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Jammy Dance by Rebecca Janni


What's So Bad About Being an Only Child?

Cari Best - 2007
    Even when they argue, it's like belonging to a special club, she thinks. How can she get a larger, more lively family? Rosemary is stumped, until she discovers some "only" creatures and figures out a way to bring home what's missing in her life. Humorous illustrations that pop with personality show Rosemary growing from a bewildered baby surrounded by too many hovering adults to a confident backyard ringmaster who proves that being an only child can be fun!

Bad Habits!, Or, the Taming of Lucretzia Crum

Babette Cole - 1998
    She wants a birthday party but all the really big monsters turn up and they're really, really bad.

Not Me!

Nicola Killen - 2010
    The house has been turned upside down! There's paint on the walls, tire tracks on the carpet, and peas all over the floor.But who's been making so much mess?Can you guess?

By Day, By Night

Amy Gibson - 2014
    This universal picture book is as profound as it is simple. A beautiful sentiment to share at story time or bedtime, this book will touch children and adults alike.

Brand-New Baby Blues

Kathi Appelt - 2009
    Is there anything a baby brother can do to change her tune?

Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace

James Proimos - 2009
    But he plans to achieve world peace before he turns eight.Through simple acts of kindness--from reading to the trees and being nice to his little sister to cheering up the school principal and sharing cupcakes with strangers--Paulie learns that spreading peace isn't that hard after all.

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs

Phoebe Gilman - 1989
    She makes pirate pigs, princess pigs, striped pigs, and plaid pigs and sells them for ten cents each. Full color.

Some Dads…

Nick Bland - 2011
    Each dad has his own way of being a dad and they are all delightful! Another instant classic from Nick Bland!

When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall

Jean Reidy - 2019
    Find a frosty window./ Watch the flakes fall./ Look! The snow is deeper than my toes are tall.With young, rhyming verse and bright illustrations, Jean Reidy and Joey Chou captures the joy and excitement of a big snowfall. As the snow climbs over a boy's toes, ankles, shins, and boots, there's more and more fun to be had—snowmen, sledding, snow angels, and, finally, a cup of hot cocoa by a warm fire.

Just Me and My Babysitter

Mercer Mayer - 1986
    Whether they're making popcorn, playing checkers, or putting on jammies, both parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect way to help children become comfortable with their babysitter!

I Heard Said the Bird

Polly Berrien Berends - 1969
    But what is the "new one" going to be? Is it a duckling? Or a piglet? Rhyming text and lively pictures combine to create a charming barnyard tale with a gentle surprise at the end."This upbeat book is perfect for children anticipating the birth of a 'new one' in their own homes."-- Publishers Weekly

Roar of a Snore

Marsha Diane Arnold - 2005
    He heard a noise that rocked the floor. He heard a noise that shook the door. Jack heard . . . a snore! Just who is making this racket? Unable to sleep, Jack and his dog go searching. It must be Mama Gwyn, whose huffs and puffs set her curlers spinning, but when Jack wakes her . . . the snore roars on! And so it goes with Baby Sue, the twins, Papa Ben, even the farm animals. At last the Huffles follow their ears toward a surprising culprit.


Judith Viorst - 1990
    She needs them. She loves them. Earrings! What won’t a girl do to finally get her ears pierced? Find out in this delightful tale that perfectly captures the yearnings of a young girl in desperate need of beautiful, glorious earrings!

Glasses for D.W.

Marc Brown - 1996
    wants to wear glasses, just like her big brother, Arthur.  After Arthur explains that without his glasses a hat looks like a bat and some string looks like a ring duck, D.W. sets out to prove that everything looks funny to her, too.  Finally, Arthur finds a way to make his sister see the situation a bit more clearly!

Such a Silly Baby!

Steffanie Lorig - 2007
    Bursting with bright illustrations and a rollicking text, this boisterous book invites readers to hoot, neigh, snort, and giggle along with a very silly baby.