A History of the English Monarchy: from Boadicea to Elizabeth I

Gareth Russell - 2015
    From the birth of the nation to the dazzling court of Elizabeth I, A History of the English Monarchy charts the fascinating path of the English monarchy from the uprising of 'Warrior Queen' Boadicea in AD60 through each king and queen up to the 'Golden Age' of Elizabeth I. Russell offers a fresh take on a fascinating subject as old as the nation itself. Legends, tales and, above all, hard facts tell an incredible story... a history of the English Monarchy.

The Big Book of Tell Me Why: Answers to Hundreds of Questions Children Ask

Arkady Leokum - 1989
    It's the answer book no parent should be without. Three volumes in one!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Strikingly True

Ripley Entertainment Inc. - 2011
    Be amazed at a portrait made from 200,000 dead ants, the man who traversed the English Channel by holding onto a bunch of balloons, and the single human hair featuring paintings of all 42 American presidents. A compendium of incredible and bizarre facts, stories, interviews and features, presented in a stunning new design, this book also drives readers to Ripley’s fully interactive website. There are intriguing interviews with some of the astounding individuals who are featured in the book that spotlight their achievements and reveal more about what motivates them. A dramatic eight-page gatefold sections presents Ripley’s first ever odditorium, which showcased sideshow performers and was built for the World’s Trade Fair in 1933. This features a selection of choice memorabilia including Robert Ripley’s original annotated list of performers. Informative “Ripley’s Research” boxes give the scientific explanation behind some of the most incredible tales in the book, such as how people have turned their fingers into magnets.A section on the Olympic games, past and present, highlights the wacky as well as the amazing feats that have taken place at the height of sporting achievement.Additional black and white Ripley archive photographs feature throughout the book, and miscellaneous lists are also scattered throughout. This year specially commissioned photographic features will also appear in the book.

Sharpe's Victory

Rachel Murrell - 1997
    The series is scheduled to appear on A&E in the U.S. this fall. "Sharpe's Victory" relates the stories of all 14 films with on-set anecdotes and detailed historical information on Sharpe's battles and the military world leading up to Waterloo.130 color and b&w illustrations.

If You Were At The First Thanksgiving

Anne Kamma - 2001
    What was it like being part of the historic harvest festival that inspired our modern holiday? How did the children contribute to the feast? What did they wear? Did they have turkey and pumpkin pie? Written from a child's perspective, IF YOU WERE AT THE FIRST THANKSGIVING answers these questions and others about the festival, life in the new settlement of Plymouth, and more.

On Board the Titanic (I Was There)

Shelley Tanaka - 1996
    Stunning full-color illustrations, detailed diagrams of the ship's interior, and rare photographs convey a wealth of information to complement the breathtaking true story. Young readers-and adults, too-fascinated with the Titanic will find new perspectives in this account of two young men who experienced this legendary tragedy at sea.

Evil Inventions

Nick Arnold - 2004
    With a fantastic new cover look and extra horrible bits at the back of the book, this best-selling title is sure to be a huge hit with a new generation of "Horrible Science" readers.

The Orphan Train

Brent Ford - 2013
    As a resolute Bobby, teamed up with with old timer, Diggory, set off after the killers, Ella is placed at the mercy of an unscrupulous priest and soon finds herself aboard one of America's infamous, Orphan Trains. Bobby and Diggory, now accompanied by his reluctant, young schoolteacher, Miss Halfpenny, are faced with the critical dilemma of searching for his sister, or the continued quest of his parents' killer. And so, a desperate pursuit ensues across America's still untamed and perilous Wild West.

Lions of the Desert: A True Story of WWII Heroes in North Africa (World War Two Series, Book 4)

Samuel Marquis - 2019
    Sansom, head of the British Field Security unit that hunted down Axis spies and pro-German Egyptian nationalists operating in Cairo; Johannes Eppler, the notorious German spy of Operation Condor whose real story is finally told; and Colonel Bonner Fellers, the U.S. military attaché in Cairo, who was privy to Allied secrets in the North African theater and inadvertently played an important role in intelligence-gathering activities for both sides in the campaign.Fans of Beneath A Scarlet Sky, The English Patient, and the WWII novels of Ken Follett (The Key to Rebecca, Jackdaws, Eye of the Needle) will enjoy this timeless tale of WWII espionage, romance, and derring-do in the North African desert--with the knowledge that this is how it all really happened.

Guinness World Records 2018

Guinness World Records - 2018
    This new edition of fabulous feats includes profiles of people who set new standards for highest, fastest, largest, or oldest; natural wonders that will cause readers to gape in amazement; and mechanical marvels that make the inventions of yesteryear look like child’s play.

The Book of the Sword: With 293 Illustrations

Richard Francis Burton - 1884
    For nearly all peoples of the world, the sword embodied the spirit of chivalry, symbolized justice and martyrdom and represented courage and freedom. In battle, it served universally as a deadly offensive weapon. Drawing on a wealth of literary, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic, and other sources, the author traces the sword's origins, from its birth as a charred and sharpened stick, through its diverse stages of development, to its full growth in the early Roman Empire. Recounting man's long association with this weapon, the author describes in brilliant detail: • The ages of wood, bone and born • The appearance of stone swords and exotic weapons such as the boomerang • The ages of copper and alloys such as bronze and brass — used in producing the long, narrow blades of rapiers • The Iron Age during which the Viking sword of carbonized iron took shape — a weapon whose form would set the standard for the next thousand years. Enhanced by nearly 300 excellent line drawings, the text provides an incredible wealth of detailed data about the sword and its variations: sabre, broadsword, cutlass, scimitar, rapier, foil, and a host of other arms, including dirks, daggers, throwing knives, flails, and much more. Military and social historians, scholars and students of weaponry, as well as armchair adventurers will find this volume a fascinating, abundantly illustrated and highly readable account of this potent symbol of power.

The Underground Railroad: An Interactive History Adventure

Allison Lassieur - 2007
    . .You are slave catcher looking to get rich by chasing escaped slaves, OR . . .You are part of the Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape to freedom.

The Cuban Missile Crisis: A History From Beginning to End

Hourly History - 2018
     The Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union lasted for more than 40 years. In general, this was a war of spies and subterfuge, of covert action and espionage. There was always a danger, however, that an error of judgment on either side could suddenly cause the Cold War to turn red-hot with an exchange of nuclear weapons. On many occasions, tensions between the countries increased, but the prospect of all-out nuclear war between America and Russia was never closer than during a two-week period in October of 1962. In response to the placement of American nuclear missiles in Turkey, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev secretly ordered the transport of Russian nuclear missiles to the island of Cuba in the Caribbean. These were capable of reaching and destroying almost all American cities in a matter of minutes. When this was discovered, the U.S. administration under President John F. Kennedy decided that the threat had to be removed, even if this meant risking war with Russia. The Americans set up a blockade of the island and considered air strikes and even a full-scale invasion of Cuba. Forty thousand heavily armed Russian and Cuban troops supported by tanks, aircraft, and even tactical nuclear weapons stood by to do anything required to repel an American attack. Inside you will read about... ✓ From World War to Cold War ✓ Mutually Assured Destruction ✓ Revolution in Cuba ✓ The Missile Gap ✓ American Build-up and Provocation ✓ Russian Missiles Arrive in Cuba ✓ Kennedy Speaks to America And much more! It was clear that the United States refused to accept the presence of Russian nuclear missiles less than one hundred miles from the coast of Florida. It was equally clear that Russia was determined not to remove the missiles and desert its Cuban ally. An armed confrontation between the two superpowers appeared inevitable, and there seemed a very strong possibility that the world was on the brink of full-scale nuclear war.

Catalina la Grande: El poder de la lujuria

Silvia Miguens - 2006
    Clever, witty, and deeply devoted to her adopted country, Catherine would work to turn Russia toward the West by focusing on European life, customs, culture, and the arts. After being married to the weak, demented Grand Duke Peter, she suffered from constant abuse and intrigue at his hands, but she never let him destroy her courageous spirit and determination. She was well known for her love and sex life and the extravagances of the Russian court.

Benni Harper's Quilt Album: A Scrapbook of Quilt Projects, Photos & Never-Before-Told Stories

Earlene Fowler - 2004
    Full color.