Raspberry Revenge (A Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery, #4)

Rosie A. Point - 2020
    Life at the Gossip Inn is anything but simple, what with her grandmother’s Kitten Foster Care Center, the ever-annoying Jessie Belle-Blue always trying to throw a spanner in the works, and now… a ghost haunting the inn?Not that Charlie believes in that type of thing. She’s positive the nightly hauntings have a sinister cause—namely her ex-husband and rogue spy, come to find her and punish her for outing him. Before Charlie can properly investigate the mystery haunting, however, a local entrepreneur drops dead right after claiming to have seen the ghost.Charlie and Gamma are sure that the killer must be their common enemy… but can they solve the murder before he strikes again?

Fern Michaels Sisterhood CD Collection 2: The Jury, Sweet Revenge, Lethal Justice

Fern Michaels - 2008
    For years, Paula Woodley has suffered the broken bones and shattered self-esteem caused by an abusive marriage. But what can she do? Her high-profile, Washington power-broker husband is not a man to be crossed. Or so he thinks. The Sisterhood may not be an organization found in any of his memos, but he’s about to take a meeting with them—and they’ll be setting the agenda.… Sweet Revenge Isabelle Flanders’ former colleague, the conniving Rosemary, did everything in her power to ruin Isabelle, from framing her for a terrible drunk driving accident to stealing her husband and her architecture firm. Now, Isabelle’s formerly lovely life is in tatters while Rosemary scoops up the spoils. It’s enough to make any friend’s blood boil. Rosemary may think she’s flying high, but she’s about to tangle with the Sisterhood. Lethal Justice Alexis Thorn, once a successful securities broker, spent a hellish year behind bars for a crime she never committed. Now she has her freedom, but she’s left with haunting memories of being hauled from her office in handcuffs…of the cell door clanging shut behind her…of her pleas going unheard. Alexis dreams of getting even. The legal system failed her, but the Sisterhood won’t.

Burnt Endz (Hawg Heaven Cozy Mysteries Book 8)

Summer Prescott - 2019
    A tragic occurrence has her wondering whether to stay or go, and a strange series of events make it seem that someone is trying to drive her away. Add an estranged husband, a mercurial biker, and a teenaged son to the mix, and it’s easy to see how Rossie might just want to give up. On a quest for the truth, Rossie discovers things, about herself and those whom she loves, that leave her feeling torn and lost. Get out your tissues for this suspenseful, standalone drama – there are some unexpected twists that will leave you breathless!

Murder on the SS Mystique

Shelly West - 2020
    And what would be a greater change in scenery than a renovated 1940s ocean liner called the SS Mystique? Audrey eagerly signs up, thinking all she’ll have to do is tend to wealthy passengers and their pets on a quaint old liner. Instead, she boards a ship shrouded in odd superstitions and deadly mysteries. First she must gain favor with Captain Truffles, the ship’s cat, then she needs to learn the ropes in three days flat before the SS Mystique takes on hundreds of more passengers. It wouldn’t be so bad—if not for the two bodies appearing right after the ship sets sail. Spitfire Audrey has a few ideas about who might be to blame, but a handsome Officer Gerald is determined to keep her off the trail. The SS Mystique Cozy Mystery series is fun, quirky, and exciting! If you're a fan of ocean liners, lovable pets, or grand adventures, this series offers all three!

Hunters Security: 5-Books RomCom Bundle

Kira Graham - 2020

Louella Mae, She's Run Away!

Karen Beaumont Alarcón - 1997
    And there's a surprise in store for whoever finds the elusive Louella Mae!

Show Time

Tawna Fenske - 2020
    Being one of the suckers who falls in love on TV? Hell, no.Lucky for me, I found a CFO who shares my urge to skip the mating game part of my family’s social experiment and reality show. Vanessa and I can cast the cops, teachers, and nurses needed for a self-contained community, and leave the dating mess to my siblings.Easier said than done. Vanessa’s smart and funny and hot as hell, and for once I can’t focus on running the show. Somewhere between a sexy waterslide ride and adopting dog, we share a helluva lot more than spreadsheets. The only thing riskier is realizing someone’s out to destroy our project before it’s off the ground.How do I save the business, protect my family, and keep my hands off the sexy CFO? For once, I’m not sure I’ve got it all under control.

The Reluctant Jillaroo

Kaz Delaney - 2016
    Suitable for teen readers of Rachael Treasure.Harper Gage has won the opportunity of a lifetime - ten days at Winmaroo Jillaroo and Jackaroo school. The camp could give her the recommendation she needs to go to the exclusive Agricoll for years 11 and 12. But when an accident leaves Harper hospitalised, her twin sister, Heidi, goes in her place. The only problem is that Heidi is not much of a country girl - not like her sister. And to make life even more complicated, her sister's biggest rival Trent is going to be there. Will she be able to fool him?And then the reality of the school hits Heidi hard. It's all dust, snakes and heat - a million miles away from the surf she loves. When she meets the fun and handsome Chaz, life at the school suddenly doesn't seem so bad, although with Trent acting up and trouble brewing with the other students, Heidi's not sure how long she can keep her identity secret. And if her secret is revealed, will Chaz ever be able to trust her again?

Squalor, New Mexico

Lisette Brodey - 2009
    From the moment Darla asks to know more about her mysterious aunt, she is offered nothing but half-truths, distortions, and evasions. As Darla grows into her teen years, her life is oddly yet profoundly affected by this woman she has never known. She can't help but notice that Rebecca seems to exist only in dark corners of conversations and that no one ever wants to talk about her - with Darla. Squalor, New Mexico is a coming-of-age story shrouded in family mystery. As the plot takes twists and turns, secrets are revealed not only to Darla but to the "secret keepers" as well. Darla learns that families are only as strong as the truths they hold and as weak as the secrets they keep.

Taken by Lies

Liberty Parker - 2015
    Her step-dad has a control on her life to the point of dooming her friendships and relationships if he pleases. She met her Best-friend Skylar through her sister Sadie. The three of them are inseparable. The friendship leads Riley into a crush on Skylar's brother Kid. He's a male whore and loves to clown around. He has the tendency to make her tongue tied when he's around. She knows it will never go beyond her crush, Kid is pursued and wanted by every woman who meets him. She will have to live with this crush.Kid has noticed Riley, but doesn't want a woman of his own. He leaves her alone knowing she is a relationship type woman. He will be her friend and try not to let her down. He is protective of his family and his club. The Rage Ryders MC has been in his blood since birth. His father is one of the founders along with his best friend Ryder's dad. He would lay his life down for any of them.This story isn't a perfect love story. It is about the journey of three MC members and the journey they are forced to travel while keeping their women alive and safe. Riley and Sadie's life turns everyone's world upside down when secrets are revealed. Right when you think a Happily Ever After is on it's way, there is always someone there to throw more hidden secrets in your path.Can the Rage Ryders keep their women safe or will their enemies succeed in the end? This will be part of a series, the secrets never die just because the book ends. This book will carry into Book Two where more answers are revealed and the Rage Ryders learn what war really means.***Warning, this book does end on a cliffhanger.***It contains some situations which may be hard to handle... some sexual situations, physical, mental and emotional abuse are in the book, if these are situations which are hard for you to handle please do not purchase book. This series is the Author's imagination and in no way copies anyone's life or life events. If in any way you know someone who has gone through any of these circumstances I assure you it is completely coincidence. This book ends with a cliffhanger, but will pick up in Book 2.Freshly edited as of 8/1/16

Taking Care of Business

Lutishia Lovely - 2012
    . .After a long bout of misfortune, betrayal, and broken hearts, the Livingstons and their soul food empire are thriving. Toussaint Livingston is the Food Network darling, Malcolm Livingston's BBQ Soul Smoker is still the toast of QVC, and Bianca Livingston's brainchild TOSTS--Taste Of Soul Tapas Style--is a sizzling sensation on L.A.'s Sunset Strip. It seems that nothing can stop the progress of this third generation--until a dish called trouble gets added to the menu.Jefferson Livingston is the only sibling who feels he hasn't made his mark, a fact for which he partly blames Toussaint. But with a recent promotion and a sexy new assistant, Jefferson is ready to show his cousin just how big a mistake he made. Then a fire breaks out, an old enemy rears his ugly head, and a stranger threatens the family's legacy. Jefferson and Toussaint must now work together to keep the dynasty from falling apart. Can they put their differences aside long enough to take care of business? There's only one way to find out. . . ."A great new taste in the literary world." --Carl Weber

Dune House Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 4

Cindy Bell - 2017
     Book 1: Seaside Secrets Suzie Allen gets a call to inform her that her estranged Uncle Harry has passed away and has unexpectedly left her Dune House, a beautiful house on the beach that was once a Bed and Breakfast. With her best friend, Mary, going through a messy divorce, the two decide to get away and go to the small town of Garber to see the house. Despite the stunning setting, the house has been neglected for years and is in a terrible state of disrepair. Suzie and Mary make the decision to refurbish the house together. But then, Suzie and Mary start finding evidence that maybe Uncle Harry didn’t die of natural causes. Suzie’s investigative background as a journalist takes over and the ladies go on a search to discover what secrets the house holds. Will these secrets reveal a dark side to Suzie’s strange cousin, Jason? Was the decision to refurbish Dune House the worst mistake of their lives? Or is this the beginning of an exciting new chapter? Book 2: Boats and Bad Guys Best friends, Suzie and Mary, are enjoying living together in Garber. They are settling into their new lives and are finalizing the renovations on the spectacular B & B on the beach. They find the perfect painting to decorate one of the rooms. It is painted by a local, young artist who committed suicide years earlier. But then they find something hidden in the frame that piques their curiosity and they want to find out its significance. During their investigations they begin to believe that the artist of the painting did not commit suicide and they try to discover the truth. But there are two dangerous men who want the truth buried. With a storm brewing they overcome many obstacles on their journey to uncover the facts before the evidence is lost forever. Will Suzie and Mary’s quest for adventure land them in danger? Will they discover the truth before the bad guys silence them? Is love between Suzie and the mysterious captain, Paul, on the horizon? Book 3: Treasured History Dune House, a stunning old house right on the beach, is finally ready to be reopened as a Bed and Breakfast. Best friends, Suzie and Mary, are very excited that their hard work has paid off and the opening weekend has finally arrived. They are even more excited that they have guests booked in on opening day. But before the B & B is officially opened Mary is distracted by a surprise guest and Suzie is distracted by her blossoming romance with Paul. When their guests do arrive they get more than they bargained for. Not only do they have to accommodate a very pretentious guest and an unusual guest but there is a problem with the plumbing. Then someone is found murdered. With the reputation of Dune House to protect, Suzie and Mary want the murder solved quickly so they do a little investigating of their own to speed up the investigation. What secrets does the history of Dune House hold that could lead to murder? Book 4: Hidden Hideaways Suzie and Mary are enjoying running the newly reopened Dune House, a stunning bed and breakfast on the beach. Their friendship has never been stronger. Mary is in her element using the skills she gained taking care of her family to ensure their guests have an unforgettable experience and Suzie’s relationship with Paul is flourishing.

The Marsh: A Folly Beach Mystery

Bill Noel - 2011
    But his entire day deteriorates rapidly when he hears that a murder victim has been found in the marsh behind his retirement home on Folly Beach, South Carolina. Worse yet, the victim is the business associate of one of his friends. In a matter of hours, Chris’s quiet, relaxed life is turned upside down.The police are convinced that Sean Aker, the victim’s law partner, is the killer. Chris has no reason to disagree other than the fact Sean is a friend—a feeble defense at best. With the help of a group consisting of a tagalong buddy and wannabe private detective; an aging hippy and surf shop owner; a has-been country music singer; and a new acquaintance who runs a marsh tour business, Chris is thrust into a murder investigation that soon puts his dream of spending an idyllic retirement on hold yet again.As Chris and his merry band of misfit friends stumble, bumble, and come face-to-face with death in their amateurish quest to find a killer, they all wonder if the “golden years” are like this for everyone—or just them."

Mystery at the Club Sandwich

Doug Cushman - 2004
    Literally. Nick Trunk, private investigator, has been hired to find them. He’s a very good detective, but this case is a tough nut to crack. The only clues are an ostrich feather and lots of peanut butter—delicious peanut butter. Will Nick be able to solve this sticky crime? Monochromatic illustrations give this hilarious whodunit the dramatic feel of an old black-and-white movie, while endearing animal characters, plentiful P.I. and peanut puns, and a suspenseful but-not-too-hard-to-follow mystery make this a crime story that’s hard to put down.

Walking Sam

Deanna Lynn Sletten - 2016
    His friends and family are encouraging him to move on and find someone to share his life with, but Ryan feels he’ll never find anyone he’ll love as much as his wife. Ryan reluctantly starts going out on weekends, and soon finds that not only have women changed, but also the rules of dating. He’s longing for a fulfilling relationship but everyone he meets only want one-night stands. Then, Kristen moves in next door and he finds they have a lot in common. There’s only one problem—she’s not available.Kristen Foster craves a peaceful place to call home. With her stressful job as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and a failed marriage behind her, she doesn’t want any more drama in her life. Then her casual boyfriend—a surgeon—proposes to her. And she finds that the widower next door is a thirty-something, handsome man who seems to have his choice of young women every weekend. His only redeeming quality is his beautiful dog, Sam. But as she gets to know Ryan, Kristen is drawn to him. She finds herself struggling to choose between the dependable surgeon or the man she believes is the neighborhood playboy.Can Sam’s furry charm bring Ryan and Kristen together?Walking Sam is a heartwarming story of two people who have to let go of the past in order to see what’s right in front of them.