The Sarah Roberts Series Vol. 10-12

Jonas Saul - 2014
    When she arrives, Barry Ashford, the RCMP officer Sarah is supposed to irritate, has just saved a woman from a suicide attempt. To the media and the public, Barry Ashford is a hero. To Sarah, he is breaking the law and getting away with it because he's a member of the street gang in blue. Since Vivian hasn't revealed exactly what Barry is up to, Sarah doesn't have much to go on. The message was simple: Antagonize RCMP Officer Barry Ashford until he confesses his crimes to her. Sarah's efforts to goad him don't work. Eventually, the entire Kelowna RCMP detachment is looking for Sarah on harassment charges. She can't afford to be arrested and she can't afford to fail Vivian. With her options running out, she abducts Barry, ties him up in the basement of her rented home, and interrogates him. Vivian leaves Sarah another message that Barry is only the barnacle on the Mother Ship. She needs to look deeper for a darker truth, one much larger than Barry. When Sarah comes face to face with that truth, she discovers an evil too large to handle on her own. One that will kill her unless Vivian intervenes. The Redeemed (Sarah Roberts Book Eleven) Four Catholic priests have been murdered in Los Angeles, each killed in a different way. Each priest's name is carved into a small crucifix found with the body. Someone with a deep-rooted hatred of Catholicism is targeting priests with a suspected history of deviant behavior. The lead detective, David Hirst, calls on his friend Parkman for help and asks if he could bring Sarah Roberts along. Since Sarah is on a quest to redeem herself with her colleague Parkman after she had let him down in the past, she agrees to go to L.A. and do whatever she can to aid in the investigation. When they arrive, they head straight to the crime scene of yet another dead priest. With Sarah's history of antagonizing cops, and a recent feature in newspapers around North America regarding the death of a Canadian officer, the LAPD don't want her help. Within days, Hirst regrets his decision and asks Sarah and Parkman to leave. But the killer has other plans. According to the Bible, since Sarah is an automatic writer and talks to her dead sister, she is a practitioner of witchcraft and she works for the devil. Therefore she has to die, too. Before she has a chance to leave L.A., the priest killer has carved her name into a small crucifix. What he has in store for her is reminiscent of Eve in the Garden of Eden, a snake and a very painful way to die. The Haunted (Sarah Roberts Book Twelve) Two decades ago, Sarah's sister Vivian was murdered. Vivian's consciousness has manifested itself in Sarah Roberts through Automatic Writing, but is now merging into Sarah's mind at a new level, and Sarah must relive Vivian's brutal death almost daily. Sarah moves into a cabin in northern California to be alone, to work things out. She visits a local psychologist to deal with what's happening to her, and researches the name Cole Lincoln, her old babysitter. Lincoln was a police officer who lived next door to her. He abused her and threatened her life if she ever spoke of it. But he seems to have disappeared. Members of the police force where he used to work won't even acknowledge his name. But Lincoln is alive and well. Since Sarah's name hit the national media with a cop killing in Canada and the priest killer case in Los Angeles, Cole has followed her exploits, watched her, and has waited for the day she would come after him. That day has come.

Across the Wilderness

Pamela Ackerson - 2014
    A time-travel romance where a Sioux warrior from the 1800's meets a contemporary woman doctor, Across the Wilderness is a love story that transcends time, bringing two soul mates together on a journey interwoven with romance, revenge, and intrigue.

My Lonely Billionaire Cowboy: A Sweet Cowboy Novel (Billionaire Copper Canyon Cowboy Romance series Book 3)

Brenda Clemmons - 2020

Dragon's Envoy

James Haddock - 2022
    But this is no bard’s song. All of this was because of the dragon stone necklace I scavenged from that dead mage. I knew it was magic when I saw it. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Dragon stone they call it, but what it actually is, is a dragon’s egg. When I touched it, I felt the need to put it around my neck for safekeeping. When I did, the necklace embedded itself inside my skin, making me the new dragon’s envoy. It has since been my duty to protect the egg until she’s ready to hatch. How do I know the egg is a she? Easy, she talks to me and is helping me to bring out my natural magic talents. Sometimes I’d rather it was a bard’s song, as it can be tiring. Although I must admit, having a dragon inside you comes in handy when people are trying to kill you.

Terminal Memory: A Sam Raven Thriller

Brian Drake - 2021
    . .Three years after a daring escape from a jihadists' camp, ex-CIA officer Mara Cole is a target once more. She's alone, on the run, and in need of a friend.Sam Raven is tracking Mara's hunters for a different reason – he's on a mission of vengeance. A man with dark secrets, bound to Mara by shared history, they join forces to fight back. Together, they play a deadly game of chess through the back alleys of London, to the bright lights of Marseille, and the desert hell of Afghanistan opium fields, risking everything as they move closer to the truth.With each feign and attack, they find the answers they seek lie deep in Mara’s memories of captivity, torture, and betrayal – secrets to a conspiracy at the heart of the US Intelligence community, and men who will do anything to protect their power.From the author of the Scott Stiletto series comes an exciting new hero! Sam Raven is grittier, deadlier, and you better not stand in his way.

They Say People Never Change

Lamar Troutman - 2017
    Detective Sergeant Karen Neilsen hunts a psychopathic murderer of young children. Jerry Peltzig, a thief and nemesis of hers, stumbles into a world of abusing monsters. He discovers a desperate child who needs his help, sending him on a path of violent danger. Karen must find the elusive thief and learn what he's learned in his search for the child. She needs the thief's skills and knowledge to stop the psychopath. Jerry Peltzig must use her to save the boy.

The Sasha McCandless Series: Volume 4 (Sasha McCandless #8-10.5)

Melissa F. Miller - 2018
    Miller! Informed Consent (Book 8) As Sasha and Leo approach their second wedding anniversary, they have their hands full adjusting to life as new parents. Leo resolves to track down the father he never knew. Meanwhile, Sasha tackles a case on behalf of assisted living facility residents who may have been the unwitting subjects of medical research. Both situations escalate unexpectedly, and Sasha and Leo are each forced to decide just how much they’re willing to risk in the name of family. International Incident (Book 9) The new parents leave the twins with Sasha's parents and set off for some much needed R&R. An adults-only cruise sounds like the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge. But once the ship's in international waters, Sasha sees something she shouldn't have. Suddenly, instead of enjoying sunsets and cocktails, she and Connelly are skulking around the ship, trying to evade a dangerous band of lawless maritime criminals. Outside the jurisdiction of organized law enforcement, Sasha and Connelly are forced to take matters into their own hands. Imminent Peril (Book 10) When civil litigator and Krav Maga fighter Sasha McCandless pummels a harasser into a pulp during an altercation in a bar, she's sentenced to an anger management diversion program for first-time offenders. Sasha chafes at the sentence, arguing that she was defending herself from imminent danger. But her law partner Will Volmer and her husband Leo Connelly both beg her to go along with the program to protect her license to practice law and her family's privacy. One of Sasha's classmates woman complains bitterly that she's being set up to discredit her. She claims she's a whistleblower with explosive dirt on her employer. When the woman goes missing and then turns up dead, Sasha suspects she may have been telling the truth. Sasha and Leo set out to investigate and discover a cover-up with the deadliest of implications. Sasha has no choice but to pursue justice, but in doing so she puts herself and her family in the crosshairs, endangering not only her livelihood, but her life. The Humble Salve (Novella 4; Book 10.5) Sasha McCandless-Connelly has a finely honed sense of right and wrong--and a long memory. The handful of grudges she's nursing has started to cause problems at work and at home. When an old adversary and an old ally both come back into the picture, she'll learn whether she has the capacity to forgive and forget. It's a task that just might prove harder than bringing down killers, running a law firm, or parenting twins.

The Disappearance Of A Fearless Hero: A Historical Western Adventure Book

Henry McConley - 2021

The Buzzing (A Narrowdale Novella)

Michael Omer - 2015
    But this is Narrowdale, and nothing’s ever quite normal. When two of the kids she is looking after disappear, things quickly spiral out of control. Now Roxanne's crawling around in old maintenance tunnels, catching glimpses of creepy happenings in the building's many apartments. In one of them lives a man with a dark, terrible secret, and Roxanne's path is on a collision course with his. And all around the man, there is a strange sound of buzzing…

Seeing Scarlett

N.C. Marshall - 2017
    However, when he’s assigned to his first case, to question a young woman, Grace, who claims she has psychic abilities, he is more than a little sceptical! Grace claims to have seen the murder of a woman – Scarlett, the wife of a wealthy entrepreneur – six months ago. Her murder was supposedly solved, with the culprit in prison, and the case closed, but did it really happen the way the police were led to believe? As Grace embarks on a mission to discover the truth behind Scarlett’s death, she uncovers dark secrets, shocking revelations, and lies once buried which threaten to resurface. A twisting and turning plot, weaved with mystery, suspense, romance and more than a hint of the supernatural…

Cut The Deck

B. Baskerville - 2019
    Any card. This killer wants the whole deck.When the body of a teenage girl, dressed in a magician’s outfit, is discovered on a beach in North Tyneside, DCI Cooper fears she is dealing with a different breed of killer.Some murderers leave a calling card, but this girl’s killer stitched his card into her flesh. Cooper quickly gets to work and identifies the victim as missing fifteen-year-old, Rachel Pearson. As the investigation progresses, Cooper soon discovers that Rachel’s father has a short fuse and that her boyfriend, Will, has a possessive streak. Before she can track down Will, another girl is murdered.  Same killer. Same school. Different outfit. With a serial killer stalking the teenagers of Tynemouth, Cooper’s boss and the press are demanding results. As Cooper’s self-confidence dwindles she works to find the connection. The eyes of the country are on Tynemouth and her investigation. Can Cooper put her personal issues behind her and stop the man tormenting her hometown before another mother loses her child and she loses her job?

The Dragon Kings: Boxset 4

Kimberly Loth - 2021
    Now Isa wants answers and he has to do anything he can to change his lie into the truth.If Isa finds out before he does, he’s a dead man….He enlists Grace to help him, but she’s too busy worrying about Jude to notice. She’s been in love with Jude for as long as she can remember and when he suddenly starts paying attention to her, she doesn’t know what to do.Liam and Grace both set out to follow their hearts, but will they break instead?

Unforgettable Night

Tiye Love - 2021

Covert Incursion (CERBERUS Book 11)

Andy Peloquin - 2021
    He must now fight to save his brother’s life from the same disease that is slowly killing him.His race for a cure sends him across the galaxy to Terra Omega, the world where he lost everything—and where his story and that of Project Icarus truly began. There, he and Warbeast Team come face to face with monstrous creatures of nightmare, inhuman soldiers, and technology far deadlier than anything previously encountered.Can the elite unit defeat overwhelming odds and achieve an impossible high-stakes covert incursion, or will their efforts to save one cost all these brave solders their lives? Don't miss The penultimate book in the epic Cerberus Series by Andy Peloquin.

Falling For Him

J. Peach - 2017
    She has been through so much physical and mental pain and abuse by the hands of those who were supposed to love her. Even so, Jazmyne haven’t let that break her caring, bubbly spirit or the hope she has for change to one day come. What happens when Jazmyne runs into Kane, who she instantly feels drawn to for reasons unknown? Kane Blake, is the sexy, new guy in town. When he runs into Jazmyne, immediately he knows he found his mate. Kane know they’re destined to be and tries to build a relationship with Jazmyne. Will Jazmyne follow the magnetic pull she feels towards Kane? Or will the abuse she has endured her whole life finally become too much, causing her to lose all hope on life? But how much hope could one have before all hope is lost. How much pain can one take before they decide to end it all?