man who loves hard and fights harder, Jasper Riley has a knack for knowing when danger is nipping at his heels. Yet he seems blind to the perils of the irresistible attraction he feels for their new cook, even as he is coerced into a marriage with a woman he has no feelings for. But when all Serena has left is being threatened, she and Jasper realize that if they don’t make a stand, then the worst that can happen is far more than either of them is willing to risk. With their backs against the wall and Serena determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers, Jasper has no choice but to set his sights on the one thing he knows best - protecting what is his.

Lethal Distraction

Terri Reid - 2018
    Little did she realize that following up on one particular discard would not only drop her in the middle of a murder investigation, but also put her smack dab in the crosshairs of an assassin’s gun. Will her burgeoning relationship with Sergeant Tom O’Reilly, her assigned protector, guide her to success as a reporter? Or will their attraction prove to be a lethal distraction?


Lori Matthews - 2021
    Now, too hurt to return to his former position and not wounded enough to be benched, he’s assigned as the new Coast Guard team leader in…Panama. They’re there as part of a drug interdiction unit, but really, they’re Team RECON. Recon as in reconstructed. Each of the four men is like him; a Humpty Dumpty. Except they were trying to put themselves back together so they could do what they loved best, kicking ass, and taking names.Dr. Carolina Alvarez had moved on from research and was working for Doctors Without Borders. A chance meeting with her old boss set her on a dangerous mission to deliver much-needed medicine to South America. Her failure would mean the sure extinction of a tribe clinging to their ancient traditions.Nick should have realized from the instant Carolina walked back into his life things would not go according to plan. But harbored resentment still clouded his vision. Now they were on the trail of the missing vaccine, and the assignment just turned deadly.

Echo of Glory: An Irish Legends Novel (Celtic Legends Collection)

Martina Boone - 2018
    A heart-pounding and magical tapestry of romance, history, legend, and complex themes of inequality that resonated as deeply centuries ago as they do today. Perfect for fans of Susanna Kearsley, Nora Roberts, Mary Stewart, Maeve Binchy, and Susan Wiggs. After a disastrous relationship with her boss, Meg Cameron leaves her job with two bad options. Stay silent? Or speak up and ruin her career? A trip to an archeological dig gives her time to reflect on historical imbalances of power, but history refuses to stay quietly in the bloody past of Ireland's beautiful Beara Peninsula and the O'Sullivan massacre. Niall Sullivan has spent years chasing the truth of what happened to his family in 1602. But he never expected to have to bring his newly orphaned nephew, Adam, with him to excavate on Dursey Island--without internet or television or even reliable cell phone coverage. Still, time alone together in the abandoned village could be exactly what the two of them need to build the foundations of a family. Until Meg Cameron comes along. Meg and her developing relationship with Niall brings out both the best and the worst in Adam. And as danger comes from unexpected sources, they all have choices to make. Life and death choices none of them expected. ★★★★★  PRAISE FOR LAKE OF DESTINY ★★★★★  "Delightful, charming, and heartwarming!" -- New York Times bestselling author Wendy Higgins "I loved this!!! It reminds me of a Nora Roberts series, The Gallaghers of Ardmore . . . but a Scottish version with men in kilts!" -- Two Chicks on Books "Outlander-Lite Meets Gilmore Girls in Scotland. This is a story that sucked me in from the start and didn't let go until I'd laughed, shed a few tears and worked up an appetite. Fast. Fun. Romantic. Read it!" -- Jenuine Cupcakes "Endearing and alluring! Modern day mixed with history, truth, folklore, and just the right touch of the blarney! -- Thoughts on Your Words "So much charm it's magical!" --  BookGeek ★★★★★ PRAISE FOR COMPULSION ★★★★★  "Skillfully blends rich magic and folklore with adventure, sweeping romance, and hidden treasure . . . Impressive."  -- Publisher's Weekly "Eight Beaufort is so swoon-worthy that it s ridiculous."  RT Book Reviews , RT Editors Best Books of the Year "Darkly romantic and steeped in Southern Gothic charm, you ll be compelled to get lost in the Heirs of Watson Island series." -- #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout "The perfect Southern family saga: charming and steamy on the surface, with cold-blooded secrets buried down deep." -- Kendare Blake, -- New York Times bestselling author "Haunting, atmospheric, and absorbing.

Scarred - The Scarred Serial - #4-6

Kylie Walker - 2015
    He will protect her at all costs. Chloe has no doubt that Jessie is watching and waiting for the perfect moment but she has no desire to run anymore. She plans to stand, fight and win, even if that means death. "Attack retreat, attack retreat...wear your opponent down. Do not let the fight go to the floor," is what her personal trainer 'Max' has taught her for a long time. She will win! Chloe and Derek are invited to spend the weekend with Samantha and Trevor to reveal the DNA results that have finally come back. Will she find out that her entire life had essentially been stolen from her. Can she handle the results? Or will the results break her? Jesse knows that Derek is an obstacle and must be removed from his path in order to finally get to Kelly. Will the weekend go well or will tragedy strike at it's worst? NOTE: This is intended for 18+ due to abuse and sexual content.

Small-Town Christmas: Sweet, Faith-Filled, Clean Romances

Alexa Verde - 2020
    Opposites-attract romance! Feuding co-chefs have to put their differences aside before Christmas to give their siblings a great reception. A ruined wedding and failed business are not on the menu. But romance just might be...SEASON OF AFFECTION. A woman in jeopardy, bodyguard, and second chance romance! A celebrity in peril and the small-town boy who crushed her heart years ago. Can a Christmas reunion bring them a second chance at love?SEASON OF MIRACLES. Opposites-attract sports romance! New beginning or new heartbreak? A shy nurse starts over in a small town after breaking up with a demanding celebrity. The last thing she wants is to fall for her patient's grandson, a pro football player set on reaching sports glory.SEASON OF JOY. A single dad, second chance romance with a plus-size heroine! A successful travel reporter returns home for the holidays, and sparks fly between her and her first crush, now a single father. When his youngest son writes a letter to God asking for a Mom for Christmas, she agrees to help him find the right woman. But can this reunion be a second chance for these best friends?SEASON OF HOPE. Redemption romance! A single mother's quiet life with her little daughter is disrupted when a notorious former football player moves next door. Angry and lost after forced retirement, he surprises himself by getting involved in a small community and falling for his redhead neighbor. Can they help each other heal, or will their hearts be broken again?These books were previously published as solos. Several books were published in sets, except for SEASON OF AFFECTION, which is brand-new. This set contains religious themes. If this offends you, please steer clear. Everyone else, please read on!

The Secret Billionaire’s Missing Date

Nia Wilson - 2019
     After a disastrous date with a creep who just wouldn’t take no for an answer, she vows to delete her internet dating profile altogether. But there’s one message that catches her eye and she decides to give online dating one final shot. With his fortune and dashing good looks, Mark Masterson always seems to attract the wrong kind of women who only want him for his money. When his secretary signs him up for a dating site, annoyance gives way to intrigue as he browses through Vanessa’s profile. Against all odds, the two of them hit it off and before they know it, sparks begin to fly. Still, Vanessa suspects he’s not being entirely honest with her and she cannot help but wonder how he can afford such a lavish lifestyle. Before she can pry the truth from him, she suddenly goes missing. As Mark embarks on a dangerous journey to track Vanessa down and save her life, will he ever find her in time? **** This is a standalone Novel with a touch of steam and HEA. ****

Untamed Mate: A Shifting Destinies Bear Shifter Romance (Shifters of Bear's Den Book 6)

Cecilia Lane - 2018
    Three years ago, Mara watched helplessly as hunters killed her brother. The men promised not to harm others if she complied with their evil demands. Now, she's serving time in a cell beneath Bearden, trying to atone for the crimes they forced her to commit. Mara's penance brings her face to face with a fierce and rugged and heavily tatted bear shifter, Hudson Vaughn. He stirs all sorts of feelings inside her. Desire. Yearning. Need. But now is not the time for that foolishness. The hunters have returned. Their demands are even more sinister. They want shifter children, and they want her too. Mara intends to confront the hunters. Alone. But Hudson has a different plan... Together they'll attend a shifter auction, posing as handler and leashed pet. It's all just a fake act. A ploy. And her yanking his leash and taunting him is part of the act too. It's working fine. Right up until the end of the night when all pretense falls away, the lights dim and the growly bear-shifter crowds her into a corner and makes a promise... I don't need my bear to make you submit, kitty... Hudson Vaughn has a plan to set his mate free. First, he must convince Mara they're fated to be together. Then, he needs to convince her he'll protect her from every threat. Even the shifter-traffickers that murdered her brother. What starts as a plan to infiltrate the hunters' auction, becomes something so much more. Mara poses as his handler, but she seems to enjoy her role a little too much. The entire evening, she delights in snapping his leash and full-on flirting with him. None of that was part of the plan. Little tease. His mate has a wild side. A naughty side he never imagined, but one he likes very much. His bear snarls and snaps, hungering to make Mara his. Hudson must destroy the evil forces that stalk Mara, so he can finally claim his sassy, curvy fated mate... ~ Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step - more than darkness lurks in the shadows.

Tanaka Rain: Yakuza Claimed Series

Kenya Clark - 2020
    Instead of wishing for her situation to change, she decides to change it. She moves away from her drug addicted mother to start her life anew. The last thing on her mind is love until she meets the mysterious Rain Tanaka. Ebony doesn’t know what he sees in her, all she knows is that he scares her with the way he makes her feel.Rain Tanaka has spent his life taking care of his family. He realizes quickly, he had been a fool in thinking everything he needed was found at home. Ebony Drake, is the missing piece. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with her, but there’s just something about the dark skin beauty that pulls him to her. However, just when things begin to heat up between them, he has to walk away.No matter how much Rain tries, he can't erase Ebony from his sweat filled dreams. Risking it all, Rain will do anything to get the love he left behind back. He should have remembered the code; NO ONE disobeys the Yakuza.


Olivia Gaines - 2019
    One phone call to Saxton Blakemore and the wheels are placed in motion for the daring rescue. In the wee hours of the morning, four technicians load up to collect the heir apparent, with telling results. The fixer, the tracker, and the retrieval agent are joined by a blast from both the past of Saxton and Mr. Yield. The story deepens as Yunior begins to understand the man he is supposed to be, versus the man he believes walks in his shoes. At the end of the day, surrounded by Killers, his role as the impending Czar of the Americas unfolds incrementally as he tries on the loafers which are a perfect fit. ****Contains adult situations and violence.**** This is not a romance novel. This is not a Blakemore File but a Delgado File Happy reading. - Olivia

Savage Saints: The Complete Series

Hazel Parker - 2020
    All books are full-length novels sure to get your blood pumping and steam up the sheets!Series includes:Ride HardLust HardProtect HardLove HardSpadesClubsHeartsDiamondsStoneFitzNinerBiggie

Modern Love Box Set

Piper Rayne - 2019
    When a blind date turns disastrous, Whitney Knight's life changes forever and there's only one person to blame: Cole Webber. Charmed by the Bartender (Modern Love #1) Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this much fun? By the time I’d figured out WHO the bartender was, I was already falling for him. Hooked on the Boxer (Modern Love #2) Who knew a bad boy could mend a broken heart? Until I discovered he was so much more than just a BOXER. Left hook. Right to the heart. Mad About the Banker (Modern Love #3) Who knew my brother’s friend could be Mr. Right, not just Mr. Right Now? Well, until I discovered his secret—and it changes EVERYTHING. A Modern Love Christmas (Modern Love #3.5) Revisit the Modern Love Series gang when they flee from the city to spend their holiday sharing a log cabin in Climax Cove. PLUS three bonus scenes written from Cole, Lucas and Jasper’s POV! "I flove this author duo and highly recommend these books...they give you the perfect mix of storyline, comic relief, and romance." - Goodreads Reviewer "Oh my gosh! This author duo has rocked my world when it comes to giving me stories I love. Each book got better and better, to the point I couldn't put The Banker down and might have lost some sleep from not wanting to stop reading." - Goodreads Reviewer

She Use to Be the Sweetest Girl

Linette King - 2016
    It comes from those you would have never expected it to come from, like your friends and sometimes your family. For Nichole Jackson it came from both. Amber, Nichole and Bianca had been best friends for a few years but neither of them really knew the other. They all pretty much only shared the information that they wanted them to know. The scariest thing to have in your life is a best friend that doesn’t really like you. With a friend like that, who needs enemies? Darnell (Murda) Jones runs the streets of Memphis with an iron fist. He prides himself on leaving no stone unturned by killing off any and everyone that poses a threat to his empire. His organization came first until he ran into a damsel in distress, literally. All of a sudden, his focus began to drift away as the overpowering need to save her took over. When life constantly throws you hardships, it changes you. Follow the She use to be the sweetest girl series to find out how quickly it changed Nichole Jackson.