The White Stallion

Elizabeth Shub - 1982
    . . a young girl named Gretchen and her family were on their way west. One day, the horse Gretchen was riding strayed far away from the wagon train. Gretchen was lost and all alone. But then a magnificent white stallion appeared. And Gretchen knew she didn't have to be afraid, because the beautiful horse would show her the way back home.

Silas and the Black Mare

Cecil Bødker - 1967
    A fiercely independent thirteen-year-old boy over comes several problems to keep the majestic black mare he won from a greedy horse trainer.


Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld - 2006
    Based on the book 'My Friend Flicka' by Mary O'Hara, this junior novel reflects the relationship between Katy and her wild mustang, Flicka.

Phantom Horse

Christine Pullein-Thompson - 1989
    Jean and her brother, Angus, tame him and bring him to England. A new series featuring their exciting and mysterious adventures at home and abroad.

The Secret Horse

Marion Holland - 1959
    They hatch up a daring plan to steal a neglected and abandoned horse from the local pound and keep it in secret.

Stealing Thunder

Mary Casanova - 1999
    When she discovers Thunder is being abused, Libby knows she has to rescue him, no matter what the risk!In this exciting adventure, Libby finds her own voice as she stands up for what she believes in a world of adults who think they know best.

Dark Fire

Angela Dorsey - 2004
    Then a crime is committed that shakes Lisa to her core, and the police suspect Jupiter.

Ghost Horse

Janni Lee Simner - 1996
    Twelve-year-old Callie sees a silvery horse outside her window one night, and realizes see must be seeing a ghost horse.

The Adventures of Rusty : Collected Stories

Ruskin Bond - 1986
    In these pages there’s Toto, the monkey that travelled in a bag in a train; an encounter with a leopard; life as a young writer in faraway London; and the return home to roots that were always loved and never forgotten.An evergreen classic of children’s writing in India, Rusty’s stories will be enjoyed like never before in this omnibus edition.

Geth and the Return of the Lithens

Obert Skye - 2011
    Geth, a fearless Lithen, is one of the wisest and most respected beings of Foo. The realm of Foo has achieved balance—dreams can once again thrive and grow. With things in order, Geth and the beloved sycophant Clover set off to find a new adventure that leads beyond the hidden border of Foo and into and unknown land where dreams have been trapped and freedom has been crushed. Join Geth and Clover on a page-turning, mind-blowing, laugh-out-loud, and imagine-the impossible quest. You dreams will thank you!

The Lost Pony of Riverdale

Amanda Wills - 2013
    Each chapter was thrilling and left you wanting more.” Amazon 5* review Poppy McKeever is reluctant to move to an old cottage on Dartmoor - until she discovers that her new home comes complete with its own pony. But life at Riverdale is not as straight-forward as it seems, especially when Poppy spies a flash of white in the woods next to the cottage. Her stepmother Caroline is acting strangely and her adrenalin-junkie brother Charlie is on the hunt for big cats. But will Charlie's obsession drive the two children into dangerous territory? And when Poppy is faced with a terrible dilemma - to save her brother or the pony she has always longed for - who will she choose? The Lost Pony of Riverdale is an equestrian adventure book about friendship, ponies and horse riding.

Blaze and the Forest Fire: Billy and Blaze Spread the Alarm

C.W. Anderson - 1969
    Anderson.Billy and Blaze are more than just friends—they’re heroes! When they spot smoke in the brush, they race through the woods to sound the alarm. At the end of the day, Billy and Blaze are rewarded for their bravery—with carrots for Blaze, chocolate cake for Billy, and a very special present that they can share. Blaze and the Forest Fire is part of the classic Billy and Blaze series. Sensitive drawings and easy-to-read words capture the warmth and special understanding between a boy and his horse.

Marguerite Henry Treasury of Horses (Boxed Set): Misty of Chincoteague, Justin Morgan Had a Horse, King of the Wind

Marguerite Henry - 2007
    Today Misty of Chincoteague and all of Marguerite Henry's stories are considered some of the greatest horse tales ever told. In honor of this, Aladdin is very pleased to bring out Ms. Henry's award-winning titles in one beautifully designed boxed set that is the perfect gift for horse fans of all ages. KING OF THE WIND NEWBERY MEDAL WINNER MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE NEWBERY HONOR BOOK JUSTIN MORGAN HAD A HORSE NEWBERY HONOR BOOK

The House at World's End

Monica Dickens - 1970
    The children and their relatives clash endlessly, and at last Uncle Rudolph allows them to live in a tumbledown old inn he owns: World’s End.

The Silver Brumby

Elyne Mitchell - 1958
    Thowra, the magnificent silver stallion, is king of the brumbies. But he must defend his herd from the mighty horse, The Brolga, in the most savage of struggles. But that is not the only danger. Thowra needs all his speed and cunning to save his herd from capture by man. In a desperate chase through the mountains, it seems there is no longer anywhere for him to run to...