The Chieftains of South Boston

Stephen Burke - 2011
    His two older brothers never left and are at the top of their respective games—politics and the Irish Mafia. At the wedding, family fireworks go off in spectacular fashion and end with an incident that sends the whole city of Boston into turmoil. An intense seven-day drama creates the ultimate test for the three brothers: how to be loyal to family, to friends and to a place called home.

Sleep Peacefully

N.C. Marshall - 2015
    Haunted by a recurring dream, Nat suffers from endless restless nights. The dreams show vivid images of the events leading up to Jess’s final moments, on the night she passed away. As the dreams start to progress, it soon becomes apparent that Jess’s death was more than just an accident and Nat is forced to delve into her sister’s past. She focuses on a year Jess spent travelling in Australia when she was younger, turning her attention to the places she visited and the people that she met there. Nat soon discovers that Jess held a secret, which she had kept hidden until the day she died. Could this secret be linked to her death?As the past unravels and Nat is lead closer to the truth, she starts to wonder how many other secrets Jess had kept from her, and questions if she ever really knew her sister at all...

Under Ground

Megan Marsnik - 2015
    Her parents have died, her food is dwindling and the rent is due. When a stranger arrives bearing a note from an uncle, inviting Katka to join him and his wife in America, she leaves all that she has held dear to rebuild her life across the ocean. On the voyage to New York, she becomes friends with the stranger and begins to fall in love. But at Ellis Island, they are separated when he is detained by authorities as a suspected anarchist. Alone, Katka continues her journey to her uncle’s house on the rough and tumble Iron Range in northern Minnesota. Soon she is immersed in a lively community of iron miners and begins publishing an underground newspaper about their struggles and the heroism of the women on the Iron Range, as they are swept into a tumultuous strike that will change their lives forever. “Under Ground” is a work of fiction inspired by true events.

The Christmas Gift (Return To Wyoming Book 1)

Vivian Sinclair - 2017
    His ranch is his life and the approaching Christmas doesn’t mean much to him. He’s not exactly a Grinch, but who has time for decorating and celebrating when there is work to be done? Discovering a young woman lost on the country road that leads to his ranch, he has to take her home as a blizzard is coming. Violet Kendall was looking for the sister she has never known she had, and her tiny car was ill equipped to face a real Wyoming snowstorm. Is Connor going to appreciate the real Christmas gift he got this year? And are the secrets Violet is hiding going to place in danger these people that she has come to love? Will the stern Wyoming rancher and the delicate girl from Atlanta find a way to happiness in this season when miracles are possible?

Code of War

J.W. Clay - 2021
    She's a skilled hacker, and her focus is Cyber Kinetic Eliminations--remote assassinations conducted with sophisticated computer systems.With a growing success rate, she's given the ultimate target: a Chinese General who's sole responsibility is the reformation of the People's Republican Army.Can Jen Yates are her team assassinate one of China's most influential men? Can they derail the Chinese Communist Party's reform regimen? Even the thought could have disastrous consequences ...

Seedtime and Harvest

Mary E. Pearce - 1984
    But a terrible accident and a surprise inheritance put pressure on the happy couple's relationship. "Sheer country magic." James Herriott The advent of the Second World War brings changes to the farm, with one depature and a new arrival. Charlie's good intentions to help a young boy, and the Truscotts' struggling neighbour, drive him and his wife further apart. And Linn's worries about her beloved son, Robert, are difficult to bear. A moving and often heart-rending account of life on a country farm in 1940s war-torn England. The fifth and final book in the Apple Tree Saga.

The Golden Persuader

Michael Reisig - 2015
    The device had the power to make anyone that it was aimed at do the bidding of the holder. What sounded like a unique opportunity for Dax actually becomes more trouble than he bargains for as people around him keep coming after him and the device.

Escape (short story)

K.A. Richardson - 2016
    It’s time. There is someone else to think about now– the tiny life doing its best to grow inside her while she hides the bruises. Finally, with the help of one of Carl’s friends, leaving is possible. Can Cass execute her plan in time? Can she and her unborn child claw their way to safety before Carl finds out? Can she really escape?

Jhumki: A Poignant Story Of Unconditional Love Beyond Blood Ties

Farah Naqvi - 2020
    Unwilling to give up, you pursued life relentlessly. This time you planned for love and happiness meticulously keeping it in the most secure cabinet of your body while you waited to welcome it with bated breath. Lo! the cabinet lock is broken, and you are left alone again.Do you have the right to give up now, lose hope and become a mental health case or will life give love and happiness another unprecedented chance? Read the story of Nimisha, Nitin, Pari and Jhumki embroiled with unconditional love, inevitable misfortunes, unexpected blessing and the unfolding of a divine decree or preordained fate.

GOLDEN ONE: An Omega Files Adventure (Book 3) (Omega Files Adventures)

Rick Chesler - 2020

An Abundance of Rain

Carol Drinkwater - 1989
    She is excited about her reunion with Sam McGuire, the father who abandoned her as a child. On the ship she is devastated to learn the meeting will never happen - Sam is dead. His sugar plantation is now hers. Island life weaves its seductive spell over her, but there are questions Kate seeks answers to. Was her father's death an accident? Why is someone so eager to buy the land? What are the secrets threatening her own life? And then the approaching cyclone hits…Anglo-Irish actress Carol Drinkwater is still well-known for her award-winning portrayal of Helen Herriot in the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small. A popular and acclaimed author and film-maker as well, Carol has published twenty books for both the adult and young adult markets. She is currently at work on her twenty-first title.When she purchased a rundown property overlooking the Bay of Cannes in France, she discovered almost seventy 400-year-old olive trees. Along with her French husband, Michel, Carol reclaimed the land and began producing top-quality olive oil. Her series of memoirs recounting their experiences on the farm (The Olive Farm, The Olive Season, The Olive Harvest and Return to the Olive Farm) have become international bestsellers, and the related travel books,The Olive Route and The Olive Tree, inspired the five-part documentary film series, The Olive Route.Carol's first Kindle Single, The Girl in Room Fourteen, reached the number one position in the Singles charts in both the United States and the UK.

Livy: A Love Story

Gretchen Craig - 2015
    The first time she sees Zeb, she sneers to see a slave working in the hot sun who smiles from sunup to sundown. He finds slavery tolerable? Livy will never accept it! No matter that Zeb's sweet spirit draws her, she will be free whatever it takes. Zeb is smitten by Livy the first time he sees her, but it's a challenge to even get her to say good morning. Brought up to find happiness and hope in every day, he begins his campaign to win her, his easy-going manner never faltering – until slavery's big boot crushes the spirit of his niece Faith, the child he loves as if she were his own. Even if it means he can't have Livy, he has to save Faith from living a cruel life among the master's family. From different paths, Zeb and Livy arrive at the safe haven hidden in the swamps, a place of wild flowers and abundance. But like the first Eden, Orchid Island harbors treachery and heartache. Leaving their refuge behind, Zeb and Livy and their new family begin the journey to their true heaven-on-earth.

Raid of the Wolves: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure (Ormstunga Saga Book 2)

Donovan Cook - 2021

Kiss of the Texas Maverick

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - The Fifth Man: Tales of the Old West Book 92

Paul L. Thompson - 2020