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Blacked Out (Book #1) by Avery Quinn


Dead Souls MC Series: Books 1-5

Savannah Rylan - 2019
     Knox Prison is no joke. The food sucks, My roommate snores, And the only thing I have to look forward to is Monroe. My lawyer can look at my briefs anytime. She’s smart, beautiful, and the only way I’m getting out of this hellhole. I didn’t kill Blaze, but when you’re a Dead Soul MC member, no one cares about the truth. And maybe that’s for the best, Because no one can know about Canyon. Monroe is not just getting me out of jail, She’s also getting into my heart. Grave These lawyers can go screw themselves. If they think I’m going to let Everly go into witness protection, they've got another thing coming. They’re right that she is in danger, But I can keep her safe. So she will move in with me. At first, it seems simple, But as the lies unravel, I realize that Everly might be the only good thing in all of this. She’s pure, innocent and everything I’m not. But for her, I would change. Be the man she needs me to be. Forever. Brewer I thought kids were annoying. But after I meet, Ana, the MILF next doors daughter, I change my mind. She has the same sense of humor that I do. She’s a cool person, just on a smaller scale. And hanging out with her means more time with her mom. Makenna is easy on the eyes, But would be better on my bike. Getting close to me is a risk. But I would lay down my life for them. Take a bullet. Girls like battle scars, right? Rock She lied to me. The minute I see Gavin for the first time, I know he is mine. Piper told him his daddy was in jail. I should be angry with her. But with that stethoscope draped around her neck, I know she’s not as bad as I want her to be. She was just trying to protect him. From my life, my club, and the bastards that are trying to kill us. She has every reason to be worried, But no one will touch my son. Or my girl. She may have left before, But this time, I know she’ll stay. Because we both want the same thing. A family. Diesel No one tells me what to do. Except for maybe Dean, The President of the Black Hornets. I need their help in order to defeat the Black Saddles once and for all. But I know that their help is going to come at a cost. I don’t expect the price to be a pretty little thing, named Brynn. His daughter. That I thought was dead. Being in one MC is bad enough. But being a son in law to another MC’s president is going to be hell on earth. That is if she will agree to it. And so far, I can’t even get her to be in the same room with me. She’s feisty, and her good looks are no secret. I love a confident woman, But this one might be too hot to handle. I’m fire and she’s gasoline. Let’s light this sh*t up.

Spring Blooms at the Hummingbird Hotel

Daisy James - 2022

My Perfect Summer in Greece

Ian Wilfred - 2019
     Cheryl is excited her sister Julie has asked for her help in organising her wedding but things aren't turning out the way Cheryl had hoped. There's going to be no little village church and no bridesmaids dress; the wedding is taking place on the Greek island of Holkamos. Vangelis has the perfect beach location for a wedding but his little beach cafe has never catered for weddings before. Will he be able to cope with all of Julie's demands? Andréas has moved back to Holkamos to help run the family gift shop after the death of his father. The business has to move with the times but will his mum allow things to change? Johnny is Cheryl's best friend. He doesn't like the way Julie treats her and has a plan to put things right but is it the right thing for Cheryl and what happens when they both arrive on the Greek island. Could it become more than just a weekend wedding for Cheryl and Johnny?

Thank You Beary Much

C.D. Gorri - 2021
    But the Black Bear Shifter has come a long way since then.Graduating with honors from the local community college and opening his own Taqueria in Barvale was like a dream come true. Life was good. Almost perfect.If only he could forget that one passionate night he’d spent with a gorgeous stranger in Cancun last spring break. He’d spent a week celebrating his upcoming graduation, leaving his friends high and dry to spend his days and nights in her company. A year later, he still dreamt about the beautiful Estella Baron.Imagine his shock when she comes to Barvale looking for her husband. Him!

Alpha Men: Books 4-6 (Alpha Men, #4-6)

Hope Ford - 2019
    He was my everything. We knew he would be joining the service when we graduated. Just like his dad and grandfather did before him. So, no matter how much I wanted him to stay, he had to go. He had to leave me. My mom was once in the same situation and she waited her whole life for my dad to come back to us. I saw what she went through and how it destroyed her. I couldn’t do that to myself. So, I ended it with Tank. Tank Emily thinks I will never come back to her. But what she doesn’t realize is, I don’t have a choice. No matter what happens, no matter how far away I go, I’m coming back to her. Where I Belong (Alpha Men, 5) An Alpha Man and BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Kim I fell for Rich in a picture. He is in my brother’s army unit and twelve years older than me. Although I dreamed about him all the time, I never imagined that we would ever meet… and he would live up to my fantasy. Rich My army brother asked me to check in on his sister. I told him I would and then he gave me her picture. I fell for her just by looking at her, and I knew the minute I saw her, I was where I belong. Do Over (Alpha Men, 6) An Alpha Man, and BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Madison Jase and I were in love and going to be together FOREVER! And then he had to leave me. I spent the last five years dealing with a broken heart. I tried to move on, I met someone else and we had a baby together. But now, Jase is back and says he’s here to get what is his. Jase I had to leave her. At the time I didn’t think I had a choice. But I worked all this time to get back to her. She thinks since her body has changed and she has a little girl now that I don’t want her. She couldn’t be more wrong and I’m going to prove it to her. I’m going to get my second chance… my do-over. Note: This is a steamy, sweet, SHORT romance. It has a HEA with alpha male and a plus-size woman that makes him hers! If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.

Maybe God was an Irishman

Bernie Donnelly - 2017
    He will know heartache, love, and violence. He will be falsely accused of kidnapping and his fame will spread around the world. He will live through the same events that shaped your life such as 9/11 and the recession years post-2008. Then it will all end in Easter 2017…or will it?

Flinging All Spring: Book Three of Sag Harbor Black Romances

Lula White - 2021

The Stone Family Treasure (South Port Beach Romances #6)

Taylor Hart - 2022

Hope Springs Books 1-3

Valerie M. Bodden - 2020
    So why does seeing him again stir up old feelings? Spencer promised himself he wouldn't fall for Sophie again. But there's something different about her now. Something that makes him think maybe God is giving them a second chance...Not Until This Moment: Peyton thought Jared was "the one"—until he told her he never intended to get married. Jared wishes he could give Peyton everything she desires. But marriage is the one thing he can never offer her. When they're thrown together again on an annual ski trip, both have to reexamine what they want. Because it's just possible God has other plans for them...Not Until You: Three years after her husband's death, Violet is sure her chance at happily ever after is over. Until Nate moves in next door and stirs feelings she thought had died with her husband. But when Nate reveals a devastating secret, they have to decide: should they walk away, or trust that the God of second chances has a plan for their future? If you love deeply moving stories filled with faith, forgiveness, love, and the promise of forever, then this set of Christian romances will touch your heart and leave you breathless with the power of true love.

Deacon's Downfall : A Dahlia Rose Military Romance

Dahlia Rose - 2018
    Honor. Service. Three words Colonel Deacon Hassel embodies to the marrow of his bones. His life holds no room for anything else—until the night fate decides otherwise… Pregnant, scared and in the middle of a late in the season storm, neither of them counted on was her going into labor on base and Deacon having to deliver the baby... Sergeant Dionne Holliday has no choice but to entrust her life and the life of her baby in Deacon’s capable hands. No matter how hard he tries, Deacon can’t get Dionne or her baby out of his mind... and worse, his heart. When a complaint against Dionne’s abusive ex comes across his desk, his protective instincts kick into overdrive. His most important mission? Ensure the safety of the two people who are slowly becoming the world to him. Innocent visits become so much more as desire and temptation collides. The touch of Dionne’s skin, kissing her—how can something that feels so right, be wrong? Being with her breaks the rules, endangers his career. But walking away isn’t an option. Not when the two people who mean everything to him have their very survival on the line.

Mississippi Blues

D'Ann Lindun - 2013
    Although Trey wanted to believe in his friend’s innocence, he was forced to testify in court, and Jace was sent to prison for life. Trey returns determined to prove he was right. Even if it means losing the woman he still loves. Summer Hill cannot forgive Trey, or his father, the chief of police, for the wrongs she feels they did to her family. When her brother escapes from Angola, Summer vows to keep her brother safe, no matter the cost. Falling back in love with Trey again isn’t an option.Now, five years later, the past begins to unravel. Reluctantly thrown together, Summer and Trey follow a twisted path that lead them to the truth—Jace didn’t kill anyone and an entire town’s ugly secret is unveiled. But more importantly, can Trey and Summer rediscover the love they lost?


Lynn Shannon - 2018
    She gets out to render aid but is attacked and drugged. When she wakes, she's back inside her vehicle and the woman--along with the assailant--have vanished.Todd Duncan is shocked by the vicious assault and the haphazard investigation. Unlike the police, he believes Janet. She's driven to find the woman regardless of the risk and, although Todd's in town temporarily, he's not leaving his friend to do this alone.Yet the more they dig into the mysterious woman's identity, the deadlier the threats become. Someone is determined to keep what happened that night a secret, and if they have to kill to do it...So be it.

The Mother's Tale

Camilla Noli - 2009
    She used to be a successful career woman in control of her life and with her husband's undivided attention. But now her control is slipping away. Motherhood is devouring her life. She is desperate to reclaim her sense of self, even if that means thinking the unthinkable.

Meet and Delete

Pauline Lawless - 2014
    All three are in their mid-thirties and have been unlucky in love. “Out of every ten replies I’ll probably get two perverts, two nerds, two frauds – usually married – and four genuine guys. Not a bad percentage really.” Claire is apprehensive about it and Megan downright sceptical but Viv, with her usual joie de vivre, takes to it with gusto. Many men and many dates later – from the boring to the bizarre – Viv thinks she has found her Mr Right. But does the course of true love ever run smooth? Meanwhile she coerces a doubtful Claire into joining the dating site too. Add to this mix Claire’s nasty sister Sarah who, bored with marriage, embraces online-dating with even more enthusiasm than Viv. Not to mention Megan’s thrice-married mother who’s looking for a toy boy not a husband . . . Is online dating the answer for all these women?

Finding Home

Becka Mack
    Not the space where I sleep or the walls that surround me, but instead, the people that surround me. The ones that make me feel like me. Like I don't need to hide. My brothers, my best friend. It's a small bubble, sure, but one I'm damn happy with. I might be a little lost at times-I mean, who isn't?-but I always know where to go when I need to find myself. It's safe, comfortable, familiar. My home.Until he falls into my lap. No, literally. Into my lap. That beer I spent the last of my money on? Gone. All over me. Damnit. I'm wet, and I'm...oh.Oh dear God.Tall and broad. That surfer hair and those sparkly blue eyes. Cheeky grin and southern drawl that makes a girl wanna drool. All those rippling, tattooed muscles. Oh, yes.Mitchell Hudson, baseball superstar, you may fall into my lap any day, kind sir.Except then he starts making a home inside my heart, and that vital organ? Well, I'm not sure we're ready for what he has to offer. His home is tied to a place thousands of miles away, and mine? Well...mine's right here.The man hits more homeruns than I can count, and that's exactly what I'm afraid he's going to do: run home, and take a piece of my heart with him when he goes.** You do not need to know anything about baseball or even really like the sport to read this story. But if you like athletic men who like to throw their strength and alpha sides (and their women) around, this might be the story for you! **