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Funeral in the Fog by Edward D. Hoch


A Gangsta's Son

Rio - 2013
    “You know I just worked a twelve-hour shift. Gotta get me right before I go to sleep.” He smiled his ugly smile and opened the screen door. “I’ll take you shoppin’ when I wake up; spend a couple bands on you.”He put his key in the lock and turned it… But the door was snatched open before Mone’s hand could even reach the doorknob.Lacresha’s eyes opened wide with fear as she witnessed a tall masked man step from behind the door and raise a gun to Mone’s face.“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?” The masked man stated coldly.


Stephen R. King - 2018
    Sometimes it feels like we are all on a different planet earth. Sometimes we are!

The Flower Girl

Eliza Lawley - 2019
    But when illness comes to claim him, she’s left orphaned and alone, with no-one to turn to for help. Saved only by one man’s kindness, Gracie is thrust into a new life as a housemaid for the Reeves family, where she becomes firm friends with the young and charming Charley. Just as Gracie finds happiness and safety with the Reeves, fate deals her another devasting blow. Outcast once more with nothing but her wits to protect her from the harsh London winter, Gracie must now find her own way in the world; or die trying.

To Be the Best / Hold the Dream / A Woman of Substance

Barbara Taylor Bradford - 1990
    A Woman of Substance: From the servants' quarters of a manor house on the brooding Yorkshire moors to the helm of a profitable international business, Emma Harte's life is a sweeping saga of unbreakable spirit and resolve. There is only one man the indomitable Emma cannot have--and only one she yearns for. Hold the Dream: As the founder and head of the indomitable business empire Harte Enterprises, Emma Harte is a woman of purpose. She has sacrificed everything to make sure her granddaughter, Paula McGill Farley, inherits her wealth and her corporation. But Paula has already inherited Emma's unbreakable will, and she has dreams of her own. To Be the Best: The heiress to Emma Harte's international retail empire, Paula McGill O'Neill has grown to fill her legendary grandmother's shoes. But unbeknownst to her, new threats and old are converging to threaten everything Paula has fought for, and shake the very foundations of her grandmother's legacy.

Give her Love. Give her Power. (Hussle & Heart Book 1)

Grey Huffington - 2019
     The Hussle and Heart series, dedicated to the late Nipsey Hussle, travels to the slums of Channing City and places a magnifying glass on the lives of the biggest hustlers with the biggest hearts.

American Legends: The Life of Bing Crosby

Charles River Editors - 2014
    *Includes Crosby's quotes about his life and career. *Includes a bibliography for further reading. *Includes a table of contents. “I think popular music in this country is one of the few things in the twentieth century that have made giant strides in reverse.” – Bing Crosby A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history’s most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors’ American Legends series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of America’s most important men and women in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known. In 1948, American polls rated Bing Crosby “the most admired man alive”, and it’s no surprise given how popular he was across every major form of entertainment during the decade. With a string of major hits, Crosby was the most popular singer in the country during that era, with classic songs like “White Christmas” helping pave the way for other singers as varied as Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. In fact, young Sinatra modeled his clothing and style after Crosby, who was his idol growing up. And as good as he was at singing, Crosby’s work with radio technology helped pave the way for multitracking songs and making it possible to broadcast the same radio programs across the country without cutting another live version. All told, Crosby sold an estimated 500 million records in the 20th century. In addition to being one of America’s most beloved singers and an accomplished radio presence, Crosby not only made popular movies but acted well enough to be critically acclaimed. His Road To… movie series with Bob Hope produced some of the best-selling movies of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and he won an Oscar for Best Actor in Going My Way (1944) by playing Father Chuck O’Malley. When he was nominated for the same role in the 1945 sequel The Bells of St. Mary’s, he became one of just 4 people nominated for two Oscars for playing the same role. American Legends: The Life of Bing Crosby examines the life and career of one of America’s greatest and most versatile entertainers. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Kelly like never before, in no time at all.

Sofia on the Balcony: flash reads by Himanshu Goel

Himanshu Goel - 2020

Canvas of Life

Rabb Jyot - 2019
    In some way, the essence of the stories address the age-old question of what it means to be human.Therefore, you will easily correlate with the confusion of Lauren as she experiences changes within herself & continuously sees a man in her dream for no specific reason. You will feel excited to unravel the mystery faced by Rachit when he finds a strange draft research paper, which immediately attracts him. You will experience the shock of Nandita when she suddenly watches something in the pages of a book and blurts, 'this is impossible'. You will understand the suffering of Aaron caused by his repeated nightmares & his disappearance to some remote location.Book is available on Amazon. Order your copy.

The Complete Honeycomb Falls Series

Cassie Wright - 2015
    Each title in this series follows a different curvy heroine as she dares to believe in love and passion once more in the arms of an alpha shifter, discovering mystery, love, and most of all, their heart's desire. Reader note: these books contains searing sex (ice cream time-outs are recommended) and adult language (the alphas know what they like and aren't shy about demanding). If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip these books. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with ridiculous hot shifters on funny curvy girls, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy! Over 600 pages of stories - together, these books have over 75 five-star reviews on Amazon. Best for ages 13 and up~ DEN AND BREAKFAST When Rachel inherits her grandmother's home in the idyllic village of Honeycomb Falls, she decides to turn it into a gorgeous bed & breakfast. Yet will her plans survive her encounter with the sinfully hot werewolf masquerading as the gardener, or the darker heritage that her grandmother has left her, whom rumor has was a powerful witch? LOOK BEFORE YOU BAKE When Anita wins the Frankly County Bake Off with the help of a mysterious vial of honey, she's determined to take her winnings and open her own sweet little bakery. With a potential investor on the line and her dark past returning to ruin her dreams, she sets off into the wilderness, determined to persuade the honey's guardian to give her more and guarantee her success. Luckily for Anita he's a gorgeous mountain man of a werebear who likes the look of her wicked curves... CATCHING THE CAT BURGLAR When local librarian Joanna learns that a spot is opening in the Honeycomb Falls police force, she leaps at the chance to join. She'll have to ignore the arrival of Chase Xavier, the searingly attractive new head librarian, and focus on catching the cat burglar who has been stealing the town's most prized possessions. With the help of a little talking dog called Groofy, she'll have to track down this thief, and catch him before he has a chance to steal her heart... BETWEEN TWO WOLVES AND A HARD PLACE Kiera's life has come crashing down around her ears. When her boyfriend steals her business and home, she returns to Honeycomb Falls to plan her revenge and start a new glassblowing shop. Yet she hadn't counted on running into Dean and Drake, her childhood shifter best friends - who are now all grown up, totally growly and sinfully hot! Will these two werewolves give this curvy girl the time of day after the way she broke their hearts one golden summer so many years ago? A LION AFTER MY OWN HEART When Boston reporter Myra is assigned to write a profile of the smokin’ hot Alexander Adams, the golden haired mayoral candidate, she promises nothing will stop her from writing the story of her career. Yet she soon starts to suspect that Alexander is a shifter - and the deeper she digs, the more convinced she becomes that he hails from a small, out of the way town called Honeycomb Falls. Soon Myra’s going to discover just how far Alexander is willing to go to keep his secrets - and for the first time, she just might have to choose between her story and her heart. DON'T JUDGE A BEAR BY HIS COVER Saira has convinced dozens of indie bookstores to merge with her father's mega-chain, Universal Books. Yet when she arrives in Honeycomb Falls to do the same with The Bear's Book Cave, this curvy and very professional business woman finds her plans turned head over heels by the sinfully hot bookstore owner...


Orlando A. Sanchez - 2014
    One phone call from his past turns his life inside out, setting him on a path of death and destruction. Assets are being eliminated by an assassin with a special skill, a skill John thought only he possessed-the ability to blur. The life he thought he left behind threatens to destroy him and everything he holds dear. He is given one last mission-find the assassin, eliminate him, or be eliminated.

If My Pussy Could Talk

Tamika Smith - 2012
    Makayla Young has over a thousand rules. She has rules about love, life and even sex. When will she ever learn you cannot control and keep a man with rules. Will her rules cause her to loose another man?

The Concept

Kevin Wignall - 2012
    Everyone thinks he's a laughing stock now, including his ex-wife and even his agent. When it seems things couldn't get any worse, a chance encounter results in Robinson moonlighting as a hitman. But that's when things take a surprising turn, because the more people he kills, the more the art world seems to fall back in love with him. This blackly comic short story was first published in "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine" in August, 2005.

Take Me By Surprise

Emma Scarlett - 2017
    Lisa hears a knock at the door. When she opens it, she finds a mysterious man in need of shelter. He got caught out in the storm while hunting, unaware of the storm that was bearing down on the small town. Lisa gives him shelter, happy to have some company to ride out the storm. Both people are there for their own reasons and as they get to know each other, the storm outside is matched by the one inside the small cabin. Late at night, Will goes to Lisa and the two find something to keep themselves warm during the long, cold night.

Her Unexpected Husband

Chandra Priya - 2020
    He told her he would make her his wife and protect her. In her state of haze, she agreed.The stranger was her savior and she was thankful but was he really her husband? How did the handsome, charming man end up becoming Her Unexpected Husband?Note: This is a short and sweet romance with a happy ending.

Who Killed the Kaneez?

Vijay Kakwani - 2019
     Farzana is one of the prostitutes at Begum's kotha and Ramakant Bannerjee, the writer, loves her deeply. He's promised to marry her once he has enough money. He's currently writing his most ambitious novel, the story of Kaneez. As the story of Kaneez unfolds, so does the intriguing life of Farzana. What fate does she meet? Read on to find out.