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The Watering Place Of Good Peace by Geoffrey Jenkins


Brothers in Arms

Marcus Wynne - 2004
    Lost in the maze of one patient's shattered mind is a terrible secret, so terrible that even in his shattered state he cannot be allowed to live.The Twins are young, blond, nubile women---and the most deadly team of assassins in the world. Their first attempt at killing the patient succeeds only in killing a double, and they are almost killed by two unlikely bystanders: ex-military special operator Dale Miller (No Other Option) and former CIA operator Charley Payne (Warrior in the Shadows).Miller and Payne are recruited by the CIA to protect the patient. And a clandestine game of cat and mouse between the assassins and the protectors leads to Amsterdam, where the money man behind the Twins' operations has set up base, and to a bloody showdown in Athens, where Dale Miller nearly loses his life.It's left to Charley Payne to discover the secret locked deep in the subconscious of the patient's shattered mind and hunt one deadly man through the streets of Washington, D.C., and stop him before he can unleash an event that could kill millions.Marcus Wynne took you on a thrill ride in his first book, No Other Option, when a special ops team had to hunt down one of its own. In Warrior in the Shadows, Payne pursued a psychopathic killer who drew his strength from cannibalism and black magic. Brothers in Arms unites the heroes from his previous books in a global battle to face down a threat to the United States of America.

Dragon Storm: China invades Taiwan

T.J. McFadden - 2014
    McFadden. In a story that could be torn from tomorrow's headlines, Xiao Ying Tien, "The Smiling Man" hopes to use the might of modern China to crush the last remnant of the Republic of China and solidify his grip on power. Against him stand two leaders on Taiwan: President Ch'iu Wang Chen, a cynic who rediscovers his lost idealism in Taiwan's darkest hour, and General Sung Chung Tam, "The Chessmaster", a pure soldier dedicated to winning at any cost, against any odds. They lead the free people of Taiwan in a desperate fight against the corrupt "People's" Republic and it's new military power. The latest planes, ships and weapons are used alongside weapons straight out of the history books as armies and fleets clash to determine the future of China. Among the millions caught up in this war there are:Mike Shannon- a reporter covering his first international event, who must fight his own battle between being a detached observer and caring for a people fighting in defense of their freedom.Group Leader Zheng Yiguan, a middle-aged idealist whose dreams of the People's Revolution of his youth run aground on the harsh realities of what China has become.Captain Daniel "Day" O'Reilly, an ex-USAF pilot who volunteers to join a new American Volunteer Group, a reborn "Flying Tigers" flying in defense of the Republic of China. Sgt. Soo Kuo-K'ang, a young ROC tank commander who must become a leader under the most desperate circumstances. Premier Li Wolan, General Secretary of the Communist Party, who feels the power of his party slipping away in the new, modern People's Republic. In the tradition of Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising" this novel tells the story of these and other people, of the strategies, combat and politics of what could be the next great war.Reviews:"a very good mix of characters sketches, a fast pace, and lots of bang bang. Of special merit is the way he deftly handles infowar operations"- Scott Palter, STRATEGY PAGE"T.J. McFadden’s new novel about a PRC invasion of Taiwan is strong on military knowledge and competent on character development"-"a factual, hardboiled thriller"- Bradley Winterton, TAIPEI TIMES

Army of One: Introducing Joe Beck

Alastair Brown - 2020
    He's unlicensed. His office is his cell phone. The gun he carries is unregistered, its serial number is filed off, and his methods are out with the law. At a huge 6'5" tall with a hulking 275lb frame packed with rock-solid muscle, he's big, he's bad and he's about as hard as they come - and he's never been one to shy away from a fight. A model cop sent down for a crime he didn't commit, he's out of jail and he's gone renegade. He's become America's Unlicensed Private Detective - a man who drifts around, roaming the length and breadth of America righting wrongs and reaping riches whilst serving up his own hard brand of vigilante justice. In Army of One, he's in McAllen, Texas, - a city not too far from the US-Mexico border - for the funeral of an old friend who, he heard, took his own life. While in town, he soon bumps into a beautiful escort named Sapphire, who mistakes him for somebody else. They make plans to spend the night together, holed up in a cheap nearby motel. But things don't go as planned. They’re soon abducted at gun point and bundled into the back of a black SUV by a sinister group of men they've never seen before. Under orders of a man known only as 'the chairman,' the men drive them out to a desolate stretch of land in the dark Texan desert where a gut-wrenching discovery, a hand-dug grave and a harrowing demise awaits. How will Joe Beck react? What do the men want with them? And what horrors will come to light in the dark of the Texan night? Buy Army of One: Introducing Joe Beck today or find it on the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription service for free and start reading to find out. ------- Revised edition: This edition of Army of One: Introducing Joe Beck contains editorial revisions. ------- Reviews “A bit like a Jack Reacher except the main character is more sophisticated. Well worth reading.” JCH, posting on “A classic thriller. Bit of a modern day western with a hero coming to town to expose a bunch of bad guys. Great read.” Scotty M, posting on “What a story from start to finish good believable characters and really evil bad guys looking forward to more in future.” Belter, posting on “Absolutely great. Characters are mysterious and the settings are vivid. In some chapters, I felt like I was actually there! Would highly recommend this book. Looking forward to more Joe Becks!” John, posting on “What a read! Absolutely loved it.” Jayden, posting on Books it's similar to If you like Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, J.B. Turner’s Jon Reznick, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, L.T.

One by One

Robert Enright - 2015
    Daily Muay Thai training sessions with his best friend, a progressive career as a mechanic and married to Helen, the love of his life. All of it comes to an end on a rainy saturday night in London. When Helen is ripped from the world by the notorious Drayton family on a visit to the capital and the police, including the prodigal Officer Starling, do little to bring them to justice, Lucas embarks on a rain soaked London to put things right himself. As the body count rises and the ripple effects of the escalating violence reaches further than he could have imagined, Lucas has to confront his dark past, his continuous grief, a nationwide police hunt and, of course, the Draytons.... One by One. A riveting story of revenge and redemption with hard-hitting action and heart-wrenching grief, One by One is a must for fans of Crime Thrillers.

Levon's Ride

Chuck Dixon - 2015
    But they should never have stolen Levon’s Ride.Levon Cade returns in this relentless novella of retribution.Levon and his daughter Merry are on the run. When their SUV is taken off a mall parking lot, it’s up to Levon to find it. The car means nothing to him but the million dollars in cash and uncut diamonds that are hidden in it mean freedom for Levon and his little girl. He uses his skills and courage to uncover a widespread network of thieves and invite the wrath of a local gang.More of the remorseless violence and high-speed action that readers have come to expect from Chuck Dixon. Includes five illustrations by legendary comic book artist and illustrator Butch Guice.Jaye Manus, Editor

Point of Honor

Maurice Medland - 1997
    A master storyteller." - Clive Cussler Two men separated by a strict code of honor locked in a lethal game of international terror . . . Jorge Cordoba has schemed and murdered his way to the top of a Colombian drug cartel intent on bankrupting the industrialized nations of the world. But when the freighter delivering the goods that will secure the cartel's - and Cordoba's - future goes missing, he's thrown into a life or death struggle to recover it. Enter Navy Lieutenant Daniel Blake, a former merchant marine officer who's just been ordered to lead a boarding party of seven men and one woman onto an abandoned freighter. In the hull of the freighter are thirty tons of cocaine, $350 million in cash - and half a dozen corpses with their tongues cut out. Separated from his own ship with a typhoon rapidly approaching, Blake and his team are plunged into a battle of terror against not one, but two treacherous enemies - Cordoba's strike force racing to the scene and a savage murderer who is still aboard. At the heart of this electrifying novel are two very different men, separated by their morality and strict code of honor, bound together in a deadly game of power and survival that each must fight to the very end.


James Follett - 1996
    Sabre 005, a synergetic, air-breathing rocket engine, will revolutionise air travel as the world knows it. Paul Santos, a French engineer, developed the aircraft. A jet in the atmosphere and a rocket in space, Sabre 005 is set for its first ever-commercial test flight- and its first fare paying passengers are already scheduled for one year's time. Joe Yavanoski, a compulsorily- retired union boss, knows that the threat Sabre 005 poses. Its success will spell the death of his country's former great aircraft industry and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Including that of top engineer Jean Lesseps. Together, Yavanoski and Lesseps hatch a plan to shatter the publics' confidence for ever- the perfect, undetectable bomb that will wipe out Sabre 005 its passengers and its crew, once and for all. All they have to do is get it on board.

Blood Tide: A Novel

Robert F. Jones - 1990
    . . Blood Tide is the best high-adventure escape I’ve taken in years.” —Elmore LeonardIn the tradition of Clive Cussler and Alistair MacLean, Blood Tide is a gripping novel of betrayal and revenge set in a remote and lawless corner of the Philippines.Unjustly blamed for a failed escape attempt from a North Vietnamese prison, James Culdee, a career US Navy noncom who has served his country with distinction for twenty years, is suddenly and unfairly forced into a disgraceful retirement. Devestated, Culdee retreats into alcoholism until he is rescued by his daughter, Miranda, a charter-boat skipper whose sloop, the Seamark, has been stolen.When Miranda learns that the Seamark has been sighted into the dangerous and primitive Flyaway Islands of the Philippines, father and daughter sail off in pursuit, on a voyage that will carry them across the Pacific. Arriving in the Flyaways, where local pirates and drug smugglers are as treacherous as the hidden shoals and reefs, Culdee and Miranda join a band of Filipinio insurgents plotting to overthrow a tyrannical American drug lord, who may or may not be the same “slimy” who betrayed Culdee in Vietnam.Filled with action, suspense, and nautical lore, Blood Tide is a tale of intrigue, courage, and passion—of a father and a daughter’s battle against overwhelming odds in infernal jungles where murder is a sport and madness a way of life.Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Exclusion Zone (Sean Riever Thrillers Book 1)

John Nichol - 1998
    The Falklands, 1999 – a vital strategic stronghold and oil-rich gem in the South Atlantic. For RAF pilot Sean Riever it is a place of ghosts. For Jane Clark, his co-pilot, a place of tough decisions.An air of menace hangs over the desolate, battle-scarred landscape; present dangers and past mysteries lurk in the shadows on the skyline.Then a Royal Navy nuclear submarine disappears, and Argentine jet fighters penetrate the Exclusion Zone. As Sean and his companions stave off wave after wave of enemy attacks, their defense becomes an epic battle for survival – in which victory can only be achieved at a terrible price… A pulse-pounding, high-octane action thriller, Exclusion Zone is a tour de force, perfect for fans of Frederick Forsyth, Mark Greaney and Kyle Mills. Praise for Exclusion Zone ‘Fresh and compelling … as good as anything written by Jeffrey Archer or Dick Francis’ Daily Mail‘A cracking combat thriller with a delicate love story’ Mail on Sunday

Wyatt's Hurricane / Bahama Crisis

Desmond Bagley - 2009
    But David Wyatt has developed a sixth sense about hurricanes. He is convinced that Mabel will change course to strike the island of San Fernandez and its capital, St Pierre. But nobody believes him, and the hurricane is only one of the problems that threaten San Fernandez…BAHAMA CRISISTom Mangan was a sharply successful entrepreneur who lured the super-rich to his luxury hotels in the sun-soaked Bahamas. Then violent tragedy struck: his own family disappeared, and a series of misfortunes, accidents and mysterious epidemics began to drive the tourists away and wreck Mangan's livelihood. Fatally, he becomes determined to confront his enemy - and the hunt is on…Includes a unique bonus - Desmond Bagley's introduction to the Crime Wave anthology, and his own author biography, both written in 1981.

Tom Dugan Series: Books 1-3

R.E. McDermott - 2015
    Over 1,200 pages of pulse-pounding action and excitement, nail-biting espionage, and elaborate political intrigue.Meet Tom Dugan A globe-trotting marine consultant and very part-time CIA asset, Dugan was only supposed to take a few pictures in Chinese shipyards now and again, and provide discreet courier service under the cover of regular business travel. That is, until the Company needed a scapegoat, and it all went terribly wrong. Deadly Straits (Book 1) Falsely implicated in a hijacking, Dugan's offered a chance to clear himself by helping the CIA snare their real prey, his best friend, London ship owner Alex Kairouz. Reluctantly, Dugan agrees to go undercover in Alex's company, despite doubts about his friend's guilt. Once undercover, Dugan's steadfast refusal to accept Alex's guilt puts him at odds not only with his CIA superiors, but also with a beautiful British agent with whom he's romantically involved. Deadly Straits is a non-stop thrill ride, from London streets, to the dry docks of Singapore, to the decks of the tankers that feed the world's thirst for oil, with stops along the way in Panama, Langley, Virginia, and Teheran. Richly spiced with detail from the author's 30 years sailing, building, and repairing ships worldwide. Deadly Coast (Book 2) Tom Dugan has barely put his life back together and started to enjoy his newly formed business partnership with Alex Kairouz, when one of their ships is captured by murderous Somali pirates. When a possible link between piracy and terrorism comes in to play, the US and British governments halt all negotiations for captives, and a frustrated Dugan defies the authorities to take matters into his own hands. But his cobbled together rescue operation stumbles across something far more sinister than piracy — a rogue salvage operation for a long lost weapon of mass destruction. Dugan and his hastily assembled little band of volunteers find themselves the last line of defense between the world and a terrifying bio-weapon. Weaving historical fact with speculative fiction, Deadly Coast takes the reader from London board rooms into the very real world of modern day pirates — and their victims. Deadly Crossing (Book 3) Six months have passed, and back home once more, life is good for Tom Dugan by any measure as he rolls through the London night, the woman he loves in the taxi beside him. Then his phone rings, alerting him to the arrival of two old Russian friends with a very big problem.

Manuscript 512

Rick Chesler - 2018
    Thought to be buried somewhere within the Mato Grosso region of the Amazon rainforest, the lure of the vanished riches has long proven deadly to treasure-seekers who brave the forbidding wilderness and mysterious creatures in search of it. Disgraced historian Dr. Hunter Winslow, fired from a lucrative professorship for stealing rare documents in order to gain a competitive edge over his colleagues, thinks the key to Manuscript 512 lies not in its words, but in its paper itself. The only problem is that to confirm his hypothesis means to destroy the document, something the Brazil National Library in Rio de Janeiro will never allow. But old habits die hard, and Hunter knows his way around a Special Collections room. After a brazen theft that triggers an international manhunt, the rogue historian is able to reveal the document’s secrets in a way no one else can, or ever will be able to again—by using its physical properties to reveal missing sections that had supposedly been irreversibly damaged. Armed with this new information, Hunter embarks on an expedition to the deepest Amazon to put to rest the mystery of the lost city once and for all. But while Hunter is looking for the fabled treasure, the long arm of the law is looking for him. Will they catch up to him before he can locate the treasure of a thousand lifetimes, or will he become as lost as the city he seeks?

Origins of Honor: An Action-Thriller Collection

Jay J. FalconerRyan Schow - 2020
    Jay J. Falconer, ML Banner, Lars Emmerich, A. R. Shaw, C. T. Knight, Eric Gardner, G. Michael Hopf, Jason Kasper, Jason Ross, Jeff Kirkham, Kyla Stone, M. L. Buchman, Ryan Schow, T S Paul & W. J. Lundy have come together in this one-of-a-kind collection to support the Oscar Mike Foundation.Hundreds of pages of action-packed fiction, all in one low-priced collection, featuring some of the most beloved characters ever created: Jack Bunker, Frank Cartwright, Miranda Chase, Gabe Conrad, Tommy Donovan, Sam Jameson, Graham Morgan, David Rivers, Treton Rusk, Ian Throne, Rowan Wolf, and more.For a warrior, it’s about honor, courage, and the will to never quit. Those are the hallmarks that lead to victory, despite impossible odds or the adversary faced.Each story in this set explores what makes a hero, elevating the common into the unstoppable. How does it arise? What does it reveal? Who will suffer the wrath?Whether it’s unleashing hellfire on an enemy or facing down a threat with only bare hands, these explosive stories are sure to keep you glued to your seat. So buckle up and strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Get your copy of ORIGINS OF HONOR now, while you still can! This is a limited-time release with all proceeds going to the Oscar Mike Foundation for disabled veterans.

Enigma Key (Eddie York Thriller #1)

Tom Defoe - 2018
     Eddie is tasked to recover the Enigma Key, an object that holds the balance of worldly power. Using information from an old computer game his grandfather had created to hide the key’s location, and working with unlikely allies, Eddie must push himself to new limits if he’s to fulfil his destiny and become a guardian. With help from skilled computer engineer, Solomon Finch, Eddie must work his way through a challenging string of international clues for the answer to a puzzle that reaches back centuries. If Eddie and his team fail to recover the Enigma Key before their rivals and clandestine global forces, then everything will change… Enigma Key is the first book in an exciting new thriller series from Tom Defoe and Darren Wearmouth and is for fans of Crichton, Rollins, Brown, and Preston & Child. Mixing history and edge technology, Defoe and Wearmouth invite you into a new world of fast-paced, exciting adventures. *Complete the book for a chance to win the latest Alienware laptop, a retro games console, and many other prizes!*

Ice Station/Hell Island

Matthew Reilly