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Dusk by Axel Hoedt


The Parameters of Our Cage (DISCOURSE Book 1)

Alec Soth - 2020

Gunsight Justice

Mike Hundley - 2019
     After the Civil War, Will Garrison takes his family west. Together they build a ranch and battle powerful Indian tribes who have hunted the lands for centuries. A peace feather is offered after a climactic battle. With the Indian tribes and the Garrisons now walking a path of peace, a new threat has emerged… the railroad. Greedy government-backed killers plan to annihilate everyone and claim the land they need to expand their rail lines north across Colorado and into Utah. Their vile, sinister plan is revealed after many fights. Will Garrison’s son, Gabe, fights back and unleashes his pent-up vengeance against the railroad and kills one of their hired mercenaries. A destined meeting of chance leaves him rescuing a bloodied woman and falling hopelessly in love with the dark beauty. May is a brave woman who fights to guard a secret of her own. Together they flee to ancient trails, and as paid assassins track them, it becomes a long vengeance trail of dead men. When May reveals her deadly secret, Gabe finds himself at war with the railroad, an evil killer, and with everything he ever knew. He knows it’s time for GUNSIGHT JUSTICE! This is the action-packed Western that will remind you that freedom is something you must always fight for. Good battles evil as epic conflicts become climatic love scenes, and you find yourself breathlessly riding a trail of danger, deceit and passion with Mike Hundley in this Western that leaves no bullet unfired, no emotion untouched, and no reader left behind. This book was previously published as "The Silver Saddle."

Chance Taken (Chance Series Book 2)

Diana W. - 2017
    As their friendship strengthens, Kelise’s resistance to relationships—thanks to her past— starts to lower. The possibility of something more with Mike enters her mind but not before he sets his eyes on a new distraction named Danielle Kingston. As Mike and Danielle’s relationship attempts to bloom, Kelise learns some unsettling information about Mike’s new lady, but also finds herself caught up in a distraction of her own with a sexy blast from her past. Mike realizes he may have made a mistake in his choice and now has to deal with the consequences of watching Kelise’s happiness be sparked by another guy. In a series of missed opportunities and misunderstandings, can Mike and Kelise get their minds and hearts on the same page or will they have to deal with a chance not taken? >>>Note: This book is a standalone and can be read as such. However, it is advised and recommended that you check out By Chance as well, which is the first story in the series and connected to the main characters of Chance Taken, to get the complete reading experience <<<

Dragon (Aggadeh Chronicles #2)

William D. Richards - 2017
    The Aggadeh Empire was seeking dragons. Little did Nem expect that he would come face-to-face with both in the far north city of Balon. Is he destined to become an ally of the Empire? Or its prisoner? And what is he going to do with a dragon who might turn the city into a bloodbath?

All Eyes on the Crown 3: The Rise of a New Connect

Tina J. - 2017
    Morgan, is still trying to move past MJ's infidelities and has to make a decision on if she wants to stay with him or not. Gabby is still taking Alex through the ringer and he's had enough. She shut him out, with no intentions of allowing him back in her life. Unfortunately, Gabby gets herself in a situation that can cost her life, but will Alex save her? Joy and AJ are the happy couple in everyone's eyes, that is until, Shayla has the baby and causes major turmoil in their relationship. She is upset that he chose Joy, and does the unthinkable to gain his attention. With everything going on, Akeena, PJ and Armond come up with a plan to take MJ and his family out. MJ and Alex will make them all regret ever coming for the Rodriquez family.

Leaving A Thug For A Savage

Khadijah J. - 2017
    If a person loved you they would hurt you. She believed that and after experiencing that kind of love in a abusive home Sa'dai knew she had to get out unlike the girls around her she didn't use her body to escape the pain she used her brains.  When her dreams of becoming a nurse and securing a better future are coming true. She finds after a chance encounter that there is love in Hip-Hop and falls for a local rapper who promised her love in exchange for lies and deceit. With a heart full of hurt will she be able to feel her heart with love again? Savage Johnson was living up to the name his daddy gave him. He carried himself in the streets and in the sheets with many different women like a Savage should. Being proud of it until he ran into Sa’dai. Those eyes instantly drew him in. No woman had ever captured his heart just from a glance. Sa'dai was everything he wanted his future to look like. He hadn't spoken a word to her but he knew he had to make her his. Seeing she wasn't being treated right he was determined to turn from being a savage to her savior. He was going to love the hurt from her heart. ​In this urban tale of love and redemption we will uncover the story of two lovers battling the world as well as mending broken hearts.

Angel Jacobs: Deputy U.S. Marshal

William H. Joiner Jr. - 2019
    Joiner, Jr. This is action, adventure and gunplay as only Joiner can write it! Ride with the author who gave you “The Legend of Jake Jackson” and “Morgan Porter.” You won’t regret it! When she was 7 years old, Angel saw her father brutally murder her mother. She was adopted by U.S. Marshal Caleb Jacobs and his wife Bonnie. Angel didn’t want to be a schoolteacher like her new Ma. Angel wanted to be a lawman like her new Pa. Outlaws and renegades didn’t believe Deputy U.S. Marshal Angel Jacobs was for real. They learned the truth the hard way at the end of her smoking Colt.

Out of Time

Michael Stewart - 2015
    Searching for answers from his own past, James suddenly finds himself back in war torn Britain in December 1944 facing a new and very dangerous reality. James is enlisted as a member of an RAF bomber crew and is forced to face the horror of war in the skies over Nazi occupied Europe, an icy death in the English Channel and an execution at the hands of a crazed Gestapo officer. He also finds love amidst the drama of war and finally discovers that the reality of life on our world isn’t quite what we think it is.Out of time follows on from the extraordinary success of The Angel of Time by Michael Stewart. If you enjoy the thrill of historic war-time fiction coupled with a thought provoking twist. All sales during November will be donated to The Poppy Appeal!


Claudia Hall Christian - 2010
    As peace settles on the Castle, darkness looms on the horizon and the pain of former lives threatens to destroy the here and now. Delphie, Jill, Jacob, Sandy, Aden and their loved ones come face to face with their worst demons. But this is Denver Cereal. It takes more than a school brawl, a shooting, prison, a vicious beating or even a death to destroy the love and loyalty that unites this extended family of choice. In Cascade, the beloved Denver Cereal characters return. Pooling their skills and abilities, they confront the past before it overwhelms their present. Cascade is the third installment of the Denver Cereal. An Internet sensation, Denver Cereal is a serial fiction grounded in Uptown Denver, Colorado. - Crunchy, sweet and always addicting, you deserve a little Denver Cereal in your life.

The New Girl: Book 10 - Revelation

Katrina Kahler - 2020

Ghosts of Culloden Moor: Volume 4

L.L. Muir - 2018
    Start with Volume One to read about the magical Gathering that starts it all. Each storyteller of the series is responsible for getting their own Highlander bundles ready for you. In the end, there should be 27 sets in the Collections. These sets will all be available in print so you can fill a shelf if you like.You'll fiind all L.L. Muir's books on her Amazon Author page. Be sure to click the follow button beneath her photo!

The Girl Next Door

Sol - 2018
    She’s a rich daddy’s girl who is used to living a lavish life with the ability to get her way at the bat of her pretty blue eyes. Just months away from graduating with one of the highest GPAs at Coral Gables High and heading off to Harvard, Jaysee’s world is turned upside down when she needs a favor from her handsome neighbor. After being exiled to Miami for wreaking too much havoc on the streets of New York, Gunny is just counting down the days until he can get back on the block. Gunny’s strategy is simple; while laying low in the 305, he’s gonna keep his head down and stay out the way. But his plans are quickly derailed when he has an unexpected encounter with the girl next door.

After Everything I've Done For You: A Chi-Town Soap Opera

Nicety - 2015
    Despite his past infidelities, she pushes hard to make it work. A night of snooping brings out a few secrets that could destroy their love forever. But someone in her corner might be willing to take Bianca's pain away if she let's them. Damita Paxton had been dealt a bad hand. After losing her job and being forced to move in with her cousin, Bianca, she tries to start her life over and begin a new. But a secret that she left back in Atlanta not only threatens her happiness but her life as well. Sunset Richmond is in love with a man who may never love her the way she loves him. With two kids on her hip, all she desires is to be a real family. Is she doomed to being the side chick forever? Will anyone be able to find the happiness they so desperately seek or is this a setup for failure?

Can't Stop the Love of A Boss

Toy - 2018
    The total package. The only problem is that her heart led her to the wrong man. Never one to force what isn’t meant to be, Lawrynn has no problem walking away from a relationship that just wasn’t in the cards. Pain is the man on the street with women at his disposal. Even though Pain can have his pick of the litter when it comes to women, he still decides to bite the forbidden fruit by crossing the line with Lawrynn’s cousin Nikki. Maurice “Murder” Jackson is a boss in his own right and carried himself as such. Never speaking unless a point had to be made, everything he said and did had a rhyme and reason behind it. Murder had warned Pain about his philandering ways in the streets and the risk of losing his girl to a real man, but what happens when that real man is none other than Murder himself? What happens when lines of The G Code are crossed? One thing is for sure, the same thing that makes you laugh will definitely make you cry. The ladies will find out that no matter how hard you try, you Can’t Stop The Love Of A Boss.

A Dope Boy Stole My Heart 2

Heiress - 2016
    Drained from the drama, she lets go and embarks on a new job, new friends and maybe a new love interest. When old feelings come back and family secrets are revealed will this push Miaa further away from Cam or will it push her into his arms. Now that he is the Plug of Detroit, Killa Cam's life obstacles have only just begun. Balancing the streets, fatherhood and the love of his life is a challenge but he is prepared to overcome it by any means necessary. With this newfound maturity, will Cam be able to get what his heart desires or will the streets get in the way of his happiness. The story of Miaa and Killa Cam is back. Will they be able to move on from their love triangle drama and give love another try or will they decide that they are better off apart. When threats are made and truths are told, will they fight to be together or just become another unsuccessful love story. Find out in the finale of A Dope Boy Stole My Heart.