The Gospel according to Matthew

Leon L. Morris - 1992
    Containing Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and a uniquely rich collection of parables, among many other things, Matthew has made a major contribution to the church throughout the centuries, and it still has much to say to the church today. This superb commentary in the Pillar series explores the meaning and relevance of Matthew in an eminently straightforward fashion. Leon Morris writes for readers who use commentaries to discover further what the Bible means. Throughout, he makes clear what he considers to be the meaning of the Greek text that Matthew has bequeathed to the church. A perceptive introduction precedes Morris's warmhearted verse-by-verse exposition of Matthew, an exposition based on his own literal translation of the text. Now a standard reference work on the Gospel of Matthew, this mature, evangelically oriented commentary will continue to meet the needs of students, pastor, and general readers alike.

The Gospel of John (Arthur Pink Collection)

Arthur W. Pink - 1945
    It is true, the period of time covered by it is the same as in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, some of the incidents treated of by the "Synoptics" come before us here, and He who has occupied the central position in the narratives of the first three Evangelists is the same One that is made pre-eminent by John; but otherwise, everything is entirely new. The viewpoint of this fourth Gospel is more elevated than that of the others; its contents bring into view spiritual relationships rather than human ties; and, higher glories are revealed as touching the peerless Person of the Savior. In each of the first three Gospels Christ is viewed in human relationships, but not so in John. The purpose of this fourth Gospel is to show that the One who was born in a manger and afterward died on the Cross had higher glories than those of King, that He who humbled Himself to take the Servant place was, previously, "equal with God," that the One who became the Son of Man was none other than, and ever remains, the Only Begotten of the Father.▶ CONTENTS1. Introduction2. Christ, the Eternal Word3. Christ, the Word Incarnate4. Christ's Forerunner5. Christ and His First Disciples6. Christ's First Miracle7. Christ Cleansing the Temple8. Christ and Nicodemus9. Christ Magnified by His Forerunner10. Christ at Sychar's Well11. Christ in Samaria12. Christ in Galilee13. Christ at the Pool of Bethesda14. The Deity of Christ: Sevenfold Proof15. The Deity of Christ: Threefold Witness16. Christ Feeding the Multitude17. Christ Walking in the Sea18. Christ the Bread of Life19. Christ in the Capernaum Synagogue20. Christ and His Disciples21. Christ and the Feast of Tabernacles22. Christ Teaching in the Temple23. Christ and the Adulterous Woman24. Christ the Light of the World25. Christ and the Blind Beggar26. Christ the Door27. Christ the Good Shepherd28. Christ One with the Father29. Christ Raising Lazarus30. Christ Feared by the Sanhedrin31. Christ Anointed at Bethany32. Christ's Entry into Jerusalem33. Christ Sought by Gentiles34. Christ's Ministry Reviewed35. Christ Washing His Disciples Feet36. Christ's Example For Us37. Christ's Warnings38. Christ Comforting His Disciples39. Christ the True Vine40. Christ Fortifying His Disciples41. Christ Vindicate by the Spirit42. Christ Glorified by the Spirit43. Christ's Concluding Consolations44. Christ's Interceding45. Christ in the Garden46. Christ Before Annas47. Christ Before Pilate48. Christ Condemned to Death49. Christ Laying Down His Life50. Christ Risen From the Dead51. Christ Appearing to His Own52. Christ and Thomas53. Christ by the Sea of Tiberius54. Christ and Peter55. Conclusion56. Other Books▶ AUTHORArthur W. Pink was born in Nottingham England in 1886, and born again of the Spirit of God in 1908 at the age of 22. He studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, USA, for only six weeks before beginning his pastoral work in Colorado. From there he pastored churches in California, Kentucky, and South Carolina, before moving to Sydney Australia for a brief period, preaching and teaching. In 1934, at 48 years old, he returned to his native England.

Halley's Bible Handbook: An Abbreviated Bible Commentary

Henry H. Halley - 1924
    Halley's Bible Handbook, the classic layperson's companion text, includes a concise Bible commentary, important discoveries in archaeology, related historical data, church history, maps, and more.

Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth

Sinclair B. Ferguson - 2005

John: Jesus - the Word, the Messiah, the Son of God

John F. MacArthur Jr. - 2000
     Stories of Christ's miracles that inspire His followers; stories of death that redeems the lost; and the stories of Resurrection that provides us with hope for eternal glory.  Every miracle, teaching, and reaction John writes has one clear purpose to prove that Jesus is the Word, the Messiah, and the Son of God.  The dramatic milestones of Christ's ministry, as portrayed by John, have invited millions of believers through out the ages into a saving faith with Jesus Christ, and will lead you into a deeper understanding of the ultimate story of Jesus, the Son of God. The Mac Arthur Study Guide Series provides a twelve week, verse-by-verse examination of the books of the New Testament.  This revised and updated series continues to be one of the best-selling study guides currently available for individuals or small groups. Features Include:Twelve week studyThought-provoking questionsVerse-by-verse commentarySpace provided for note-taking

Drawn By The Father

James R. White - 2016
    Dr. James White implores the Christian to listen to the words of Christ anew and to ponder them in the light of the wonderful grace and sovereignty of God in salvation. If we fail to study to show ourselves approved, especially as regards these vital truths, our Christian life may well become one characterized by confusion and erroneous notions about God’s plan of salvation and the Gospel. In Drawn By The Father, you will learn what Scripture teaches about these matters and better appreciate the Father’s will, the Son’s work for, and promises to His people, and man’s role in the eternal plan of redemption. You can come to a settled conviction and a thankful realization of the marvelous love of God for His people.

Paul's Letter to the Romans (The Pillar New Testament Commentary

Colin G. Kruse - 2012
    In this Romans commentary Colin Kruse shows how Paul expounds the gospel against the background of God's sovereign action as creator, judge, and redeemer of the world. Valuable "additional notes" on important theological themes and difficult texts -- such as Paul's discussion of same-sex relationships, the salvation of "all Israel," and the woman Junia, who was "well known among the apostles" -- further connect Romans to contemporary issues. Throughout his commentary Kruse expertly guides readers through the plethora of interpretations of Romans, providing a reliable exposition of this foundational epistle.

Life Application Study Bible: NIV

Anonymous - 1988
    - Book Introductions use timelines, overviews, and outlines to prepare you to hear and respond to the book's truths. - Character Sketches spotlight key Bible figures and the lessons you can learn from their lives.- In-Text Charts and Maps help you locate key places and grasp difficult concepts at a glance. - Dictionary-Concordance developed specifically for the NIV Life Application Study Bible.- Red Letter Edition with the words of Christ printed in red.

Lectures in Systematic Theology

Henry Clarence Thiessen - 1975
    In this comprehensive introduction to systematic theology, Thiessen addresses a wide range of substantive issues in sections on theism, bibliology, theology, angelology, anthropology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology.

Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation

John F. Walvoord - 1970
    Companion to The Revelation of Jesus Christ, this major contribution to prophetic research emphasizes the value and genuineness of Daniel. It considers alleged historical inaccuracies, difficult-to-interpret phrases, apocryphal additions, major textual problems, use of Persian and Greek words, historical background of Bible events, and past and future fulfillments of specific prophecies. Daniel goes beyond a mere presentation of the author's interpretation of Old Testament prophecy. It quotes Bible scholars from different corners of the theological ring to help the reader discover the meaning of Scripture for himself. Unusually thorough and well outlined, this commentary captures the heartbeat of a young prophet who spoke boldly for God.

The Coming Prince

Robert Anderson - 1957
    Also available in Spanish!

Paradise to Prison

John James Davis - 1975
    In very readable fashion the author explores the lives of the patriarchs as well as important doctrinal themes. Each chapter is carefully documented and sources from archaeology and ancient Near Eastern history are freely used. The writer's premise is that no other ancient literature surviving the ravages of time can rightly be compared to Genesis with its unsurpassed theological perspectives and vivid profiles of early man.

The Old Testament Speaks: A Complete Survey of Old Testament History and Literature

Samuel J. Schultz - 1960
    The Old Testament Speaks offers a clear picture of the archaeological, geographical, historical, and linguistic dimensions of God's covenant with his people from the time of Abraham to the coming of the Messiah. The Old Testament Speaks examines the historical and religious life of the Hebrews, integrates the development of non-hebraic cultures with conventional biblical history, and reviews the best modern scholarly research in placing the Scriptures in their Near Eastern setting.Samuel J. Schultz emphasizes the importance of letting the Scriptures tell their own stories. He makes selective use of the best and latest literature in Old Testament studies, and offers a balanced perspective. Schultz sifts the facts and follows them to their inevitable conclusions. However, when the evidence is not definitive, he exercises caution, presenting his own interpretation as only one of several possible views. Schultz also appraises the impact of recent archaeological and historical findings on the understanding of key portions of the Old Testament.The Old Testament Speaks contains all the relevant material -- biblical and nonbiblical -- necessary for classroom use or personal study of the Old Testament. Schultz provides outlines that reflect the historical background and summarize the contents of each biblical book, as well as charts and maps to help visualize the biblical narrative. He has also revised and updated the biblio-graphies at the end of each chapter.

God's Love: How the Infinite God Cares for His Children

R.C. Sproul - 2001
    Love has come to mean many things. It’s used to describe emotions. It’s the glue for relationships. It frames countless stories. And the greatest of these stories opens before time began and echoes throughout eternity. It’s the story of God’s unrelenting, overwhelming love for His people. Yet the truth of love is even more majestic, more staggering, and more extraordinary than we can understand: God doesn’t just love us. He is love. Renowned theologian and teacher Dr.R.C. Sproul takes a remarkable look at this most profound truth. God’s Love delves deep into Scripture to explore this dynamic attribute of God, which finds its ultimate expression in His Son. Dr. Sproul also examines seeming paradoxes of God, such as a loving God and divine hate, and how love coexists with His sovereignty. Practical, insightful, and revolutionary, God’s Love compels and calls us to reflect His nature of unconditional love.

Reading God's Story: A Chronological Daily Bible

George H. Guthrie - 2011
    Everybody loves a good story. We have been reading, listening to, or watching stories all of our lives, so we intuitively know a lot about how they work. Yet, more and more, Christians are unfamiliar with the stories of the Bible and how the grand narrative of God's Word fits together. Indeed, God gave us the stories of the Bible to reveal great truth about Himself and about our lives, and He wants to draw us into the ongoing story of what He is doing in the world. By focusing on the narrative framework of Scripture we can better understand what the Bible teaches and live out its instruction more effectively. Reading God's Story takes that clear narrative approach to the Bible, arranging the complete text into a fresh chronological reading plan developed for the Read the Bible for Life biblical literacy initiative. In this plan the books, chapters, and verses of the Bible are thoughtfully arranged so readers can track the story of Scripture, day by day, from beginning to end, understanding the flow of events and how all the different parts fit together to make sense. Reading God's Story features two-color interior page layout and is organized into 52 weeks of readings (six readings per week). It presents Scripture in three main acts (God's Plan for All People; God's Covenant People; God's New Covenant People) and seventeen total scenes, providing an introduction for each act and scene to orient the reader to its importance in the grand story. Unlike other chronological Bibles, this arrangement is not date specific (e.g. "January 1"), so a person can begin using this edition at any point in the calendar year.