The Ghost of Jeopardy Belle (The Ghosts of Summerleigh Book 2)

M.L. Bullock - 2018
    Supernatural sightings at the old house increase along with Jerica's terror. As the former nurse ponders her future, she has to work to help other ghosts at Summerleigh...and save herself. The Ghost of Jeopardy Belle is Book Two in The Ghosts of Summerleigh series. Scroll up and grab your copy of this haunting tale today! The Ghost of Jeopardy Belle is Book Two in The Ghosts of Summerleigh series.

The Haunting of Galsbury Inn: Haunted House

Caroline Clark - 2019
    He was a man who believed what he could see, but even he knew that something was very wrong. FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The Galsbury Inn is a magnificent structure, nestled in the idyllic English countryside. The place is rundown and spooky from being abandoned over the years. Then there were the rumors about deaths and disappearances. Some say the first owner tortured and killed people, including his own wife, but that happened a hundred years ago, or more, and besides, there’s no such things as ghosts. Only Charles may have to change his mind. Based on the Inn’s history, Harriet has a hunch that something more sinister—and paranormal—is at play. She’s a paranormal investigator, an amateur sure, and eagerly jumps on the chance to investigate the Galsbury. But soon, she quickly realizes what she’s playing with is far out of her league, and she’s a bit in over her head. But she’s persistent and won’t let a poltergeist intimidate her into heading back home with her tail between her legs. With the help of an unwitting policeman, Harriet takes on the Galsbury and its secrets. Is she strong enough to face the Inn’s horrible past and find the truth? Or will the spirit that resides within scare her away, or kill her in the process? Also by Caroline Clark: Don’t Close Your Eyes The Spirit Guide Series: The Haunting of Seafield House The Haunting on the Hillside The Haunting of Oldfield Drive The Ghosts of RedRise House 4 book box set Single Books: The Haunting of Brynlee House Daddy Won’t Kill You The Spirit Behind You The Haunting of Shadow Hill House

The Visitors: A True Haunting (True Hauntings Book 5)

Rebecca Patrick-Howard - 2016
    They didn’t believe in ghosts…but they would.Named for the row of weeping willows that lined the driveway,Willow Terrace was the most well-known house in the county. With its sweeping views, wraparound porches, and fourteen rooms it was the kind of place that was coveted. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it was also one of the old houses in town. Stained windows, intricate wood carvings, and a winding staircase straight out of the movies– So why had it been empty for so long? The Sanders family had been watching the house for most of their lives. As a teenager, Piper had sworn she would own the house one day. When their small business began taking off, they finally had the chance to buy Willow Terrace and begin fixing up the sad, neglected place.They’d brushed off those rumors and stories they’d heard, tales of ghostly figures that appeared in windows, cries in the middle of the night, objects that flew across rooms... Ghosts weren’t real, right?Piper and Larry were about to take a journey into the world of the supernatural–a journey they’d never forget. They’d soon learn they weren’t the only ones living in their new house.And that their unearthly visitors might not be happy for the intrusion. Secret passageways, underground tunnels, an invisible child, demonic rituals, and a town’s haunting mystery…had they bitten off more than they could chew? Now the Sanders' family faced a difficult choice: make a run for it or stay and fight for the house they'd invested everything in. Based on a true story.

The Buzzing (A Narrowdale Novella)

Michael Omer - 2015
    But this is Narrowdale, and nothing’s ever quite normal. When two of the kids she is looking after disappear, things quickly spiral out of control. Now Roxanne's crawling around in old maintenance tunnels, catching glimpses of creepy happenings in the building's many apartments. In one of them lives a man with a dark, terrible secret, and Roxanne's path is on a collision course with his. And all around the man, there is a strange sound of buzzing…

Beneath the Deep

J.T. Cross - 2014
    Cross, acclaimed author of the LOST VALLEY, returns with BENEATH THE DEEP, an epic underwater science thriller. When Megan O’Brien, an archaeologist on a quest for a lost underwater civilization, and her treasure hunting partner, Matt Turner, rescue a disgraced physics professor, they stumble upon a man with a stunning scientific discovery—a location under the ocean where quantum physics fails. Joining forces with Sam DeCourcy, a wealthy undersea salvage expert, they form a crack exploration team to dive and drill beneath the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle. Danger arises when a rival team aims to get there first and they’re armed with explosives and a plan that could kill them all. Now, racing against their competition, the explorers discover remnants of a mysterious lost civilization, and then, the game changer unfurls: evidence of an ancient intelligent species—and they are not happy to have company. J.T. Cross weaves science fact with science fiction to create a believable, riveting epic adventure that will appeal to readers of Michael Crichton and fans of James Cameron's THE ABYSS. **Acclaim for J.T. Cross** “Pulse-pounding action, brilliant speculation, and the introduction of a lost world filled with horrors and wonders. J.T. Cross is a lot of writer.” ―J.R. Rain, #1 bestselling author of MOON DANCE and THE LOST ARK.

Apex Predator: Hunter's Moon

D.A. Roberts - 2020

The Luxury Orphanage

Grant Finnegan - 2020
    Ravenstone House, built in the early 1800s, was once a majestic home. Then it was used as an orphanage for decades. When it closed its doors in 1956, the building lay derelict for more than thirty years.In its neighbourhood, the house is well known for being haunted. But only when it is converted into luxury flats do the dark secrets from its past come to light. The unexpected events that follow will upend the lives of the residents as the tortured souls trapped beneath Ravenstone reveal themselves to demand justice.Get us to where we belong.It's not our fault.We did nothing wrong.

Lycaon's Fire

Jeff Schanz - 2021
    People go missing, presumed dead, suspected eaten alive. Though the myth is considered silly superstition to most residents, someone or something is killing to protect the truth.A mild-mannered drifter named Merrick, a haunted man with his own brutal, deadly secret, passes through the town, accidentally setting in motion a chain of events that will bring the town’s bizarre mysteries to light. When a fearless and feisty young waitress named Kat offers her help, she and Merrick fall into the murderous crosshairs of entities who eliminate anyone that threatens their agenda.On a forested mountain, far from anyone who can hear them scream, Merrick, Kat, and their allies are hunted in an unholy ritual, where the game is survival and the prize is life. But not all who are hunted are easy prey. Something else that no one counted on, something powerful and savage that can kill with the swipe of its clawed hand, also stalks the mountain.In the light of the sacrificial fire, the bloodthirsty hunters will face an unfathomable killing machine in a showdown that pits monster against monstrosity.-- Book 1 of "Merrick, The Drifter" series --

The Enfield Horror Trilogy

Ron Ripley - 2015
    For decades, the beast and its lair have hungered. Now the people of Enfield have to deal with a supernatural hunter with an insatiable appetite for humans. A hunter that is disturbingly good at what it does. As people start disappearing, Officer Tom Henderson finds himself thrust from the role of a rural police officer into that of a savior. Improbable eyewitness accounts tell him that the beast he has to face is merciless. And now, Tom will discover how deep his courage truly runs. The Enfield Horror Trilogy contains: 1. The Enfield Horror 2. Darkness Rising 3. Nowhere To Run

The Hatching

Mark Gillespie - 2021
    Now Dani, along with her four companions, must fight against incredible odds to survive a night that no one will ever forget.A night that will forever be known as ‘the hatching.’The Hatching is a horror novel inspired by John Carpenter movies, as well as the classic stories of Stephen King and Richard Matheson. If you love taut, fast-paced claustrophobic horror, you’ll love The Hatching.

The Paid Juror (Max Harrison #3)

Patrick Grisham - 2014
     When criminal defense attorney Max Harrison is called to defend long-term client, Dwayne Jackson, he advises the defendant to take the plea bargain. Dwayne has a strong case against him but seems impossibly confident. Max starts to dig beneath the surface of the case, and he finds a juror may have been bought. But the more Max digs, the more dangerous the case becomes. Can Max survive the ultimate double-cross?

Beasts 2: A Mate's War

Natavia - 2017
     Kanye and Monifa’s mating ritual is only days away but their fate was sabotaged. Monifa’s urge to cheat fate causes a dark past to haunt her. Will Monifa be able to fight the surge of black magic flowing through her veins or will she let it consume her and push Kanye into Arya’s waiting arms? Chancy and Akea are in love and are now expecting a new edition to the pack. The visions Akea had of Chancy with another wolf causes him to question their relationship. Would his insecurity push her away and into the arms of another wolf? Osiris who is possessed by a vampire god wants what belongs to him, Keora’s soul. But there are two things standing in his way, Monifa is Keora in the afterlife and she’s Kanye’s mate. Will Seth get what he wants or will Kanye go to war to protect him and Monifa’s destiny? In this second installment of the beasts, the couples are fighting for love harder than ever. They are willing to go to war until death in order to seal their fate. Which couple will surrender their love and who will win the war? This is a tale of passion, vengeance, jealousy, and erotica.

Son of Rosemary/Rosemary's Baby

Ira Levin - 2013

Bane County: A Short Story

J.R. Rice - 2019
    . . Mystery, Suspense, an edge-of-your-seat Thriller with characters you’ll fall in love with. An old-school, heart-pounding, coming-of-age Horror series with 100s of 5-Star Reviews. A Bane County Short Story. This 8,000-word Novelette entitled “When Bane Flowers Bloom” takes place within the Bane County Universe. The timeline of the story is set during the third book of the series (First Moon), and it answers many questions and reveals new mysteries spanning all the way back to Book 1 (Forgotten Moon). Prepare yourself, for a twisting turning descent into absolute terror.

Helltown: A Horror Novel

Stephen Bentley - 2015
    It's nothing like the suburb you might live in . . . Unless, that is, an insane, Listerine-guzzling Realtor sold you your house? Or perhaps your postman happens to have a disturbing relationship with his claw hammer? A grieving Dan LaBarbara knows something is different in Helltown as soon as he comes back home. Yeah, sure, the town always been a little off. You can feel that about the place, like if you stepped into a house whose only occupants were freshly murdered corpses in an upstairs bedroom. But this is something else entirely. Standing in his little brother Barbie's basement workshop, holding one of those dioramas Barbie's been building since the accident, the ones that seem to move when you hold them, Dan can feel Barbie's terror. Barbie must know something is coming, something big, something evil. He's trying to warn Dan in the only way he knows. Why else would Barbie build a diorama depicting a man-sized version of a cartoon rabbit with bloody teeth about to devour a trembling teenager? Why else would he spend so much time crafting an intricate model of Death standing over a pimply teenager in the school library? And let's not even talk about that little model of the mob of undead surrounding the massive tower of vicious black spines behind the high school. Hilltown has a story to tell, and the lonely brain-damaged man who builds magical dioramas in his basement workshop has been telling it all along. As the evil closes in around them, Dan and his new love interest Jessica must do the impossible: save everyone one in Hilltown before it's too late.