The Forgotten Spurgeon

Iain H. Murray - 1966
    An incisive, historical and theological insight into the great 19th-century Baptist, with emphasis on the doctrines that moulded his life and thought.

Hudson Taylor: In Early Years- The Growth of a Soul

F. Howard Taylor - 1952
    This longer, more detailed account includes many of Taylor's personal writings that express his vision, faith and frustrations. It also provides a careful account of the many miracles that took the young mission agency into the inalnd and barbaric provinces of China. The first volume covers Tyalor's life, and the second, more about the mission itself.

William Tyndale: A Biography

David Daniell - 1994
    Giving the laity access to the word of God outraged the clerical establishment in England: he was condemned, hunted, and eventually murdered. However, his masterly translation formed the basis of all English bibles--including the "King James Bible," many of whose finest passages were taken unchanged, though unacknowledged, from Tyndale's work.This important book, published in the quincentenary year of his birth, is the first major biography of Tyndale in sixty years. It sets the story of his life in the intellectual and literary contexts of his immense achievement and explores his influence on the theology, literature, and humanism of Renaissance and Reformation Europe. David Daniell, editor of Tyndale's New Testament and Tyndale's Old Testament, eloquently describes the dramatic turns in Tyndale's life. Born in England and educated at Oxford, Tyndale was ordained as a priest. When he decided to translate the Bible into English, he realized that it was impossible to do that work in England and moved to Germany, living in exile there and in the Low Countries while he translated and printed first the New Testament and then half of the Old Testament. These were widely circulated—and denounced—in England. Yet Tyndale continued to write from abroad, publishing polemics in defense of the principles of the English reformation. He was seized in Antwerp, imprisoned in Vilvoorde Castle near Brussels, and burnt at the stake for heresy in 1536.Daniell discusses Tyndale's achievement as biblical translator and expositor, analyzes his writing, examines his stylistic influence on writers from Shakespeare to those of the twentieth century, and explores the reasons why he has not been more highly regarded. His book brings to life one of the great geniuses of the age.

Letters of John Newton

John Newton - 1911
    These letters provide a wealth of instruction and breathe a spirit of deep devotion to Christ and his Word.

Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life: Doctrine and Life as Fuel and Fire

Jason C. Meyer - 2018
    His sermons--displaying the life-changing power of biblical truth--diagnosed the spiritual condition of his congregation and prescribed the gospel remedy.This study of Lloyd-Jones's life will encourage and exhort readers to consider the role of the knowledge of God, the power of the Spirit, and the fullness of Christ in their daily lives, allowing them to discover the inseparable union of doctrine and the Christian life.

George Müller: Delighted in God

Roger Steer - 1975
    His name has become a by-word for faith throughout the world. In the early 1830s he embarked upon an extraordinary adventure. Disturbed by the faithlessness of the Church in general, he longed to have something to point to as 'visible proof that our God and Father is the same faithful creator as he ever was'. He was more successful than anyone could have believed possible and is as much an example to our generation, as he was to his.

A Passion for Souls: The Life of D.L. Moody

Lyle Wesley Dorsett - 1997
    Examine the life of this great evangelist, probing his strengths and weaknesses, virtues and faults, triumphs and struggles, to find a man after God's own heart.

The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin

John Piper - 2000
    Martin Luther struggled to control his tongue. John Calvin fought the battle of faith with worldly weapons.Yet each man will always be remembered for the messages he declared-messages that still resound today. John Piper explores each of these men's lives, integrating Augustine's delight in God with Luther's emphasis on the Word and Calvin's exposition of Scripture. Through their strengths and struggles we can learn how to live better today. When we consider their lives, we behold the glory and majesty of God and find power to overcome our weaknesses.If ever you are complacent about sin, if ever you lose the joy of Jesus Christ, if ever you are dulled by the world's influence, let the lives of these men help you recapture the wonder of God. Book 1 in The Swans Are Not Silent series.

The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney: The Life Story of America's Greatest Evangelist--In His Own Words

Charles Grandison Finney - 1876
    Finney had on the spiritual landscape of the United States. His years of revival work yielded valuable insights on the work of the Holy Spirit and timeless principles that many still find vital for advancing the kingdom of God. A truly fascinating record of a uniquely gifted and godly man, this autobiography is sure to enlighten and inspire Christians of any age or background.

John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides

John G. Paton - 1889
    Paton, who introduced the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the cannibalistic inhabitants of the New Hebrides in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Cambridge Seven: The True Story of Ordinary Men Used in no Ordinary way

John Charles Pollock - 1955
    The day he died, D. E. Hoste applied to Hudson Taylor for mission work in the China Inland Mission (Now Overseas Missionary Fellowship). Schofield?'s prayer was answered as seven Cambridge students volunteered to leave behind cosy lives of wealth and privilege to serve God in whatever way they were led. These seven inspired thousands of others to think seriously of missionary service. Included among them was C.T. Studd, captain of England and the finest cricketer of his day if he could give all that up, then so could anyone The story of these seven are an inspiration that God can take people and use them in incredible ways if they are willing to serve. As Pollock says in his book Theirs is the story of ordinary men and thus may be repeated . Will it be repeated in your life?

John Wesley: A Biography

Stephen Tomkins - 2003
    The life and work of John Wesley (1703-1791) has had an enormous influence on modern Christianity, not least for his role as father of the Methodist church. John Wesley is a popular biography of the great figure, which brings his career and ideas alive for a new generation. Written with verve and grounded in thorough research, the book tells the story of Wesley's colorful and dramatic life. Stephen Tomkins chronicles Wesley's family background and early childhood, his school and university career, and his adult life as a religious leader in England. Throughout this engaging portrait, Tomkins pauses to explore a number of key issues in Wesley's increasingly rich religious views, including the renunciation of wealth and the role of women in church life. The volume concludes with an important assessment of Wesley's abiding influence both in his own country and abroad. Superbly crafted, John Wesley will interest those from the Methodist tradition as well as all general readers of church history.

C. T. Studd, Cricketer and Pioneer

Norman P. Grubb - 1933
    Studd, an evangelist, missionary and founder of WEC International. Grubb highlights the numerous accomplishments of Studd as an acclaimed Cambridge University cricketer. As the husband of one of Studd’s daughters, with rare insight, Grubb provides a view of Studd’s professional and spiritual life.

John Knox: Fearless Faith

Steven J. Lawson - 2014
    The real story of Knox surpasses the best fiction novels. Five hundred years after his death, Steven Lawson seeks to ignite our faith in Jesus through Knox's story. If you think of Knox as the dull Presbyterian, prepare to think again. Let this seminal figure in the history of the Scottish Reformation inspire you to stand firm in your faith and let God impact your spiritual life.

Augustine on the Christian Life: Transformed by the Power of God

Gerald L. Bray - 2015
    Dramatically converted from a life of licentiousness to one of wholehearted devotion to Christ, the humble North African pastor quickly established himself as a leading figure within the ancient church. In Augustine on the Christian Life, historian Gerald Bray explores the rich spirituality of this extraordinary man, examining his historical context, approach to the Christian life, and work as a preacher and teacher of God's Word. Drawing on Augustine's many writings--including his classic spiritual autobiography, the Confessions--Bray demonstrates Augustine's enduring relevance for Christians today.Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series.