Fitness over 50: Weekly Workout Plan! (Success Over 50 Book 2)

Christopher Quinn - 2015
    What I eat. And how I stay lean. If you are over the age of 50 there is no better time to get VERY FIT!! And have the body you truly desire despite your age!!Fitness over 50: Weekly Workout Plan! by Christopher Quinn

The Best Joke Book (Period): Hundreds of the Funniest, Silliest, Most Ridiculous Jokes Ever

William Donohue - 2014
    Inside, you'll find hundreds of jokes that are guaranteed to stir up a room full of smiles, including knock-knocks, witty puns, and one-liners. Complete with hilarious quotes from celebrities like Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, and Jerry Seinfeld, everyone will revel in each gut-busting moment.So whether you're looking to add a few jokes to your repertoire, impress your buds, or improve your banter, this sidesplitting book arms you with the perfect joke for any occasion!

Living On Almost Nothing

Amber Storck - 2021

The (Un)official Teacher's Manual: What They Don't Teach You in Training

Omar Akbar - 2017
    Many of the difficulties however, are not in the classroom... In The (Un)official Teacher's Manual, Omar Akbar offers direct, humorous and accessible advice on how to deal with the daily issues faced by a teacher- none of which involve teaching! Includes guidance on: lesson observations, emails, promotions, avoiding meaningless extra work, meetings, parents, maintaining a work-life balance, dealing with workplace bullying, and much more. While Omar pulls no punches on the reality of working in a school, a positive streak is maintained throughout. A must read for any teacher or potential teacher. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Contents: Introduction: Why This Book Was Written 1. How to Get the Most from Observations, Learning Walks, and Book Scrutinies 2. The Don’ts of the School Email System 3. How to Get Promoted and Other Things to Consider 4. How and When to Say No and Yes 5. The Dos and Don’ts of Meetings 6. How to Get Parents on Your Side 7. Guidance for Trainee Teachers 8. Ensuring a Life-Work Balance 9. Bullying: the Problem and the Solution 10. How to Get the Teaching Job You Want 11. Maintaining Good Relationships 12. Why It’s All Worth It

21 Habits of Highly Broke People: Break Free From Destructive Habits With Practical Steps To Turn Your Finances Around

Dipo Adesina - 2018
    It is a direct result of bad choices made overtime that eventually turned into habits that masters you. Like a thermostat, once these habits are set, it becomes nearly impossible to break them without deliberate and intentional effort. 21 Habits of Highly Broke People dives into details on the habits that keeps people poor, and practical action steps you can take to break free from these habits. 21 Habits of Highly Broke People shows you: 1. How your choices about money is keeping you broke. 2. What the rich do differently from the poor. 3. How to break bad habits and replace them with positive habits.

Minimalist Budget: Simple Strategies On How To Save More, Spend Less, And Curb Spending Temptation (Without Living On Ramen)

Zoe McKey - 2017
    Minimalist Budget will help you to turn your bloated expenses into a well-toned budget, spending on exactly what you need and nothing else. This book presents solutions for two major problems in our consumer society: (1) how to downsize your cravings without having to sacrifice the fun stuff, and (2) how to whip your finances into shape and follow a personalized budget. This is not a get rich quick book. But I can promise day-by-day, month-by-month, you’ll budget better and become richer as a consequence. Regardless of how much your income is we’ll find a way to budget, save, and increase your net worth. Since my youth, I’ve had to live on a budget that ranged from $100 to $200 a month if I was lucky. Even though I never knew how much I would have the next month, I was always able to have enough for my essential expenses, personal pleasures, and savings. If you’re tired of the false and impossible-to-follow promises of “finance gurus,” try out my simple, straightforward, easy-to-stick-to methods. Improve your spending habits: • Incorporate minimalism into your finances • How to avoid becoming a minimalist consumerist • Learn the psychological traps that make you overspend • Control your compulsive spending habits Feel financially secure every day: • Learn about two A-Z budgeting methods and how to make them work for you • Learn ratio-based budgeting and fixed-amount budgeting • Discover the best budgeting software programs • Design a bulletproof savings strategy to get out of debt, be prepared for emergencies, and set yourself up for retirement Stop hating your financial life: • Learn how to set SMART financial goals • Increase your self-confidence with budgeting • 50 small budgeting tips Financial education is not part of our educational system. It is normal that we don’t know how to budget when we step into the craziness we call adulthood. But it is not normal to stay ignorant about a field of life that (like it or not) guarantees our material survival. Money management is an essential skill for everybody who earns, shops or consumes. If you follow the budgeting tips in this book, you’ll be able to keep track of your finances. You’ll clearly know where your money goes, where it comes from and where can you save. You won’t feel stressed of running out of money unexpectedly, you’ll clear yourself out of debts and have savings for bigger expenses like a vacation, new car or unexpected events. Leave money struggles for yesterday. Grab a copy of Minimalist Budget by hitting buy now in the top right corner of this page.

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years: Slash your mortgage with a proven system the banks don't want you to know about

Natali Morris - 2017
    This step-by-step system only works with understanding and a disciplined plan. Clayton and Natali give you just that by breaking it all down for you in this book. They arm you with the knowledge and inspiration to free yourself from the dead weight of your mortgage so that you can enjoy your monthly income however the heck you want to! Clayton and Natali Morris met while working as TV news broadcasters. Clayton has been a news anchor for over 15 years and Natali has worked for CBS and NBC for most of her career. In 2010 they started a family and got serious about building legacy wealth for their three children, Miles, Ava, and Eve. They podcast, write, and speak around the world about personal finance and financial empowerment in order to help other families like theirs employ the skills they have learned along the way to attain true financial freedom.

QUICK GUIDE TO STARTING A BULLET JOURNAL: Take Back Control of Your Life and Your Day With These Great Bullet Journal Ideas

Levi Bailey - 2017
     So you've been hearing about it, but what exactly is a Bullet Journal?  Well, simply put, a Bullet Journal is your ticket to a more organized, well-planned, and less stressful life!  In this book, I'll show you the super simple method of bullet journaling that is sure to change your life.  In this book, you will learn:   How to start a bullet journal Best practices for using your bullet journal effectively What to look for when purchasing a bullet journal notebook Tons of bullet journal ideas to unleash your creativity How to use your bullet journal to give meaning to your day This book will pay for itself by giving you the tools needed to take back control of your day, your life, and your sanity! Let's get started!  Buy Quick Guide to Starting a Bullet Journal today and take the first step to a more stress-free life!

The 21-Day Immunity Plan

Aseem Malhotra - 2020

Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, Solutions Manual

Govind P. Agrawal - 1998
    In the last five years alone, the bit rate of commercial point-to-point links has grown from 2.5 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s-and that figure is expected to more than double over the next two years! Such astonishing progress can be both inspiring and frustrating for professionals who need to stay abreast of important new developments in the field. Now Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, Second Edition makes that job a little easier. Based on its author's exhaustive review of the past five years of published research in the field, this Second Edition, like its popular predecessor, provides an in-depth look at the state of the art in fiber-optic communication systems. While engineering aspects are discussed, the emphasis is on a physical understanding of this complex technology, from its basic concepts to the latest innovations. Thoroughly updated and expanded, Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, Second Edition: * Includes 30% more information, including four new chapters focusing on the latest lightwave systems R&D * Covers fundamental aspects of lightwave systems as well as a wide range of practical applications * Functions as both a graduate-level text and a professional reference * Features extensive references and chapter-end problem sets.

Undercover Deacon 2

Andre Ray - 2016
    In the aftermath, so many unanswered questions have surfaced. Will he now stay in the town of Fall River Mills and trust that the Lord has brought him here for a reason? Or will he decide life here is just too much for him to stay. Is his connection to Detroit finally over, or are there still demons that will surface.?Pastor Walker reviled he had knowledge of Kerry’s past transgressions. Will this new revelation bring them closer together or tear their marriage apart for good, and is his faith as a man of God strong enough to keep him from going over the edge? Will the congregation except the news of their First Lady, or will this cause members to leave the church? Will Frank and Kerry finally end their love affair or will this cause them to want to become deeper involved? What deep dark secrets has Kerry been keeping buried inside and have they been the root of her out of control life? This story has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The power of Redemption has won the battle. Now will the devil win the war or is God’s word strong enough to keep this small town together.

The Goodwin Girls

Lyn Andrews - 2016
    It is 1907. Liverpool is a bustling and busy city. Sisters Livvie and Amy Goodwin are just sixteen and thirteen years old when their adored mother dies in childbirth. They are still missing their mum every day when their father Thomas announces that he is going to marry again. His new bride is Mary Fitzgerald, a girl just a few years older than Livvie, and only time will tell whether Mary will be the kind of step-mother a motherless girl could love. There's more trouble ahead, for Thomas believes that he should make all the important decisions in his daughters' lives, so whether it's joining the Suffragettes or marrying for love, he won't stand for it if they go against his will. But Livvie is determined to ensure that she and her sister will find a way to happiness...

Patron on Ice 2: The First Wedding of the Trap

David Weaver - 2017
    A love for each other that defies the attractions and the perils of the streets. With Jose as the plug, the couple is poised to take over the streets of Atlanta with their cheap prices. For a group of people who didn't choose the dope game, how far could they go in it before unfavorable situations arise and press their backs against the wall? Lil Albert is determined to stay away from under Jiip's shadow, and Jiip is determined to be the most feared hustler in the history of Atlanta. Reecy Pooh will always be Reecy Pooh, and Rhondo can't seem to escape his streak of bad luck. Crews collide and decisions have to be made at a rapid pace in this thrilling sequel to "Patron on Ice."

For My Good: My Baby Daddy Ain't Ish

Tanisha Stewart - 2019
    It seems that ever since he left her for another woman, Kayden has written both Gina and her son off. He refuses to pay child support and doesn't seem interested in playing any kind of role in the life of Kayden Jr - who still sees his father as his hero. The only consistent thing about Kayden Senior appears to be his desire to make Gina's life miserable. Meanwhile, her girls Melanie and Keisha always have her back. They have a close knit circle, almost like sisters. Melanie and Keisha urge Gina to try something new with her sexy co-worker David, but Gina isn't sure. Her confidence and her trust in men has not been the same since Kayden Sr. abandoned their family. Her faith in men and her inability to choose a good one makes her hesitant to let another man into her - and her son’s - life. Her heart tells her that David is different, but her mind isn't quite ready to let go of her past. The possibility of love and a good man seems too good to be true, when her baby daddy ain’t ish.

Baby For A Pryce (Pryce Sisters Book 1)

Brenda Barrett - 2019
    The one who was on the fast track to becoming an Olympic medalist. She had so excelled in school that she got two scholarships from Ivy league schools to do medicine. Nothing could derail her… until she got pregnant. And then, her life which seemed to be going so well was suddenly derailed. What would she do and how would she handle this newest hurdle?