Book picks similar to
Alley of Shadows by Steve Brezenoff


Tornado Warning

J.R. Tate - 2016
    Homes are demolished, trees are uprooted, and people are left for dead. Taking cover in a cellar with his son, Ryan Gibson narrowly escapes the storm and gets separated from his wife. He hopes that help will come fast – his child is severely injured and the crippling weather pattern rages on, making them pawns in Mother Nature’s game. Weeks pass with no sign of another human being. Tornadoes continue to hammer away at the already ravished land. Ryan wonders why they have been forgotten. Basic survival skills set in – their food rations get smaller, their water intake less, and their limited resources will soon be gone. With his son’s fading health and his wife still missing, he will have to make a decision soon – leave their shelter and risk death, or stay patient and hold out hope that a rescue team is on the way. A harsh truth will soon be revealed – the tranquil way of life in Harper Springs will never be the same.

Terminal Event

Robert Vaughan - 2017
    There are strange, and unrecognizable markings on the canister. How did it get there, and where did it come from? It is sent back to a research center in the U.S. where it is opened in an environmentally controlled room. Inside are six human embryos, and even more shocking is the discovery that the embryos are viable. Should they be brought to term? Terminal Event tells the intriguing story of who the embryos are, where they came from, and how they spent 100 million years waiting to be discovered.

The Complete Thriller Collection: 12 Exciting Thrillers by Adam Nicholls, Including the Mason Black and Morgan Young Trilogies (Plus 6 Other Stories)

Adam Nicholls - 2020


Margaret Maron - 2012
    The story itself was inspired by a real New Year’s Eve bonfire here on the farm when a cousin tried to burn some overly wet wood. I was tickled when my brother said, “Never saw gasoline so wet it wouldn't burn,” and knew I’d use that sentence in a story sometime. They really did try to chase some lovers out of that lane and yes, they really did get mired down to the axle.

F Is for Fugitive: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery by Sue Grafton l Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.

One Little Mistake: An addictive summer 2020 vacation suspense novel (Reilly Steel Book 1)

Melissa Hill - 2020

The Haunting of Whitecrest Estate

Hazel Holmes - 2020
    What was thought to be a new beginning for Julia soon devolves into an endless nightmare of hidden secrets and a troubled past best left unturned.

Bradley Farm: ...a legacy of love! (Bradley Farm Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

Mary Jane Forbes - 2015
    Hidden secrets. It may just take a city girl to save the family farm… Jane dreams of marrying her high school sweetheart and raising a brood of kids on his beloved family farm. Despite her parents’ disapproval and her boyfriend’s draft card, she exchanges hurried vows before he ships off to Vietnam. Back on the farm, Jane must fight her own battle with a mother-in-law who frowns on her big city upbringing. Determined to prove she’s cut out for country living, the fiery redhead rolls up her sleeves to explore every inch of the family business. Beneath creaking floorboards and layers of dust, she unearths ghostly secrets… and a rising mountain of debt that threatens to tear her dreams for the future apart. To save the homestead, she schemes up a plan to bring the old farm into the modern age and out of the hands of the collectors. Under the shadow of unsolved mysteries and the critical eye of her mother-in-law, can she hold on to a home-sweet-home worthy of her heroic husband… if he ever returns at all?Bradley Farm is the first standalone romantic mystery in a sweeping family saga series. If you like touching tales of young love, strong-willed heroines, and rustic country backdrops, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ story of finding your way home. Buy Bradley Farm to sow the seeds of a heartwarming family history today!

The Best Mysteries Of Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov - 1986
    This collection contains 31 short pieces that are among his personal favorites. Two sections contain his series stories, the ``Black Widower'' and the ``Union Club'' mysteries. Brief introductions to each section and story will serve to acquaint readers with the general background of the series. A third section contains miscellaneous mysteries. All are clear and entertaining. This is a book to be read on ``a little here, a little there'' basis. The stories are short, and prolonged reading results in a series of mental stops and starts that are wearying. Also, the stories are written according to a set formula. However, read on the installment plan, the book is worth the effort. If the recent spate of series in juvenile publishing is any guide, this collection should please adolescents, including reluctant readers. - School Library Journal


Eldon Farrell - 2018
    Pulled from her training with the Epidemic Intelligence Service, Dr. Lynne Bosworth is tapped to head the investigation. Many questions surround the outbreak, not the least of which is how did plague find its way to the heartland of America? Determined to find the answers and her own way out of the long shadow cast by her father, Lynne embarks for Iowa. Unable to isolate an index case of bubonic plague, patient zero is traced to Nikolai Markov; an old Russian bio warfare scientist. Rumors of a bioterror attack are rampant. Under examination, the bacteria present Lynne with many anomalies but few answers. The antibiotic resistance noted in the field is absent in the lab, while a synthetic gene is found that seemingly has no purpose. For her superiors it’s enough to deem the outbreak a biological attack, a conclusion that Lynne does not share. For her, something about the whole incident remains…elusive. In search of evidence to either prove or disprove the bioterror claim, she crosses paths with FBI Special Agent Caleb Fine. Together, they come to believe that something other than a biological attack is going on in Stillness, and that the answer to what may lie in solving the fifteen year old murders of Bobby and Maggie Sullivan. As the body count rises and the pressure mounts, they delve deeper into the shadowy past of this quiet town; in the process exposing secrets long thought forgotten until finally uncovering the shocking truth behind the cause of the outbreak.

Fly Me To The Moon: Sylvia Stryker Space Case #1

Diane Vallere - 2017
    A family scandal kept her from leaving home. Can a white lie help her change her future?Sylvia Stryker used to help run her parents' dry ice farm, until her dad's arrest nearly left them bankrupt. But after finagling a job on board an outer space cruise ship, she's ready to explore all that outer space has to offer. With a private room in the staff quarters, her robot cat by her side, and the responsibilities of uniform management, Sylvia is thrilled to return to work--until she discovers the second navigation officer dead in the inventory closet.Neptune, the head of ship security, finds Sylvia's presence to be the most suspicious part of the incident; that's what happens when you hack your way into a last-minute job opportunity! But despite his efforts to pin the murder on Sylvia, she won't accept how the clues are unfolding. And if Sylvia doesn’t expose the murderer on the cruise, then she’ll never learn the truth about her family.Fly Me to the Moon is the quirky first cozy mystery featuring uniform lieutenant Sylvia Stryker. If you like unique characters, delightful plots, and cool space fashion, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s entertaining Space Case Cozy series.Buy Fly Me to The Moon to blast off into out-of-this-world cozy adventure today!

The Trusted

Michelle Medhat - 2019
    But when the MI6 agent's wife discovers the lie, he fears that both his worlds may shatter. Distraught and conflicted, Noor concentrates on his latest mission and discovers a weapon that could cause a global catastrophe…Drawn into the fight against a sinister terrorist group with powerful connections, Noor must uncover the faction's secrets by any means necessary. Even if it puts the woman he loves in the line of fire.But Noor has no way of knowing that another unearthly war rages. And the winner could take charge of humanity's very soul. Against forces that defy his reality, can Noor protect millions of innocents from a bloody end?The Trusted is part one of a riveting political spy thriller series with a dash of supernatural suspense. If you like dark action, gritty heroes, and intricately-woven plots, then you'll love this mind-blowing series.Fans of political spy, sci-fi and supernatural fiction will adore this fast-moving, unpredictable thriller. Buy The Trusted and start this extraordinary series today!

The Single Staircase

Matt Ingwalson - 2013
    Did her parents kill their only child and hide the body? What other solution could there be?This is a modern police procedural. It's also a classical locked-room mystery that will keep you guessing right up until the end.All profits from the sale of this novella will be donated to charities that help find missing children.

The Lie

Hilary Boyd - 2019
    . .Romy and Michael have it all. Over 30 years of marriage, two grown-up sons, a beautiful London home as well as a weekend bolthole by the sea. If Romy's had to sacrifice some of her dreams along the way to support Michael's high-flying legal career, then it's been a price worth paying.Until the arrival of a letter changes everything.At first Romy can't believe what it is saying. That Michael - an upholder of the law, with an unwavering sense of right and wrong - could do something so terrible.But then other lies start to emerge and she starts to wonder who the man she's shared her heart, her bed, the best years of her life with, really is.Walking away should be the start of a new chapter for Romy.But an urgent telephone call brings her back into Michael's life - and propels her into the past and the allegations which ended their marriage.Innocent or guilty? Truth or lie? How well can you ever know those closest to you?Praise for Hilary Boyd'Boyd is as canny as Joanna Trollope at observing family life - and better than Trollope at jokes' Daily Mail'Poignant, well observed and wonderfully written, this is a bit of a heart-string puller' Closer'I was ripping through this book . . . addictive' Evening Standard


Caitlin Sara - 2018
    . . Despite her desire for control, Ara Hopkins has always felt like a pawn—constantly being maneuvered by those surrounding her. Carrying a riddled past of abandonment by her mother, a jealous step-sister and exploitation by men she was supposed to be able to trust, Ara craves a social media certified life. So, when she meets her husband, a New York congressman’s son, she believes she’s finally won her game. Secure in a life her mother would approve of—and having firmly shut the door on her chaotic and miscalculated past—Ara feels she’s thriving. Until the night her husband is murdered. Thrust into a game of deceit and lies, Ara realizes that nothing is as it seems and that the past can quickly return to the present. The facade crumbles as relationships are tested and family boundaries crossed. Faced with losing it all, she discovers what a person is really capable of. Because in this game of life, it's either rook or be rooked. An intricately braided plot with unforeseeable twists and a sucker-punch ending, Rooked is a captivating thriller that shatters all perceptions.