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To Kill the Duke by Sam Moffie


The Night in Question

Laurie Graham - 2015
    With no beauty, and few prospects, she was lucky to discover a lucrative talent - she can make people laugh. Now the queen of London's music hall stage, Dot feels she's not done badly. She has her audience, her independence, and enough money for champagne: a good life. Pretty, popular orphan Kate Eddowes was an unlikely childhood friend for Dot. The older girl's beauty was bound to take her places, and sure enough Kate soon left, lured away by love and the prospect of adventure. A chance encounter on a London street years later makes it clear that Kate's life has not gone according to plan. Though poor and alone, she retains her indomitable spirit. But this is Whitechapel in 1888, and the shadowy streets are no place for a desperate woman to wander...With her inimitable sharpness and wry wit, Laurie Graham brings to life the bustling pleasures and not-so-hidden dangers of life in a crowded city with its extremes of poverty and wealth. And all the while, in the shadows, lurks the lacerating threat of the Ripper.

She Moved Through the Fair (The Savernake Novels Book 2)

Susanna M. Newstead - 2017
    Two young people. Murder has claimed them both. The date is 1204. The 16 year old Matilda de Neville is to marry the young noble Guy de Saye but a week before the marriage, Sir Aumary Belvoir, warden of the forest of Savernake, under constable of Marlborough castle, hears their murder in a room in the keep, above his head. No one went in. No one came out. They were forty feet in the air, behind seven feet of solid stone and surrounded by water. Drawing on the skills he first honed in Belvoir’s Promise, Aumary sets out to unearth the awful truth about that locked tower room. Is there a connection to the decayed body recently found in his forest? Does the fair, newly granted to the town by King John have any bearing upon the deaths? Massive, menacing and malevolent, the castle keep seems to take on a life of its own. Have you ever wondered what might be the story behind some of our most beloved ancient folk songs? This, the first in a series, offers a chilling explanation of one such song, She Moved Through the Fair.

Blackberry Days of Summer

Ruth P. Watson - 2012
    The novel begins as ?The Great War? is coming to an end. As Robert Parker?s body is lowered into the grave, Herman Camm introduces himself to the mourning family. He is a beady-eyed, small-framed, well-dressed man with a mysterious stare?and he is about to drastically change the lives of three women: Mae Lou Parker; her daughter, Carrie; and Pearl Brown. On Christmas Eve in Jefferson County, Virginia, trouble arrives when Carrie reveals a disturbing secret that will haunt and change their lives forever. Mae Lou is fed up with Herman spending time with other women and she goes to confront him. Everybody wants a part of him, including Willie; however, the tables are slightly turned when Willie ends up with a gun pointing directly at him. All of the stories converge when Herman is found dead from a shotgun wound. There are many people Herman has offended. And all three women are suspects in his murder. An investigation is launched. But no one really cares, including the police. Blackberry Days of Summer is a brilliantly crafted story of family secrets, complexity and the courage of forgiveness.

Eden's Garden

Juliet Greenwood - 2012
    But then a chance discovery draws her back into the story of Plas Eden, the huge, ramshackle country house where, at eighteen, she said goodbye to her childhood sweetheart, David Meredith. 1898 The last time Ann was in London she was a spoilt, aristocratic bride. Now she stands destitute on London bridge, with the Meredith charity hospital her only lifeline. But who can she trust, and will she ever escape her past? Two women struggle with love, family duty, long-buried secrets and their own creative ambitions. But more than a hundred years ago Ann left a trail through London, Cornwall and Wales that leads Carys on a tantalising and increasingly shocking search for the truth.What is Plas Eden’s connection with her own family history and what are the secrets of the statues in the garden?‘It’s a great romantic read and also a very atmospheric, ingenious mystery.’ Margaret James, Writing Magazine‘This powerful and moving story… held me gripped.’ Trisha Ashley'Beautiful writing and a charming, intriguing story.'Sue Moorcroft‘Juliet’s characters are so believable and richly drawn the reader really cares what happens to them…’Anne Bennett

The Cicero Trilogy

Robert Harris - 2016
    This is an unforgettable collection from a master storyteller.

The Errant Flock

Jana Petken - 2015
    David Sanz, a young militiaman, is forced to carry out a heinous crime, and he becomes an unwitting pawn in a tense battle for power. Luis Peráto, the duke of Sagrat, sacrifices his own people to cover up dark secrets that could see him burnt at the stake for treason. Sergio Garcia, Sagrat’s lord treasurer, is a cruel and unscrupulous man, willing to eliminate anyone who opposes his rise to power. The inquisitor, Gaspar de Amo, zealously punishes heretics for their sins against Rome and her Holy Office. But bringing the Inquisition to the town of Sagrat proves more challenging than he or the church could ever have envisaged. In the midst of chaos, the people of Sagrat, terrorized by a series of murders, face an even greater danger with the arrival of the Inquisition and the unimaginable horrors it brings.

River Runs Deep

Jennifer Bradbury - 2015
    At first, living in a cave sounds like an adventure, but after a few days, Elias feels more sick of boredom than his illness. So he is thrilled when Stephen, one of the slaves who works in the cave, invites him to walk further through its depths. But there are more than just tunnels and stalagmites waiting to be discovered; there are mysteries hiding around every turn. The truths they conceal are far more stunning than anything Elias could ever have imagined, and he finds himself caught right in the middle of it all, while he's supposed to be resting. But how can he focus on saving his own life when so many others are in danger?

The Templar Vault

Scott Chapman - 2013
    As their world is torn apart by the jealous fury of kings, their only duty is to a sacred oath of allegiance to the Order and to each other. Step-by-step they eradicate their footsteps, knowing that only their own obliteration will guarantee that their duty will be fulfilled. Eight hundred years later and an international expert in disaster management sets out to prove that the Templars had a last ditch Doomsday plan. Peter Sparke aims at nothing less than to uncover the last refuge of the Order and the secrets they took to their graves.

The Undertaker's Assistant: A Captivating Post-Civil War Era Novel of Southern Historical Fiction

Amanda Skenandore - 2019
    Only the living can." Effie Jones, a former slave who escaped to the Union side as a child, knows the truth of her words. Taken in by an army surgeon and his wife during the War, she learned to read and write, to tolerate the sight of blood and broken bodies--and to forget what is too painful to bear. Now a young freedwoman, she has returned south to New Orleans and earns her living as an embalmer, her steady hand and skillful incisions compensating for her white employer's shortcomings.Tall and serious, Effie keeps her distance from the other girls in her boarding house, holding tight to the satisfaction she finds in her work. But despite her reticence, two encounters--with a charismatic state legislator named Samson Greene, and a beautiful young Creole, Adeline--introduce her to new worlds of protests and activism, of soirees and social ambition. Effie decides to seek out the past she has blocked from her memory and try to trace her kin. As her hopes are tested by betrayal, and New Orleans grapples with violence and growing racial turmoil, Effie faces loss and heartache, but also a chance to finally find her place . . .

Birbal to the Rescue

Meera Ugra - 1980
    The poor man will be either hopelessly embarrased or pleased to escape with his life. With an unfailing eye for human weakness, Birbal protects the innocent. People, from every strata of society, flock to him for help with endless lists of woes. Known for his compassion and tact, Birbal never fails them, even if it means pitting his wits against the all-powerful Emperor.

The Antipodeans

Greg McGee - 2015
    From Venice to the South Island of New Zealand, from the assassination of a Gestapo commander in WWII to contemporary real estate shenanigans in Auckland, from political assassination in the darkest days of the Red Brigade to the vaulting cosmology of particle physics, The Antipodeans is a novel of epic proportions where families from the opposite ends of the earth discover an intergenerational legacy of love, blood and betrayal.

A Ship for The King

Richard Woodman - 2011
    Kit Faulkner is a young vagrant orphan, but his life changes forever when two gentlemen spot his potential and he is taken aboard their merchant ship, the Swallow, to be trained for a life at sea. As he rises through the ranks, he risks all in encounters with pirates and French corsairs. Meanwhile, England edges ever closer to civil war, and very soon Kit must chose which side he will fight for . . .

The German Suitcase

Greg Dinallo - 2012
    Dinallo makes us believe.”Now, in his latest digital-first novel, Dinallo brings a novel of suspense and intrigue that is part WWII thriller and part modern-day mystery.A vintage suitcase is pulled from the trash by a young New York advertising executive brainstorming a campaign on her way to work. The account is Steinbach Luggage, the German answer to Louis Vuitton and Hermes. There’s only one problem with the vintage bag — like Steinbach’s CEO, it’s a Holocaust survivor, as evidenced by the name and other personal data painted on it. It is hallowed memorabilia, and no one dares open it until they can determine if the is owner still alive. The holocaust survivor turns out to be an 89 year-old member of New York’s Jewish aristocracy, a prominent philanthropist and surgeon. When he gives his consent, the documents found inside the suitcase pique the interest of a New York Times reporter, whose investigation begins to unravel a devastating secret that has been locked away since the day Dachau was liberated.The German Suitcase is a unique WWII thriller focusing on the Nazi doctors who were conscripted by the SS and given the task of carrying out Hitler’s Final Solution. The author delves deeply into questions that have been asked ever since the war ended. What is a war crime? What is guilt? How is justice best served? It questions the very nature of identity, and finally asks if a lifetime of good deeds can make up for past acts of evil? The German Suitcase is a fascinating tale of survival of the human spirit against overwhelming odds and wrenching moral ambiguity.GREG DINALLO, a New York Times Notable Author, has published six novels: Rockets’ Red Glare, Purpose of Evasion, Final Answers, Touched By Fire, Red Ink and The German Suitcase, Dinallo's latest and digital-first novel. He has also written and produced many dramatic programs and movies for television.


Ross Howell Jr. - 2016
    An uneducated black girl just five feet tall, Virginia Christian was tried for killing her white employer, a widow. "Virgie" died in the electric chair at the state penitentiary one day after her seventeenth birthday, the only female juvenile executed in Virginia history.Young Charlie tells the story of the trial and its aftermath. Woven into his narrative are actual court records, letters, newspaper stories, and personal accounts, reflecting the true arc of history in characters large and small, in events local and global. Charlie falls in love with Harriet, a girl orphaned by the murder; meets Virgie's blind attorney George Fields, a former slave; and encounters physician Walter Plecker, a state official who relentlessly pursues racial purity laws later emulated in Nazi Germany.There is much to admire in the pages of Forsaken, especially the wonderfully vivid sense of time and place, Hampton Roads after the Civil War and Reconstruction. The novel's premise is ambitious, its events striking and tragic, and fiction and reality are deftly blended. Yet despite the tragedy of this intriguing and well-crafted novel, its story is one of redemption and hope.

Mathew's Tale

Quintin Jardine - 2014
    Mathew Fleming returns home to Scotland following heroic service at the Battle of Waterloo. After seven years away, he is a ghostly presence to those he left behind. But Mathew is ambitious and soon becomes a man of influence in his county and beyond. Yet through all his success, he still hides the loss of his one true love.When a terrible act of murder occurs, Mathew must choose between the rule of blood and the rule of law. And as a man of honour with a warrior's instincts, he embarks on a journey of vengeance that will test every sinew of his faith in mankind...