Animal Physiology

Richard W. Hill - 1989
    Its full-colour illustration program includes many novel, visually effective features to help students learn.

Formations of Class & Gender: Becoming Respectable

Beverley Skeggs - 1997
    Formations of Class & Gender demonstrates why class should be featured more prominently in theoretical accounts of gender, identity and power. Beverley Skeggs identifies the neglect of class, and shows how class and gender must be fused together to produce an accurate representation of power relations in modern society.The book questions how theoretical frameworks are generated for understanding how women live and produce themselves through social and cultural relations. It uses detailed ethnographic research to explain how `real′ women inhabit and occupy the social and cultural posit

Woza Albert!

Percy Mtwa - 1983
    This brilliant two-man show from the Market Theatre, Johannesburg, took the Edinburgh Festival then London by storm in September 1982, playing to standing ovations every night. It was also seen in Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and twice on BBC TV.This edition contains a new introduction by Yvette Hutchison

The Blind Man

D.H. Lawrence - 2014
    The arrival of an old friend of the woman brings into the open feelings and fears previously suppressed.

Essentials of Nursing Research: Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice

Denise F. Polit - 2009
    The Seventh Edition has been updated with stronger coverage of evidence-based practice, including content on how to read, interpret, and critique systematic reviews, which are considered by many to be a cornerstone of evidence-based practice. Also included in the Seventh Edition: a more balanced presentation of medical and social science methods and nomenclature; enhanced coverage of qualitative research; and more!

My Nightingale is Singing

Astrid Lindgren - 1986
    Maria finds a miraculous way to bring beauty and joy into the lives of the poor and elderly who live in the poorhouse and to share some of her own love of nature with others.

Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices

Stuart Hall - 1997
    Combining examples with activities and selected readings it offers a unique resource for teachers and students in cultural studies and related fields as an introduction to this complex and central theme.

College Hacks

Keith Bradford - 2015
    Filled with hundreds of ways to simplify nearly every college situation, this guide tells you just what to do when your professor assigns you a twenty-page paper or you run out of clean dishes in your dorm room (chip bag bowl, anyone?).So stop making college harder than it should be! With these everyday hacks, you'll breeze through each semester as you finish assignments and tasks quicker than ever before!


Virginia Grise - 2011
    blu, steeped in poetic realism and contemporary politics, challenges us to try to imagine a time before war.Selected as the winner of the 2010 Yale Drama competition from more than 950 submissions, Virginia Grise's play blu takes place in the present but looks back on the not too distant past through a series of prayers, rituals, and dreams. Contest judge David Hare commented, "Virginia Grise is a blazingly talented writer, and her play blu stays with you a long time after you've read it." Noting that 2010 was a banner year for women playwrights, he added, "Women's writing for the theatre is stronger and more eloquent than it has ever been."

Reckless Paper Birds

John McCullough - 2019
    The author of the critically acclaimed collections The Frost Fairs and Spacecraft, Brighton-based John McCullough pulls no punches in this latest - and his most powerful -collection. These are poems of skill, joy and quiet musicality that reflect the conflict and complexity of being.

The Autistic Spectrum

Lorna Wing - 1996
    About one-third also have varying degrees of learning difficulty. All of them have impairment of social interaction, communication and imagination - to them the world appears a bewildering and sometimes frightening place. This guide explains how people with autism experience the world and why they need an organized, structured environment. Ways of improving communication, developing abilities and enlarging social interaction are described, and advice is given on coping with stresses within the family.

How to Teach

Phil Beadle - 2010
    Phil Beadle, star of UK Channel 4's Unteachables and Can't Read Can't Write, and former Secondary School Teacher of the Year and Guardian Education Columnist, outlines everything a newly qualified teacher needs to know in order to be an immediate success in the classroom. The book includes a substantial section on every new teacher's biggest concern: behavior management, as well as giving tips on various teaching methods; lesson planning; assessment; ways of organizing the classroom; and how to motivate students to get the absolute best out of them.

Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences

J. Robert Lilly - 1989
    Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences, Fourth Edition shows the real-world relevance of theory by illuminating how ideas about crime play a prominent role in shaping crime-control policies and compelling students to apply theories to the contemporary milieu.

Narrow Boat

L.T.C. Rolt - 1944
    It was on a spring day in 1939 that L. T. C. Rolt first stepped aboard Cressy. This engaging book tells the story of how he and his wife adapted and fitted out the boat as a home and recreates the journey of some 400 miles that they made along the network of waterways in the Midlands. It recalls the boatmen and their craft, and celebrates the then seemingly timeless nature of the English countryside through which they passed. As Sir Compton Mackenzie wrote, "it is an elegy of classic restraint unmarred by any trace of sentiment" for a way of life and a rural landscape which have now all but disappeared.

Kulosaarentie 8/Majavatie 11/Mariankatu 26

Henrik Tikkanen - 1975
    The books are about the educated Swedish-speaking Finns (especially the writer himself and his family) who lived in the years 1920-1970 in Helsinki.Original books are written in Swedish.