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An Opened Grave: Sherlock Holmes Investigates His Ultimate Case by L. Frank James


Heaven Breaks In

Nicholas Cappas - 2016
    Except Davis, like most, is unaware of the war being waged for his soul. With the help of Archangel Michael himself, Littleton must unmask and overcome the spiritual enemies endangering Davis's faith. Can the angels break through the darkness in time? And, can God restore what's already been lost?

Sweet By and By

Ramona Bridges - 2009
    An invalid mother whose health continues to fail. A son banished from home. Thirty-three-year-old Addie Coulter is certain life can't get any worse. But after a series of tragedies and losses that challenge her will and test her faith, Addie is forced to leave the only home she's ever known and travel with her daughter to live with her brother and sister-in-law in Golden Meadow. It is here, on the road to recovery, that she meets the dashing Hiram Graham and begins to believe it's possible to love again. Set during a time when life itself was filled with strife and hardship, author Ramona Bridges weaves an unforgettable story about unfailing love, deceit, and forgiveness in her debut novel, Sweet By and By. When the revealing of a horrible secret and the arrival of a dangerous criminal threatens to disrupt everything Addie's built and destroy her chance at true love, she's left with only one option: trust in her Savior to bring her safely to the other side. With a cast of characters that will capture your imagination and your heart, Sweet By and By celebrates God's promise of faith and hope amidst life's inevitable disappointments.

Distant Memory

Alton Gansky - 2000
    THEN HER LIFE TURNED COMPLICATED. Befriended by a truck driver who takes her under his wing, she sets about to rediscover--and reclaim--the life she's lost. But despite appearances, she's not really alone. Two men--one, a hardened killer; the other; a methodical, high-tech tracker--stalk her every move. Even Nick--the good Samaritan truck driver helping her--may not be all that he appears.LOCKED IN HER MIND IS A SECRET WORTH KILLING FOR--AND WORTH LIVING FOR.More than anything, she wants her memory--and life--back. Others will stop at nothing to make sure she never remembers anything again. For though she does not know it, deep in her mind is buried a secret that threatens to bring down one of the richest men in the world. A secret that can shake governments to their very foundations. A secret that could lead to her destruction--or her salvation.

Amish Ace of Hearts

Mary Lantz - 2020

Love Discovered: A Christian Romance (Faith in Love Book 1)

Michelle Stimpson - 2019
    Having packed very little makeup and no hair extensions, she wasn't quite ready to meet the man of her dreams on the ship. But what good does is it to meet an awesome guy when you'll only know him for a few days? Life has taught Faith that more often than not, you just can't depend on people. Why would this person be any different?Blaise Hawthorne is a well-paid musician whose talents keep him traveling the globe. The cruise is an opportunity for him to reconnect with his loving, boisterous family. But then he meets the snappy, naturally beautiful woman who makes him think twice about his jet-setting future.This is the first book in the Faith in Love series, a collaboration by multi-published, award-winning author Michelle Stimpson and newcomer Gina Johnson. If you're a fan of clean, Christian, and/or billionaire romance, this one will do your heart good!

The Amish Candlemaker (Hannah's Story Book 1)

Brenda Maxfield - 2019
    But money is tight, and Hannah frets constantly. When Matthew Zook refuses to pay what he owes her, the pressure becomes nearly unbearable. Does Matthew’s son Noah know about this? Hannah prays he doesn’t, as she is smitten with handsome, kind Noah. Still… wouldn’t he know? How could he not? When Noah comes around, offering to do odd jobs for Hannah, her suspicions grow. Just what is his motivation? Is he trying to lessen his father’s guilt or is there something more to his sudden help? Can Hannah trust anything he says? “In the tradition of the works of Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, and Wanda Brunstetter, Brenda Maxfield continues to bring you gripping Amish tales of love, hope, and God’s miracles.” Click Above to enjoy this inspirational Christian romance today!

Last Light/Night Light

Terri Blackstock - 2009
    No need to turn off the lights.When a crisis sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to the age before electricity, the Branning family has life-or-death decisions to make. Will they hoard their possessions to survive---or trust God to provide as they offer their resources to others? Their little community will stand or fall together. And trust doesn't come easily...particularly when one of them is a killer. No electricity. No running water. No luxuries. No law.No turning back.With the country shaken to the core after a global crisis shuts down banks, businesses, and all electronics, the Brannings struggle to survive. The discovery of four children living alone in a filthy apartment, stealing to stay alive, prompts them to stretch their already-thin resources and take them into their home. The search for the children's mother uncovers a trail of desperation and murder ... and for the Brannings, a powerful new purpose that can transform their entire community -- and above all, themselves.

Danger in the Shadows / The Negotiator / True Devotion

Dee Henderson - 2005
    This boxed set includes the introductory books to each of Dee's series, including the prequel to the O'Malley series "Danger in the Shadows." Included in each set is an exclusive first chapter sampler of "The Witness/" free What a great way to get hooked on Dee Henderson and just in time for the release of her brand-new book, "The Witness," in February.

The Hunter and the Valley of Death

Brennan S. McPherson - 2018
     A man wakes up in the Valley of Death and realizes he's given up everything, including his memories, to attempt to kill Death so that he can bring his wife back to life. But when he fails, who will be there to rescue him? The Hunter and the Valley of Death is a profound meditation on life, death, loss, and love. Formatted as a fantasy parable on the topic of surrender, this story shows that there is only One who could kill Death--and because of him, and him alone, we say, "Oh, Death, where is your sting?"

Face to Face (Hidden Thrones Book 3)

Russ Scalzo - 2016
    Her mind raced trying to process all that had just taken place. She was a laid back Virginia girl and had never seen anyone get shot before, let alone die in front of her eyes. She couldn’t believe it. She had finally met a man she really liked and then all hell breaks loose. Her thoughts and prayers were with Frank, of course, but she couldn’t get the image of Emily killing Grigori out of her head. She assumed Emily was some kind of undercover cop or FBI agent, but she wasn’t sure and she desperately needed to know. Here she was riding in the back seat of a car with two people she barely knew, racing to a hospital in hopes that the man she had met today, the man she kissed just hours ago, would live to see another day. In Hidden Thrones, Book Three: Face to Face, activity in supernatural world continues to stir, as Senator Wellsenburg, guided by the dark council of Dante Adal, takes one step closer to the White House. Despite the fiery darts of the enemy Jack and Emily discover new depths of their love for each other, while Danielle becomes not only part of Frank’s life, but a big part of this unique band of warriors.

The Team

David M. Salkin - 2012
    There’s only one catch—the United States Navy doesn’t have an All-Star baseball Team.A special team of elite warriors is assembled from the SEALs, Marine Recon, Army Rangers and the CIA to be used as a rapid deployment force when unconventional or covert operations are needed anywhere on the globe. Using the baseball team as a cover story, the Navy All-Stars fly to Qatar to find the leader of the New Wahabi Jihad and prevent a terrorist attack. Intelligence leads point to missing Sarin gas from Syria, and possible targets include The Al Udeid Air Base in Doha, as well as the new soccer stadium built for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar—a location chosen perhaps because of a few million dollars in bribery money.Operating without the approval of foreign governments, The Team works covertly to try and locate the Sarin before a major attack can take place. With bodies piling up in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the clock ticking, The Team plays hardball, on and off the field.The Team is loosely based on a real covert military operation run in the sixties in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

The Salvation of their Broken Hearts

Chloe Carley - 2019
    After having her husband die in her arms, her sole purpose is to protect her family. Even if that means sacrificing herself in marrying Trevor Milson.William Wardley is a scarred but determined bounty hunter. He came into town, seeking redemption for his sister's deathFate brings Selena and William together. For the first time, after her husband's tragic death, Selena feels a glimpse of happiness..She can no longer deny herself the truth. She has a decision to make.Rejecting a very powerful man is always dangerous, in this case, it can become lethal. Will Selena risk her life for love?When duty for family and heart collide, one must at least try!If you like fast-paced clean romance, inspirational and emotion-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this compulsively addictive Novel by Chloe Carley.Buy now "The Salvation of their Broken Hearts" to discover Selena's inspirational romantic story today!Get this Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Eastbound from Flagstaff: A Novel

Annette Valentine - 2019
    He abandons roots that are his foundational strength and hides behind his charm, living every moment as if life’s daring him to fail―again. He’s reckoning with his father’s God who could have delivered better outcomes but didn’t.This first installment in an epic trilogy that begins in the 1920’s, unique in its purposeful illumination of the human condition and its ideological indifference to God, asks the question: “Why was God silent when I needed him?” Simon’s return to the notion of forgiveness is the catalyst for a new beginning as it reunites Simon to the place he once thought was the impossible dream. The answer for Simon isn’t blowing in the backwinds of his dream chase; rather, it unfolds in the outstretched hand of a villain.

Latter-Day Cipher

Latayne C. Scott - 2009
    Journalist Selonnah Zee is assigned the story, which quickly takes on a life of its own. Even before the first murder is solved, several more victims appear, each one more mysterious than the last. Meanwhile, Sedonnah is distracted by her mother's onset of Alzheimer's and her sudden attraction to the mysterious Salt Lake City police chief who is investigating the murder. Adding to a slew of other distractions, Selonnah’s cousin, Roger, has recently converted and is now a public spokesperson for the Mormon faith. But paradoxically, Roger's wife, Eliza, is struggling to hold onto the Mormon beliefs of her childhood. If something is really from God, she wonders, why does it need to be constantly revised? Could the murderer be asking the same questions? And most importantly, will they be able to stop him before he commits his biggest crime, taking out a Mormon landmark and dozens of sightseers?

Woman of Mettle

Linda Caddick - 2015
    Safe in her small agricultural community, the recent outbreak of persecution against the 'followers of the Way' in Jerusalem is distant enough not to affect her, and she is determined to keep it that way. Little does she know, she is about to walk through the fire. How much is she prepared to suffer on behalf of another? Things get dangerous when an ambitious young man crosses her path, especially as he holds the key to her future. To survive, she must employ all her feminine wiles. In spite of her imperfect pursuit of the Master, his exceeding grace sustains her in her darkest hour. But when it's all over, she is yet to find out whether love still remains.