31 Days To A Clean And Organized Home: How To Organize, Clean, And Keep Your Home Spotless

B.J. Knights - 2013
    When people think of cleaning they often imagine long days of labor, sweat, and sometimes tears. The problem is that most people will wait until their living situation is so messy it become unbearable. We find that most people will hide their junk, garbage, and clutter in their closets, dressers, and drawers. They will only take action once these areas are full and they have no where else to put their clutter. This can lead to long weekends of deep cleaning and organizing. This problem is only further compounding if you are trying to keep a clean house and you have a large family. This book will change the way you view cleaning!.This book will cover:  How to break down the cleaning process into manageable chunks Why most people fail to keep a clean home The step-by-step process to clean your home in 31 days How to keep your home clean after you have completed the course Over 50 tips and tricks you can use to keep your home spotless much, much, more! What if we told you that by just changing your daily cleaning habits you can keep your home clean and organized once and for all. By just spending twenty to thirty minutes each day on one task you can obtain the clean house you always dreamed of. Our lives are shaped by our daily habits and this applies to cleaning as well. This book will break down the usually tough cleaning job into small bite sized chunks. Each day you will be presented with a new cleaning objective, a secondary objective, and step by step instructions on how to accomplish your cleaning goal. After thirty-one days you will have cleaned your entire house! Once you have completed a month you can start over and go right though the list again. This will help you develop strong cleaning habits and it will allow you to avoid those large cleaning jobs. So download now and learn how to clean and keep your home clean in 31 days.

How To Conquer Clutter And Organize Your Home: A Room-By-Room Blueprint For Stress-Free Organization

Puja Shah - 2015
    and freeing up space to enjoy what you have. How to Conquer Clutter and Organize Your Home takes you room-by-room through your home with simple and encouraging instructions on how to organize your:Living RoomMaster BedroomDining RoomBathroomsLaundry RoomLinen ClosetOfficeGarageAnd much more!You'll also learn how to ​keep ​your newly-organized home clean, so you can keep enjoying the time-savings and reduced stress that an organized home brings.Stop letting your home remain disorganized and download How To Conquer Clutter And Organize Your Home today!

Your Guide to Weight Loss Smoothies: Healthy Smoothies to Lose Weight & Feel Great (Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Green Smoothie Recipes, Smoothies for Weight Loss)

Sara Elliott Price - 2014
    Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to unveil the power of smoothies... Not only will "Your Guide to Weight Loss Smoothies" motivate you to take action along your weight loss journey, but it will also provide you with proven weight loss inducing smoothie recipes. This book takes all the guesswork out of how to make lip smacking smoothies every time! As you know, one of the main road blocks to losing weight is not having a plan. Well, with this guide you don't need one! Simply read the book, grab the ingredients, throw them in your blender and drink! Yes, it really is that easy. Don't believe me? Check out what's inside... How smoothies will jumpstart your weight loss Why smoothies will melt the inches off fast Easy (and delicious) ways to get in your daily greens What to add to make your smoothies a complete meal Why smoothies alone, can take your health to a whole new level A variety of recipes to satisfy your taste buds Learn what surprising weight-inducing ingredients you should avoid Much, much more! Grab your copy today! If you're looking for a fast weight loss fix that's easy and proven, then download this guide now and create the body you've always wanted! Tags: weight loss smoothies, green smoothie recipes, smoothies for weight loss, smoothie recipes for weight loss, smoothie recipe book, green smoothies, green smoothie diet, healthy smoothies, smoothie recipes for health, diet smoothies, paleo smoothies, green smoothies diet, green smoothie cleanse, green smoothies for weight loss, weight loss green smoothies, green smoothie detox, healthy green smoothies, healthy breakfast smoothies, healthy fruit smoothies, healthy smoothie recipe book

Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living - Cook it, Clean it, Fix it, Wash it

Heather Solos - 2011
    Having an understanding of the domestic arts gives you a sense of control over your life. These skills also help you save money, not by chasing deals, but by teaching the principle of the mantra: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. Life skills are the essence of frugality. Whether you just moved out of your parent?s basement or you cut the apron strings a while ago, you?ll learn the skills you need to manage your household.Inside you?ll find: Quick, easy cleaning solutions for every room of the house, so you can get the job done and get on with life Instructions for removing stubborn stains and offensive odors from fabric Simple fixes to wardrobe malfunctions including broken zippers, missing buttons, and fallen hemlines Troubleshooting advice for common problems with home appliances A minimum home maintenance guide to prevent or catch major repair problems A basic plumbing tutorial that includes clearing and preventing clogs, stopping a running toilet and retrieving items dropped down a drain Ideas for healthy and fast meal planning so you can start cooking and stop relying on takeout or preservative-packed convenience food Definitions of common cooking terms and techniques found in recipes Plans for stocking a pantry so you can make dinner (even if you haven?t been grocery shopping in a week) and be prepared when disaster strikes A complete rundown of essential kitchen equipment from knives to pans to small appliances Equip yourself with the skills you need for everyday life.

The Art Of Minimalist Organization: The Minamalist Way To Organize, Clean, And Keep Your Home Spotless

Ben Night - 2013

Circle of Friends Cookbook - 25 Savory Pie Recipes

Gooseberry Patch - 2011
    From Flaky Chicken Pot Pie and Spaghetti Pie to Upside-Down Mexican Pot Pie and Slow-Cooker Sausage Pie, this new collection features 25 savory pies that are sure to get mouths watering and tastebuds tingling!

The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small (and Very Small) Nonprofits

Erik Hanberg - 2011
    Avoid common pitfalls and get tips on proven methods that work.This short guide helps new Executive Directors, active board chairs, and other key staff in charge of fundraising to learn the basics of professional and sustainable fundraising. Geared specifically for non-profits with small and very small budgets (a few hundred thousand dollars a year down to the smallest budgets).Revised and expanded in 2011!"It was a perfect primer for me as I prepare for a new role in my agency." -- Anne Maack, Child Start, Wichita, Kansas"A valuable contribution to our colleagues in the nonprofit world--especially those of us in smaller organizations that do not have dedicated fund development staff."-- Jose Martinez, Executive Director, Food Bank of Yolo County, Yolo County, California

The Effective Air Fryer Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide Inclusive of 150 Healthy Recipes

Chef Effect - 2017
    Deep frying, which is a popular cooking method in the United States and many Western countries, is pointed out as one of the reasons to blame.So does this mean that we can no longer enjoy our deep-fried favorites? Fortunately, the answer is no.The air fryer was designed specifically for this purpose—so that people can enjoy fried foods without the health drawbacks.An air fryer utilizes what is called “rapid air technology” to cook food that usually requires being submerged in deep fat or oil. What the device does is circulate the air to reach up to 390 degrees F in order to fry foods like fries, chicken, chips, fish and many more.In this book you will learn about:· Air Fryers and How They Work· How to Cook with an Air Fryer· Tips for Using an Air Fryer· Cleaning & Safety Tips· Measurement Unit Conversions· Frequently Asked Questions· 150 Healthy and Tasty Air Fryer Recipes There are breakfast recipes, appetizer recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, snack/dessert recipes, salad recipes, Vegetarian recipes, Paleo diet recipes, and Ketogenic diet recipes. All of the recipes include serving size, preparation time, cooking time, and complete nutritional facts. Some of the recipes included are:· Breakfast Soufflé· Italian Frittata· Baked Vegetable Bread Rolls· Crab Sticks· Meatballs in Marinara Sauce· Stuffed Mushrooms· Salmon Kebabs· Jerk Chicken Wings· Chimichurri Skirt Steak· Spinach Shell Pasta· Barbecue Pork Chops· Honey Figs· Apple Empañadas· Shawarma Salad· Spicy Roasted Squash· Vegetarian Burger· Vegetarian Lasagna· Paleo Chicken Tenders· Keto Cordon Bleu· Avocado Tuna Melt· Bacon Wrapped HotdogsDownload your copy today if you want to start a healthier and easier way to cook for you and your family! See You on the Effective Side! -Chef Effect

Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Organized Living

Gloria Barry - 2012
    This short ebook shares some simple truths that will help you be a calmer person as you care for yourself, your environment and your belongings.

The 150 Healthiest 15-Minute Recipes on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth about How to Make the Most Deliciously Nutritious Meals at Home in Just Minutes a Day

Jonny Bowden - 2010
    Chef Jeannette offers suggestions for fast, tasty, and healthy side dishes to complete your meal, as well as quick variations and substitutions that infuse these recipes with variety, while Dr. Jonny explains how they made these easy recipes healthy.Savor the Grilled Cayenne Honey Drumsticks and Citrus Jicama Salad, Ten-Minute Flounder with Lemon-Basil Butter and Almonds, and Gorgonzola Beef with Spinach, Pears, and Walnuts. Enjoy the sublime Camembert Quesadilla with Melon Salsa or the Dark Chocolate Ricotta Dream with Strawberries. The recipes in this book will please every palate, from meat lovers to vegans, and can be made by both beginner and veteran home cooks.The healthiest meals are only minutes away!

Best ever recipes: 40 years of Food Optimising

Slimming World - 2009
    It is the most slimmer-friendly eating system there is and is based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by overweight people - no foods are banned, there is no calorie counting and there are hundreds of 'free foods' that can be eaten in unlimited amounts. Published to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Slimming World, Best Ever Recipes draws on Slimming World's 40 years of unrivalled experience in helping slimmers achieve their target weight. Packed with nutritional, lifestyle and diet information, as well as more than 120 new, healthy yet delicious recipes, it is the definitive guide to successful - and enjoyable - weight loss.

Mayo Clinic Essential Diabetes Book

Mayo Clinic - 2009
    If you are at risk of the disease, you'll learn about lifestyle changes that may keep you from developing diabetes.

The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen: With More than 150 Inspirational Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes to Maximize Your Health

Carolyn Ketchum - 2017
    She delivers a delectable array of recipes from easy family favorites to more gourmet, "date night" fare. Each recipe is made from fresh, accessible, whole-food ingredients and is free of grains, gluten, and sugar. From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, these recipes will inspire readers to get into the kitchen and enjoy cooking, every day. With more and more people turning to the ketogenic diet to regain health, lose weight, or simply feel their best, low-carb, high-fat diets have established their place in the mainstream and have become an everyday way of life. With the diet's rising popularity comes a greater demand for recipes that entice the palate, excite the senses, and deliver satisfaction without starvation. The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen answers that demand and shows people how to go beyond eggs, meat, and cheese and love the way they eat! The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen will enable readers to break free from the constraints of modern dieting and put them on a path to lifelong heath with a keto-adapted lifestyle. Ketchum teaches how to create keto-friendly recipes that taste just as good, if not better than, their unhealthy counterparts. Her recipes allow people to enjoy the taste, freedom, and sustainability of the keto way--without the restriction of typical fad diets. The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen includes 150 step-by-step recipes with full-color photos, a simple guide to getting started, tips and tricks on mastering keto cooking and baking, shopping lists, and much more! Sample recipes include: Cream Cheese Waffles Red Wine Braised Short Ribs Sautéed Green Beans with Crispy Prosciutto Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup Brown Butter Ice Cream Easy Peanut Butter Cups For aspiring home cooks, kitchen warriors, and anyone else looking for new and delicious low-carb dishes, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen is a must-have!

OneNote: OneNote User Guide to Getting Things Done: Setup OneNote for GTD in 5 Easy Steps (OneNote & David Allen's GTD (2015))

Jack Echo - 2015
     Would you like to capture your thoughts and to-do's so they don't ALWAYS run loose and rampant in your mind?Would you like to significantly improve your efficiency and productivity so you free up YOUR time?Or maybe you'd like to reduce your stress AND still get more DONE. If so, you've found the right book!Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 13 years you would have heard about David Allen's "Getting Things Done" (GTD) System detailed in his New York Times Bestseller Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity. Jack Echo has built upon the same best-selling productivity principles in the newly revised 2015 GTD system by providing a comprehensive guide on how to integrate these principles with OneNote (a free digital note-taking software developed by Microsoft). Through integration of the two systems you have the added benefit and ability to note-take wherever you are without a pen and paper whilst supercharging your productivity in all your daily activities.No matter how technologically illiterate you may be, this guide will walk you step by step on how to set up the GTD system in OneNote within 30 minutes by following the diagrams and 5 simple steps laid out for you. If you aren't familiar with the GTD productivity system by David Allen, Jack has you covered as he explains the foundations of the productivity system. Inside You'll Discover... What the 2015 GTD System Is and WHY It Significantly Improves Your Productivity What OneNotes All About and How to Easily Navigate the Features The #1 Thing You MUST Avoid for Enhanced Productivity The Answer to the Ever Eluding Question: OneNote or EverNote?! How to Set OneNote Up Rapidly in 5 Savvy Steps Why OneNote and GTD Form the Dream Team 6 Productivity Hacks & Tricks with OneNote that Will Make You a Productivity Ninja Integration of OneNote with Other Software 7 Lucrative Lists to Stress-free Productivity How to Use OneNote with GTD to Decrease Stress and Get More Done in Less Time The Core Principles of the GTD System Results from Studies Done by Cognitive Scientists on Productivity and the Implications It Has On You Three Reasons Why Things Are Always on Your Mind PLUS: How to Get Six Free Bonus eBooks Inside... What are you waiting for?Times ticking! Get more out of your TIME and EFFORT today by making the smartest investment you could possibly make. An investment in yourself , your future and your productivity. Scroll up NOW and Buy with 1-Click!

40 Top Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss

Jenny Allan - 2013
    Look inside for details... <br><br>Are you looking for a delicious gluten-free carbohydrate that is easy to prepare? Do you need to be extra careful with your diet and eat food packed full of the right nutrients?<br><br>Quinoa is gluten-free, high in fiber, protein and low in fat and calories. It is the ideal food for people with diabetes mellitus, heart or kidney disease, anaemia and gluten intolerance. Quinoa is full of essential vitamins and minerals and all of the amino acids, making it a complete protein food.<br><br>Quinoa is quick and easy to prepare, simply rinse and simmer in water. It can be eaten plain, as a salad, main, side dish or even dessert. It is so versatile.<br><br>Check out these recipes that you'll find inside:<br><br>- Meditteranean Summer Salad<br>- Cranny Quinoa<br>- Berry Nice Salad<br>- Mint Tabouli<br>- Quinoa with Black Beans in Sauce<br>- Spinach and Tofu Quinoa<br>- Spicy Quinoa Pilaf<br>- Berry Sweet Quinoa<br>- Mexican Quinoa Casserole<br>- Dessert Bar<br><br>All of the recipes in this book are gluten-free, healthy and delicious. You may need to double the amount you make! Once you have tried Quinoa, it will become a regular feature in your diet. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.