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Falling Stars by Celeste Lake


Liquid Courage

Hildred Billings - 2017
    Things are definitely looking up when a beautiful woman named Shari asks her out for drinks – and possibly more. Too bad the night turns whisky-sour when Shari not only rejects Vivian, but confirms her most self-conscious fears! Enter Kat the bartender, who has seen this train wreck of a date with her own observant eyes. It’s not the first time Shari has destroyed a woman’s self-confidence in one night, but it is the first time Kat has decided to personally cheer up the latest victim. What ensues is the most fateful week to ever befall Vivian the legal secretary and Kat the bartender. Nobody’s sure if a real relationship is on the docket – all they know is that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and at least one drink is always on the house.

Rook Takes Queen

Em Stevens - 2017
    Unfortunately, beyond being able to kick ass on the board, she doesn't have many skills to offer up, which leads her to a hustle-- and a lot of trouble. Trying to make it right, she's stuck back in the game and miserable about it... until she meets Carmen.Carmen Barnes is a beauty queen who's out to prove she's more than just a pretty face. Determined to use her crown to change the world, she wants to leave a mark that makes people think. Hosting a chess tournament for a local teen's homeless shelter is just the thing. One caveat: She doesn't know a thing about chess. There's also the stifling rules that come with her title. Romance--or a lack thereof-- is written into her contract.When a stubborn chess player is pitted against an ambitious pageant winner, heads butt and sparks fly. Will Rook's gambit pay off? Fate aims for a checkmate in this lesbian romance!Editor: Mike Kabongo

Floats Her Boat

Nicolette Dane - 2017
    Brooke never considered herself to be very outdoorsy, much preferring her big city life to lounging on the lake, and she’s not looking forward to spending her summer in the middle of nowhere. But when she meets her neighbor, famous singer Hailey Reed, Brooke’s feelings begin to change about her old family getaway. Hailey, the beautiful and sultry redhead songbird, shows Brooke just how much fun lakeside living can be. And as the summer fun takes a romantic turn, Brooke can’t help but question the way she’s felt about the cabin for so long. With a generous offer on the table, will Brooke be able to pull the trigger and sell her family’s cabin? Or will her newfound love of the home, and her growing feelings for Hailey, prevent her from going through with the sale? Sometimes the stories we tell about ourselves are nothing more than stories, and our feelings about who we are can change when we least expect it.

No More Pretending

Bette Hawkins - 2017
    She's so good at pretending, in fact, that no one watching her popular rom-coms or dazzling red carpet appearances would assume she was anything but charming, outgoing...and straight. While preparing to shoot a new film in a small Texas town, Lauren wonders what she would be like if her own life had followed a different script. Then she meets Harper Ward, a waitress at the local diner, whose natural beauty leaves her speechless. Harper mistakes Lauren's reaction for being stuck up and takes an instant dislike to her. Like Lauren, Harper isn't exactly what she seems—and also wonders what her life would be like if family obligations hadn't turned her world upside down. When the film's lecherous director hires Harper to work as his assistant, she and Lauren find themselves fighting a powerful attraction that quickly escalates into an overwhelming passion. But where can they go from here?

Try Me Again

Clare Lydon - 2020
    Try Me Again: A Second-Chance Lockdown NovellaWhat if lockdown means your ex moving back in?Dot is still bristling over Caitlin leaving when she turns up at her door, asking to stay.It's just until Caitlin can get a flight to New York, to the glittering new life she dumped them for.But when the job falls through, Caitlin has to confront some home truths.Now she knows what she really wants, can she convince Dot to try her again?

All For You

Bryce Taylor - 2017
     And all that you are losing. If you are lucky, fate will intervene. A short read, that it is never too late.

Never the Bride

Natasha West - 2018
    She's a wedding photographer with dreadful memories of her own disastrous big day, forced to relive it with every new job. But she’s not the only one lugging around an unwieldy past... Georgie Reed, the eternal bridesmaid, is a former child star who is unable to cast off the long shadow of her old fame. But over a summer of interlinked weddings, Nikki and Georgie find themselves colliding again and again. Is it possible they could let their history go and find a better future together? Or are they doomed to go around in circles? A hilarious and quirky romantic comedy from the internationally bestselling author of ‘By Any Other Name’ and ‘The Plus One.’

Didn't Stay in Vegas

Chelsea M. Cameron - 2019
    She's not really sure how she and her best friend Emma got hitched, only that they did and it's completely and totally legal. Callyn is used to getting in and out of scrapes, but this one takes the cake.  Further complicating matters, Emma suggest that they stay married for "financial reasons" that don't really hold water. Not wanting to argue, Callyn agrees. The situation gets even more confusing when Callyn has to move out of her apartment, and where is she going to stay? With her fake wife, and best friend, of course. It's not like anything is going to happen. Things between the two of them have always been strictly platonic and best-friendy, right? Emma hasn't been secretly in love with Callyn her whole life and has just been waiting for Callyn to notice. No, surely not.  Will Callyn get her head out of her ass and see what's right in front of her, or will she live the rest of her life oblivious that the one person she's always wanted is already there?

The Actress

Marian Snowe - 2017
     As a hopeful young actress, Tabby's given the chance of a lifetime: a role in a television series that could make her a star. Tabby is determined to let nothing stop her rise toward fame, but she never could have predicted Moira Knox. Moira, a critically acclaimed actress, sizzles in her roles on-screen, but off camera, she’s cold and so private that no one knows a thing about her life. She and Tabby clash immediately, and Tabby thinks things can't get much worse...until Tabby is cast as Moira's love interest. The two actresses struggle to understand one another as they act out a passionate romance on-screen. Slowly, Tabby begins to glimpse the real Moira Knox, and the chemistry they try so hard to ignore threatens to set them afire. Torn between her career and her feelings for Moira, Tabby is poised for greatness...or a disastrous fall. Can love in the spotlight survive?

Snow Angel

Ronica Black - 2015
    She writes her books, loves her dog, and enjoys the spoils of living at the base of the San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona. Hurt by a long-time lover in her past, she keeps people at bay and keeps her life simple… Ellie Falcon is dangerously beautiful and infinitely famous. Her life is ruled by her agent, her job, and an endless schedule of appearances. She stars in the number one show on television, she has the world at her fingertips, but she is desperately lonely and desperate to get away… One snowy evening brings the two together in a way they never could’ve imagined. Can they both let the past go and let love in?

Lost Dreams

Ashlee Winston - 2018
     She had already been away from the business for a year, but Kara thought a change of scenery might help her relax and recharge, so she signed a six month lease on an apartment in Asbury Park and packed her bags. Wanting to leave the memories of her ex and her stalker behind, Kara was ready for a fresh start, but when she meets Abbey, the woman who lives across the hall, Kara forms a friendship with her. Kara couldn't remember the last time she was treated like a normal person instead of a celebrity. But when the lines of friendship and attraction start to blur, Kara has to decide if she's willing to get involved with Abbey when she's leaving again in six months. Lesbian Romance 18+

Royal Pains

Magnolia Robbins - 2017
    When Penny unknowingly meets a young Liechtenstein princess, she finds herself falling hard for more than just her German accent.Charming and beautiful Astrid Vogt was well known in the small country of Liechtenstein. Pressured by her parents to pursue their hopes of her marriage to a Prince, Astrid flees to America with a dream of medicine in mind. When she starts to fall for Penelope, their instant attraction proves to be an additional complication to her already crazy life. Unable to reveal her true identity, Astrid finds herself trapped between her duty to her country and her newfound feelings for Penny.Will Astrid tell Penny who she truly is? Or will she let her past come between them?A steamy lesbian romance novella with an HEA ending you’re sure to love!

Fake Fiancée

Clara Reese - 2019
    She’s rich. She’s older. And as a female contractor, she’s both creative and powerful. I shouldn’t be thinking about all the things I want to do to her...and all the things I want her to do to me. She’s so out of my league it isn’t even funny. I’m just the hired help, here to do a job and nothing else. Then, we learn about the will. In order to inherit the chalet she’s spent almost a year working on, Gina needs to get married. So I do what any lovesick fool would do: I offer to be her fake fiancée. It’s only for a month. How hard can it be? I tell myself it’s just because I need the money. I promise that I won’t even think about touching her. Then she kisses me, and suddenly it’s not just the chalet on the line. If anyone discovers us, we could lose everything. But there’s no way in hell we can stop now.

Before You Were Mine

Heidi Lowe - 2017
    Unsure of when, or even if, her memory will return, she settles into her new life in Oakwood, where she meets Tiffany, a nurse she befriends while hospitalized. Abby knows it would be unwise to get involved with someone while her past is still a blur, so she tries to ignore her growing feelings for the beautiful woman. But as the two grow closer, and things get serious between them, Abby is finally ready to put her unknown past to bed... Which might be a problem for James, her husband of two years. She doesn't remember him, but he certainly remembers her. And when her memory does come back, she'll be forced to choose between her old love and her new one. Before You Were Mine is a steamy lesbian romance novel set in the 90's.

One Way Ticket

Emma Collins - 2017
    ASIN B075N7XLDV moved to the most recent edition hereWhen Abbey's best friend and business partner, Melissa, suggests that Abbey take a year long vacation, Abbey thinks she's crazy.How could she drop everything, leave New York and their law firm behind, to go sit on a beach for a year?But the more Abbey thinks about it, the nicer it starts to sound.She takes her friend's advice and decides to spend the next year in Tampa, renting a house beside the beach.The last thing Abbey wanted is to fall for someone.Payton isn't Abbey's type and there's so many reasons why they shouldn't get together.Even if it did work, does Abbey care enough about Payton to leave her life in NYC behind?