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Protecting Hope by Caitlyn O'Leary


Protecting Butterfly

LeTeisha Newton - 2016
    Always correct, always guarded, and never inciting a scandal, she’s had to be the perfect woman. What she really wants is to blow-up her castle and find a life free from inhibition and full of passion. A chance encounter at a dark club in Dubai gives her just the wildness she craves, if only for one night. Xavier “Heim” Spencer lives for being a SEAL. Dangerous missions, high-stakes assignments, and pleasurable nights all blend together in an adrenaline-laced life he’s addicted to. Until the faceless women who parade through his bed blur into sandy horizons and forgotten moments. One beauty challenges him to accept someone just as scrappy as he is, and more dangerous to boot. Then she is taken. Katya’s disappearance, and the reality of who she is to the military community, he never expected. Nor the lengths he would be willing to go to get her back. Now it’s a race against time to save the woman who snatched his heart right out of his chest as terrorists threaten to kill a prisoner for every day the government doesn’t meet their demands. But SEALs don’t break. They improvise, adapt, and overcome. And Heim risks it all, for his heart and his country.


Lindsay Cross - 2015
     Lori watched helplessly as her husband’s undercover work drew him further and further away. When she discovers all those nights David worked away from home may have been spent with another woman, her calm collected world falls apart. David dedicated his life to taking down criminals-by any means necessary. After months of long days and nights, he finally closes the case on the most bloodthirsty drug cartel this side of the Mississippi. Now he can turn his steely determination to gaining back his wife’s love and respect. Faced with David’s relentless advances, Lori is helpless to resist. But their rekindled love is threatened when the cartel discovers David’s identity. Now David and Lori must fight for their lives with the same passion as they fought for their love. Author Interview: Q: You write Military Romantic Suspense, and though it seems like the Navy SEAL romance books are the most popular, even Black Operations. So why did you choose Special Forces? A: My husband is active Army and a veteran. The top tier of the Navy is the SEAL Teams. The top tier of the Army is the Special Forces. I think the SF deserves just as much recognition as the SEALs…they are like the Ghostwalkers of the Army. Plus- I don’t know jack about swimming. Q: You based your military romance series on a Special Forces team – Task Force Scorpion. Why did you also decide to put them in a small town setting? A: Just because you come from a small town, doesn’t mean you can’t be hard core. I grew up in a small town. The men there can be bad boy alpha males just as easily as the men from big cities ☺ Plus, I grew up reading small town romance. I think readers love the feeling of belonging to a community, getting to know all the quirky folks who live there and falling in love with not only the hero but also their friends and family. Q: You're books are often about second chances – big secrets. Why? A: Who doesn't root for a hero dying for a second chance? Yes, he probably screwed up big time in the past, but how much sweeter is the love between the hero and heroine when they show forgiveness? As far as big secrets – they're just fun. Secret babies, corrupt politicians, love triangles… Believe me – it ALL happens in a small town romance and real life. Q: Why write Military Romance? First off, I am kin to and am friends with a lot of military men, and they're all sweet and well mannered and love their country. But a lot of them are badass, too. Which is what we want when someone's fighting for our country – :-) – and in a hot romantic suspense : A fearless bad boy alpha male who fights for his country and his woman.

Montana Marine

Debra Parmley - 2017
    His job is to protect the volatile actress Angelica Glory. She’s a bombshell and an obsessive stalker has fixated on her as a target. Lucy Wood, her shy assistant, has her hands full watching out for her. When the women are sent to Montana to lay low until the stalker is caught, Angelia has nothing to do but lay by the pool drinking rum and cola while trying to seduce the hunky bodyguard set to protect them or die trying. Jack and Lucy are drawn to each other, but working for Angelica leaves little time to see where their desires might lead. A dangerous stalker with a love obsession is determined to have the woman of his dreams.

True Blue SEALS: Zak

Sharon Hamilton - 2016
    After successfully passing the BUD/S training, and helping to stop a San Francisco terrorist attack, Zak goes to the arena of war with the rest of his SEAL Team 3 buddies, to return a changed man. Amy will have to negotiate the pain in her heart as she works to discover the man she loved going off to war is still the man of her dreams, and only if she can convince Zak he still is that man.

Saving Lorelei

Julia Bright - 2018
     Sergeant Liam "Whisper" Davidson grew up being passed from family member to family member, and he learned the hard way that squeaky wheels earned attention, just not the right type. Army life fit him perfectly and moving into Keane "Ghost" Bryson's Delta Force team was a dream-come-true. When he glimpses the beautiful siren at the bank, he wonders a lot of things, mostly if she was single. When all hell breaks loose at the bank, Liam is unarmed and has no way of fighting back, but Lorelei's as strong and resourceful as she is beautiful. Together they make a great team, but can they work outside of a stressful situation or will their whisper of a relationship be blown away?

No Protection

Gennita Low - 2016
    Using his old SEAL connections, he catches a ride with a SEAL fire team. It's supposed to be a quick, easy job. Things get complicated when the team is hit by enemy snipers and his assignment, Fitz, turns out to be a woman. Ella Fitzgerald is on assignment as an embedded journalist with the women Peshmerga fighters. She wants to write about the strong women who have decided to fight in place of the many men who had left their country. Ella certainly hasn't expected to be picking up a weapon to do battle herself. Liam has left the SEALs years ago and has sworn off teaming up with anyone. Now, fighting to save his friends' lives, he's discovering there is no protection from the past, and with a woman strong enough to fight beside him, certainly none for his heart.

Bang for the Buck

Margaret Madigan - 2016
    He grew up on a thoroughbred farm in Kentucky, but he joined the Navy to escape the pain of watching his mom die a long, slow death of cancer. Since then he’s lived with the guilt and dedicated his life to protecting others, carefully guarding his heart along the way. Melinda Emerson loves chemistry but isn't so crazy about people. A pharmaceutical chemist with social anxiety, she’ll happily climb through a jungle canopy in search of medicinal plants, but put her in the middle of a party and she passes out. As the only child of older parents, she struggled watching her father fall victim to Alzheimer’s, and is determined to find a cure. Instead, she discovers a cognitive enhancer that has everyone from the CIA to the Russian mafia after her and her new invention. When Melinda's social anxiety spikes at a friend’s barbecue, she lands in Buck’s arms. After their one-night stand, Melinda makes a desperate call to Buck for help when her lab is attacked by Russian terrorists intent on kidnapping her and stealing her drug research. He blasts in guns-a-blazing, but under his watch, the relentless Russians manage to kidnap both of them, holding them hostage on board a container ship steaming toward the motherland. Now Buck must protect Melinda, her research, and his heart as he embarks on the mission of his life.

Rescuing Rebekah

Shauna Allen - 2018
    This calling gives him a purpose and helps to cleanse the stains of a past he’d rather forget . . . at least until a previous mission returns to haunt them, thrusting him right back into the middle of his most painful memories . . . but this time, maybe he can find his way to salvation with the help of one tiny, beautiful, blonde package. Rebekah Keegan takes pride in being an independent woman. Orphaned as a child, she supports herself and her ailing grandfather, and it’s just them against the world—but even she can admit it would be nice to have someone to help shoulder the burden, especially when she starts to feel someone watching her. Little does she know she’s not as alone as she once thought. She had no idea she had a family, much less a long-lost cousin who is none other than John “Tex” Keegan, one of the most beloved and badass Navy SEALs of all-time. So who is this handsome stranger who claims her cousin sent him to save her? Can she trust him? Can she trust her heart? Ultimately, she may not have a choice. He’s there on a mission to protect her from the newest Kingpin of the deadly Mexican drug cartel that has put the Marines and SEAL team that took down his mentor, and everyone they care about, in his crosshairs. This leader is more brutal, more blood-thirsty, and more hellbent on revenge than his predecessor, and he’s already begun his devious plot of vengeance by contracting the most dangerous hacker around—the only one who can rival Tex, and who has already figured out how to hit the team where their heart is. ***Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs combine with my United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance team in an explosive new love story as part of the exciting Special Forces: Operation Alpha World!

Cape Cod SEAL Rescue

Elle James - 2015
    Plagued with survivor's guilt, he's reluctant to enter a new relationship, until he meets a feisty bartender with attitude and curves to go with it.Roxi Lanier was the typical young teen in the city, happy, full of life and bulletproof, until she became the victim of a violent crime. Her mother moved her to Wellfleet on Cape Cod, away from the scene of her misfortune to start over. Fourteen years later, she's still afraid to date and be intimate with a man, the scars of her past overriding the happiness she craves. Though she's an independent owner of a thriving beach bar, she has yet to find success in love. Tides change when she witnesses a suicidal widower diving headfirst into a riptide.Decker and Roxi struggle to stay afloat through the wreckage of their pasts and the storms of the present to sail into a future together.Note: This book was previously published as Love On The Rocks, but has since been edited and contains new content.

Mae Day

Anne Conley - 2017
    The hot custodian isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. But when home-grown terrorists try to blow up her company, the quiet hottie’s lightning-fast reflexes take over, showing her a side of him she’s never seen. Jason is a Marine trying to fit into his new civilian role. He doesn’t want to be anything more than a productive member of society, and maybe a little more to the woman who stays late every night. When he saves her, they realize there’s so much more to what they want than either of them realized. When her life is endangered by a man who shouldn’t even be in their lives, Delta forces are called in to help. Jason has to find a way to get through this so she can be his forever.

Code of Silence

Marliss Melton - 2014
    If Vinny knew she was pregnant, he might hinder her efforts to expose the corrupt lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, a man intent on keeping his criminal actions hidden and buried in the past. Sniffing out corruption is what Ophelia does best. Becoming a mother?—That’s a job she feels unfit to fill. But when her target catches wind of her intent and Ophelia becomes his prey, she realizes too late what she values most. It’s not until his wife goes missing that Vinny discovers she’s kept him intentionally in the dark. He never would have imagined she’d betray his trust so deeply, jeopardizing everything he holds dear. Can he forgive her, or will Ophelia pay the ultimate price for deceiving her soul mate?

Lost and Found Pieces

J.M. Madden - 2017
    John Palmer takes over watching the twins for a night, and has some unexpected holiday company. Zeke is reminded what it means to be a father at Christmas time. Gabe reaffirms his chaotic relationship. And Sam Willet will get his purple Christmas miracle… psst! Her name is Sparrow!

Never Surrender

Kaylea Cross - 2017
    But in the picturesque foothills bordering the ranch, a hidden danger lurks. When the guys stumble upon evidence of a domestic terrorist cell during the bachelor party, it puts everyone directly in the crosshairs of a lethal enemy determined to remain unseen, unleashing a wave of danger every bit as deadly as what they faced back overseas. Then a shocking revelation from the past comes to light, and it may be the key to winning the fight. Now they must come together as a team to eliminate the threat, before they wind up gathered for a funeral instead of a wedding.

Going Ghost

Victoria Bright - 2017
    But when his teen sister’s beautiful French teacher puts out a call for a volunteer chaperon for the club’s trip to Paris, he doesn’t hesitate to step in. As well as keeping a protective eye on his sister, he now has a chance to get closer to the woman that’s caught his attention. Adrienne Barrera vowed to never date another man in uniform after tragically losing her fiancé four years ago. But when a student’s brother accompanies the French club on their trip, Adrienne soon finds herself tempted to break every rule she’s made for herself, even if it’ll cost her heart. The educational, fun trip soon turns horrifying when Ghost’s sister and another student are kidnapped. Without his SEAL team to back him up, Ghost must trust Adrienne and his limited resources to find the missing girls. His family has been torn apart once; he’ll rip Paris apart to keep it from happening again.

Avenging Angels

K.D. Michaels - 2018
    Their fight for survival gives them a new objective to fulfill. A Navy SEAL and a Delta Force wife are kidnapped during the ambush and sending them into a feeding frenzy.
 The men of Delta force and the Navy SEALs get the dreaded call that two of their own have been kidnapped and all hell breaks loose. The fight is on to rescue their women. Alpha Squad, Delta Force and the Navy SEALs are teaming up to find the women who are missing before it’s too late. 
 Someone wants the men of the Special Forces community on their knees and no one has a clue who it is. Can Alpha Squad help these men who protect their country save their reason for living or will it all be a lost cause and they arrive too late?