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Strangclyf Secret by Mary McCall


Lord of War: Black Angel

Kathryn Le Veque - 2013
    Masterminding this brutal strategy is the knight they call the Black Angel. Brandt de Russe, Duke of Exeter, is the brains behind the prince’s war machine, a mountain of a man who is as cunning as he is frightening. In battle, no man is his equal.The Lady Ellowyn de Nerra, granddaughter of the great mercenary Braxton de Nerra, has been sent to London by her crippled father to collect the men he has donated to the Black Prince’s wars in France. De Nerra men are mingled with the Duke of Exeter’s men and Ellowyn is at the dock when the duke disembarks his ships. In her attempt to introduce herself to Brandt and explain her purpose, the duke has little time for the beautiful young woman and mistakes her for a whore. Grossly insulted, Ellowyn threatens the man that all sane men fear. And so begins the fiery, passionate, and deep love story that transcends families, kings, and two continents, building to the Battle of Poitiers where Brandt is on the front lines. In battle, no man is his equal but even the most powerful of men are prisoners of their own hearts.

Copper Kingdom

Iris Gower - 1984
    The story centres around two families and one woman. The families clash through years of class welfare, drama, heartache and love affairs, for in every way they stand opposed. The Richardsons are copper barons - lords of the Sweyn's Eye copper smelting industry, rich, powerful, facing only reluctantly the possibility that their wealth may be in jeopardy as the demand for copper wanes. The Llewelyns are a poor family, facing every day the prospect of unemployment and all its attendant miseries - too poor to afford more than a pauper's funeral when Mrs Llewelyn dies, too proud to allow the neighbours to know. Linking these two very different families is one fiery and determined woman - Mali Llewelyn. On her shoulders rest the burden of the family fortunes. When she is offered a job in the local laundry she takes it - determined to fight her way to prosperity as a businesswoman, while in secret she battles with her hopeless love for Sterling Richardson, heir to the copper kingdom of Sweyn's Eye.

Linda Lael Miller Bundle

Linda Lael Miller - 2006
    Enjoy 3 heartwarming classics by "New York Times" bestselling author Linda Lael Miller: "Ragged Rainbows," "There and Now," and "Here and Then,"

The Wanton Redhead

Meg Hutchinson - 2006
    Viciously raped, then thrown out of the family home, the girl goes on the run, fleeing her cruel rapist.


Ola Wegner - 2017
     What if George Darcy had not died but lived long enough to guide his son through adulthood? What if he had decided that it would be for the best for his only son to marry one of the daughters of his old university friend, Thomas Bennet? In this variation of the beloved novel George Darcy and Thomas Bennet are playing matchmakers for their own children. How will Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam react to matrimonial plans of their fathers? Can it be a match made in heaven?

Unmasking the Silver Heiress

Ava Devlin - 2020
    Getting tangled in a web of espionage and mystery was also less than ideal.Nathaniel Atlas was gorgeous and charming, an impossibly good catch for an unfashionable bluestocking like Nell, but what dangerous secrets were hidden under that polished politician's mask of his? What was he really after, and how did he become entangled with the enigmatic Silver Leaf Society in the first place?What Nell doesn't know is that her new husband is just as curious about her. How did this shy schoolgirl derail his life so thoroughly, and what in God's name is she doing involved with spies and smugglers?To find the answer, he'll have to take her to the last place in the world he wishes to be... his childhood home.Secrets and sacrifice are hidden deep in the ruins of Meridian House, if they are brave enough to unearth them.Unmasking the Silver Heiress is the first in Ava Devlin's new series, The Silver Leaf Seductions. If you love sweet and steamy Regency romances, perplexing mysteries, and a touch of danger, this is the book for you. Grab your copy today!

Ensnared by the Laird

Emma Prince - 2020
    Four Highlanders refuse to yield. Hell-bent on revenge, they vow to destroy the Pretender and restore Scotland to its rightful King.Laird Domnall MacAyre is out for blood. He bears a personal vendetta against the murderous traitor who helped the Pretender ascend. But when he tracks the traitor to a remote island keep, he finds the man's sister in his stead. The lass makes Domnall's retribution all the sweeter—in kidnapping her, he can twist the knife even deeper into his enemy's heart. Yet as a passionate bond grows between them, it is Domnall's heart in danger of ruination.Lady Ailsa Murray barely knows her brother, yet he is her only remaining family, and the bonds of blood are not easily broken. So when she is taken by a Highlander dead-set on revenge, she makes a silent pledge to do anything it takes to thwart him. But when it comes to her captor, enemies and lovers are but two edges of the same blade. Will she have the courage to stand against Domnall, or will her heart succumb before she can alter the course of both their fates? If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers, captive romance, and stories of love conquering all, start reading this page-turning, sizzling Scottish historical romance now!

The Demanding Duke Meets His Match

Ginny Hartman - 2016
    A secret outing to Wedgewood Manor to confront the man who broke Charity's heart leaves her with more than she bargained for when she encounters the demanding and arrogant Duke of Eversley instead. Two strong-willed personalities battle each other at every turn as they attempt to unite in a common cause. Giving in to the attraction burning between them leaves them both questioning their true desires. But is attraction enough, and can they lay aside their pride long enough to realize that what they have always wanted may not be what they truly need? Olivia and Maxwell must unravel the confusing matters of the heart as they get drawn into an unexpected adventure that poses more questions than answers. Secret passageways, hidden treasure, and a conniving fiancée pale in comparison to the greatest adventure of all—falling in love.

How to Tempt a Duke

Madeline Martin - 2019
    Secret lessons with Charles, the dashing, infuriating—and devastatingly charming—Duke of Somersville, should help Eleanor shake off her shameful Ice Queen moniker. But how can she tempt a prospective husband when it’s the duke who ignites her desire?


Kris Kennedy - 2011
    The mission is simple—until he comes up against a beautiful, mysterious woman who first threatens his mission, then his cold, black heart.Beautiful Eva is determined to find the ‘troublemaker’ too, and protect his dangerous secrets, even if it costs her life. But the blue-eyed knight has no intention of letting her succeed, and soon, it's more than secrets Eva must protect: it's her heart.When their quarry is abducted, they embark on an epic journey across medieval England, unwilling allies in an adventure that will betray the truth about their identities, reveal their unexpected loyalties, & unleash an explosive passion that will seal their fates--and the fate of England--forever.110K words

Mr Darcy's Resolve

E. Bradshaw - 2017
    After a fierce argument with her mother, Elizabeth flees from Longbourn in a state of tearful rage. She faces a troubling dilemma and is trapped by her feelings of obligation to her family, whilst her rebellious, independent spirit is determined not to be subjugated into a loveless marriage. Just as she is at her lowest ebb, when all hope seems to have fled, she is surprised by the arrival of none-other than Mr Darcy. She knows very well that he views her and all her family with complete derision, and so she cannot understand why he is so kind and gentlemanly towards her that day. It is the first time that she sees a different side to Mr Darcy, and she starts to develop a new insight into his character – and to realise that he is not as arrogant and unfeeling as she always previously assumed him to be. From that day a new understanding grows between them, and Elizabeth begins to view him in a better light. Their relationship grows from that day forwards – though their path to happiness is by no means an easy one. Along the way they must face opposition from their families, clear up a damaging misapprehension, and overcome a scandal which could destroy all their hopes for their future. Nevertheless, through it all, Mr Darcy is absolutely resolved and utterly set upon a future with his beloved Elizabeth.

Highlander Claimed

Juliette Miller - 2012
    Her fair hair and golden complexion set her apart, as does a mysterious tattoo she keeps hidden at all costs. So when Laird Ogilvie corners her with an indecent proposal, Roses has no ties to stop her from fleeing. Outcast and alone, her escape across the Highlands is interrupted by Wilkie Mackenzie, the wild and handsome brother of nearby Clan Mackenzie's leader. Wilkie is honor bound to marry into the family of a valuable ally. But when Roses sweeps him off his feet-literally-settling for an arranged match is no longer an option. Torn between duty and desire, Wilkie dedicates himself to Roses's protection, but Laird Ogilvie knows her secret and will stop at nothing to steal Roses back. Now, these star-crossed lovers find themselves in a fight to defend both their hearts...and their lives.

Island of Whispering Winds

Elizabeth Haran - 2006
    Only two young women survive: Amelia Divine and Sarah Jones. But Amelia suffers a bad head injury and loses her memory. She cannot even remember her name. Sarah jumps at the chance to change her fate and to escape her grim future. This will change the life of both women dramatically...

How to Fool a Duke

Mary Lancaster - 2020
    The ultimate goal: to find husbands for these rejected ladies of the ton. Yet, not every young woman is motivated by the same emotions, for some of these ladies possess rakish hearts that can only be tamed by true love.Her voice is pure, her motives wicked.Lady Sarah Merrington will never forget being spurned by the duke she was supposed to marry. After all, that is the very reason she finds herself as a personal guest to the enigmatic Lady Whitmore in her village on the coast, a place of sanctuary where a lady might learn new accomplishments and, perhaps, the necessary skills to charm the elites of society. And Sarah is determined to reinvent herself so she can seek satisfaction, if not a bit of feminine revenge against the Duke of Vexen.Leonard Blackmore, the Duke of Vexen, is invited to host a charitable event in a place he's never heard of before and by a lady he's never met. Pleased by the opportunity, he accepts the invitation only to find his gracious hostess, Lady Whitmore, is not only a fellow patron to the arts but provides second chances to young ladies who simply need a helping hand. Unexpectedly, the duke meets a beautiful woman who sings like an angel. He swears he's seen her before but can't quite remember where or when. It doesn't matter, for she's captured his deep interest, and he always gets what he wants.Sarah can't believe her duke has arrived, giving her the chance to fulfill her dream for revenge. But the more she's around him, the more she admires and likes him. And it's only a matter of time before he realizes who she is. Will Sarah take advantage of the perfect opportunity to fool her duke, or will she forgive and forget in order to give love a second chance?

The Highlander's Accidental Bride

Cathy MacRae - 2013
    To end the generation’s long feud, King Robert II of Scotland decrees EADEN, LAIRD SCOTT, and Lady Miriam Barde wed with all haste. When marriage negotiations break down, King Robert threatens Eaden with the loss of lands and title. Forced to take matters into his own hands, the laird kidnaps his bride, only to find the young woman he mistakenly drags to his marriage bed is not Laird Barde’s daughter, but her lady companion.MARY MARSH fights for her freedom from the laird and the unwanted marriage, refusing to accept her new life as Lady Scott. Realizing his error, Laird Scott develops an attachment to the feisty young woman he has accidentally married. Can he win her heart and convince her she is more than just a ‘duty’ to him? Or will the bond forged between the lady’s companion and the laird be destroyed by secrets and the feud that will not be laid to rest?