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Killer Curves by Christa Wick


Made for the Mafia Boss

Cameron Hart - 2020
    My men caught a spy down by the old abandoned shipyard and now I have to deal with him or else risk losing this alliance. Turns out the spy isn’t a man. It’s a woman. A lovely woman who says she was taking photos for her bookstagram account. Whatever that is. I can hardly take in her words, because her eyes are piercing my chest, right where my heart would be if I had one. They are crystal blue, almost transparent in this lighting. I can see fear in her clear blue irises, but also a quiet determination. This isn’t the first time she’s been threatened. I can’t let her go. I have to protect this angel.Darlene: I was just taking pictures! I swear, I didn’t know anyone else even knew about the creepy abandoned shipyard. The thugs who kidnapped me, however, don’t let me defend myself before putting a bag over my head and shoving me in a car. The worst part is, they threw my books away in the dumpster. That’s just rude and unnecessarily cruel. Before I know what’s happening, I’m dragged into a room that smells like cedar and spice. When the bag is removed from my head, I’m greeted with the culmination of every book boyfriend I’ve ever had. And apparently he’s the guy in charge who gets to decide my fate. Ninety-nine percent of me is filled with abject terror. But one, teeny, tiny percent of me can’t help but feel like I’m finally having an adventure of my own.MADE FOR THE MAFIA BOSS has all of the things you've come to expect from my books: Lots of sweet, plenty of heat, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. Safe, no cheating, and a happily ever after that rivals Darlene's favorite fairy tale!

Set the City on Fire

Sophia Peony - 2018
    Both books have been combined into one in order to simplify the Made Men series. Please don't die. Please don't die. Please don't die. Leo heard the frantic whisper over and over in his head. She begged him to stay alive, and he couldn't very well disappoint her by dying.Leonardo CostaSomeone tried to kill Leo, heir to the Costa family. Call it luck, call it a miracle, or simply say it wasn't his time, but Leo survived thanks to Freya. Those who tried to kill him were dealt with, swiftly and painfully, but there was someone else controlling the rats, someone close to the family. Leo had an enemy to eliminate, but when fate throws Freya back in his path, he knew he wasn't letting go. She saved his life, and it was his duty to protect her. Freya SantosHer only alibi was Leo. She couldn't remember what happened, but she knew there was no way she would have anything to do with the missing man. Right? She had no choice but to depend on Leo and play the role of a happy fiancé, even if it’s temporary-very temporary. But when bullets start flying, Freya knew there was more to Leo and his family than meets the eye. Contains strong language, violence, and sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Behind The Mask

Abbi Cook - 2020
    I never said I was anything else. I shouldn’t want the beautiful brunette who lives in that suburban cul-de-sac, but one glance and I can’t think of anything else but taking her. The innocence in her dark eyes tells me she has no idea what life in my world is like.But she’s going to find out.I control everything around me, and that includes Kaia now. At first, she’ll beg for her freedom, but it won’t take long before she’s begging for something else.Her world has changed. She’s mine now.Publisher's Note: Behind The Mask contains themes which may be disturbing to some readers.

Made to Sin: The Prologue and First Chapter to Ultimate Sins

Lora Leigh - 2014
    Years ago, they witnessed an unthinkable crime that would haunt them forever. Throughout their lives, they have longed for salvation. Now, they live in fear…For Amelia Sorenson, it is just a harmless game. A tantalizing peek inside her father's case files. Just to see what he knows about her secret lover. But for Crowe, the man she adores, it is something far more dangerous—something that could destroy them all…

101 Nights: Volume One

S.E. Reign - 2014
    Tease me. Take me. Love me? As delicate as the first frost, as intense as the desert sun over my kingdom, our relationship is like a complicated tango. Every time we try to dance closer to one another, we find ourselves flung to opposite sides of the room, torn a part by distrust and secrets. That’s better, though, isn’t it? The last thing I need is someone like her cramping a life I’m comfortable with. Why, then, does my world stop when Natalie threatens to walk out on me? Why do I want her to stay? More importantly, why can’t we trust each other long enough to figure out what the hell we’re really doing here? It’s never been this hard before with anyone else. We’re on a collision course with something neither of us can control, and I know when we hit the reality of what’s between us, someone’s going to get hurt. Because I can’t lose my kingdom, even for her, and she’s too good of a person to make me the king.

Making the Rules

Ashe Barker - 2018
    But then Ben Tyler offers his help, and before Lily knows it the handsome former Chicago police officer has taken charge and made it his business to keep her safe, even if that means baring her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking when she disobeys him.Ben's firm-handed dominance and strict correction leave Lily deeply aroused, and when he takes her in his arms and shows her how a man masters a woman properly, she cannot help begging for more. But as Lily gets closer to the truth, she becomes ever more reckless. When she pushes things too far with her impulsive behavior, will Ben be prepared to punish her as thoroughly and shamefully as necessary to convince her that he is the one making the rules?Publisher's Note: Making the Rules includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

The Dom's Bride

Penelope Bloom - 2018
    He promised me three things: A crash course in BDSM, A toe curling night, And then he’d show me the door. End of story. Or is it? Stephanie Maybe I was crazy for agreeing, but for once, I just wanted to feel something. Anything. I’ve spent my life running away from men who get too close. Call it a combination of emotional baggage and a fear of commitment. Either way, I’m a virgin who gets to have the night of my life with a billionaire dom. It’s a dream come true, right? If only. I thought I could just forget it all when it was over. I’d throw it in with all the other crap in my past and move on. Except the dom isn’t ready to move on. Tristan I had one rule: no attachments. One simple rule, and then she happened. Stephanie Holland. The one who decided to dump a big, flaming pile of complicated on my life and then disappear. I shouldn’t be surprised she ran off. I practically kicked her out the door, didn’t I? Old habits die hard, I guess, but this time I haven’t been able to get her off my mind. Month after month and it just gets worse. Maybe I could break the rule just once. Hell, I don’t even need to break it. I’ll just give it a little bend for her and then she’ll be off my mind. One way or another, I’m going to wrap my tie around her perfect little wrists again. The only question is whether I’ll have it in me to show her the door again. *As always, this is a totally SAFE, full length book with a happily ever after, no cheating, and plenty of steam.* A free copy of my books, His: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance, and Mine: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance are included with The Dom's Bride. The Dom's Bride is approximately 48,000 words and ends at about 27%.

Eyes of Stone

Lux Miller - 2019
    The crowned prince of the Mafia’s New Orleans empire. He stalks through the streets like a shadow in the night and his path is one I never meant to cross. He’s cold, conniving… and my new captor after raining hellfire down on the jazz club I called home. A ruthless playboy, the only thing bigger than the collection of notches on his bedpost is the list of men he’s murdered in cold blood. And when I find the barrel of his gun pointed at me, I’m left with an impossible choice. I know that in the end, I’ll be a casualty of his wicked games either way, but which list I find myself on is a decision he leaves in my hands. Die on the floor of this seedy club or agree to masquerade as the woman who has tamed him. Death would have been the easy choice. Luca Barresi is rumored to be untameable, but I’ve never been one to choose the easy way out. And with the fire that burns between us with every act of our little game, I’m about to find out just how dangerous trying will be. This book is the first in a trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone and has its own HEA, but the story continues. It is highly recommended to read the books in order. This book has mature content that is intended for audiences 18+ including situations which may be triggering for some.

Falling for the Bad Girl

Nina Croft - 2017
    But his work ethic—and libido—are thrown off balance when he heads up the case against jewel thief, Regan Malloy. Because with one sizzling look, she’s got him hot and hard. And he’s been that way, ever since.Growing up, Regan’s favorite hobby was learning to crack safes, and she was very, very good at it. Still, she’d always tried to keep to the straight and narrow, and only strayed when she believed a friend was in desperate straits. Now she’s out of prison and starting over. If only she could forget that she’d spent the last three years fantasizing about the stunningly gorgeous detective who locked her away.It’s inevitable that they meet up again—in bars, hotels…and hotel beds. Despite their differences, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Still, it’s just desire. If they give it enough time, it’ll burn itself out. Because a good boy and a bad girl can’t possibly make it work. Can they?

Motorcycle Daddy's Little

Daisy March - 2020
    She found a Daddy.AvaI’m a homeless Little. He’s a big tough motorcycle club president.This is a bad idea…He’s dangerous, violent, living outside the law. Bad news all around.But when I ran from trouble he was the only one who noticed.I can’t help it that my Little side came out in front of him.Or that I'm falling for the ruggedly handsome Daddy.DrakeI met her. She acted out. I spanked her.She looked innocent but she behaved like a brat.So I did something I’ve never done before. I fell for a Little.Only now trouble’s coming after both of us.Because she’s keeping a secret from me.And I couldn't resist taking her innocence from her.Motorcycle Daddy’s Little stars a stern Daddy and a Little in trouble. It is only suitable for open minded readers. As with all Daisy March books, the happily-ever-after is guaranteed.

Black Queen, Dark Knight

Amarie Avant - 2018
    It's cold and ruthless like me.Mikayla Bryant is my next target. She's the princess of a fallen nation. I've been tasked with taking my beautiful, new mark to a powerful South African king.But now that I have his virgin queen, screw the mission!I'm claiming her.Mikayla BryantMy past was sordid and deadly.But all that matters was my promising future in the medical field. Well, that mattered before I was taken by a beautiful devil, who was just deranged enough to believe me a princess. Truthfully, I'd play any part he wanted me to. I'm smart enough to believe he's a Hitman but it does not stop my deceitful cravings. Once satiated, I will get away from him... I must. Or he will take my heart and ruin me.

The Lady is a Thief

Aimee Nicole Walker - 2017
    He quickly learns that small towns harbor deadly secrets, and the biggest threat to Elijah may prove to be the sexy lady who lives next door. Guarding his turbulent heart could be his biggest challenge if he falls captive to her irresistible charms. Maegan Miracle seemingly has the perfect life. She has a successful career, amazing friends, and a family that adores her, but it’s not enough to erase the loneliness she hides behind a brilliant smile. Maegan’s world is turned upside down when she becomes a potential target in a twisted killer’s cat and mouse games. The only man who can save her is the same one that threatens her peaceful existence. Passion and lust override doubt and suspicion, igniting a flame that’s hot enough to consume them and torch the town. Something that burns so hot and fast won’t last…or will it? If they want a chance to find out, they’ll need to stop a killer before it’s too late. The Lady is a Thief is the first book in The Lady is Mine Trilogy. It’s a scorching-hot story filled with humor, mystery, and lovable characters that will make you want to pack your bags and move to Blissville.


Jordan Silver - 2018
    But in this high stakes case that can end his life and make her career, something even more powerful comes into play. Vanessa Donahue is a hotshot DA. As the youngest person to ever hold the position in the history of the city, she knows there’s a lot riding on this one, especially if she wants to follow her ambitions to the top. She has no evidence, just a gut feeling and a seventeen year old puzzle, but she has no doubt she can make it stick. But when the defendant starts to make even her doubt, she’s not so sure anymore. And after one careless night in his bed she knows the stakes just got higher.

Chained to You, Vol. 6 (Vegas Billionaires, #6)

Alexia Praks
    My life is in danger, as I have been kidnapped by a man from my dark past, a man who would do anything to keep me at his repulsive mercy. But I know James loves me, and he will not allow this bastard to take me away from him. James will come for me, and when he does, all hell will break loose.Our story continues…

Mr. Dark 1

Lauren Landish - 2015
    But when she meets the handsome, dark and mysterious Mark, she is thrust into a world that she never knew existed.   Mark A man of confidence, Mark exudes a quiet power and seductiveness, but who he is and how he acquired his wealth remains a mystery. When he meets the lovely Sophie White, he is smitten, and despite every fiber in his body telling him not to, he brings her into his dark world. **This is the first book in the hot new Alpha Billionaire Series, Tamed, by bestselling Author Lauren Landish