Lola Silverman - 2017
    5 books and NO cliffies! Boiling Point Every time the Army Corps of Engineers goes into a town to do a project, they send someone like me in to assess the possible reaction of the locals. From the first minute I tried to talk to these people it was like hitting my head against a wall! Then there’s resort owner Chase Kingston of course. The guy looks like an underwear model wandering around in the wilderness. He hunts snakes and works part time as a fishing guide and he’s completely the wrong kind of man for someone like me. But if he can help me get the people in this town to cooperate, I’m willing to spend a little extra time with him. It’s not like that would be a hardship. Absolute Zero One of the things I like best about the military is the complete lack of gray area. Things are black and white. I like absolutes and I like order. So when I get stuck on this job in Wilson Hollow I figure I’ll use my brand of law and order to make this project a fast success. Of course that was before I met Reese Coburn. The woman seems to take great pleasure in irritating the crap out of me and questioning my every decision. Center of Gravity I’m not entirely sure that anyone has luck as bad as Kelsey Kingston’s. The woman has been trapped on her brother’s resort for years while she waits for him to buy her out. She’s had a tough time finding a job because there aren’t that many businesses in a small town, and now she’s been fired from her job and accused of murder.I know Kelsey didn’t kill that man and I aim to prove it. Pendulum The army has been accused of murder and so they’ve brought in their own investigator. Lieutenant Buck Colson is the most arrogant man I’ve ever met! Unfortunately he’s also the best looking, which is totally distracting when I’m working so hard not to notice him. He’s on my turf, he’s poking around, and he’s starting to reveal some things that have been wrong in Wilson Hollow for a long, long time. Melting Point Alison Thomason was the one who got away. That much has always been true for me. I never really understood what happened when we were kids, but then we were from very different families. Now I’m back in Wilson Hollow on army business and Alison is doing everything she can to poke at me. I wonder if she realizes that we’re on the same team.

Fighting for Elena

Silver James - 2019
    Duty, loyalty, responsibility? Check, check, and check. Attraction and dating? Oh, hell, no. It’s been ten years and he’s so out of practice they probably changed the rules on him. The Tarpley, Texas Volunteer Fire Department, his ranch, and the young folks in town are his life. And they’re all he needs. Except when he wants more...Dedicated advocate, tenacious social worker, wrangler of runaways...
Elena Rodriguez knows certain people think she cares too much. But helping kids, especially the forgotten ones trying to survive on the streets of San Antonio, is her life. To the exclusion of all else. Sure, she has no social life, but that’s never been a problem. Until a sizzling hot fire chief comes to her rescue. Who cares if he’s older? She’s ready to socialize. Too bad fate has other plans...Fighting for Elena…When a young teen stumbles out of the path of outlaw bikers and into their lives, the silver fox and the woman who cares too much will team up to protect her—as their attraction for each other explodes. Whether battling wild fires, wicked weather, or outlaw bikers, Pops will do whatever it it takes to keep Elena.

Anderson Investigations

Katharine Belle - 2018
     Book 1 With his focus fully on work at Anderson Investigations, wolf-shifter Joel Halbrook has no room for romance. Or so he thinks. When he delves into solving mysterious paranormal occurrences, he meets feisty redhead, Kylie Brannigan, and everything changes. Having a temper to match her hair, Kylie is a sassy young human woman, or so she thinks. As more and more odd things happen, like emitting fire from her fingers and healing an injured bird with her bare hands, her life is turned upside-down. With this mind-boggling discovery as well as a rogue dragon-shifter trying to capture her, adding the fact that she’s falling for the over-bearing Joel Halbrook is almost too much to handle. Will Joel and Kylie be able to put their stubborn ways aside, and find romance, all while a rogue versus council paranormal war is starting? Book 2 Beauty, brains and perky personality sum up Claudia Ruiz,the fox-shifter at Anderson Investigations. As the resident computer genius, Claudia is all about hacking into rogue systems and inventing gadgets during the rogue vs. council war. Enter Aiden McKenzie, stage left, the newbie in her tabletop RPG group, and she’s thrown off her usual, geek-girl game. This fellow fox-shifter is intensely handsome, moody…and seems to hate Claudia at first sight. But when he asks her out and they begin to date, it’s clear that Aiden actually likes her. Yet there’s more to him than meets the eye. Being on on several top-secret, war-related missions,Aiden is instructed to not get truly close to anyone. The problem is, he’s truly falling for Claudia Ruiz, and has to pull a triple-charade. Will Claudia and Aiden be able to follow their hearts with so many lies and the increasingly dangerouswar? Book 3 Having run away from her rogue background, Sasha Dostoyevsky is a self-sufficient, commanding Wiccan woman who specializes in council-side rogue investigations. So, when dragon-shifter Keith Anderson, of Anderson Investigations, is having difficulty in solving a war-related mystery with rogues controlling some humans like puppets, Sasha is flown over from Moscow to help. But the usually even-tempered Keith bristles at the prospect of needing help, and even more at the cold and controlling but beautiful consultant. With her traumatic rogue past, Keith’s resistance to help and an increasingly terrifying situation where the rogues begin to control paranormals like pawns too, will romance have a chance? Or will the rogues take ultimate control and claim worldwide victory? Bonus series: Moonrise Security included.

Protecting Us

Magan Vernon - 2016
    When an IED took out both of his legs, he was left with a pair of prosthetics and a job he hated at the local university Student Health Services. Ready to drown it all, he headed to Ace's Bar and Grill where he met Maya Halliwell, the beautiful new bartender with a secret. A secret that has kept her away from the water for the last four years. Until she watches Calder step into the water and never come up. Now both of their lives are unraveling and the only way they're able to stay afloat is if they protect each other.

Secrets in Stone

Rebecca A. Engel - 2014
    An unrequited crush. A break-in and near assault.Life wasn't going too well for Joyce Manning. Given her circumstances, it wasn't surprising that she was willing to accept the strange condition in the will of a heretofore-unknown relative. Joyce would inherit a house, and an income, if she lives in the property for two years. Joyce doesn't hesitate to leave Chicago for upstate New York. It's not until she's almost there that she begins to worry that the house might be a rickety shack with no lights or running water, and filled with feral cats.It's not. In some ways, it's worse. The house is like something out of a nightmare, crawling with gargoyles and grotesques. The nearest neighbor to the isolated house, depending on who you talk to, is a spa -- or a mental asylum.But it's not all bad. The interior of the house, thankfully, doesn't match the outside. Not one but two local men actively pursue Joyce -- more attention than she garnered in Chicago. And not having to work for a living is a dream come true.Things would be great, if it weren't for the odd occurrences in the house, and the changes on its outside that make Joyce wonder whether her imagination is too vivid or if she's losing her mind. Will Joyce realize that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is? Because the house has a horrifying secret, and there was a special -- and sinister -- reason Joyce was lured there.

From Scotland, With Sass

A.K. Michaels - 2017
    It’s gotten her into hot water one time too many and she knows she’s treading a thin line with her Alpha. So what does she do when she’s forced to pick up a sexy-as-sin Scotsman and return him to the Pack? Heck, as soon as the Alpha’s mate goes near him, she growls at her! She’s lucky to make it out of there in one piece, and she’s sure it’s the hot Highlander who saved her. What was supposed to be a pick him up, drop him off, and make her getaway kinda day, turns into a scorching hot encounter that takes her breath away, at the same time as her sanity. Mr. Sex-on-Legs Scotsman has her heart racing every time he glances her way, her Wolf acting like a love-sick pup, his beast calling to hers as only a soul-mate can. With rogue Wolves in the area, willing to take what they want, and what they want is Belle, can the lovers find each other and seal their bond before it’s too late? Read New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels addition to the Sassy Ever After world which is also book seven in her Highland Wolf Clan series, packed full of hot Shifters, sassy females, intrigue, passion, and thrills.

Rise of the Pride Box Set

Theresa Hissong - 2017
    When their existence is no longer a secret, enemies will arise and new allies will be made all to protect their future.As their pride grows, the females will prove their worth, rising to stand alongside the Guardians who’ve vowed to protect them. Ancient traditions will be broken as they band together to fight off those who wish them harm.Book 1- TalonBook 2- WinterBook 3- SavageBook 4- The Birth of an Alpha

Loving the White Bear

Terry Spear - 2017
    This is their last tour group of the season, but when photojournalist, Alicia Raycroft, touches Rob and envisions what he sees, though her paranormal abilities deal with psychometry, whereas he’s clairvoyant, they’re both stunned. He witnesses a fight with an enraged grizzly; she sees a polar trying to eat her, which he interprets to mean he’s wearing his polar bear coat and trying to save her. In no way can he reveal the truth to her. Yet, just that connection between them pushes them to go beyond his self-imposed boundaries with both a client and a human. Alicia is fascinated with Rob, not only because he’s rugged and handsome and just as interested in her, he intrigues her like no other man has ever done when her touching him reveals he has abilities like she has. She envisions a white bear coming for her as snow swirls about her in the Alaskan wilderness, yet she’s determined to take this trek even if it’s her last. She believes fate is predetermined and nothing she will do can change the outcome anyway. Alicia and Rob are already headed down one dangerous path, so why not risk a chance at love too? Only he has more dark secrets he’s unwilling to share.


Lynn Leite - 2015
    I have seen them, lived among them. They are not the beasts depicted in legend. The legends were wrong. They don't hunt humans. They don't crave our blood. They don't turn into mindless beasts with the full moon. Bullets silver or otherwise will kill them. They can change at will without the aid of the full moon. They are not bloodthirsty monsters, at least most of them aren't. More important than all of this is the fact that I seem to attract them like moths to a flame.


Angel Payne - 2019
    The Consortium has fallen eerily silent, increasing the couple’s dread about the superpowered chaos being brewed by the cunning Faline and her growing army of brainwashed worshippers.But the gift of a new life also brings a rush of new hope for the super duo, reconnecting Reece and Emma in ways they never imagined. Soon, the power of love spreads through the rest of Team Bolt. Celebrations are in order, and Faline’s wickedness is eclipsed—until Bolt and Flare are called to help with a bizarre search and rescue beneath LA’s bustling streets.During the mission, the pair make a discovery that changes everything. As Reece and Emma discover their nemesis’s plans for global domination, they must face off with Faline in one last battle that will test their unity, push their limits, and force them to trust in their greatest power of all: the light of everlasting love.

Protected by a Dragon

Anastasia Chase - 2019
    Damon Ward is the head of Ward Incorporated, a humanitarian company that lends its money to projects to better the city and the people who live in it.They are drawn together by a sudden earthquake that threatens to rip it apart entirely, and Damon’s building seemed to be at the epicenter of it all. Tasha considers it random chance, but Damon knows the truth. Will he spill his secrets and drag her into the dangerous life his kind lives or will he keep her at a distance and refuse to tell her the truth? He may not have a choice when a rival clan forces only one option on him and it could spell out the very end of Tasha and Damon’s flourishing relationship.This book has a happy ending, no cheating, and contains steamy scenes guaranteed to steam up your Kindle

Mortal Death - Bundle 2

Jackie Ivie - 2012
    In VAL there’s no line a vampire won’t cross to secure a true mate once found. Only death can separate them….Set Two: Mortal Death contains the following novellas:TOGETHER TO JOIN: Garrick Wolfgar Von Holstaad is the perfect vampire hunter. Deadly. Accurate. Heartless. There is no way the woman he’s trying to kill is fated as his mate. A vampire? He’d rather die.THIS MAN AND WOMAN: When the Vampire Assassin League gifts Jean-Pierre with a perfect Samurai sword, nobody realizes they've trafficked in stolen goods. And then a female ninja is given the mission of retrieval of the sword. And the dual begins. FOREVER AS ONE: Terminally young, gorgeous, and ripped, Dane Morgan hides out tending bar at the SEX AND SUNBURN club. Then one day, when he least expects it, his mate walks in - wearing a wedding ring. And that brings his berserker to life. SHOULD THERE BE: Piracy is Rafaele de Jesus y Santiago’s world. His motto. His creed. There’s no order to his eternity. No goal. No direction. He doesn’t even realize he’s lonely. Until one night, a woman calls his cell. She’s frantic. She’s weakened. She needs help. And she’s his preferred blood type.

Break Me Open

Amy Kiss - 2014
    He's got a powerful body and otherworldly blue eyes, but he's not just a bad boy. He's plain bad. So why does she feel safe in his arms? Ghost will do anything for his biker club. They're the only family he's got after army special ops tinkered with his body and kicked him out. Seeing Katie stirs something deep inside. Keeping her safe gives him more purpose than anything else in his life of sin. Even if it means protecting her from his own club. With a rival MC declaring all out war and the damn FBI rolling in to sort out the mess, it's not exactly the best time for romance. But trouble only seems to bring Katie and Ghost closer. The only way to protect each other might be to bring her deeper into his outlaw world... Break Me Open features blistering action and sizzling romance and is intended for mature audiences only! This book is a compilation of the bestselling Desert Wraiths series, remastered and reedited and with bonus material.

Wolf Shield Investigations: A Paranormal Romance Boxset

Dee Bridgnorth - 2019
    It seems Kara is intent on making sure he fails to protect her from the faceless threat looming over the family’s East Hampton home. Long-held family secrets threaten to end lives while Jace falls deeper and deeper under the spell of the beautiful, brave girl he’s been tasked with protecting. But falling in love means taking the risk of revealing the reason why he and his team have been in hiding ever since their return from war. PART II Serenity Starr’s life in the Hollywood Hills is the stuff of dreams. She’s made millions from her popular videos and endorsements, she rubs elbows with celebrities on the regular, and now she has the chance to break into acting with a role in a big-budget movie. The last thing she needs is a stalker intent on destroying everything she’s built. Braxton is hardly impressed with Serenity when they meet—especially since taking her case means cutting short a much-needed vacation. Before long, though, her work ethic and the down-to-earth personality she hides from her fans begin to win him over, while her beauty drives his wolf wild. Just in time for her stalker to turn murderous. PART III Marnie’s life has taken a strange turn, to put it mildly. Overnight, she’s gone from CEO of a small but successful company to the victim of an assassination attempt. She would not be the first person from her company to die—in fact, she’s lost two employees in as many weeks to strange accidents. She was supposed to be next. Why? She doesn’t know, but she suspects it has to do with the top-secret project her company took on for a government-based group. A group with ties to the people who’ve kept Wolf Shield’s agents in hiding for years. PART IV Zane can’t understand why this heartless killer is in their midst, not even when she offers information on the shadowy figures for whom she carried out missions. It’s not until both their lives are in danger that he understands the rules of the game have completely changed. Now, rather than putting up with this insufferable murderer, he’s tasked with keeping her alive—and soon, it becomes more than professional duty driving him to do so. PART V When Logan founded Wolf Shield Investigations, it was with his pack in mind, the men who were turned into wolf shifters thanks to a top-secret experiment on wounded soldiers. Over the years, he’s built his business into something to be proud of—especially when it comes to protecting the confidential information in the company’s network. It only took one intrepid hacker to ruin everything. A hacker who’s been testing the group’s abilities for months, going so far as to plant files for them to find. When this thorn in his side reaches out for a meeting, Logan has no choice but to accept and finally come face-to-face with his nemesis… who happens to be a charming, clever young woman who reminds him of his horrid past.

Stray Magic

Jackie Bouchard - 2017
    Worse still, her ex just got engaged. Doesn’t she deserve some romance, too? Or, at least a date for the Fur Ball. She’s always enjoyed the annual pet rescue gala, but this year her ex will be there with his fiancée. Meanwhile, Cara hasn’t met anyone— other than the irresistible dogs at the boutique’s adoption events.Cara is shocked when her wish to fall for a man as easily as she does for those mutts summons Vincent. His velour track suit, paunchy belly, and tough-guy accent don't exactly fit her childhood image of a fairy godfather. Not exactly on top of his game, he admits to being twenty-five years late. (Her daughter Winnie is convinced he must be there for her!) Vincent does his best and casts a spell "guaranteed" to help Cara find the One. But when she actually starts meeting men, none of them are her type. If only they were as perfect for her as the dogs they adopt. Did her screw-up fairy godfather botch the spell? If so, what will it mean not only for Cara but Vincent as well?From USA Today best-selling author Jackie Bouchard, comes a tale of love, laughter, and the profound magic of believing in yourself.