Book picks similar to
Children of Mars by Paul G. Day


The Other Place

Monica Hughes - 2000
    The Fairweather family, mom, dad, eight-year-old Billy and pre-teen Alison, have just been charged with crimes of subversion against the all-powerful World Government. Now they are about to become "disappeareds", all traces of their existence wiped cleanly away. The Fairweathers are sentenced to five years in the mysterious penal colony of Habitat W- a self-contained, controlled and eerily sterile indoor place that opens to a seething desert of fierce wind and sand. Strangely, Mr. and Mrs. Fairweather robotically resign themselves to their fate. But Billy is convinced that somewhere beyond the barren desert, there is a paradise to be found. His escape from Habitat W sets off a chain of startling events that helps Alison to discover "the other place" and a new hope for their future.

Virtual War

Gloria Skurzynski - 1997
    Everything Corgan is, everything he has ever seen or done, was to prepare him for one moment: a bloodless, computer-controlled virtual war.When Corgan meets his two fellow warriors, he begins to question the Federation. Now Corgan must decide where his loyalties lie, what he's willing to fight for, and exactly what he wants in return. His decisions will affect not only these three virtual warriors, but all the people left on earth.


Meaghan McIsaac - 2016
    Storms rage over the immensely tall tower blocks, attracted to Movers.Movers are connected to people in the future, their Shadows. And moving your Shadow is highly illegal. Patrick knows all too well what happens if you break the law: his father has been in the Shelves ever since he moved his Shadow. And now Patrick and his family are in danger again.Following a catastrophic event at their school, Patrick must go on the run. Through filthy, teeming markets, forebrawler matches, a labyrinth of underground tunnels and beyond, he’ll need his wits and courage to escape the forces that want to take everything he loves.

Rem World

Rodman Philbrick - 2000
    "Harry Potter fans will recognize the misfit hero in a strange, new world." - BooklistArthur Woodbury is tired of being called fat. So he's purchased a special product that's supposed to help him lose weight. But when he puts on the helmet like the instructions say, his world vanishes before his very eyes. Now he is trapped in REM World, a place where nothing is as it seems. And it's not enough just to find his way home. By entering REM World, Arthur accidentally released a terrible creature into the real world. It's Nothing, and it's going to eat away everything in the world until all that remains is itself. Arthur's never been the heroic kind - but now it's up to him to save the world.

Silas and the Winterbottoms: The Body Thief

Stephen M. Giles - 2009
    . . I might get the chance to know you before death takes me...I would like you to be my guest at Sommerset. . .I have enclosed a check for $ 10,000. . . Should you accept my offer..."Uncle Silas has always been greedy, evil, insulting, and extremely rich But a dying uncle with a vast fortune is definitely one worth getting to know. Even if it means spending 2 months on his secluded island home with a houseful of suspicious servants and a hungry pet crocodile.But what is Uncle Silas really up to? Will Adele, Milo, and Isabella outlive Uncle Silas to inherit his money? And just who is that mysterious "guest" in his basement? Is it worth the money (or their lives) to stick around and find out?

Daniel Coldstar #1: The Relic War

Stel Pavlou - 2017
    I loved it!" - Eoin Colfer, bestselling author of Artemis FowlA Junior Library Guild selection Fall 2017!Official Book Trailer: GALAXY IS DIVIDED. Aliens are extinct and humans are evolving in a thousand different ways. With rival star nations pitted against one another, any advantage can mean the difference between survival and destruction.Deep inside a mine, on a long forgotten planet, Daniel Coldstar searches for relics from a lost alien civilization. Robbed of his memories just like the other boys who call themselves “grubs,” Daniel does not know where he comes from or how he got here. All he knows is that if he does not do the bidding of his fearsome masters, the Overseers, he too will be made to “disappear.”That is, until the day he unearths a relic more powerful than anything he has ever seen. If he hands it over, as he should, it would mean his certain doom. But if he keeps it, he just might be able to escape. . . .Thus begins the epic outer space adventure filled with Truth Seekers, anatoms, Leechers, and the evil Sinja who seek to control the entire universe. All that stands in their way is a boy named Daniel Coldstar, whose journey will change the galaxy forever.

A Measure of Disorder

Alan Tucker - 2010
    Armed with only their notebooks, MP3 players, and wits, Jenni and her classmates are unknowingly transported to another world. Follow Jenni and her class on their extraordinary adventures in their fight to discover who and what they really are.

Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall

Rae Knightly - 2018
    It was alien spacecraft.”THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS 2019 SILVER MEDAL WINNER - AUTHOR ACADEMY AWARDS 2019 FINALIST.When UFOs crash into the fields next to his grandfather’s house, twelve-year-old Ben Archer becomes a cumbersome witness in the eyes of the government. Not only that, but Ben discovers he has been entrusted with an alien power, the significance of which could jeopardize human life on Earth.Government agents rush in to remove all evidence of spacecraft and extraterrestrials. The media are led to believe meteors fell in the area and they dub the event The Cosmic Fall. But when Ben's involvement comes in the spotlight, he is forced to flee with the sole survivor of the crash: an alien man called Mesmo.And while the destinies of boy and alien become inextricably linked, one question hovers above their unlikely friendship: why did the aliens come to Earth in the first place?The Alien Skill Series is a science-fiction adventure series for teens. Readers of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Keeper of the Lost Cities will enjoy this fresh, age-appropriate story with a scifi twist the likes of A Wrinkle in Time and Animorphs. These middle grade books have won the hearts of young and old alike, turning them into a best selling, award winning coming-of-age series filled with alien powers, hidden enemies, shapeshifters and a thought-provoking glimpse into the way we treat our planet."Solid aliens-crash-to-earth tale." (Amazon reviewer)"Great new series for young and old alike!" (Amazon reviewer)"Fun, suspenseful, and you have to love the characters!" (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)"A gripping and family friendly interstellar adventure on earth that has consequences all over the universe." (Amazon reviewer)"This series will be around for years." (Amazon reviewer)"The reveals are monumental!" (Amazon reviewer)"Wouldn’t I just love to have the skill!" (Goodreads reviewer)

The Shadow Children: Among the Hidden; Among the Impostors

Margaret Peterson Haddix - 2009
     In Among the Hidden, Luke discovers the existence of another shadow child, and his world is turned upside down. How much is Luke willing to risk for the chance of freedom? In Among the Impostors, Luke has the chance to come out of hiding at last. Under a fake identity, he is enrolled in the Hendricks School, where he discovers that there is a lot going on under the surface. Luke doesn't know whom he can trust, where the truth will lead him -- or what price he'll have to pay for the answers he seeks.


Razz Popo - 2017
    Who hasn't? Well, I was right there when the spaceships crashed. I saw the lasers, felt the heat of the explosions and the clumps of dirt spank my face. And I saw the aliens. Then came the orb and the tats, and with them, the powers. For a few days afterward, I was on cloud 99. And then it all went downhill. First, I was fighting for the lives of strangers. Then I was fighting for my own. Now, I'm fighting for all of the above, and the lives of everyone I love. TAT is a novel for lovers of aliens, super-powers, and more action than is safe for a non-augmented human. Think you know pretty much what's inside? You don't. Think you can predict what's going to happen? You can't. Think you will be bored? You won't.


Nicholas Fisk - 1973
    Were they a blessing, as their beauty suggested, or a deadly, inexplicable threat? A boy with a microscope was just as likely to come up with the answer as all the acknowledged experts in any known kind of science, so somehow it seemed natural for two 'ordinary' boys, Scott and Bem, to join forces with an ex-spaceman against the frightening efforts of the ruthless General Harman to destroy the Trillions, no matter what the cost.This tense and highly original book is by the author of six other exciting favourites, 'Space Hostages', 'Grinny', 'Time Trap', 'A rag, a bone and a Hank of Hair' and 'Wheelie in the Stars'.


Ernestine Tito Jones - 2015
    Out of the 100 rules their grandparents gave them to follow, that one was the most important, so of course, it was also the first one Hazel's six-year-old sister, Bess, decides to break. Hazel cannot believe she has to be in charge of her crazy little sister this entire summer. What could be worse for an eight-year-old who always follows the rules?But she never expected Bess would accidentally uncover a dark family secret that involves a hidden time machine and their mysterious, and grumpy, grandpa.Just when she thought her summer couldn't get any worse, Hazel finds herself stuck in the time of Colonial America, trying to keep her sister under control while also trying to make it back. She quickly finds out that she and her sister are going to have to work together to figure it out, and that maybe, that's not such a bad thing after all. Books also by Ernestine Tito Jones Follow Failure: Book Two, The Time Machine Girls From the Bottom of the Cauldron: Tales of Witch Training  92 Sandwiches

Star Ka'at

Andre Norton - 1976
    Two intriguing stray cats communicate with Jim and Elly Mae, convincing them that the cats are aliens from another planet.

Fire & Ice: The Elementals

Erin Forbes - 2018
    For centuries, this realm has been slowly crumbling due to an ancient curse set on the land. However, the moment that Alice and Emery Hanley step into the Academy for Gifted Youth, their lives are forever changed. Amidst the disappearance of a fellow student, the twin sisters discover a prophecy that could save the realm of Aisling from destruction.

The Brave Little Toaster

Thomas M. Disch - 1980
    Feeling abandoned by their beloved master, a vacuum cleaner, tensor lamp, electric blanket, clock radio, and toaster undertake a long and arduous journey to find him in a faraway city.