Overcome: A Memoir Of Abuse, Addiction, Sex Work, and Recovery

Amber van de Bunt - 2019
    From childhood struggles with depression and eating disorders, her years as a topless dancer in Florida, and an eventual abortion and suicide attempt, to her rebirth in Los Angeles as a porn star named Karmen Karma, overcoming her relationship with her abusive mother, and her struggle to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle―van de Bunt’s life has been a wild rollercoaster. With humor, alacrity, and profound insight, she reveals her deepest, darkest secrets and pulls no punches―least of all with herself.

The House of the Scorpion

Nancy Fama - 2016
    His DNA came from El Patrón, lord of a country called Opium -- a strip of poppy fields lying between the United States and what was once called Mexico. Matt's first cell split and divided inside a petri dish. Then he was placed in the womb of a cow, where he continued the miraculous journey from embryo to fetus to baby. He is a boy now, but most consider him a monster -- except for El Patrón. El Patrón loves Matt as he loves himself, because Matt is himself. As Matt struggles to understand his existence, he is threatened by a sinister cast of characters, including El Patrón's power-hungry family, and he is surrounded by a dangerous army of bodyguards. Escape is the only chance Matt has to survive. But escape from the Alacr n Estate is no guarantee of freedom, because Matt is marked by his difference in ways he doesn't even suspect.

Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers

Ed Nyland - 2015
    Its essence is sharing. Therefore, Bill W. and Dr. Bob are always referred to within the Fellowship as the co-founders. So far, among the majority of A.A. members, the Ohio surgeon has been less well known than his partner. He died in 1950, when A.A. was only 15 years old. But his influence on the whole A.A. program is permanent and profound. This book gives a portrait of Dr. Bob as full-sale and balanced as possible—for the most part, in the words of those who knew him personally. The young man who grew up in Vermont became a hard-drinking college boy, then a medical student fighting the onset of his own alcoholism, a respected physician, a loving but increasingly unreliable family man, and at last a desperately ill drunk. He was without hope until he met a stockbroker from New York—Bill W., who urgently needed a fellow alcoholic to help him maintain his own sobriety. His story then becomes inextricably entwined with that of Alcoholics Anonymous: from a fledgling Fellowship to a powerful spiritual movement with a worldwide reach. Dr. Bob’s story remains instructional and inspiring to those who read it today.

Reluctant Hero

Ron Francis - 2014
    Shortly after meeting her, he finds out he's part of a secret race of powerful people that has stayed hidden in humanity's shadow. While continuing to learn more about himself and his heritage, he is chased halfway across the country. On the run, and separated from Abby, he no longer knows who he can trust. All the while discovering a power inside him he doesn't understand, and never knew he had.The Dunamis Covenant is a new urban fantasy series from the author of the Deep space Endeavor sci-fi series. While this novel is geared towards adults, it is written for all ages in a family-friendly style. Thanks for checking it out. Enjoy!

Pray the Rosary Bead by Bead - Formatted to Mimic Rosary Beads

Mike Hart - 2011
    This Rosary tool has also been consistently in the Amazon top ten best selling books of Prayer since every month since its release; this includes paperback and kindle prayer books. Buy with confidence and may it enhance your opportunity to pray to Our Lady.This is a tool to allow you to use your Kindle to pray the rosary. This version of the rosary is intended to allow for praying the rosary with the turn of each page acting as a rosary bead. It contains all four rosary mysteries Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous. The table of contents will allow you to jump to any of the four mysteries. Given that the Kindle, Nook, and other eBook devices allow thousands of books to be carried within them, it makes sense that the most powerful prayer in the world should also be included. Turning one page for each bead of the rosary makes the device feel and respond like a rosary necklace. Praying the rosary is an art which includes a certain rhythm of changing beads and prayers while in contemplation. Other rosary books either teach the prayers or outline the process but don’t account for the rhythm an art of contemplation that the process itself supports. This version allows that process to be integrated into the book itself; no beads required. While I personally love rosary beads, I don’t always have them available. I also like having the precise bible scriptures associated with each Mystery integrated into the process itself; it allows a more detailed focus by reading the actual living word of God without losing rhythm. While I personally know what the mysteries are about and what each decade story is, it adds a bit of opportunity to read in detail the bible passages of each mystery while not breaking stride with the prayer process. And, if there is ever a moment of distraction by events around me, I never lose my exact spot in praying the rosary.I pray that this book enhances opportunity for you to pray the rosary on many occasions when otherwise you may not have, and I hope it enhances your prayers on a regular basis through deeper connection with the scriptures which are the living word of God. The following updates were made based on user recommendations:VERSION UPDATED JULY 22, 2012 - Changed the table of contents to show the correct day for Luminous Mysteries to be prayed 'Thursday', updated the Glory Be prayer to be included after the first 3 Hail Mary's at the opening of each Mystery, Updated the Glory Be to be worded more technically correct.VERSION UPDATED DECEMBER 11, 2011 - Changed language of Apostle's Creed to match Catholic Church New Translation, fixed misspelled word "beech" to read "beseech", fixed missing bible verse for Mysteries "crowning with thorns" and "coronation of mary".

My Bad Boy Gave Me A Love Like No Other

Miss Jenesequa - 2019
    Their connection was instant and a dream come true for Tokyo, until it suddenly became her very worst nightmare. Finding out Adonis’s true colors and intentions made her realize that he was nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But when Adonis does the unexpected and saves her life by eliminating a major threat, Tokyo’s love for him refuses to die. Now with their differences pushed to the side, Tokyo and Adonis are willing to start afresh and mend their broken past. With an open mind and open heart, Tokyo heads to Adonis’s hometown, Dallas, the city he rules with an iron fist. Far away from home but smitten for one man only, Tokyo is going to learn exactly who Adonis truly is and all the drama that comes with him. 
Adonis is known to the streets of Dallas as the infamous ‘AD’ and the number one man you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. He’s one of the finest caliber of men Dallas has to offer and has an endless line of chicks willing to be at his beck and call any day and anytime… One particular chick has had Adonis once before and isn’t planning on letting him go so soon. She still wants him all to herself, regardless of the new woman in his life. So is Adonis really going to be tied down to one woman for the rest of his days as a Dallas king? And is Tokyo willing to love him for who he really is, flaws and all? Or will she be led astray by her own inner demons?

Stanley's Coat

Peedie William - 2015
    I lived through and beyond horrific child abuse. This book tells of my brutal beginnings, starting when I was only four years old when my mother went in to hospital to have baby number three. My clothing was stripped off by my father, who hung me upside down naked on a hook on the inside of a cupboard door by the ankles. He beat me with his huge hands, then only took me down once I stopped screaming. He then plunged me into a pre prepared bath full of cold water, where I almost drowned. Even although he was holding me under the water, and I was thrashing about and fighting my young life, I could hear my drunken father laughing at me. My abuse and ridicule follows me through my school years, and has a major impact on my mental health. My family grew until I had six siblings all living with me in a two bedroom cottage. I was never acknowledged as a son by my violent father, I was the outcast, the one who brought shame to the family, and I was the devils child. This is the true story of a childhood lost, and the struggles to overcome the mental anguish afflicted on me throughout my young life. This story will take the reader on a painful journey as I move with my siblings around Scotland, from house to house, and school to school, always just evading the authorities who could have helped me. This story leaves nothing to the readers’ imagination. There are some lighter moments throughout the book which will make the reader laugh, but my story will make you wonder how I survived, and what does happen behind closed doors. Even although I am now over 60 years old, I often sometimes mourn my stolen childhood, it is like a limb has been pulled off, I can feel where it was supposed to be but it is just not there, it is a part of me which I will never get back, it was taken away without my consent and is now lost forever. Sometimes it just hits me out of nowhere, an overwhelming sadness and emptiness rushes over me. I get disheartened and I feel hopeless, sad, and hurt, and once again I feel numb to the world.

All the Light We Cannot See: A 30-minute Summary of Anthony Doerr's Novel

Instaread Summaries - 2014
    She hears planes flying overhead. A flyer warning of an impending assault by American bombers lands near her, but she is blind and cannot read it.Chapter 4Private Werner Pfennig wakes in the Hotel of Bees where his unit is billeted in Saint-Malo. A corporal orders him to go to the cellar. The hotel once was a privateer’s lair. It is fortress-like and houses an antiaircraft gun manned by a crew of Austrians.Chapter 5The townspeople who have not evacuated awake to the noise of guns and planes amid the shower of leaflets. In a fortress, the last German bastion on the Breton coast, French prisoners peer up at the sky. Other sieges have rocked the city of Saint-Malo over the centuries, but none like this...  About the Author With Instaread Summaries, you can get the summary of a book in 30 minutes or less. We read every chapter, summarize and analyze it for your convenience.

Pretty Little Lies: A Casual Office Romance

Aubreé Pynn - 2021

Quotes of Wisdom - 99 Buddha's quotes

Raja Vishupadi - 2013
    These quotes are a source of inspiration and motivation.Read these quotes to meditate and think about all the wisdom they contain.


Shameek Speight - 2018
    Usually the symptoms decrease in the weeks after birth, but when that’s not the case, it’s a clear indication there’s some other mental issues. Bianca Whitted was less then ecstatic initially about her pregnancy, but the love of her love convinced her he had her and their child, so she continued on with her pregnancy, looking forward to the arrival of her bundle of joy. What she didn’t count on was her child’s father doing a 360. Struggling with a broken heart, being a new mother and Postpartum Depression, Bianca’s joy became sadness, then anger. Will she get the help she needs to save her, or will others suffer her wrath before it’s all said and done?

Shadow of the Burj

J. Jackson Bentley - 2012
    Their small task force is assigned to work for Sheikh Mahmoud, who is distressed to discover that men whose true loyalty is to the radical preacher, British-born Mullah Khaweini, have infiltrated his own security forces. Whilst the trio try to unravel two complex frauds that are funding Middle Eastern terrorism, they uncover a plot that nobody anticipated - a monstrous plan to bring Dubai to its knees. The three agents have very little time to stop Khaweini, but all they know is that somehow the infamous bomb-maker, The Shadow, and the radical Mullah are in this together.This fast paced thriller from the writer of the City of London thrillers is based in Dubai and reeks of the authenticity that J Jackson Bentley brings to all of his books. The story is told in just over 105,000 words and approximately 270 paperback pages.

The Thirty Nine

Donald Wells - 2013
    There's a mysterious killer on the loose in Detroit and so far he's slain five innocent women.When Jessica White and her husband are called in to help, they soon find themselves in danger, and in the end, one of them will become the killer's next victim.

A Mother Within Her

Lady Lissa - 2018
    Her attraction to the young man is almost instant. The two finally connect and begin to date almost immediately. After dating several years, the two finally become husband and wife. Iman thinks of Takiyah as the woman of his dreams, but she has been keeping secrets from her husband. While on the surface, Takiyah looks every bit the well put together woman Iman fell in love with, underneath is a dark side that he never knew existed. When Takiyah becomes pregnant with their first child, she begins to express her concerns about becoming a mother. She becomes withdrawn and distant, to which Iman blows off as new mom nerves. However, when Takiyah doesn’t respond to their newborn, he becomes a bit more concerned. Will Iman be able to save his wife from herself before something happens to their children? Will Takiyah get the help she so desperately needs before it’s too late? Follow the couple on this tumultuous rollercoaster ride that will take them through hell and back before it’s all over. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime in this thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat…

A Year at the Little Duck Pond Cafe

Rosie Green - 2018
    And ducks. A warm welcome from The Little Duck Pond Cafe! Follow Ellie, Jaz and Fen through all the seasons as they encounter life's joys and challenges, in a heart-warming read that includes the first four novellas in the series - Spring, Summer, Christmas and Snowed In at the Little Duck Pond Cafe.