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Ghost Hunting 2.0: Breaking New Ground by Chris Bores


Seeking the Brown Mountain Lights

C.C. Tillery - 2017
    Her only wish is to go home, but in order to do so, she has to find the one light on Brown Mountain that transported her back in time from 1969 to 1859. When Lizzie’s one opportunity is thwarted, she remains trapped in the antebellum South, a time she’s come to loathe, but that’s not the only reason she’s anxious to return home. The Civil War looms ever closer and she is frantic to leave before the deadliest and bloodiest conflict in American history descends on Brown Mountain. Lizzie spends her days helping the Collins sisters doctor the people on Brown Mountain and in the little town of Morganton, North Carolina. While learning about the natural healing methods the sisters’ use, she teaches them the more modern medicine she learned in medical school. But it’s the nights that keep Lizzie going, searching the mountain with her best friend Abbie to find the one light that can take her home and engaging in secret meetings with Josh Hampton, a plantation owner’s son, risking her life as she helps him lead slaves to freedom. As time goes by, Lizzie begins to care deeply for Josh, enough that she questions what she will do if the opportunity to go back to her time ever presents itself. Will she step into the light or will she choose to stay with Josh? She fears that when the time comes, she will only have a split second to make that decision and can only pray it will be the right one.

Superguy (Superpowers Series Book 1)

T. Jackson King - 2016
    Ever since he was four years old he’s been able to teleport himself to distant places, read minds and move stuff around with mind power. But growing up in Los Alamos, home of the atomic bomb and lots of scientists, taught him the dangers of standing out. With both parents dead, he holds down a simple job but wonders what he should do with his life. Help people in danger? Block terrorist schemes? Become famous for his unique abilities? Watching him is FBI Special Agent Janet Van Groot, newly assigned to monitor adult children of people who work at the national labs, in hopes of catching a hidden foreign spy. What happens after Jeff’s first rescue effort leads him, Janet and the entire nation into a future no one could have expected.

Northern Realm Royal Bears Shfter Box Set

Lisa Daniels - 2020
    Trust is for fools, but from the first dayI’ve wanted to trust him.Usually, a handsome or beautiful face only leads to pain.But Adrik is not like anyone I’ve ever known.Not only is he a bear shifter,He is sweet, kind, and caring.He is everything that my family is not.I’m not sure if I can accept that he cares about me,But I know that I want to believe it.This Box Set Includes:Northern Realm Royal Bears PrequelFavina's Royal RansomDevora's Royal RansomIlya's Royal RansomMyra's Royal Ransom

Bigfoot Terror in the Woods: Sightings and Encounters, Volume 5

W.J. Sheehan - 2018
    Sasquatch Chronicles and Beyond Reality Radio...This book is the 5th in a series which is a compilation of sightings, encounters, and evidential findings as they pertain to Bigfoot in North America and those who have encountered them

Kids Want To Know About Mysterious People: Ages 9-

J.W. Patterson - 2014
    Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle device. Discover facts and opinions about some of the most mysterious people that have ever lived. Did you know that a man considered one of the greatest psychics ever was on Adolph Hitler's death list? Did you know that the Public Information Officer at Roswell Air Force Base admitted he had seen alien bodies from the 1947 Roswell incident before he died in 2005? Kids will learn what is known and not known about many mysterious people. Were these people really as strange and mysterious as they seemed? Kids can make up their own minds after reading these exciting stories. Here is a Preview of What You Will Discover in This Book Did you know that only a small part of D.B. Cooper's hijack money has ever been discovered? Did he live to spend most of it? Did you know that two mysterious children suddenly appeared in an English village claiming to have lived in an underground world and that they were both green? It's strange but true that the "Man in the Iron Mask" may have been the twin brother of the King of France. Did you know that the rulers of Russia believed that Rasputin the Mad Monk had healing powers after he was able to heal their young son and stop his bleeding. Did you know that the National Geographic Channel reported that the 1962 Alcatraz escapees may have truly escaped and not drowned? Find out how this is possible and much, much more Download Your Copy Today! Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

MESSAGE in the BOX: A Psychic Murder Mystery (Messages of Murder Book 5)

Dawn Merriman - 2021

Katarina (Ghosts of River Oaks Book 2)

Sue Fineman - 2014
    They inherit the family fortune, including the old mansion on the river in Florida. The estate called River Oaks is haunted by the ghosts of ancestors and family slaves. Katarina, a teacher, lived on a ranch in Arizona. Her sisters and Boone Callahan, her grandmother’s attorney, help her through an unexpected pregnancy. Kat is attracted to Boone, but he keeps his distance until a boy shows up in his office claiming Boone is his father. Danny’s mother has been murdered, and Boone is afraid the killers will come after the boy. Boone hides Danny at River Oaks. While they’re there, Kat seduces Boone. Their affair grows into love, but he hates that she talks with ghosts and always seems to know what he’s thinking. And then the killers show up and try to take Danny.

The Haunting of Joanna Storm (Morgan's Rock Book 1)

M.L. Bullock - 2018
    Megan finds a beautiful dress in an armoire, and when she tries it on, she opens a doorway to the past--to 1932. Stepping back in time as someone else, she experiences life as Joanna Storm, the legendary actress and heiress. But the experience comes with a price. Can Megan rewrite Joanna’s tragic history? More importantly, can she get back to her own time? As Megan digs into the history of Morgan's Rock, she learns the truth about the place and the reason for the intense hauntings. Will she be able to solve the paranormal mysteries hidden, or will she too join the ranks of the undead at Morgan's Rock?  Morgan's Rock Series The Haunting of Joanna Storm Hall of Shadows The Ghost of Joanna Storm Read more of M.L. Bullock's ghostly work including: Seven Sisters, Gulf Coast Paranormal, Sugar Hill and the Idlewood series.

Shifter Squad Six: Complete Series

Anya Nowlan - 2017
     Looking for shapeshifters who are hard, ready for anything for their fated and impossible to stop when they go for what they want? Then Shifter Squad Six is exactly the team of seasoned Navy Seal shapeshifters you are looking for. With plenty of danger, unexpected pregnancies and steamy drama to look forward to, this is a bundle you can't miss! This anthology includes four full novels from the bestselling Shifter Squad Six series. Each book has a happily ever after ending, no cheating and can and should be read as a standalone! The boxed set includes: Bear My Baby Brought together by fate once more, Connor has to save his woman, maybe the world, and most heartwrenchingly, his cub he knew nothing about. Can Cassie and Connor overcome the lies between them and have a future together, or are they doomed to fail? Twin Wolf Trouble Risking their loyalty, their future and their friendships, the brothers will do anything that they have to in order to keep their mate and their sons safe. Yet sheer force of will means nothing when they're pitted against the most dangerous terrorists in the world. And they want blood. Will Madeline, Tex and Thatch find their happiness or are the sharp claws of destiny too brutal to pass through? Bad Cat Baby Blues Facing deceit, death, crazed terrorists and an innocent child in the middle of it, Dutch and Ari need to realize whether they can be a team and trust each other or if fate never had that in store for them. One thing's for certain though - neither one of them is going down without a fight! Cats Got Your Tongue The men know it's now or never. Save Ari and their heirs or regret it for the rest of their lives. The Arctics are the key to their salvation and possible destruction. Will they fail or have Grant and Grim finally met the one woman who could make them work as a team?

Bear Creek Protectors Complete Series

Harmony Raines - 2022

Protecting the Dragon’s Baby

Amelia Wilson - 2020
    He would never have abandoned his clan.Until his alpha’s stupid decisions result in the loss of Flint’s mate and unborn child. But were his Alpha’s actions plain ignorance, or something more sinister?Now Flint has hidden himself among the humans, seeking revenge. He gets his chance, but a pesky (and incredibly sexy) cop is poking her nose in his business.Flint’s got a big choice to make: does he commit the ultimate betrayal and reveal his clan’s existence to a human...Or does he betray his soulmate?Read Protecting the Dragon’s Baby for seduction, mystery, and thrills!Note: Adults Only!

Second Chance Fake Mate Protector Daddies (Alpha Dragon Club)

Abigail Raines - 2019
    I always get what I want. But there’s something I can’t change on my own. My bad boy image. I need to look more responsible in front of the media. That where Nicole comes in. She’s a dragon shifter just like I am. But she’s also my employee. Perhaps asking her to be my fake girlfriend was a bad idea. Not a second goes by when I don’t obsess over her. Turns out, I have to shed my bad boy image for real. Not just for the media but also for her. She’s pregnant and I have to be her mate. Is it too late to convince her to be my partner forever? Book 2 - Dark Dragon Daddy I had just escaped the hell of prison when I met her. I don’t regret having to go behind bars. It happened the night I was protecting other dragon shifters., Dana is a shifter herself. She’s got a dark past just like I do. We’re suited for each other. She might be my soulmate. But I can never give her the thing she wants most. Love. I lost my humanity in prison. Will Dana be the woman to bring it back? Book 3 - Alpha Dragon's Second Chance Wanting my best friend is wrong. But Sierra is the only woman I’ve ever loved. It might be too late to claim her now. She’s back in town and a new dragon is showing interest in her. Edward is everything I’m not. He doesn’t have the same bad boy image that I do. I need to make Sierra trust me. I have to make her see the sheer need I have for her. It’s the only way I’ll win her over. And I’ll do whatever it takes to push Edward out of the way. Book 4 - Hit-Man Protector Daddy I’m in love with a woman who I’ve been hired to kill in cold blood. How did I even get here? It all started when I was left on the streets as an orphaned dragon shifter. Darryl took me in, and I’ve been doing his dirty work ever since. This is the last job he’s asked me to take care of. I didn’t think much of it until I met my target. Laura is beautiful. She’s mother to a lovely little girl. Killing her would also kill my soul. It would break my heart. Can I go through with it? Or will I risk losing Daryl — the only family I’ve ever known? Warning: For mature audiences only because of window foggingly hot sex scenes!

A Vision of Vampires 1-3

Laura Legend - 2019
    Binge read these smart, sexy reads and get ready for the stunning conclusion to the series later in 2020! Fans of The Vampire Diaries, Mortal Instruments, A Shade of Vampire, and Twilight love A Vision of Vampires! They're coming for me. I can smell it in the air. I can feel it in my bones. They're coming, and they won't stop until I'm dead and the world of the living destroyed. Destiny has foretold it. But destiny underestimated me. And my sword. The one that slays vampires and sends fear into the still hearts of the undead. And when they come for me, I'll be ready. Barista by day, Vampire ass-kicker by night. Yep, that's me. Triple shot of skinny iced death coming your ways, bitches. I'm a seer. A rare gift in the arcane world. Only one in a generation, they say. Vampires fear me. They should--I can read them like a book, predict their moves, and plunge my sword into their cold hearts before they know what hit them. Except for ... him. Richard York. He's blank to me. I've never met anyone like him. Out of all the vampires I've faced, he's an enigma. A complete mystery. And I want, I need, to know why. And that he's ridiculously sexy is not helping. Let Laura Legend transport you to a magical world where the world of mortals is caught in the middle of a war between vampires, witches, warlocks, werewolves, and all the beasts we thought were legends. For fans of Janet Evanovich, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Patrica Briggs, Stephenie Meyer, Bella Forrest, J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon!

The Haunting On Park Road: A Memoir Based On Terrifying True Paranormal Events (The Park Road Haunting Book 1)

Andrew Hopkins - 2021

A Not So Purrfect Spell (A Cotswold Cat Familiar Cozy Mystery Book 4)

D. Watts - 2021