Seek God Everywhere: Reflections on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Anthony de Mello - 2009
    Ignatius is one of the great masterpieces of the Christian canon. A series of meditations and practices that guides seekers on a journey to spiritual perfection, this manual has been used by millions of religious and lay persons alike for centuries. Now, in the first new Anthony de Mello book in more than fifteen years, the bestselling author of Awareness  takes readers on an in-depth exploration of the practices of St. Ignatius and offers simple guidance and wisdom to help readers navigate the sometimes-confusing byways on the journey to God. Drawn from a series of talks de Mello gave before his untimely death in 1987,  this book challenges us to achieve new levels of understanding and inner exploration, with chapters on how to hear the voice of the divine, the need for repentance, and how to ascend to love in our day-to-day life,. A must-have for fans of de Mello’s work and anyone interested in learning to pray in profound and meaningful ways, Seek God Everywhere is an inspirational and practical work that will transform your life.

Questions and Answers on Conversations with God

Neale Donald Walsch - 1999
    Many thousands of those readers have had questions for him--questions about religion, good and evil, physical and mental health, death, prophecy, the nature of God and the universe, prayer, angels and devils, spiritual paths, relationships, and much more.In Questions and Answers on Conversations with God, Neale, with characteristic wit and wisdom, responds to the most compelling and provocative of these letters; and the result is a book that is profoundly enlightening and inspiring. By relating the messages in the dialogues of CWG to the personal issues and everyday experience of individuals, Neale's answers illustrate the direct link between spiritual and physical reality, clearly demonstrating how what we do and who we are in our lives is a result of how we think and what we believe.This book gives us all the opportunity to look at ourselves, to change ourselves, and thus, perhaps, to change the world.

Pebbles Of Wisdom

Sadhguru - 2008
    The selection of gems by Sadhguru is something every reader will want to return to time and again.

A God Named Desire

Ty Gibson - 2010
    We are creatures of intense desire.  We emerge from the womb longing for touch and affection.  Desire pulsates within us every waking moment of our lives.  Our hearts are fueled by hungry yearnings for connection, for relationship, for a sense of belonging.  We plunge into life, giving ourselves away to him or her, to this or that, drinking in every promise of fulfillment.  And yet, we always emerge from the quest for love still feeling a persistent and insatiable desire for something more.  A God Named Desire is about that something more.  There are some books that speak with an unusual level of clarity to the deepest issues that press the human heart.  This is one of those rare books.  You will never see god, or yourself, the same after the insights of A God Named Desire are introduced into your mind.

A Lever and a Place to Stand: The Contemplative Stance, the Active Prayer

Richard Rohr - 2011
    Explores the challenges, the rewards, the call, and the possibilities of integrating a sincere inner life with an active life of engagement with the pain of the world.

Come Let Us Reason: New Essays in Christian Apologetics

Paul Copan - 2012
    The nineteen essays here raise classical philosophical questions in fresh ways, address contemporary challenges for the church, and will deepen the thinking of the next generation of apologists. Packed with dynamic topical discussions and informed by the latest scholarship, the book’s major sections are:• Apologetics, Culture, and the Kingdom of God • The God Question • The Gospels and the Historical Jesus • Ancient Israel and Other Religions• Christian Uniqueness and the World’s ReligionsContributors include J. P. Moreland (“Four Degrees of Postmodernism”), William Lane Craig (“Objections So Bad That I Couldn’t Have Made Them Up”), Gary R. Habermas (“How to Respond When God Gives You the Silent Treatment”), Craig Keener (“Gospel Truth: The Historical Reliability of the Gospels”), and Paul Copan (“Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery?”).

The Breath of the Soul: Reflections on Prayer

Joan D. Chittister - 2009
    It is an examination of what we ourselves must bring to the discipline of prayer--whatever form it takes--in order to make prayer authentic and real, a deep and profound part of our lives. None of the brief reflections in this book are ever finished, ever closed, ever fulled resolved. They are all ongoing steps along the way, steps we retrace over and over again as we do all the other parts of life, until they become the very breath we breathe, the vision and energy of our souls.

The Man Who Loved Seagulls: Essential Life Lessons from the World's Greatest Wisdom Traditions

Osho - 2003
    Osho--himself a master storyteller--interprets the stories in this collection and applies them to the concerns of modern day life. The valuable lessons they impart are both timely and universal. The stories encourage meditation as they are meant to be told and studied again and again, in order to discover new layers of meaning with each reading.Ideas and topics include:*The futility of chasing happiness*The journey from fear to freedom*The Zen approach to death and dying*The extraordinary intelligence of innocence

JOY 24X7/Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Jeetendra Jain - 2008
    This is not a guide book.This is not a self-help book.It is not going to give you an instant formula for joy.But it will surelyl make you explore your Joy for yourself in a very direct way.The simple,short snippets of daily lives connected with what Sadhguru has to say about Joy,will take you on a wonderful roller coaster ride on Joy with the Master himself. With Sadhguru's incredible clarity of expression,his brilliant wit and sense of observation,his ability to bring the most profound aspect in a very simple and direct way,this book is for any human being who seeks to be joyful. No matter who you are,what you are trying to do,Sadhguru's words will touch a wonderful wave of Joy inside you and you will soon be restless to seek Joy 24x7. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's other books Essential Wisdom From A Spiritual Leader and The Mystic Eye are already listed on amazon and the Guru has a huge following.

Enjoying God: Experiencing Intimacy with the Heavenly Father

S.J. Hill - 2001
    Hill asks. "It's simple, but it's radical. Some may even call it revolutionary. Yet, I believe this is the heartbeat of Christianity. It's all about relationship with our heavenly Father, the true Lover of our hearts."Enjoying God challenges and encourages believers of all ages to pursue a passionate and intimate relationship with God. It exposes how misunderstandings of the Creator can damage and jeopardize your faith, and uncovers a biblical understanding of God as Father. This book will move you from duty to delight in your relationship with Christ. Enjoying God features a foreword by best-selling author Mike Bickle.

One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faiths

Matthew Fox - 2000
    Maverick theologian Matthew Fox, author of "Original Blessing", brings readers to the common heart of the world's great religions, illuminating a "deep ecumenism" for seekers everywhere.

St. George and the Dragon and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Edward Hays - 1986
    The engaging dragon and his wise parables will guide you, as they led George, on a spiritual quest as ancient as the Holy Grail.

An Introduction to A Course in Miracles

Miracle Distribution Center - 1989
    It presents the story of how the Course was written, a summary of its teaching, selected quotations from the material, frequently asked questions and answers, and a look at the impact the Course has had. An ideal way to introduce yourself or others to A Course in Miracles.

The Virtue Driven Life

Benedict J. Groeschel - 2006
    Groeschel, C.F.R., would agree. It's a word that's gotten a bad rap, misused and misunderstood even by great thinkers, philosophers, and theologians, and mocked in the cynical soundbites of the media. Rediscover virtue as it should be understood in our lives. With wit, warmth, and wisdom, Father Groeschel reintroduces the Seven Cardinal Virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope, and charity. One by one he makes them meaningful for modern men and women, shaking off the dusty mantle of pretentiousness and demonstrating how each has a real role in a whole and holy life. Father Groeschel's charming conversational style entertains even as he educates and challenges us.

Glory: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven

Ruth Ward Heflin - 1996
    It is the revelation of the presence of God. He is Glory! As air is to the atmosphere of the Earth, so glory is the atmosphere of Heaven. Praise...until the spirit of worship comes. Worship...until the glory comes. Then...stand in the glory. If you can capture the basic principles of Praise, Worship, and Glory which are outlined in this book--so simple that we miss them--you can have anything else you want in God.